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Environmental risks related to organic compounds from the combustion of paper briquettes in domestic boilers.

J Hazard Mater 2021 Jun 2;418:126291. Epub 2021 Jun 2.

Centre ENET - Energy Units for Utilization of Non-Traditional Energy Sources, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15/2172, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic. Electronic address:

Environmental risks connected with the combustion of paper/cardboard briquettes are still not sufficiently known. This paper aims to bring attention to the risks related to the utilisation of paper briquettes in local boilers and to characterise these risks by means of the identification of organic compounds in deposits from exhaust flues. The identification of the chemical compounds was performed by pyrolysis gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection. Read More

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The Novel FAT4 Activator Jujuboside A Suppresses NSCLC Tumorigenesis by Activating HIPPO Signaling and Inhibiting YAP Nuclear Translocation.

Pharmacol Res 2021 Jun 8:105723. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Joint Laboratory for Translational Cancer Research of Chinese Medicine of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, International Institute for Translational Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510006, PR China; State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine/ Macau Institute for Applied Research in Medicine and Health, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau (SAR), China. Electronic address:

FAT atypical cadherin 4 (FAT4) has been identified as a tumor suppressor in lung cancers. However, no agent for lung cancer treatment targeting FAT4 has been used in the clinic. Jujuboside A (JUA) is a major active compound in Semen Ziziphi Spinosae. Read More

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Danning tablets alleviate high fat diet-induced obesity and fatty liver in mice via modulating SREBP pathway.

J Ethnopharmacol 2021 Jun 8:114320. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Key Laboratory for Standardization of Chinese Medicines, The State Administration of TCM (SATCM) Key Laboratory for New Resources and Quality Evaluation of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Complex Prescriptions, Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China; Shanghai R&D Center for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Shanghai 201203, China. Electronic address:

Ethnopharmacological Relevance: The traditional Chinese formula Danningtablets exhibit wide clinical applications in liver and gallbladder diseases, and currently it is reported to be effective on fatty liver disease in clinical trials. However, the underlying mechanisms remain elusive.

Aim Of The Study: The purpose of the present study was to assess the effects and potential pharmacological mechanisms of Danning tablet against high fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity, fatty liver, and related metabolic disorders in mice. Read More

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Influence of herb-partitioned moxibustion at Qihai (CV6) and bilateral Tianshu (ST25) and Shangjuxu (ST37) acupoints on toll-like receptors 4 signaling pathways in patients with ulcerative coliti.

J Tradit Chin Med 2021 Jun;41(3):479-485

Key Laboratory of Acupuncture and Immunological Effects, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 200030, China.

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of herb-partitioned moxibustion (HPM) at Qihai (CV6), Tianshu (ST25) and Shangjuxu (ST37) acupoints in relieving symptoms and the immune regulation of HPM on the toll-like receptors 4 (TLR4) signaling pathway in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients.

Methods: A randomized, single-blind study was conducted 63 patients to receive HPM or sham HPM treatment. The efficacy outcomes included scores of the Mayo, Baron, inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire (IBDQ), self-rating depression scale (SDS), self-rating anxiety scale (SAS). Read More

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Electroacupuncture Pretreatment at Neiguan (PC6) attenuates autophagy in rats with myocardial ischemia reperfusion through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt-mammalian target of rapamycin pathway.

J Tradit Chin Med 2021 Jun;41(3):455-462

Institute of Internal medicine, Huangjiahu Hospital of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan 430065, China.

Objective: To investigate the protective efficacy of electroacupuncture (EA) pretreatment at Neiguan (PC6) on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) in rats.

Methods: Fifty rats were randomly divided into five groups (n = 10): sham operation group, model group (underwent in vivo myocardial I/R), EA pretreatment group [EA at Neiguan (PC 6) 1 week before I/R], wortmannin group (1 week before I/R, the PI3K inhibitor, wortmannin, was injected), EA pretreatment + wortmannin group (both pretreatments were performed simultaneously). After establishing the I/R model, 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) staining was used to analyze the weight and area of the myocardial infarction tissue. Read More

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Effect of compound Sophorae decoction in the treatment of ulcerative colitis by tissue extract metabolomics approach.

J Tradit Chin Med 2021 Jun;41(3):414-423

Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430022, China.

Objective: To investigate how compound Sophorae decoction (CSD) works on rats' models of ulcerative colitis (UC) induced by 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid solution (TNBS) by metabolomics studies of colon, liver, and kidney tissue extracts.

Methods: Rats with UC induced by TNBS enema were used as models in this study. Metabolic profiles of the three tissues were analyzed and pathway analysis of biomarkers was performed after CSD administration and further integration of metabolic networks. Read More

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Resveratrol ameliorated endothelial injury of thoracic aorta in diabetic mice and Gly-LDL-induced HUVECs through inhibiting TLR4/HIF-1α.

J Cell Mol Med 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Endocrinology, Putuo Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, China.

To explore the effects of resveratrol on the levels of inflammatory cytokines and Toll-like receptor-4/ hypoxia-inducible transcription factors-1α (TLR4/HIF-1α) signalling pathway in diabetes mellitus. C57BL/6 mice received intraperitoneal injection of streptozocin for constructing diabetic mice models. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) were treated with 50 µg/mL Gly-LDL for inducing injury models. Read More

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mTORC2 regulates hierarchical micro/nano topography-induced osteogenic differentiation via promoting cell adhesion and cytoskeletal polymerization.

J Cell Mol Med 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Prosthodontics, Tianjin Medical University School and Hospital of Stomatology, Tianjin, China.

Surface topography acts as an irreplaceable role in the long-term success of intraosseous implants. In this study, we prepared the hierarchical micro/nano topography using selective laser melting combined with alkali heat treatment (SLM-AHT) and explored the underlying mechanism of SLM-AHT surface-elicited osteogenesis. Our results show that cells cultured on SLM-AHT surface possess the largest number of mature FAs and exhibit a cytoskeleton reorganization compared with control groups. Read More

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The α2AR/Caveolin-1/p38MAPK/NF-κB axis explains dexmedetomidine protection against lung injury following intestinal ischaemia-reperfusion.

J Cell Mol Med 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Anesthesiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, China.

Intestinal ischaemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury can result in acute lung injury due to ischaemia and hypoxia. Dexmedetomidine (Dex), a highly selective alpha2-noradrenergic receptor (α2AR) agonist used in anaesthesia, is reported to regulate inflammation in organs. This study aimed to investigate the role and mechanism of Dex in lung injury caused by intestinal I/R. Read More

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Analysis of ceRNA networks and identification of potential drug targets for drug-resistant leukemia cell K562/ADR.

PeerJ 2021 25;9:e11429. Epub 2021 May 25.

Department of Clinical Laboratory, Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Background: Drug resistance is the main obstacle in the treatment of leukemia. As a member of the competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) mechanism, underlying roles of lncRNA are rarely reported in drug-resistant leukemia cells.

Methods: The gene expression profiles of lncRNAs and mRNAs in doxorubicin-resistant K562/ADR and sensitive K562 cells were established by RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). Read More

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Characterization of the small RNA transcriptomes of cell protrusions and cell bodies of highly metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma cells via RNA sequencing.

Oncol Lett 2021 Jul 29;22(1):568. Epub 2021 May 29.

Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Key Laboratory of Laboratory Medicine, Ministry of Education, School of Laboratory Medicine and Life Sciences, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325035, P.R. China.

Increasing evidence suggest that hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) HCCLM3 cells initially develop pseudopodia when they metastasize, and microRNAs (miRNAs/miRs) and circular RNAs (circRNAs) have been demonstrated to serve important roles in the development, progression and metastasis of cancer. The present study aimed to isolate the cell bodies (CBs) and cell protrusions (CPs) from HCCLM3 cells, and screen the miRNAs and circRNAs associated with HCC infiltration and metastasis in CBs and CPs. The Boyden chamber assay has been confirmed to effectively isolate the CBs and CPs from HCCLM3 cells via observation of microtubule immunofluorescence, DAPI staining and nuclear protein H3 western blotting. Read More

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Cornel Iridoid Glycoside Protects Against STAT1-Dependent Synapse and Memory Deficits by Increasing -Methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Expression in a Tau Transgenic Mice.

Front Aging Neurosci 2021 25;13:671206. Epub 2021 May 25.

Key Laboratory for Neurodegenerative Diseases of Ministry of Education, Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Institute for Brain Disorders, Beijing Engineering Research Center for Nerve System Drugs, National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, Beijing, China.

P301S transgenic mice are an animal model of tauopathy and Alzheimer's disease (AD), exhibiting tau pathology and synaptic dysfunction. Cornel iridoid glycoside (CIG) is an active ingredient extracted from , a traditional Chinese herb. In the present study, the purpose was to investigate the effects and mechanisms of CIG on tau pathology and synaptic dysfunction using P301S transgenic mice. Read More

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Berberine Ameliorates Hepatic Insulin Resistance by Regulating microRNA-146b/SIRT1 Pathway.

Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes 2021 4;14:2525-2537. Epub 2021 Jun 4.

Endocrine and Diabetes Center, Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, People's Republic of China.

Objective: Hepatic insulin resistance is a major initiating factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus. In previous study, Gegen Qinlian Decoction containing berberine could enhance hepatic insulin sensitivity by SIRT1-dependent deacetylation of FOXO1. However, it is not clear whether berberine also can improve hepatic insulin sensitivity by SIRT1/FOXO1 pathway. Read More

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Separable Nonlinear Least-Squares Parameter Estimation for Complex Dynamic Systems.

Complexity 2020 Apr;2020

The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, 950 Atlantic Drive, Atslanta, GA 30332-2000, USA.

Nonlinear dynamic models are widely used for characterizing processes that govern complex biological pathway systems. Over the past decade, validation and further development of these models became possible due to data collected via high-throughput experiments using methods from molecular biology. While these data are very beneficial, they are typically incomplete and noisy, which renders the inference of parameter values for complex dynamic models challenging. Read More

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Respiratory support after delayed cord clamping: a prospective cohort study of at-risk births at ≥35 weeks gestation.

Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Newborn Research Centre, Royal Women's Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

Objective: To identify risk factors associated with delivery room respiratory support in at-risk infants who are initially vigorous and received delayed cord clamping (DCC).

Design: Prospective cohort study.

Setting: Two perinatal centres in Melbourne, Australia. Read More

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Metabolic profile of main organic acids and its regulatory mechanism in solid-state fermentation of Chinese cereal vinegar.

Food Res Int 2021 Jul 11;145:110400. Epub 2021 May 11.

State Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety. Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology, Ministry of Education. College of Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin 300457, People's Republic of China. Electronic address:

Shanxi aged vinegar (SAV), a traditional Chinese cereal vinegar, is produced using solid-state fermentation (SSF) technology. Organic acids are the key flavor compounds of vinegar. However, the metabolic mechanism of organic acids during SSF process is still unclear. Read More

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Identification of prognostic markers for hepatocellular carcinoma based on the epithelial-mesenchymal transition-related gene BIRC5.

BMC Cancer 2021 Jun 10;21(1):687. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Oncology, Shanghai Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, 200071, China.

Background: The baculoviral IAP repeat containing 5 (BIRC5) related to epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, it remains unclear whether BIRC5-related genes can be used as prognostic markers of HCC.

Methods: Kaplan-Meier (K-M) survival curve was used to assess the Overall Survival (OS) of high- and low-expression group divided by the median of BIRC5 expression. Read More

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Pharmacokinetics of Five Alkaloids and their Metabolites in Normal and Diabetic Rats after Oral Administration of Rhizoma coptidis.

Planta Med 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

School of Chinese Materia Medica, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China.

Rhizoma coptidis has been clinically used for a long time for the treatment of various diseases in China, such as hypertension, diabetes, and inflammation. Previous studies have shown that alkaloid components of Rhizoma coptidis extract could be extensively metabolized and the metabolites were also considered to be the therapeutic material basis. However, until now, pharmacokinetic studies of the metabolites have not been revealed yet. Read More

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Xiao-Chai-Hu-Tang ameliorates tumor growth in cancer comorbid depressive symptoms via modulating gut microbiota-mediated TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signaling pathway.

Phytomedicine 2021 May 24;88:153606. Epub 2021 May 24.

Department of Medical Oncology, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China; Academy of Integrative Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China. Electronic address:

Background: Depressive symptoms are thought to promote cancer development and depressive remission has been reported to be effective for defeating cancer. The herbal formula Xiao-Chai-Hu-Tang (XCHT), that has an anti-depressive efficacy, has been widely utilized in China. However, its anti-cancer effect and underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Read More

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Comparative study on the pharmacodynamic difference of oral administration of Xiaojin Pills accompanied with Chinese Baijiu and water.

J Ethnopharmacol 2021 Jun 7:114284. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

State Key Laboratory of Southwestern Chinese Medicine Resources, Pharmacy School, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu 611137, PR China. Electronic address:

Ethnopharmacological Relevance: Xiaojin Pills is a classic prescription for the treatment of mammary glands hyperplasia with a history of nearly 300 years, and is also the first choice of Chinese patent medicine for the clinical treatment of mammary glands hyperplasia in contemporary traditional Chinese medicine clinic. Clinical and animal studies have shown that Xiaojin Pills has the effects of anti-mammary glands hyperplasia, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation and analgesia. However, its initial administration method was "taking orally after soaked with Chinese Baijiu", the modern method was changed to "taking orally with water" in recent 20 years. Read More

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Mass spectrometry-based urinary metabolomics for exploring the treatment effects of Radix ginseng-Schisandra chinensis herb pair on Alzheimer's disease in rats.

J Sep Sci 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry, National Center of Mass Spectrometry in Changchun, Jilin Province Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China.

Herb pairs are the unique combinations of two relatively fixed herbs, intrinsically convey the basic idea of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The compatibility of Radix ginseng and Schisandra chinensis has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating Alzheimer's disease for many years. However, there are few studies on Radix ginseng-Schisandra chinensis herb pair, and the underlying action mechanism is still unclear. Read More

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Differentially expressed circRNA and functional pathways in the hippocampus of epileptic mice based on next-generation sequencing.

Kaohsiung J Med Sci 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Graduate School, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Nanning, Guangxi, China.

Epilepsy is a clinical syndrome caused by the highly synchronized abnormal discharge of brain neurons. It has the characteristics of paroxysmal, transient, repetitive, and stereotyped. Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a recently discovered type of noncoding RNA with diverse cellular functions related to their excellent stability; additionally, some circRNAs can bind and regulate microRNAs (miRNAs). Read More

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Does Impaired Glymphatic Drainage Cause Glymphedema? A Review Tailored to Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery.

Neurocrit Care 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Neurosurgery, Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento, CA, USA.

Research into the glymphatic system reached an inflection point with steep trajectory in 2012 when it was formally recognized and named, but the historical roots for it are solid and deep, dating back to pioneers such as Cushing, Weed, and Dandy. We provide an overview of key discoveries of the glymphatic system, which promotes bulk flow of fluid and solutes throughout the brain parenchyma. We also discuss the lymphatic drainage of the central nervous system. Read More

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Local Temperature as a Chemical Reactivity Descriptor.

J Phys Chem Lett 2021 Jun 10:5623-5630. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 721302, India.

Using the electron density and its associated quantities in a molecular system to quantify chemical reactivity in density functional theory is of considerable recent interest. Local temperature based on the kinetic energy density is an intrinsic property of a molecular system, which can be employed for this purpose. In this work, we explore such a possibility. Read More

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Vitexin isolated from Prosopis cineraria leaves induce apoptosis in K-562 leukemia cells via inhibition of the BCR-ABL-Ras-Raf pathway.

J Pharm Pharmacol 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Chemical Biology Lab (ASK-II-409), School of Chemical and Biotechnology (SCBT), SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, India.

Objectives: Leukemia is one of the severe cancer types all around the globe. Even though some chemotherapeutic drugs are available for treating leukemia, they have various side effects. As an alternative approach, herbal drugs are focused on current research to overcome leukemia. Read More

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Fabrication of 3D Models for Microtia Reconstruction Using Smartphone-Based Technology.

Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 2021 Jun 10:34894211024051. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Baylor College of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Texas Children's Hospital Department of Surgery, Houston, TX, USA.

Objective: Microtia reconstruction is technically challenging due to the intricate contours of the ear. It is common practice to use a two-dimensional tracing of the patient's normal ear as a template for the reconstruction of the affected side. Recent advances in three-dimensional (3D) surface scanning and printing have expanded the ability to create surgical models preoperatively. Read More

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The use of mass spectrometry in a proteome-centered multiomics study of human pituitary adenomas.

Mass Spectrom Rev 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Shandong Key Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospital of Shandong First Medical University, Jinan, Shandong, China.

A pituitary adenoma (PA) is a common intracranial neoplasm, and is a complex, chronic, and whole-body disease with multicausing factors, multiprocesses, and multiconsequences. It is very difficult to clarify molecular mechanism and treat PAs from the single-factor strategy model. The rapid development of multiomics and systems biology changed the paradigms from a traditional single-factor strategy to a multiparameter systematic strategy for effective management of PAs. Read More

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CircC16orf62 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression through the miR-138-5p/PTK2/AKT axis.

Cell Death Dis 2021 Jun 9;12(6):597. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Interventional Radiology, the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University, Guiyang, 550004, P.R. China.

Circular RNA (circRNAs) functions vital in the pathogenesis and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, the expressions and functions of certain circRNAs on metastasis and proliferation of that cancer is still unclear. Bioinformation analysis and qRT-PCR indicated that CircC16orf62 was prominent upregulated in HCC of which the expression level was positively associated to cancer's malignant progression. Read More

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CD151 drives cancer progression depending on integrin α3β1 through EGFR signaling in non-small cell lung cancer.

J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2021 Jun 9;40(1):192. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, Suzhou, 215006, China.

Background: Tetraspanins CD151, a transmembrane 4 superfamily protein, has been identified participating in the initiation of a variety of cancers. However, the precise function of CD151 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) remains unclear. Here, we addressed the pro-tumoral role of CD151 in NSCLC by targeting EGFR/ErbB2 which favors tumor proliferation, migration and invasion. Read More

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Betel leaf extract and its major component hydroxychavicol promote osteogenesis and alleviate glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in rats.

Food Funct 2021 Jun 8. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee 247 667, Uttarakhand, India.

Piper betle leaves possess several ethnomedicinal properties and are immensely used in traditional medicinal practices in regions of Asian and African subcontinents. However, their effects in treating skeletal complications are least known. In this study, we evaluated cellular and molecular effects of betel leaf extract (BLE) and its major phytoconstituent, hydroxychavicol (HCV) in promoting osteogenesis in vitro and alleviating glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis (GIO) in vivo. Read More

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