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Granulomatous Mastitis Due to Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemma.

Clin Pract 2021 Apr 14;11(2):228-234. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Grant Government Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai 400008, India.

Non-tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections of the breast are rare. These infections present as cellulitis of the breast or breast abscess. Their diagnosis poses a challenge as they manifest signs of acute inflammation, unlike tuberculous mycobacterial infections which present in a chronic pattern. Read More

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Granulomatous mastitis caused by Rickettsia species.

Virchows Arch 2021 Apr 13. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Pathology & Cytology Dalarna, Region Dalarna, Falun, Sweden.

Granulomatous mastitis is a rare inflammatory disease of varying etiology. Tuberculosis and cystic neutrophilic granulomatous mastitis caused by Corynebacterium are the best-established infectious examples. Despite the increasing incidence of Rickettsia-related diseases worldwide, granulomatous inflammation of breast parenchyma caused by Rickettsia has not yet been reported. Read More

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Identification and Phenotype of MAIT Cells in Cattle and Their Response to Bacterial Infections.

Front Immunol 2021 11;12:627173. Epub 2021 Mar 11.

Division of Infection and Immunity, The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush, Roslin, United Kingdom.

Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are a population of innate-like T cells that utilize a semi-invariant T cell receptor (TCR) α chain and are restricted by the highly conserved antigen presenting molecule MR1. MR1 presents microbial riboflavin biosynthesis derived metabolites produced by bacteria and fungi. Consistent with their ability to sense ligands derived from bacterial sources, MAIT cells have been associated with the immune response to a variety of bacterial infections, such as . Read More

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A comparative investigation on the role and interaction of EsxA and EsxB in host immune response.

Microb Pathog 2021 May 7;154:104843. Epub 2021 Mar 7.

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Xinjiang Agricultural University, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. Electronic address:

Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a frequent and major cause of bovine mastitis; it poses a tremendous economic burden to dairy industries of numerous countries. Early-secretion antigen-6 secretion system (ESS) has been viewed as an essential virulence and pathogenic factor of S. Read More

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Breast tuberculosis presenting with intractable mastitis: a case report.

J Med Case Rep 2021 Mar 4;15(1):101. Epub 2021 Mar 4.

Division of General Internal Medicine, Jichi Medical University Hospital, 3311-1 Yakushiji, Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi, 329-0498, Japan.

Background: Breast tuberculosis, also known as tuberculous mastitis, is an extremely rare form of tuberculosis. It accounts for <0.1% of all breast diseases and <2% of all cases of tuberculosis. Read More

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Primary breast tuberculosis: imaging findings of a rare disease.

Insights Imaging 2021 Feb 15;12(1):19. Epub 2021 Feb 15.

Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Breast tuberculosis is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis which tends to affect females of reproductive age, and is much rarer in males, postmenopausal women, and pre-pubescent girls. It is difficult to diagnose because it can mimic benign conditions such as a fibroadenoma, as well as malignant diseases like a carcinoma. It is also particularly difficult to distinguish breast tuberculosis from granulomatous mastitis, so other possible diagnoses should be ruled out first. Read More

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February 2021

Tubercular Mastitis Mimicking as Malignancy: A Case Report.

Prague Med Rep 2020 ;121(4):267-276

Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy, Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Visakhapatnam, India.

Tubercular mastitis is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis commonly seen in multiparous and lactating women in developing countries. It is a diagnostic challenge and commonly misdiagnosed as breast carcinoma. Tubercular mastitis is paucibacillary, and fine-needle aspiration cytology provides an accurate diagnosis - the presence of granulomas with Langerhans giant cells on histopathological examination warrants empirical treatment with anti-tubercular drugs. Read More

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January 2021

A very rare case of mycobacterium gordonae infection of the breast.

Breast J 2020 11 26;26(11):2229-2232. Epub 2020 Oct 26.

Diagnostic Senology, Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, Genoa, Italy.

Mastitis is a common disease in women with both infectious and noninfectious causes. Most cases occur during lactation and are caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus species; parasites and Mycobacteria have rarely been reported to cause breast infections (Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases (9th edn);2019, Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2007;175:367). Read More

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November 2020

Breast sarcoidosis: Clinical features, imaging, and histological findings.

Breast J 2021 Jan 8;27(1):44-47. Epub 2020 Oct 8.

Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Intervention, Akershus University Hospital (AHUS), Lorenskog, Norway.

Breast sarcoidosis is an extremely rare entity (about 1%). Conventional imaging significantly contributes to the detection of breast lesions, but it has been unable to establish a definite diagnosis. Histological examination should be mandatory, over imaging assessments, in order to confirm an early diagnosis and to avoid unjustified treatments. Read More

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January 2021

Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis and its Mimics on Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Pictorial Review of Cases from India.

J Clin Imaging Sci 2020 27;10:53. Epub 2020 Aug 27.

Department of Imaging Sciences, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York, United States.

Objectives: Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a rare inflammatory disease of the breast, which is benign but potentially morbid. Mammographic and sonographic findings have been well characterized, but magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings have been less thoroughly documented. The objective of this study was to demonstrate characteristic findings for IGM and its mimics via a retrospective review. Read More

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Detection of non-tuberculous mycobacterial species using PCR-RFLP analysis in trans-tracheal washes in cattle and buffaloes with respiratory distress.

Iran J Vet Res 2020 ;21(2):136-140

Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana-141004, Punjab, India.

Background: Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a chronic disease of cattle with high economic importance in livestock farming caused by and bears a zoonotic potential. There are some non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) which cause disease similar to bTB and interfere with diagnosis of bTB. Non-tuberculous mycobacteria are saprophytic in nature but some of them may cause pulmonary infections, mastitis, lesions in respiratory tract and lymph nodes of cattle, due to which they are being recognized worldwide and interfere with the diagnosis of bTB. Read More

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January 2020

Mycobacterium Abscessus: A Rare Cause of Peri-Ductal Mastitis in Endemic Regions.

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak 2020 May;30(5):537-540

Department of Surgery, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

Mycobacterium abscessus is a rapidly growing non-tuberculous, multi-drug resistant mycobacterium (NTM). Its common clinical presentation includes pulmonary infection followed by wide spectrum of skin and soft tissue infections. Chronic breast conditions, such as peri-ductal mastitis are rarely caused by NTM. Read More

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Efficacy and safety of oncoplastic surgery plus drug therapy for chronic tuberculous granulomatous mastitis.

Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2020 06;24(6):585-590

School of Medicine, Universidad Continental, Lima, Peru.

Chronic tuberculous granulomatous mastitis (CTGM) is a rare form of tuberculosis (TB) treated primarily with anti-TB drugs. Oncoplastic surgery (OS) has been proposed as adjuvant therapy for CTGM. We followed for 1 year every CTGM patients and assessed the efficacy (defined as non-recurrence and no need for corticosteroids) and safety attributable to the standard anti-TB drugs therapy with and without OS. Read More

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Caprine nodular thelitis due to Mycobacterium uberis: A series of 26 cases in 11 dairy goat farms in Western France.

Prev Vet Med 2020 Aug 9;181:105060. Epub 2020 Jun 9.

Veterinary Hospital (CHUV), Oniris, Nantes, France; BIOEPAR, INRAE, Oniris, Nantes, France. Electronic address:

Bovine Nodular Thelitis (BNT) is a granulomatous dermatitis of teat skin associated with acid-fast bacilli. A similar condition has been recorded in a dairy goat flock in France recently. The causative agent was shown to be related to the leprosy-causing bacilli Mycobacterium leprae and M. Read More

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[Primary breast tuberculosis in a man: a case report].

Ann Biol Clin (Paris) 2020 04;78(2):177-180

Service des maladies infectieuses et tropicales, Centre hospitalier national universitaire de Fann, Dakar, Sénégal.

The breast tuberculosis accounts for 0.06 to 0.1% of extra-pulmonary localizations. Read More

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Cytomorphological Spectrum of Granulomatous Mastitis: A Study of 33 Cases.

Eur J Breast Health 2020 Apr 1;16(2):146-151. Epub 2020 Apr 1.

Department of Pathology, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pimpri Pune, India.

Objective: Granulomatous mastitis is an uncommon benign breast disease. Varied aetiologies such as tuberculosis, foreign body reactions, sarcoidosis, fungal and parasitic infections and autoimmunity have been suggested. Pre-operative definitive diagnosis is essential for proper treatment. Read More

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Primary Tuberculous Mastitis: The first report from Syria.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2020 6;68:48-51. Epub 2020 Feb 6.

General Surgery Department, Aleppo University Hospital, Aleppo, Syria.

Introduction: Primary breast tuberculosis is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis even in endemic regions. To our knowledge, this is the first report of Primary breast tuberculosis from Syria.

Case Presentation: We report a case of a 37-year-old female who admitted to the surgical clinic with a 4-month history of gradually growing mass in the breast. Read More

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February 2020

Breast tuberculosis: A case report of primary type mammary tuberculosis.

Clin Case Rep 2019 Dec 23;7(12):2346-2348. Epub 2019 Oct 23.

Clinic of Infectious Diseases University Hospital of Modena Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Policlinico di Modena Modena Italy.

Mammary tuberculosis is exceptional in developed countries. It can mimic an abscess or a granulomatous mastitis. In subjects coming from endemic areas, it is necessary to suspect a tuberculosis infection in case of recurrent mastitis refractory to antibiotics. Read More

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December 2019

Cystic Neutrophilic Granulomatous Mastitis: A Clinicopathological Study With 16s rRNA Sequencing for the Detection of Corynebacteria in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue.

Int J Surg Pathol 2020 Jun 23;28(4):371-381. Epub 2019 Dec 23.

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore, India.

Cystic neutrophilic granulomatous mastitis (CNGM) is a histologically characterized variant of granulomatous lobular mastitis that is associated with lipophilic species. It remains a largely underrecognized entity in India. Our aim was to study CNGM in the Asian Indian population and explore if 16s rRNA sequencing could be used on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue to identify the causative organism. Read More

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Tuberculosis Mastitis: Fever of Unknown Origin in a Kidney Transplant Recipient.

Eur J Breast Health 2019 Oct 1;15(4):272-274. Epub 2019 Oct 1.

Division of Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine, İstanbul University İstanbul School of Medicine, İstanbul, Turkey.

Tuberculous mastitis is a rare presentation of tuberculosis, which is a major health problem in kidney transplant recipients due to its high incidence and prevalence, and difficulty in diagnosis as well as high risk of morbidity and mortality. In daily practice, physicians may frequently be led to a misdiagnosis such as breast carcinoma or abscess. We believe it is crucial for clinicians to recognize this important presentation of the disease. Read More

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October 2019

Breast tuberculosis in East London: A 13-year retrospective observational study.

Breast J 2020 02 4;26(2):235-239. Epub 2019 Sep 4.

Department of Respiratory Medicine, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK.

Setting: Breast tuberculosis (TB) is rare in Western Europe, and its diagnosis may be delayed through lack of awareness of presenting features. Our institution serves a large East London population with a high incidence of TB.

Objective: To characterize presenting features and avoidable diagnostic delay in breast TB patients. Read More

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February 2020

Tuberculous mastitis: A review of 32 cases.

Int J Infect Dis 2019 Oct 20;87:135-142. Epub 2019 Aug 20.

Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran. Electronic address:

Background: Breast tuberculosis (TB) is a rare disease, still present in endemic areas. The significance of breast TB is due to its rare occurrence and its resemblance to malignant breast lesions. The objective of this study was to study various clinical presentations and imaging features of different forms of tuberculous mastitis. Read More

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October 2019

Tuberculosis of Male Breast: A Rare Benign Entity.

Cureus 2019 May 21;11(5):e4709. Epub 2019 May 21.

Radiology, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, PAK.

Granulomatous mastitis is a rare benign condition often seen in young lactating females of reproductive age group. Prepubescent males or elderly women may also be the victim of this infectious disease. Primary infection of the breast may occur through skin abrasions, open wounds or through the lactiferous ducts while secondary spread occurs from an infective focus elsewhere in the body via lymphatic or hematogenous routes. Read More

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Short communication: Mycolicibacterium smegmatis, basonym Mycobacterium smegmatis, causing pyogranulomatous mastitis and its cross-reactivity in bovine (para)tuberculosis testing.

J Dairy Sci 2019 Sep 10;102(9):8405-8409. Epub 2019 Jul 10.

Sciensano, Scientific Direction "Infectious diseases in animals," 1180 Brussel, Belgium.

Different mycobacterial species are encountered in bovine medicine. The fastidiously growing mycobacteria (Mycobacterium bovis as the cause of bovine tuberculosis, and Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis, MAP, as the cause of paratuberculosis) are well known and targeted in eradication/control or monitoring programs in different countries, whereas the rapidly growing species is only rarely identified from bovine disease. Read More

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September 2019

Abdominal Tuberculosis in an Infant Presenting With a Small Bowel Obstruction.

Pediatr Emerg Care 2019 Jul 5. Epub 2019 Jul 5.

Abdominal tuberculosis (TB) is rare in children and usually spread in the peritoneum or gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms tend to be vague and nonspecific, with no extra-abdominal involvement, presenting a challenge for clinicians and delayed diagnosis. Postnatally acquired abdominal TB is most commonly transmitted through inhalation or ingestion of respiratory droplets with Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the mother. Read More

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Breast tuberculosis, a rare entity.

IDCases 2019 26;15:e00530. Epub 2019 Mar 26.

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., Jawalakhel, Post box number - 11708, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Breast tuberculosis is a rare form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. It is rare in western countries, usually occurs in multiparous and lactating women but rare in male and older women. It has a varied clinical, radiological and pathological presentation that can be similar to that of a breast abscess or carcinoma. Read More

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Diagnostic techniques and multidisciplinary approach in idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: a revision of the literature.

Acta Biomed 2019 01 23;90(1):11-15. Epub 2019 Jan 23.

"P.GIACCONE" University Hospital, Palermo, Italy.

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a chronic benign inflammatory disease of the breast that may mimic breast cancer. It is most common in parous young fertile women, although it can occur in nulliparous women and in men. IGM is an idiopathic disease due to the influence of some environmental factors in genetically predisposed subjects. Read More

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January 2019

Cutaneous Tuberculosis Presenting as Mastitis in a Prepubertal Girl.

Am J Trop Med Hyg 2018 12;99(6):1360-1361

Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Perú.

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December 2018

Breast tuberculosis.

Indian J Tuberc 2019 Jan 11;66(1):6-11. Epub 2018 Jul 11.

Surgical Gastroenterology, SGPGI, Lucknow, U.P, India.

Tuberculosis (TB) of breast is an uncommon entity even in endemic regions. Moreover, it is seldom reported. It often presents in young lactating females as a painless breast lump and confused with breast malignancy or pyogenic abscess. Read More

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January 2019

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis.

Cutis 2019 Jan;103(1):38-42

Department of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA.

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a rare, poorly understood condition that presents as inflammatory nodules of the breast. It is often initially misdiagnosed as furunculosis or cellulitis. Despite the painful, scarring, and debilitating nature of the disease, patients often have a delay in accurate diagnosis and treatment. Read More

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January 2019