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[Liposuction with consequences: what to consider when using prilocaine].

Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Spital Thurgau AG, Hand- und Plastische Chirurgie.

Aetiologically, prilocaine-induced methaemoglobinaemia is a rare form of acquired methaemoglobinaemia, which occurs rarely in the first place. The following report highlights a potentially dangerous complication arising after application of prilocaine during liposuction.A young female visited the Accident and Emergency Department following a pre-syncopal fall. Read More

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Correction: Artificial intelligence for colonoscopy: the new Silk Road.

Endoscopy 2021 Mar 16;53(3):C6. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Endoscopy Unit, Nuovo Regina Margherita Hospital, Rome, Italy.

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Oxygen-rich PdSnCu Nanocrystals with Particle Connection Features as Enhanced Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation Reaction.

Nanotechnology 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan, CHINA.

Most electrocatalysts show a high mass and special activity during the ethanol oxidation reaction, but those still suffer from limited stability, finite renewable capability and poor anti-poisoning durability. Furthermore, the reliable structure and appropriate composition of alloys catalysts are fairly associated with the electrocatalysis performance. Herein, we report the development of well-alloyed PdSnCunanocrystals (NCs) whose rough surfaces are rich in step atoms and coupled with abundant of SnOand CuO, which may effectively boost reaction activity and rapidly remove carbonaceous intermediate, respectively. Read More

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Diet-induced vitamin D deficiency reduces skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration.

J Endocrinol 2021 May;249(2):113-124

Mitochondrial Metabolism and Ageing Laboratory, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with symptoms of skeletal muscle myopathy including muscle weakness and fatigue. Recently, vitamin D-related metabolites have been linked to the maintenance of mitochondrial function within skeletal muscle. However, current evidence is limited to in vitro models and the effects of diet-induced vitamin D deficiency upon skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in vivo have received little attention. Read More

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Awake CT-guided percutaneous stylomastoid foramen puncture and radiofrequency ablation of facial nerve for treatment of hemifacial spasm.

J Neurosurg 2021 Apr 16:1-7. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

2Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Objective: Hemifacial spasm (HFS) is a debilitating neuromuscular disorder with limited treatment options. The current study describes a novel minimally invasive procedure that provided effective and sustained relief for patients with HFS. The authors provide a detailed description of the awake CT-guided percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of the facial nerve for treatment of HFS, and they examine its clinical efficacy. Read More

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The transition from normal lung anatomy to minimal and established fibrosis in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

EBioMedicine 2021 Apr 13;66:103325. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Center for Heart Lung Innovation, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Background: The transition from normal lung anatomy to minimal and established fibrosis is an important feature of the pathology of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The purpose of this report is to examine the molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with this transition.

Methods: Pre-operative thoracic Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) scans of patients with severe IPF (n = 9) were used to identify regions of minimal(n = 27) and established fibrosis(n = 27). Read More

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Potential clinical value of circular RNAs as peripheral biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of major depressive disorder.

EBioMedicine 2021 Apr 13;66:103337. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Neurology, Affiliated ZhongDa Hospital, School of Medicine, Institution of Neuropsychiatry, Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210009, China; Department of Psychology, Xinxiang Medical University, Xinxiang, Henan 453003, China; School of Life Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Developmental Genes and Human Disease, Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210096, China; Mental Health Center Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310013, China; Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518055, China. Electronic address:

Background: circular RNAs (circRNAs) are expressed abundantly in the brain and are implicated in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disease. However, the potential clinical value of circRNAs in major depressive disorder (MDD) remains unclear.

Methods: RNA sequencing was conducted in whole-blood samples in a discovery set (7 highly homogeneous MDD patients and 7 matched healthy controls [HCs]). Read More

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Folate-targeted Pluronic-chitosan nanocapsules loaded with IR780 for near-infrared fluorescence imaging and photothermal-photodynamic therapy of ovarian cancer.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 2021 Apr 8;203:111755. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Nanobiophotonics and Laser Microspectroscopy Center, Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Bio-Nano-Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University, T Laurian 42, 400271, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Department of Biomolecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, M Kogalniceanu 1, 400084, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Electronic address:

Herein, we report the fabrication of a nanotherapeutic platform integrating near-infrared (NIR) imaging with combined therapeutic potential through photodynamic (PDT) and photothermal therapies (PTT) and recognition functionality against ovarian cancer. Owing to its NIR fluorescence, singlet oxygen generation and heating capacity, IR780 iodide is exploited to construct a multifunctional nanosystem for single-wavelength NIR laser imaging-assisted dual-modal phototherapy. We opted for loading IR780 into polymeric Pluronic-F127-chitosan nanoformulation in order to overcome its hydrophobicity and toxicity and to allow functionalization with folic acid. Read More

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A novel homozygous mutation in ATP13A2 gene causing pure hereditary spastic paraplegia.

Parkinsonism Relat Disord 2021 Mar 30;86:58-60. Epub 2021 Mar 30.

Department of Neurology, The First Medical Centre, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China. Electronic address:

SPG78 is a subtype of hereditary spastic paraplegia(HSP) caused by ATP13A2 gene mutations. SPG78 was reported as complicated HSP in several cases, but was never associated with pure HSP. Here we report the first Chinese patient carrying a novel homozygous nonsense mutation in ATP13A2 presenting with pure HSP. Read More

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Somatic NF1 mutations in pituitary adenomas: Report of two cases.

Cancer Genet 2021 Apr 2;256-257:26-30. Epub 2021 Apr 2.

Department of Neurosurgery, Yale School of Medicine, 20 York Street, LCI8, New Haven, CT 06511, United States. Electronic address:

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Azetidinimines as a novel series of non-covalent broad-spectrum inhibitors of β-lactamases with submicromolar activities against carbapenemases KPC-2 (class A), NDM-1 (class B) and OXA-48 (class D).

Eur J Med Chem 2021 Apr 2;219:113418. Epub 2021 Apr 2.

Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, LabEx LERMIT, UPR 2301, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. Electronic address:

The occurrence of resistances in Gram negative bacteria is steadily increasing to reach extremely worrying levels and one of the main causes of resistance is the massive spread of very efficient β-lactamases which render most β-lactam antibiotics useless. Herein, we report the development of a series of imino-analogues of β-lactams (namely azetidinimines) as efficient non-covalent inhibitors of β-lactamases. Despite the structural and mechanistic differences between serine-β-lactamases KPC-2 and OXA-48 and metallo-β-lactamase NDM-1, all three enzymes can be inhibited at a submicromolar level by compound 7dfm, which can also repotentiate imipenem against a resistant strain of Escherichia coli expressing NDM-1. Read More

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Biostability study, quantitation method and preliminary pharmacokinetics of a new antifilovirus agent based on borneol and 3-(piperidin-1-yl)propanoic acid.

J Pharm Biomed Anal 2021 Apr 3;199:114062. Epub 2021 Apr 3.

N. N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, acad. Lavrentiev ave., 9, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia; Novosibirsk State University, Pirogov str., 2, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia.

The stability of the new antifiloviral agent AS-358, which is a derivative of borneol and 3-(piperidin-1-yl)propanoic acid, was studied in the blood and blood plasma of rats in vitro. It was found that both in the blood and in the plasma stabilized by EDTA or heparin, the compound is rapidly hydrolyzed at the ester bond. When sodium fluoride was added to the whole blood, the decomposition of the compound was significantly slowed down, which made it possible to develop and validate a method for the quantitative determination of the agent in this matrix. Read More

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Urine proteome changes in a chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) mouse model of major depressive disorder.

J Pharm Biomed Anal 2021 Apr 6;199:114064. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Beijing Normal University, Gene Engineering Drug and Biotechnology Beijing Key Laboratory, Beijing, 100875, China. Electronic address:

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a prevalent complex psychiatric disorder, and there are no effective biomarkers for clinical diagnosis. Urine is not subjected to homeostatic control, allowing it to reflect the sensitive changes that occur in various diseases. In this study, we examined the urine proteome changes in a chronic unpredictable mild stress mouse model of MDD. Read More

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Predictors of communication attitude in preschool-age children who stutter.

J Commun Disord 2021 Apr 13;91:106100. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2405A Whitis Ave, Stop A1100, Austin, TX, 78712, United States.

Purpose: Although preschool-age children who stutter report more negative attitudes toward communication than their typically fluent peers, few investigations have explored factors that may contribute to the differences observed in communication attitude. The purpose of the present study was to explore whether behavioral characteristics of stuttering severity (frequency, duration, physical concomitants) and time since onset of stuttering predict communication attitude in preschool-age children.

Method: Fifty-nine preschool-aged children who stutter completed two speaking samples and the KiddyCAT, a self-report assessment of communication attitude. Read More

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Increased proportion of CD20+ T cells after rituximab treatment in patient with neuromyelitis optica later diagnosed with lung B-cell lymphoma: A case report.

J Neuroimmunol 2021 Mar 31;355:577564. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Genetics, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Introduction: Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is a rare inflammatory autoimmune disorder of the CNS. Rituximab is used to treat antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases.

Case Presentation: We report the case a patient with NMO, who was treated with rituximab and presented CD20+ T cells by flow cytometry after treatment, later diagnosed with lung B-cell lymphoma. Read More

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Laparoscopic exploration of the retroperitoneum in a gunshot victim: A case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Apr 6;82:105863. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Surgery, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Introduction: Non-operative management and minimally invasive surgery reduce the burden of negative laparotomies in patients with penetrating gunshot wounds (GSW). Careful patient selection is key. Although challenging, in experienced hands laparoscopic exploration of the retroperitoneal space can be carried out. Read More

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Therapeutic strategies for refractory variceal bleeding due to percutaneous liver biopsy: A case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Apr 7;82:105852. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Donald Gordon Medical Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Electronic address:

Introduction And Importance: Variceal bleeding due to intrahepatic arterioportal fistula is an unusual complication of percutaneous liver biopsy. As majority of variceal bleeding are cirrhotic in origin, the rare occurrence of an acquired intrahepatic arterioportal fistula presents a therapeutic dilemma.

Case Presentation: We report the case of a 57-year-old female with refractory variceal bleeding that occurred six years after a percutaneous liver biopsy. Read More

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Diagnostic challenges of benign breast phyllodes tumour: A rapid-growing tumour during pregnancy caused breast loss. A case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Apr 8;82:105866. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Department of Radiology, Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark.

Introduction: Phyllodes tumours are rare breast neoplasms. It is especially rare in pregnancy.

Presentation Of Case: We report a case of a 37-year-old woman with left breast benign phyllodes tumour, which started to grow very fast during pregnancy. Read More

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Primary anastomosis for complete bulbar urethral rupture with rectal laceration caused by straddle injury: A case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Apr 1;82:105848. Epub 2021 Apr 1.

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia. Electronic address:

Introduction: The initial management of urethral trauma remains disputed, and there are several suitable techniques, including delayed repair and suprapubic urinary diversion as well as primary endoscopic or open alignments. The treatment choice used depends on the rupture's location and length as well as the accompanying trauma.

Case Presentation: A 33-year-old male patient was referred to the department of emergency, with the chief complaint of inability to void experienced 1 day before being admitted, after falling from a height of approximately three meters. Read More

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Photochemical reactions between superoxide ions and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in atmospheric aqueous environments.

Chemosphere 2021 Apr 9;279:130537. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

School of Resource and Environmental Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, 230009, PR China; Institute of Atmospheric Environment & Pollution Control, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, 230009, PR China; Key Laboratory of Nanominerals and Pollution Control of Anhui Higher Education Institutes, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, 230009, PR China. Electronic address:

The superoxide anion radical (O) is an important reactive oxygen species (ROS), and participates in several chemical reactions and biological processes. In this report, O was produced by irradiating riboflavin in an O-saturated solution by ultraviolet light with a maximum emission at 365 nm. And the contribution of O to 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol (2, 4, 6-TCP) was investigated by a combination of laser flash photolysis (LFP) and UV light steady irradiation technique. Read More

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A predictive framework based on brain volume trajectories enabling early detection of Alzheimer's disease.

Comput Med Imaging Graph 2021 Apr 2;90:101910. Epub 2021 Apr 2.

Data used in the preparation of this article was obtained from the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing (AIBL) funded by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) which was made available at the ADNI database. The AIBL researchers contributed data but did not participate in analysis or writing of this report. AIBL researchers are listed at www.aibl.csiro.au.

We present a framework for constructing predictive models of cognitive decline from longitudinal MRI examinations, based on mixed effects models and machine learning. We apply the framework to detect conversion from cognitively normal (CN) to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and from MCI to Alzheimer's disease (AD), using a large collection of subjects sourced from the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Flagship Study of Aging (AIBL). We extract subcortical segmentation and cortical parcellation from corresponding T1-weighted images using FreeSurfer v. Read More

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Complications and outcomes following open laryngotracheal reconstruction: A 15 year experience at an Australian paediatric tertiary referral centre.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2021 Mar 29;145:110687. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

Department of Paediatric Otolaryngology, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, The University of Sydney, Westmead, NSW, Australia; Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Electronic address:

Objective: To report on our experience with open pediatric laryngotracheal reconstruction (LTR) with cartilage interposition grafts over the past 15 years and document setbacks and factors that affect postoperative outcomes.

Method: A retrospective chart review was performed on all pediatric patients who underwent single and double-stage LTR at The Children's Hospital in Westmead between August 2004 and July 2019. The outcomes measured include the overall decannulation rate, rates of postoperative complications, need for subsequent procedures and postoperative functional results (dyspnea, stridor, voice impairment). Read More

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Fire in operating room: The adverse "never" event. Case report, mini-review and medico-legal considerations.

Leg Med (Tokyo) 2021 Apr 9;51:101879. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Section of Legal Medicine, Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences and Morphofunctional Imaging, University of Messina, Italy.

The patient's security and safety represent a topic of great importance for public health that led several healthcare organizations in many Countries to share documents to promote risk management and preventing adverse events. Surgical Fire (SF) is an infrequent adverse event generally occurring in the operating room (OR) and consisting of a fire that occurs in, on, or around a patient undergoing a medical or surgical procedure. Here a medico-legal case involving a 65-year-old woman reporting burns to the neck due to an SF during a thyroidectomy was described. Read More

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Perceived cognitive failures and quality of life for older adults with bipolar disorder.

J Affect Disord 2021 Mar 13;287:433-440. Epub 2021 Mar 13.

Be'er Sheva Mental Health Center, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er Sheva, Israel.

Background: Older adults with bipolar disorder (BD) commonly present with cognitive deficits (e.g., attention, memory, verbal fluency). Read More

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Revision of a Failed C5-7 Corpectomy Complicated by Oesophageal Fistula using a 3D-Printed Zero-Profile Patient Specific Implant: A Technical Case Report.

World Neurosurg 2021 Apr 13. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

NeuroSpine Surgery Research Group (NSURG), Sydney, Australia; Neuro Spine Clinic, Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick, Australia; Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia; Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratories (SORL), Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Randwick, NSW, Australia. Electronic address:

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Surgical management of diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis': a French multicentric descriptive study.

J Gynecol Obstet Hum Reprod 2021 Apr 13:102147. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of gynecology, Croix Rousse University Hospital, Hospices civils de Lyon (HCL), 103 Grande Rue de la Croix-Rousse, 69004 Lyon, France. Electronic address:

Introduction: Surgical management of Diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis (DTE) is still controversial, a thoracic or an abdominal approach can be proposed.

Methods: We conducted a multicentric retrospective study in 8 thoracic, gynecology or digestive surgery units in 5 French university hospitals. The main objective was to review the current management of DTE. Read More

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The impact of modern radiotherapy on radiation-induced late sequelae: focus on early-stage mediastinal classical Hodgkin Lymphoma. A critical review by the Young Group of the Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology (AIRO).

Crit Rev Oncol Hematol 2021 Apr 13:103326. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Florence, Florence, Italy.

Introduction: The historically feared radiation-induced secondary cancers and cardiac toxicities observed among mediastinal classical Hodgkin Lymphoma (cHL) patients may still negatively burden the benefit of radiotherapy among long-term survivors. Modern radiotherapy (RT) delivery techniques, including intensity-modulated RT (IMRT) and deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) solutions, are drastically changing this scenario. Results of a literature overview are reported and discussed in this paper. Read More

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Neoadjuvant and adjuvant systemic therapy for newly diagnosed stage II- IV epithelial ovary, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal carcinoma: A systematic review.

Crit Rev Oncol Hematol 2021 Apr 13:103324. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Juravinski Cancer Centre, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Background: To systematically review neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy options for women with newly diagnosed stage II-IV ovarian cancer.

Methods: Phase III trials were searched using MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Cochrane Library. Maintenance therapies were excluded. Read More

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Imported scrub typhus in Europe: report of three cases and a literature review.

Travel Med Infect Dis 2021 Apr 13:102062. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Infectious/Tropical Diseases and Microbiology (DITM), IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital, Negrar, Verona, Italy. Electronic address:

Background: Scrub typhus is a vector-borne rickettsial infection, which can cause relevant morbidity and mortality. While the number of cases is around a million per year globally, the infection is seldom diagnosed in travellers from Europe.

Methods: We herein report three cases diagnosed in Italian travellers and review the literature about imported cases in Europe in the last 60 years. Read More

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Biodegradable Electrospun Nanofibers: A New Approach For Rhinosinusitis Treatment.

Eur J Pharm Sci 2021 Apr 13:105852. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG. 31270-901, Brazil. Electronic address:

Biodegradable polymeric nanofibers containing mometasone furoate can be a new approach to drug delivery to treat chronic rhinosinusitis, providing controlled steroid delivery to the sinonasal mucosa. This study aimed to develop biodegradable polymeric nanofibers and explore the safety of these fibers in an in vivo rabbit model. The nanofibers' development has been optimized using the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) obtained with Design of Experiments (DoE) with the best conditions related to the polymer concentration and proportion of solvents used in the electrospinning process. Read More

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