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Review of wearable technologies and machine learning methodologies for systematic detection of mild traumatic brain injuries.

J Neural Eng 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Department of Neurosurgery, Houston Methodist Hospital, 6550 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas, 77030-2707, UNITED STATES.

Mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) are the most common type of brain injury. Timely diagnosis of mTBI is crucial in making "go/no-go" decision in order to prevent repeated injury, avoid strenuous activities which may prolong recovery, and assure capabilities of high-level performance of the subject. If undiagnosed, mTBI may lead to various short and long-term abnormalities, which include, but not limited to impaired cognitive function, fatigue, depression, irritability, and headaches. Read More

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Chronic encapsulated expanding hematomas after stereotactic radiosurgery for intracranial arteriovenous malformations.

J Neurosurg 2021 Jul 30:1-11. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Departments of1Neurological Surgery and.

Objective: Cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are rare cerebral vascular lesions that are associated with high morbidity and mortality from hemorrhage; however, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a well-validated treatment modality. Few reports have delineated a subgroup of patients who develop delayed chronic encapsulated expanding hematomas (CEEHs) despite angiographic evidence of AVM obliteration following radiosurgery. In this report, the authors performed a retrospective review of more than 1000 radiosurgically treated intracranial AVM cases to delineate the incidence and management of this rare entity. Read More

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Duration of untreated illness and bipolar disorder: time for a new definition? Results from a cross-sectional study.

J Affect Disord 2021 Jul 22;294:513-520. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Bipolar and Depressive Disorders Unit, Institute of Neuroscience, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, IDIBAPS, CIBERSAM, 170 Villarroel st, 12-0, 08036, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Background: We primarily aimed to explore the associations between duration of untreated illness (DUI), treatment response, and functioning in a cohort of patients with bipolar disorder (BD).

Methods: 261 participants with BD were recruited. DUI was defined as months from the first affective episode to the start of a mood-stabilizer. Read More

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Evaluating real-world national and regional trends in definitive closure in US burn care: A survey of US Burn Centers.

J Burn Care Res 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Avita Medical, Valencia, CA.

To better understand trends in burn treatment patterns related to definitive closure, this study sought benchmark real-world survey data with national data contained within the National Burn Repository version 8.0 (NBR v8.0) across key burn center practice patterns, resource utilization, and clinical outcomes. Read More

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Pyogenic thigh abscess caused by Streptococcus constellatus subsp. constellatus in a patient with exacerbation of bronchiectasis: a case report.

Ann Palliat Med 2021 Jul 14. Epub 2021 Jul 14.

Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.

Streptococcus constellatus (S. constellatus) is a Gram-positive commensal bacterium that is commonly found in the oral, nasal, pharyngeal, gastrointestinal, and urogenital tracts. It can be further consisted by three subspecies: subsp, constellatus, subsp. Read More

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Probl Sotsialnoi Gig Zdravookhranenniiai Istor Med 2021 Jun;29(Special Issue):799-803

Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University, 353918, Novorossiysk, Russia.

Today, the presence of specifics in the organization of the work of sea cargo, fishing and passenger ships is indisputable, which affects the difficulties in providing qualified timely medical care in case of need. This issue is especially urgent in the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus infection COVID-19. The article carried out a detailed analysis of the regulatory framework governing the formation of the list of ship's first aid kit and formulated the appropriate conclusions and recommendations. Read More

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Acute Septic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a Rock Climber.

J Orthop Case Rep 2021 Apr;11(4):100-103

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, New York, United States.

Introduction: Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport in the United States. Acute and chronic upper extremity injuries related to rock climbing are frequently reported and include flexor pulley ruptures and hamate stress fractures. Deep space hand infections after indoor rock climbing are a sport-related pathology that has yet to be reported. Read More

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The Role of Computer Remote Monitoring Technology for Nursing Care in Elderly Breast Cancer Complications.

J Healthc Eng 2021 15;2021:5475997. Epub 2021 Jul 15.

Department of Breast Nail Surgery, Xiangya Third Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410013, China.

Geriatric patients undergoing mastectomy have a weakened organism and slow recovery of gastrointestinal function after surgery, which may lead to various complications, affect the absorption of intestinal nutrients, and prolong the healing rate of wounds. Therefore, it is necessary to find an effective nursing program to promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function and prevent postoperative complications in elderly patients undergoing mastectomy. With the continuous development and advancement of computer and communication technologies, telecare is gaining more and more attention and has become an important part of medical information technology construction. Read More

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Patient Flows, Patient Distribution Computations and Medicines Accounting in the Pharmacoeconomic Models Through Procurement Perspective.

Clinicoecon Outcomes Res 2021 23;13:673-680. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Department of Differential Equations and Mathematical Economics, Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia.

Purpose: Stimulating cost reduction of pharmaceutical companies to optimize the structure of distribution of patients by the level of treatment costs in various programs.

Patients And Methods: In this article, we rise up the issues of pharmacoeconomic modeling related to the description of the patient flows in the pharmacoeconomic model and methods to determining the course dose of drugs under the restriction of integer computations. We established two possible ways of distributing patients through treatment regimens in pharmacoeconomic models, also analyzed the effects of simultaneous and uniform entry of patients into the model. Read More

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Progress and challenges in the comprehensive management of chronic viral hepatitis: Key ways to achieve the elimination.

World J Gastroenterol 2021 Jul;27(26):4004-4017

Department of Gastroenterology, Saint Cloud Hospital, Saint Cloud, MN 56303, United States.

Chronic viral hepatitis is a significant health problem throughout the world, which already represents high annual mortality. By 2040, chronic viral hepatitis due to virus B and virus C and their complications cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma will be more deadly than malaria, vitellogenesis-inhibiting hormone, and tuberculosis altogether. In this review, we analyze the global impact of chronic viral hepatitis with a focus on the most vulnerable groups, the goals set by the World Health Organization for the year 2030, and the key points to achieve them, such as timely access to antiviral treatment of direct-acting antiviral, which represents the key to achieving hepatitis C virus elimination. Read More

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Infantile hemangioma: timely diagnosis and treatment.

Mee Rim Park

Clin Exp Pediatr 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Pediatrics, Center for Pediatric Cancer, National Cancer Center, Goyang, Korea.

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First Episode Psychosis and the Role of the Psychiatric Consultant.

J Acad Consult Liaison Psychiatry 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Western Psychiatric Hospital, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. 3811 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15213.

Objective: Timely recognition and treatment of first-episode psychosis (FEP) is paramount. Studies suggest a significant relationship between longer duration of untreated psychosis and poorer functional outcomes. Limited data exist that characterize how treatment for FEP is initiated by consultation-liaison (CL) psychiatric services. Read More

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Progress Toward Hepatitis B Control - World Health Organization European Region, 2016-2019.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021 Jul 30;70(30):1029-1035. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

In 2019, an estimated 14 million persons in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region* (EUR) were chronically infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV), and approximately 43,000 of these persons died from complications of chronic HBV infection (1). In 2016, the WHO Regional Office for Europe set hepatitis B control program targets for 2020, including 1) ≥90% coverage with 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine (HepB3), 2) ≥90% coverage with interventions to prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HBV, and 3) ≤0.5% prevalence of HBV surface antigen (HBsAg) in age groups eligible for vaccination with hepatitis B vaccine (HepB) (2-4). Read More

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Cytomegalovirus nephritis in kidney transplant recipients: Epidemiology and outcomes of an uncommon diagnosis.

Transpl Infect Dis 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 53705, United States.

Background: Data on epidemiology and outcomes of cytomegalovirus (CMV) nephritis in kidney transplant patients are limited, due to the rarity of this condition.

Methods: A retrospective review of all kidney transplant recipients (KTR, n = 6490) and biopsy-proven CMV nephritis between 1/1997 and 12/2020 was performed.

Results: The prevalence of CMV nephritis was low: 13/6490 (0. Read More

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A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 study of lenabasum in diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis: RESOLVE-1 design and rationale.

Clin Exp Rheumatol 2021 Jul-Aug;39 Suppl 131(4):124-133. Epub 2021 Jul 21.

UCL Centre for Rheumatology and Connective Tissue Diseases, Royal Free Campus, University College London, UK.

Objectives: The multi-systemic, heterogenous nature of diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc) presents challenges in designing clinical studies that can demonstrate a treatment effect on overall disease burden. We describe the design of the first Phase 3 study in dcSSc patients where the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Combined Response Index in diffuse cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis (CRISS) score was chosen prospectively as the primary outcome. The CRISS measures key clinical disease parameters and patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Read More

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A novel approach for assessing hypoperfusion in stroke using spatial independent component analysis of resting-state fMRI.

Hum Brain Mapp 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Neurology, Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany.

Individualized treatment of acute stroke depends on the timely detection of ischemia and potentially salvageable tissue in the brain. Using functional MRI (fMRI), it is possible to characterize cerebral blood flow from blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signals without the administration of exogenous contrast agents. In this study, we applied spatial independent component analysis to resting-state fMRI data of 37 stroke patients scanned within 24 hr of symptom onset, 17 of whom received follow-up scans the next day. Read More

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Research Status and Progress of Nutritional Support Therapy for Ovarian Cancer.

Nutr Cancer 2021 Jul 29:1-8. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Nutrition, Women's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, (Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital), Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

Ovarian cancer is one of the most fatal gynecological cancers. For most ovarian cancer patients, nutritional risk or malnutrition may accompany them for life. Regular nutritional risk screening, timely nutritional assessment and necessary nutritional treatment play an extremely important role in the process of comprehensive treatment of ovarian cancer. Read More

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Disparities in Emergency Medical Services Time Intervals for Patients with Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome: Findings from the North Carolina Prehospital Medical Information System.

J Am Heart Assoc 2021 Jul 29:e019305. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Emergency Medicine School of Medicine University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill NC.

Background Timely emergency medical services (EMS) response, management, and transport of patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS) significantly reduce delays to emergency treatment and improve outcomes. We evaluated EMS response, scene, and transport times and adherence to proposed time benchmarks for patients with suspected ACS in North Carolina from 2011 to 2017. Methods and Results We conducted a population-based, retrospective study with the North Carolina Prehospital Medical Information System, a statewide electronic database of all EMS patient care reports. Read More

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Resumption of the treatment of non-COVID-19 gynecologic patients after lifting lockdown: Triage and infection prevention experiences from Wuhan.

J Obstet Gynaecol Res 2021 Jul 28. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Aim: To share our experiences of resuming the treatments for gynecologic patients after lifting the lockdown in a hotspot area for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Methods: The triage process used to resume medical activities for gynecologic patients at the Wuhan Union Hospital after a 76-day lockdown of the city is described, and its effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 nosocomial transmission is shown.

Results: Nonemergency patients were pretriaged based on their contact history and body temperature at an outpatient clinic, and negative COVID-19 screening test results were required for admission to the buffering rooms at the gynecologic department. Read More

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Acute and Chronic Management of Ocular Disease in Stevens Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in the USA.

Front Med (Lausanne) 2021 12;8:662897. Epub 2021 Jul 12.

Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States.

Stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis are on a spectrum of a severe, immune-mediated, mucocutaneous disease. Ocular involvement occurs in the vast majority of cases and severe involvement can lead to corneal blindness. Treatment in the acute phase is imperative in mitigating the severity of chronic disease. Read More

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Health-Related Quality of Life After Childhood Bacterial Meningitis.

Pediatr Infect Dis J 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

From the Children's Hospital, Pediatric Research Center, Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki Eye and Ear Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland Hospital Pediátrico David Bernardino, in Luanda, Angola Faculty of Medicine, University Diego Portales, in Santiago, Chile.

Background: Survivors of bacterial meningitis (BM) often suffer from impaired quality of life that stems from disabling sequelae. The authors aimed to estimate health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and the influence of neurologic and audiologic sequelae among pediatric BM survivors.

Methods: Survivors of 2 BM treatment trials at Luanda Children's Hospital, Angola were evaluated for severity of disability via the modified Glasgow Outcome Scale, which considers neurological and audiological sequelae. Read More

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Unexpectedly Poor Growth in Pediatric Patients on Food-Based Enteral Therapy: Case Series and Suggested Practice Changes.

J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Introduction: Enteral feeding pumps at times may deliver different volumes than are prescribed, which can negatively impact growth, nutrition, and well-being. This study sought to assess whether challenges with pump accuracy for patients on food-based formulas contributed to challenges with weight gain.

Methods: Chart review identified complex feeding patients receiving food-based enteral nutrition via feeding pump with unexpected weight loss. Read More

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Lianhua Qingwen prescription for Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) treatment: Advances and prospects.

Biomed Pharmacother 2020 Oct 19;130:110641. Epub 2020 Aug 19.

Department of Pharmacy, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310016, PR China. Electronic address:

Background: An outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which was infected by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), is still spreading and has led to unprecedented health emergency over the world. Though no specific drug has been developed so far, emerging agents have been confirmed effective or potentially beneficial to restrain it. Lianhua Qingwen (LHQW) is a commonly used Chinese medical preparation to treat viral influenza, including in the fight against SARS in 2002-2003 in China. Read More

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October 2020

Coronavirus-disease-2019-induced antiphospholipid-like syndrome: a case report.

J Med Case Rep 2021 Jul 29;15(1):408. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center, NRITLD, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Background: This paper describes a case of antiphospholipid syndrome-like condition caused by coronavirus disease 2019. The medical community still faces many diagnostic and therapeutic challenges vis-à-vis coronavirus disease 2019. Ultimately, coronavirus disease 2019 is diagnosed on the basis of laboratory and radiological findings. Read More

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Educational films for improving screening and self-management of gestational diabetes in India and Uganda (GUIDES): study protocol for a cluster-randomised controlled trial.

Trials 2021 Jul 28;22(1):501. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London, WC1E 7HT, UK.

Background: The prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is rising rapidly in many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Most women with GDM in LMICs are undiagnosed and/or inadequately managed due to a lack of knowledge and skills about GDM on the part of both providers and patients. Following contextual analysis, we developed an educational/behavioural intervention for GDM delivered through a package of culturally tailored films. Read More

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Timely APL diagnosis and treatment should be available to all.

Andre C Schuh

Haematologica 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

University Health Network/Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

Not available. Read More

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Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Using an Intraocular Sensor Before and After Glaucoma Surgery.

J Glaucoma 2021 Jul 28. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, University of Edinburgh, UK Glaucoma Research Centre, Montchoisi Clinic, Swiss Visio, Lausanne, Switzerland Department of Ophthalmology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO, USA.

Purpose: Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the only modifiable risk factor for glaucoma, with evidence from landmark randomized controlled trials demonstrating visual field preservation with IOP reduction. Over recent years, the use of remote sensors has formed an increasingly important component of the management of chronic diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to remotely monitor IOP proved particularly useful when public stay at home orders have been in place. Read More

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Chloroquine Cardiotoxicity Leading to Cardiogenic Shock.

JACC Case Rep 2020 Dec 25;2(15):2381-2386. Epub 2020 Nov 25.

Division of Cardiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

A patient with a history of heart block and longstanding chloroquine use presented in cardiogenic shock refractory to medical therapy and mechanical circulatory support. Autopsy supported antimalarial-induced cardiomyopathy (AMIC). Progression of AMIC may be halted with early recognition and cessation of antimalarial therapy, highlighting importance of screening and timely diagnosis. Read More

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December 2020

Timely Management of Obstructive Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis.

JACC Case Rep 2019 Dec 20;1(4):477-484. Epub 2019 Nov 20.

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Obstructive bioprosthetic valve thrombosis is associated with hemodynamic compromise, and evidence on management with fibrinolysis is limited. Echocardiography is required to assess thrombus size and its effects on valve gradients, area, and leaflet motion. This case demonstrates use of echocardiography guided slow-infusion low-dose fibrinolytic therapy in a patient with obstructive bioprosthetic valve thrombosis. Read More

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December 2019

Clinical Andrologists: Do We Really Need Them in the Era of ART?

J Hum Reprod Sci 2021 Apr-Jun;14(2):105-112. Epub 2021 Jun 28.

Department of Urology, Tirthankar Superspeciality Hospital, Akola, Maharashtra, India.

Infertility is on a rise, and so is the availability of assisted reproductive technique (ART) centres. The sole aim of these centers is to help these unfortunate couples achieve pregnancy. Hence, the concentration of the treatment is on the female partner, while the male is relegated to just being a source for sperm. Read More

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