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The Need for New Emphasis on Batterers Intervention Programs.

Trauma Violence Abuse 2017 10 12;18(4):425-432. Epub 2016 Jan 12.

2 School of Social Work, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA.

Although Batterers' Intervention Programs (BIPs) remain a crucial part of victim safety and coordinated community responses, they have received less support and less attention by scholars than other parts of the domestic violence system. Research on BIPs also suggests that they have not been particularly effective at preventing recidivism, are prone to attrition, and increasingly lack the support and confidence of the courts. Nevertheless, BIPs remain one of the few viable alternatives to incarceration for perpetrators of domestic violence. This article examines the historical and empirical reasons for the apparent lack of effectiveness of BIPs. New research suggests avenues for improvement. This begins with incorporating existing research findings, consistency in implementation of best practice models, better diagnosis of personality characteristics of perpetrators and of types of violence that characterize their relationships as well as better funding and support for research. In addition, differentiated treatment approaches tailored to the abuser and their particular types of violence may hold promise-and require increased support by the research and practice communities.
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October 2017