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[Clinical characteristics of human adenovirus infection in hospitalized children with acute respiratory infection in Beijing].

Zhonghua Er Ke Za Zhi 2022 Jan;60(1):30-35

Laboratory of Virology, Beijing Key Laboratory of Etiology of Viral Diseases in Children, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing 100020, China.

To compare the clinical characteristics of different types of human adenovirus (HAdV) infection in hospitalized children with acute respiratory infection in Beijing, and to clarify the clinical necessity of adenovirus typing. In a cross-sectional study, 9 022 respiratory tract specimens collected from hospitalized children with acute respiratory infection from November 2017 to October 2019 in Affiliated Children's Hospital, Capital Institute of Pediatrics were screened for HAdV by direct immunofluorescence (DFA) and (or) nucleic acid detection. Then the Penton base, Hexon and Fiber gene of HAdV were amplified from HAdV positive specimens to confirm their HAdV types by phylogenetic tree construction. Read More

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January 2022

Development of a high-resolution typing method for SLA-3, swine MHC class I antigen 3.

Anim Genet 2022 Feb 15;53(1):166-170. Epub 2021 Dec 15.

Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biotechnology, Konkuk University, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 05029, Korea.

We developed a high-resolution and comprehensive typing method for swine leukocyte antigen 3 (SLA-3), an MHC class I gene, employing locus-specific genomic PCR followed by subsequent direct sequencing. A total of 292 individuals from nine pure, one cross-breed and six cell lines were successfully typed. A total of 21 SLA-3 alleles were identified, of which four were found to be novel alleles. Read More

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February 2022

Analysis of HLA-G 5'URR regulatory polymorphisms in Slovak women with pre-eclampsia.

Bratisl Lek Listy 2021 ;122(12):853-860

Objectives: The objective of this study was to identify the impact of the selected HLA-G gene polymorphisms in the 5'URR region on the risk to develop pre-eclampsia.

Background: Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a serious multisystem disorder that affects women during pregnancy. Despite many research studies, the pathology of PE is not fully understood. Read More

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December 2021

Streamlining the decision-making process for international DNA kinship matching using Worldwide allele frequencies and tailored cutoff logLR thresholds.

Forensic Sci Int Genet 2021 Nov 27;57:102634. Epub 2021 Nov 27.

International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL, DNA Unit, 200 quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon, France. Electronic address:

The identification of human remains belonging to missing persons is one of the main challenges for forensic genetics. Although other means of identification can be applied to missing person investigations, DNA is often extremely valuable to further support or refute potential associations. When reference DNA samples cannot be collected from personal items belonging to a missing person, a direct DNA identification cannot be carried out. Read More

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November 2021

Ultra-rapid and highly efficient enrichment of organic pollutants via magnetic mesoporous nanosponge for ultrasensitive nanosensors.

Nat Commun 2021 11 25;12(1):6849. Epub 2021 Nov 25.

Key Laboratory of Physical Electronics and Devices of Ministry of Education, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, China.

Currently, owing to the single-molecule-level sensitivity and highly informative spectroscopic characteristics, surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is regarded as the most direct and effective detection technique. However, SERS still faces several challenges in its practical applications, such as the complex matrix interferences, and low sensitivity to the molecules of intrinsic small cross-sections or weak affinity to the surface of metals. Here, we show an enrichment-typed sensing strategy with both excellent selectivity and ultrahigh detection sensitivity based on a powerful porous composite material, called mesoporous nanosponge. Read More

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November 2021

Epidemiology of paracoccidioidomycosis in Venezuela: a retrospective study from 1954 to 2019.

Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 2021 8;116:e210203. Epub 2021 Nov 8.

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Facultad de Odontología, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela.

Background: Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) is a systemic mycosis endemic to Latin America. Etiological agents are Paracoccidioides species that diverge phylogenetically throughout South America.

Objectives: This study aimed to document the epidemiology of PCM in Venezuela. Read More

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November 2021

Haplotype heterogeneity and low linkage disequilibrium reduce reliable prediction of genotypes for the ‑α form of α-thalassaemia using genome-wide microarray data.

Wellcome Open Res 2020 22;5:287. Epub 2021 Sep 22.

Department of Epidemiology and Demography, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kilifi, PO BOX 230-80108, Kenya.

The -α -thalassaemia deletion is very common throughout Africa because it protects against malaria. When undertaking studies to investigate human genetic adaptations to malaria or other diseases, it is important to account for any confounding effects of α-thalassaemia to rule out spurious associations. In this study, we have used direct α-thalassaemia genotyping to understand why GWAS data from a large malaria association study in Kilifi Kenya did not identify the α-thalassaemia signal. Read More

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September 2021

Development of anti-Jk3 associated with silenced Kidd antigen expression and a novel single nucleotide variant of the gene.

Immunohematology 2021 Sep;37(3):109-112

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Yale School of Medicine , New Haven, CT .

Anti-Jk3 is a rare alloantibody to a high-prevalence antigen primarily seen in individuals of Polynesian descent and is associated with a handful of well-established variants of the gene. We report a case of the Jk phenotype, associated with formation of anti-Jk3, in a patient of non-Polynesian descent. This patient, a 51-year-old woman self-described as of Jamaican and Scottish ancestry, presented to our hospital for oncologic care. Read More

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September 2021

Genotyping of Eight Human Platelet Antigen Systems in Serbian Blood Donors: Foundation for Platelet Apheresis Registry.

Transfus Med Hemother 2021 Aug 25;48(4):228-233. Epub 2021 Feb 25.

Department of Blood Donor Testing, Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia.

Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the allele and genotype frequencies of 8 human platelet antigen (HPA) systems among blood donors from the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia and to compare them with published studies. These data would be useful to establish the basis for a platelet apheresis donor registry.

Material And Methods: Seventy-two unrelated male platelet apheresis/blood donors from Serbia were typed for 8 HPA systems (HPA-1 to HPA-6, HPA-9, and HPA-15) via the FluoGene method, based on polymerase chain reaction-sequence-specific amplification (PCR-SSP; PCR using sequence-specific primers) with fluorometric signal detection. Read More

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[Isomeric discrimination of kaempferol versus luteolin by online energy-resolved mass spectrometry].

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi 2021 Jul;46(14):3599-3604

Modern Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine,School of Chinese Materia Medica,Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Beijing 100029,China.

Isomers are widely distributed in Chinese herbal medicines,and can be discriminated by energy-resolved mass spectrometry( ER-MS). However,ER-MS was performed through direct injection of reference compounds with syringe pump,which encountered a significant technical barrier for high-throughput and automated measurements. Herein,online ER-MS was conducted using LC-MS platform,and a pair of isomers,kaempferol vs luteolin,were employed as a case study to illustrate and assess the utility of online ER-MS for isomeric discrimination. Read More

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Serological screening and genetic analysis of RhCE variants in the Chinese Southern Han donors.

Transfus Med 2021 Aug 16;31(4):271-276. Epub 2021 May 16.

Institute of Clinical Blood Transfusion, Guangzhou Blood Center, Guangzhou, China.

Objectives: To screen RhCE variants in the Chinese Southern Han donors for molecular genetic analysis.

Background: More than hundreds of RhCE variant alleles have been described to resulting in weak and/or partial expression of RhCE antigens, generation of low-prevalence antigens and/or absence of a high-prevalence antigen of Rh system, which mainly reported in the people of African origin. In this study, the serological screening and molecular genetic analysis of RhCE variants were performed in the Chinese Southern Han donors. Read More

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Detection and Typing of Human Enteroviruses from Clinical Samples by Entire-Capsid Next Generation Sequencing.

Viruses 2021 04 8;13(4). Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Division of Virology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 3QG, UK.

There are increasing concerns of infections by enteroviruses (EVs) causing severe disease in humans. EV diagnostic laboratory methods show differences in sensitivity and specificity as well as the level of genetic information provided. We examined a detection method for EVs based on next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of amplicons covering the entire capsid coding region directly synthesized from clinical samples. Read More

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5'URR regulatory polymorphisms are associated with the risk of developing gliomas.

Int J Neurosci 2021 Sep 28:1-10. Epub 2021 Sep 28.

Institute of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Background: Human leukocyte antigen G (HLA-G) belongs to non-classical MHC class I molecules that is involved in the suppression of immune response. As HLA-G plays important role in the maintenance of fetal tolerance, its overexpression has been associated with tumor progression. For the regulation of HLA-G levels, genetic variants within the 5' upstream regulatory region (5'URR) are of crucial importance. Read More

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September 2021

Complete Sequence-Based Genotyping of mgc2/pvpA Genes in Chicken-Derived Mycoplasma gallisepticum Isolates of Iran.

Avian Dis 2020 12;64(4):507-516

Department of Avian Disease Research and Diagnostic, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Karaj 3197619751, Iran.

Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) is a major pathogen of the poultry industry throughout the world. MG causes chronic respiratory disease in chickens and infectious sinusitis in turkeys. Despite constant improvements in the biosecurity of the poultry industry in Iran, MG infection still occurs and causes significant economic issues. Read More

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December 2020

[Study of a Chinese pedigree carrying a novel variant of α-1, 3-N-acetyl galactosaminyl transferase gene].

Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi 2021 Feb;38(2):178-180

Department of Transfusion Medicine, The 960th Hospital of the PLA Joint Logistics Support Force, Jinan, Shandong 250031, China.

Objective: To explore the genetic basis for a Chinese pedigree with a novel ABO subtype.

Methods: The proband and his family members were subjected to serological analysis, and their genotypes were determined by fluorescence PCR and direct sequencing of the coding regions of the ABO gene. Exons 6 to 7 of the ABO gene were also subjected to clone sequencing for haplotype analysis. Read More

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February 2021

Simultaneous detection and ribotyping of Clostridioides difficile, and toxin gene detection directly on fecal samples.

Antimicrob Resist Infect Control 2021 01 29;10(1):23. Epub 2021 Jan 29.

inBiome B.V., Science park 106, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Background: Clostridioides difficile is the most common cause of nosocomial diarrhea. Ribotyping of cultured strains by a PCR-based test is used to study potential transmission between patients. We aimed to develop a rapid test that can be applied directly on fecal samples for simultaneous detection and ribotyping of C. Read More

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January 2021

Hierarchical Human Semantic Parsing with Comprehensive Part-Relation Modeling.

IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell 2021 Jan 29;PP. Epub 2021 Jan 29.

Human parsing is for pixel-wise human semantic understanding. As human bodies are hierarchically structured, how to model human structures is the central theme in this task. We start with analyzing three inference processes over the human hierarchy: direct inference (directly predicting human semantic parts using image information), bottom-up inference (assembling knowledge from constituent parts), and top-down inference (leveraging context from parent nodes). Read More

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January 2021

Divergence in phenotyping and genotyping analysis of the Lewis histo-blood group system.

Transfus Med 2021 Apr 11;31(2):129-135. Epub 2021 Jan 11.

Department of Transfusion Medicine, ICMR-National Institute of Immunohaematology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Objectives: This study evaluated the red blood cell (RBC) Lewis phenotypes by simple haemagglutination technique and molecular genotyping in healthy individuals.

Background: The expression of Lewis antigen on RBCs is dependent on the interaction of FUT3 and FUT2 genes. Complexity of the genetic control of Lewis antigen expression and the error-prone nature of Lewis phenotyping result in non-genuine RBC Lewis phenotypes, which could be misleading. Read More

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[Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation by pyrosequencing and MassARRAY technique for age estimation: a comparative study].

Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao 2020 Dec;40(12):1831-1837

Institute of Forensic Science, Ministry of Public Security//Ministry of Public Security Key Laboratory of Forensic Genetics, Beijing 100000, China.

Objective: To study the difference in age estimation based on quantitative analysis of DNA methylation by MassARRAY and pyrosequencing techniques.

Methods: The methylation levels of 9 CpG sites from two independent whole blood sample sets (containing 65 and 62 samples) were detected using MassARRAY and pyrosequencing techniques. Z-score transformation was used to remove the batch effects of different techniques, and a linear regression model was used for age prediction. Read More

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December 2020

Shared Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Serovars between Agricultural and Aquatic Environments Revealed through Amplicon Sequencing.

Microorganisms 2020 Nov 30;8(12). Epub 2020 Nov 30.

Department of Environmental, Water and Earth Sciences, Arcadia Campus, Tshwane University of Technology, Private BagX680, Pretoria 0001, South Africa.

The presence of antibiotic-resistant spp. in the environment is of great public health interest, worldwide. Furthermore, its extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing strains constitute an emerging global health concern due to their limited treatment options in hospital. Read More

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November 2020

RAS-protein activation but not mutation status is an outcome predictor and unifying therapeutic target for high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Oncogene 2021 01 27;40(4):746-762. Epub 2020 Nov 27.

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore.

Leukemias are routinely sub-typed for risk/outcome prediction and therapy choice using acquired mutations and chromosomal rearrangements. Down syndrome acute lymphoblastic leukemia (DS-ALL) is characterized by high frequency of CRLF2-rearrangements, JAK2-mutations, or RAS-pathway mutations. Intriguingly, JAK2 and RAS-mutations are mutually exclusive in leukemic sub-clones, causing dichotomy in therapeutic target choices. Read More

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January 2021

Evaluation of a Combined Multilocus Sequence Typing and Whole-Genome Sequencing Two-Step Algorithm for Routine Typing of .

J Clin Microbiol 2021 01 21;59(2). Epub 2021 Jan 21.

Infectious Disease Service, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York, USA

Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) is a low-resolution but rapid genotyping method for Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has emerged as the new gold standard for typing, but cost and lack of standardization still limit broad utilization. In this study, we evaluated the potential to combine the portability of MLST with the increased resolution of WGS for a cost-saving approach to routine typing. strains from two New York City hospitals (hospital A and hospital B) were selected. Read More

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January 2021

Maternal traits during lactation period reduce the anxiety-related behavior in male offspring: Results from a fostering study in Hatano rats.

Physiol Behav 2021 02 17;229:113209. Epub 2020 Oct 17.

School of Agriculture, Meiji University, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 214-8571, Japan. Electronic address:

The Hatano strains of the Sprague Dawley rats have been selectively bred to create high- (HAA) and low- (LAA) active avoidance variants. We previously reported that HAA rats display more anxiety-related behavior than LAA rats, but whether this strain difference is affected by postnatal environmental factors remains unclear. In this study, we performed in- and cross-fostering between the HAA and LAA strains and investigated the effect of postnatal maternal traits on the emotional responses in each strain of the male offspring. Read More

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February 2021

Neurotropic Lineage III Strains of Listeria monocytogenes Disseminate to the Brain without Reaching High Titer in the Blood.

mSphere 2020 09 16;5(5). Epub 2020 Sep 16.

Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

is thought to colonize the brain using one of three mechanisms: direct invasion of the blood-brain barrier, transportation across the barrier by infected monocytes, and axonal migration to the brain stem. The first two pathways seem to occur following unrestricted bacterial growth in the blood and thus have been linked to immunocompromise. In contrast, cell-to-cell spread within nerves is thought to be mediated by a particular subset of neurotropic strains. Read More

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September 2020

Paraffin Immunofluorescence Increases Light-Chain Detection in Extra-Renal Light Chain Amyloidosis and Other Light-Chain-Associated Diseases.

Arch Pathol Lab Med 2021 03;145(3):352-358

From the Université de Lille, CNRS, Inserm, CHU Lille, Pathology Department, Centre de Biologie Pathologie, UMR9020 - UMR-S 1277 - Canther - Cancer Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Resistance to Therapies, F-59000 Lille, France (Gibier, Gnemmi).

Context.—: Distinguishing the different types of amyloid is clinically important because treatments and outcomes are different. Mass spectrometry is the new gold standard for amyloid typing, but it is costly and not widely available. Read More

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Usefulness of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Pool as a Source of HLA-Homozygous Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Haplobanking: Combined Analysis of the Cord Blood Inventory and Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 2020 08 19;26(8):e202-e208. Epub 2020 May 19.

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea; Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Cord Blood Bank-ALLCORD, Seoul, Republic of Korea; Department of Laboratory Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have opened up unprecedented opportunities for novel therapeutic options for precision medicine. Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) donor pools with previously determined HLA types may be ideal sources for iPSC production. Based on the HLA distribution of cryopreserved cord blood units (CBUs) and registered bone marrow (BM) donors, we estimated how much of the Korean population could be covered by HLA-homozygous iPSCs. Read More

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Isolate independent molecular typing improves the yield of O typing of infections due to Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli.

Pathology 2020 Jun 19;52(4):460-465. Epub 2020 Apr 19.

Department of Microbiology, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

Molecular screening has increased detection of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC). However, it is difficult to isolate the organism for epidemiological typing. We applied a molecular method for direct detection of nine O types from 110 stx positive faeces samples and compared the results with conventional isolate based methods. Read More

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Dengue in Santander State, Colombia: fluctuations in the prevalence of virus serotypes are linked to dengue incidence and genetic diversity of the circulating viruses.

Trop Med Int Health 2019 12 31;24(12):1400-1410. Epub 2019 Oct 31.

Laboratorio de Arbovirus, Centro de Investigaciones en Enfermedades Tropicales, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Objective: To investigate the link between fluctuations in the prevalence of dengue virus (DENV) serotypes and the number of dengue cases in the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga, Santander State, Colombia, in the 2007-2010 and 2014-2017 periods.

Method: Viruses were isolated from febrile patient samples by direct application to C6/36-HT cells and typed using monoclonal antibodies. We performed autocorrelation and cross-correlation analyses to determine whether fluctuations in the prevalence of DENV serotypes and dengue cases were correlated. Read More

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December 2019

[Detection and Molecular Characterization of Human Adenoviruses from Acute Conjunctivitis Cases].

Mikrobiyol Bul 2019 Jul;53(3):297-307

Mersin University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Microbiology, Mersin, Turkey.

Human adenoviruses (hAdV) can cause a wide range of clinical diseases in children and adults that mainly affect respiratory, eye and gastrointestinal systems. Ocular hAdV infections have various clinical manifestations such as epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, pharyngoconjunctival fever and non-specific follicular conjunctivitis. The hAdV genotypes which can cause conjunctivitis vary according to geographic distribution. Read More

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