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Role of the interosseous membrane in post-traumatic forearm instability: instructional review.

Int Orthop 2021 Jul 31. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

ESSKA Elbow and Forearm Scientific Committee 2020 - 2022, Milan, Italy.

Purpose: In the last two decades, a strong interest on the interosseous membrane (IOM) has developed.

Methods: The authors present a review of the new concepts regarding the understanding of forearm physiology and pathology, with current trends in the surgical management of these rare and debilitating injuries.

Results: Anatomical and biomechanical studies have clarified the anatomy of forearm constrains and their role in forearm longitudinal and transverse stability. Read More

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Intra-articular fibromembranous septum after intra-articular distal radial fracture: Arthroscopic excision and factors associated with formation of the septum.

J Orthop Sci 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Seikeikai Hospital, 1-1-1 Minamiyasuicho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 590-0064, Japan.

Background: Intra-articular fibromembranous septum in the radiocarpal joint can cause wrist contracture after distal radial fracture, but the mechanism underlying the formation of the septum is unknown. This study examined the clinical outcomes in patients treated with arthroscopic excision of the septum and the factors associated with formation of the septum in patients with and without a septum.

Methods: Fifty-three patients (22 with septum and 31 without septum) treated for intra-articular distal radial fracture with arthroscopy using a volar locking plate and secondary removal of the plate were included. Read More

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Correlates of poor sleep based upon wrist actigraphy data in bipolar disorder.

J Psychiatr Res 2021 Jun 21;141:385-389. Epub 2021 Jun 21.

Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego School of Medicine, La Jolla, CA, USA; Stein Institute for Research on Aging, University of California San Diego School of Medicine, La Jolla, CA, USA; Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, La Jolla, CA, USA.

Background: Wrist-worn actigraphy can objectively measure sleep, and has advantages over self-report, particularly for people with Bipolar Disorder (BD) for whom self-reports might be influenced by affect. Clinically useful data reduction approaches are needed to explore these complex data.

Methods: We created a composite score of sleep metrics in BD based on 51 BD and 80 healthy comparison (HC) participants. Read More

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Towards automated assessment of frailty status using a wrist-worn device.

Domenico Minici

IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2021 Jul 30;PP. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Wearable sensors potentially enable monitoring the users physical activity in daily life. Therefore, they are particularly appealing for the evaluation of older subjects in their environment, to capture early signs of frailty and mobility-related problems. This study explores the use of body-worn accelerometers for automated assessment of frailty during walking activity. Read More

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Time course effect of corticospinal excitability for motor imagery.

Eur J Neurosci 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Division of Physical Therapy Science, Graduate Course of Health and Social Work, Kanagawa University of Human Services, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan.

This study examined the effect of temporal changes in corticospinal excitability in motor imagery (MI) and the effect of real-time guides for MI on excitability changes. The MI task involved wrist flexion and motor evoked potentials using transcranial magnetic stimulation were recorded and examined from the flexor carpi radialis. Ballistic (momentary MI) and tonic (continuous MI) conditions were used, and the duration of each MI was different. Read More

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Surgical management of a delayed post-traumatic saccular aneurysm of the radial artery.

Clin Case Rep 2021 Jul 24;9(7):e04541. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

1st Orthopaedic Department George Papanikolaou Hospital Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece.

Post-traumatic aneurysm of the radial artery is a rare and often misdiagnosed vascular lesion of the wrist. Radial artery ligation can lead to excellent results if Allen test confirmed that ulnar artery is the dominant feeding artery to the hand. Read More

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The Challenges and Pitfalls of Detecting Sleep Hypopnea Using a Wearable Optical Sensor: Comparative Study.

J Med Internet Res 2021 Jul 29;23(7):e24171. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Center for Sleep Medicine, Sleep Research and Epileptology, Barmelweid, Switzerland.

Background: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most prevalent respiratory sleep disorder occurring in 9% to 38% of the general population. About 90% of patients with suspected OSA remain undiagnosed due to the lack of sleep laboratories or specialists and the high cost of gold-standard in-lab polysomnography diagnosis, leading to a decreased quality of life and increased health care burden in cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases. Wearable sleep trackers like smartwatches and armbands are booming, creating a hope for cost-efficient at-home OSA diagnosis and assessment of treatment (eg, continuous positive airway pressure [CPAP] therapy) effectiveness. Read More

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Is the Dorsal Fiber-Splitting Approach to the Wrist Safe? A Kinematic Analysis and Introduction of the "Window" Approach.

J Hand Surg Am 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Hand and Upper Extremity Service, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY; Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY. Electronic address:

Purpose: To compare the kinematic effects of the dorsal fiber-splitting approach for scapholunate ligament repair to a dorsal "window" approach that spares all ligaments.

Methods: We randomized 24 fresh-frozen paired cadaveric forearms to either the dorsal fiber-splitting capsulotomy approach (FSC) or the dorsal window approach (window) following scapholunate interosseous ligament (SLIL) division. Loaded fluoroscopic radiographs were obtained after each of the 4 testing conditions following cyclic loading (200 cycles; 71 N): (1) intact SLIL, (2) SLIL-division, (3) surgical approach, and (4) closure. Read More

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A Standard Set for Outcome Measurement in Patients With Hand and Wrist Conditions: Consensus by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement Hand and Wrist Working Group.

J Hand Surg Am 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Hand and Wrist Center, Xpert Clinic, Department of Plastic Surgery, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Purpose: To describe the principles, process, and results of creating the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) standard set for hand and wrist conditions.

Methods: Following the standardized methods of ICHOM, an international working group of hand surgeons, therapists, and researchers was assembled to develop an evidence-based, patient-centered, standard set of outcome measures for patients with hand and wrist conditions. Multiple systematic reviews were performed to support our choices of outcome domains and tools for hand and wrist conditions. Read More

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Validity and reliability of a novel monitoring sensor for the quantification of the hitting load in tennis.

PLoS One 2021 29;16(7):e0255339. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Faculty of sport, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Wearable sensor systems are a emerging tools for the evaluation of the sport's activity and can be used to quantify the external workload of the athlete. The main goal of this paper was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the "Armbeep inertial measurement unit" (IMU) sensor both in a closed tennis exercise and in open matchplay. Twentyfour junior tennis players performed a baseline drill and played matches, during which they wore a combined accelerometer and gyroscope sensor. Read More

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Radio-carpal wrist MR arthrography: comparison of ultrasound with fluoroscopy and palpation-guided injections.

Skeletal Radiol 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.

Objective: To compare ultrasound- (US), fluoroscopy- (FL), and palpation-guided contrast injection techniques used for dorsal radio-carpal wrist MRA.

Materials And Methods: Patients with chronic wrist pain were randomized as to which injection technique they underwent into three groups of 50 participants. Dorsal radio-carpal contrast injection was performed under US, FL guidance (one radiologist for each), or palpation guidance by an orthopedic surgeon. Read More

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Long-term results of more than 13 years after arthroscopic repair of triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) Palmer 1B tears: a comparison with short- and mid-term results.

Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Hand Surgery, Vulpius Klinik, Bad Rappenau, Germany.

Purpose: Goal of this study was the assessment of long-term outcome of arthroscopically assisted repair of Palmer 1B/Atzei 1 triangular fibrocartilage complex tears and the comparison with short- and mid-term results.

Methods: The study included nineteen patients (mean 49.2 years of age) with a mean follow-up time of 13. Read More

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A Case Report: Effect of Robotic Exoskeleton Based Therapy on Neurological and Functional Recovery of a Patient With Chronic Stroke.

Front Neurol 2021 12;12:680733. Epub 2021 Jul 12.

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), New Delhi, India.

In this study, a novel electromechanical robotic exoskeleton was developed for the rehabilitation of distal joints. The objective was to explore the functional MRI and the neurophysiological changes in cortical-excitability in response to exoskeleton training for a 9-year chronic stroke patient. The study involved a 52-year old female patient with a 9-year chronic stroke of the right hemisphere, who underwent 20 therapy sessions of 45 min each. Read More

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Multimodal evaluation of donor site morbidity in transgender individuals after phalloplasty with a free radial forearm flap: a case-control study.

J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2021 Jun 17. Epub 2021 Jun 17.

Department of Plastic, Hand, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Helios University Hospital Wuppertal, Germany.

Background: In phalloplasty, there is a lack of standardized follow-up examinations of motor function and strength after harvesting oversized radial forearm free flaps (RFFF).

Methods: We evaluated the donor site of 20 transmen after phalloplasty, using a multimodal, standardized approach, assessing the following parameters: opposition of the thumb, composite range of motion of the finger joints, grip strength, mobility of the wrist, lesion of the superficial branch of the radial nerve, the dorsal branch of the ulnar nerve, the sensation of pain, and cold intolerance. The contralateral, nonoperated forearm was used as a control. Read More

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Task Oriented Training Activities Post Stroke Will Produce Measurable Alterations in Brain Plasticity Concurrent with Skill Improvement.

Top Stroke Rehabil 2021 Jul 28:1-14. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Department of Exercise and Nutrition Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.

Background: Task-oriented training with upper extremity (UE) skilled movements has been established as a method to regain function post stroke. Although improved UE function has been shown after this type of therapy, there is minimal evidence that brain plasticity is associated with this training. The accelerated skill acquisition program (ASAP) is an example of an approach for promoting UE function using targeting movements. Read More

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Composite Vascularized Autograft Elbow Transplant: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2021 07 28;11(3). Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Case: A 37-year-old man presented with an absent right elbow joint secondary to trauma, subsequent ankylosis, total elbow arthroplasty (TEA), and TEA explantation after infection. The patient also had a contralateral complete brachial plexus injury, but an intact elbow joint. Given that the patient had a functional right hand/wrist, composite vascularized autograft elbow transplant was performed from left to right upper extremity. Read More

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[Clinical observation of different surgical methods for metaphyseal sequelae of ulna].

Zhongguo Gu Shang 2021 Jul;34(7):636-40

Department of Bone Disease & Orthopedics, Henan Luoyang Orthopaedic Hospital, Orthopaedic Hospital of Henan Province, Zhengzhou 450046, Henan, China.

Objective: To investigate the effect and safety of ulnar osteochondroma resection, ulnar minimally invasive osteotomy, external fixation and ulnar lengthening in the treatment of forearm deformity of metaphyseal extension of ulna.

Methods: From August 2005 to December 2013, there were 20 cases of ulnar metaphyseal sequelae, including 15 males and 5 females, aged from 7 to 13(10.00±2. Read More

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Ulnar nerve compression secondary to migration of pyrocarbon implant following right wrist arthroplasty.

J Surg Case Rep 2021 Jul 22;2021(7):rjab296. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Plastic Surgery, Queen Victoria Hospital, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH193DZ, UK.

A 50-year-old, right-hand dominant woman presented with a seven-month history of stiffness, pain and swelling on the ulnar side of her right wrist. She had undergone right wrist arthroplasty with a Pyrocarbon Amandys implant seven months previously for post-traumatic degenerative arthritis. She had an uneventful initial recovery until developing carpal tunnel syndrome, for which she underwent carpal tunnel release 5 months after her arthroplasty. Read More

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2D-3D reconstruction of distal forearm bone from actual X-ray images of the wrist using convolutional neural networks.

Sci Rep 2021 Jul 27;11(1):15249. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Division of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, 8916-5 Takayama, Ikoma, Nara, 630-0192, Japan.

The purpose of the study was to develop a deep learning network for estimating and constructing highly accurate 3D bone models directly from actual X-ray images and to verify its accuracy. The data used were 173 computed tomography (CT) images and 105 actual X-ray images of a healthy wrist joint. To compensate for the small size of the dataset, digitally reconstructed radiography (DRR) images generated from CT were used as training data instead of actual X-ray images. Read More

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Compartment syndrome following intramuscular self-injection of kerosene and rodenticide: A case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Jul 22;85:106233. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry, Kampala International University, Uganda. Electronic address:

Introduction And Importance: Kerosene and rodenticides are used in many households in developing countries. This case report aims to discuss the progression and management of a patient with intentional kerosene and rodenticide poisoning. To our knowledge, this is the first documented case of blended kerosene-rodenticide poisoning in medical literature. Read More

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Examining the influence of mental stress on balance perturbation responses in older adults.

Exp Gerontol 2021 Jul 24;153:111495. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Reach-to-grasp responses following balance perturbations are important to fall prevention but are often ineffective in older adults. The ability to shift attention from an ongoing cognitive task to balance related processes has been shown to influence reach-to-grasp effectiveness in older adults. However, the added influence of stress and anxiety - known to negatively affect attention shifting ability - has not yet been explored in relation to recovery from balance perturbations. Read More

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Volar Plate Fixation Versus Cast Immobilization in Acceptably Reduced Intra-Articular Distal Radial Fractures: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

J Bone Joint Surg Am 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Department of Trauma and Hand Surgery, Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Background: The evidence for the treatment of acceptably reduced intra-articular distal radial fractures remains inconclusive. We therefore compared the functional outcomes of cast immobilization (nonoperative) and volar plate fixation (operative) for patients with these fractures.

Methods: This multicenter randomized controlled trial enrolled patients between 18 and 75 years old with an acceptably reduced intra-articular distal radial fracture. Read More

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Wrist-worn Hand Gesture Recognition while Walking via Transfer Learning.

IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2021 Jul 27;PP. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Walking, one of the most common daily activities, causes unwanted movement artifacts which can significantly deteriorate hand gesture recognition accuracy. However, traditional hand gesture recognition algorithms are typically developed and validated with wrist-worn devices only during static human poses, neglecting the critical importance of dynamic effects on gesture accuracy. Thus, we developed and validated a signal decomposition approach via empirical mode decomposition to accurately segment target gestures from coupled raw signals during dynamic walking and a transfer learning method based on distribution adaptation to enable gesture recognition through domain transfer between dynamic walking and static standing scenarios. Read More

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Advances in forensic diagnosis of electric shock death in the absence of typical electrical marks.

Int J Legal Med 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Forensic and Pathology Laboratory, Judicial Expertise Center, Jiaxing University Medical College, Jiaxing, 314001, ZJ, China.

Electrical injury is a relatively uncommon but potentially devastating form of multi-system injury with high morbidity and mortality. In common electric injury cases, it is usually difficult to find characteristic changes of electric injury in major organs by using routine histopathological test methods unless there are landmark traces of electric injury, known as electric marks. How to determine electric shock death, especially in the absence of typical electrical marks on the body surface in some cases (which account for about two-thirds of electric injury cases), remains a challenging problem in forensic practice. Read More

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Adaptive Proximal Scaphoid Implant stability despite a perilunate dislocation: a case report.

Acta Biomed 2021 Jul 26;92(S3):e2021001. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, University Hospital of Modena, Modena.

Background: We present the case of a 22 y.o. male patient suffering from scaphoid non-union with avascular necrosis of the proximal pole and initial degenerative arthritis. Read More

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Long-term results after modified Burton-Pellegrini's technique in 24 cases affected by advanced rhizarthrosis.

Acta Biomed 2021 Jul 26;92(S3):e2021005. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Orthopaedic Clinic, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University Hospital of Parma, Parma (Italy).

Background And Aim: Rhizarthrosis common in elderly and represents 10% of all artrhitic manifestations. Trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition remains the gold standard for stages II to IV according to Eaton and Littler. This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the results of 24 patients affected by advanced rhizarthrosis who underwent to modified Burton-Pellegrini's trapeziectomy with ligamentoplasty using the entire flexor carpi radialis tendon. Read More

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Arthroscopic three-corner or lunocapitate arthrodesis: technical tips and early outcomes.

J Plast Surg Hand Surg 2021 Jul 27:1-7. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

The purpose of the study is to present a technical approach for arthroscopic three-corner or lunocapitate arthrodesis with mini-open scaphoid excision and to report about the early clinical and functional results. The median surgery time was 112 min with shorter times achieved once mastering the technique. Radiological and clinical union was observed in 11 out of 12 patients in a median time of five months. Read More

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Determining the Minimally Important Change of the Michigan Hand outcomes Questionnaire in patients undergoing trigger finger release.

J Hand Ther 2021 Jul 24. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Centre for Hand Therapy, Handtherapie Nederland, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Introduction: The Michigan Hand outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ) is a widely used instrument to evaluate treatment results for hand conditions. Establishing the Minimally Important Change (MIC) is essential for interpreting change in outcome that is clinically relevant.

Purpose Of The Study: The purpose of this study was to determine the MIC of the MHQ total and subscale scores in patients undergoing trigger finger release. Read More

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Osteochondrolipoma of the Hand.

J Hand Surg Am 2021 Jul 23. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Sanford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD; Department of Orthopaedics, University of Kansas Medical Center, Wichita, KS.

Lipoma is the most common type of benign soft tissue tumor and is composed of mature adipose tissue. A neoplasm of adipose tissue with admixed mature bone and cartilage, or osteochondrolipoma, is an extremely rare histologic variant. Most documented osteochondrolipomas have occurred in the soft tissues of the head and neck related to the oral cavity, and the tumor is seen involving the extremities. Read More

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Reproducibility of bone age assessment from DXA hand scans: expert versus novice.

Ann Hum Biol 2021 Jul 26:1-3. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK.

Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans are frequently used in human biological research to study bone health and body composition. Hand-wrist scans for the assessment of skeletal maturity can also be easily obtained in immature research participants who are being scanned to assess bone health. Whilst assessment by an expert is the desired arrangement such expertise may not be available, and thus knowledge of the relative reproducibility of a trained novice and an acknowledged expert is pertinent. Read More

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