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Long period grating cascaded to photonic crystal fiber modal interferometer for simultaneous measurement of temperature and refractive index.

Opt Lett 2012 Jun;37(12):2283-5

RF & Optical Department, Institute for Infocomm Research, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.

We propose and demonstrate a novel and simple dual-parameter measurement scheme based on a cascaded optical fiber device of long-period grating (LPG) and photonic crystal fiber (PCF) modal interferometer. The temperature and refractive index (RI) can be measured simultaneously by monitoring the spectral characteristics of the device. The implemented sensor shows distinctive spectral sensitivities of -30.82  nm/RIU (refractive index unit) and 47.4  pm/°C by the LPG, and 171.96  nm/RIU and 10.4  pm/°C by the PCF modal interferometer. The simultaneous measurement of the temperature and external RI is experimentally demonstrated by the sensor. The temperature shift and RI shift calculated by the sensor matrix agree well with the actual temperature and RI change in the experiment.
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June 2012

Photonic crystal fiber tip interferometer for refractive index sensing.

Opt Lett 2012 Apr;37(8):1373-5

Faculty of Physics, Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Warsaw, Poland.

In this paper we present an interferometer based on photonic crystal fiber (PCF) tip ended with a solid silica-sphere for refractive index sensing. The sensor is fabricated by splicing one end of the holey PCF to a single mode fiber (SMF) and applying arc at the other end to form a solid sphere. The sensor has been experimentally tested for refractive index and temperature sensing by monitoring its wavelength shift. Measurement results show that the sensor has the resolution of the order of 8.7×10(-4) over the refractive index range of 1.33-1.40, and temperature sensitivity of the order of 10 pm/°C in the range of 20-100 °C.
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April 2012