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Evaluation on effectiveness of treatment strategies for degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of clinical studies.

World Neurosurg 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

The Center for Pain Medicine, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing 100191, China. Electronic address:

Objective: Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a common disease in spinal surgery. At present, many related treatment methods have been reported, but their effectiveness still lacks a systematic comparison. We aimed to evaluate the clinical outcomes related to the efficacy and safety of these treatment strategies via a network meta-analysis. Read More

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Novel troubleshooting technique for the migration of a biliary plastic stent using a thin balloon catheter (with video).

J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Osaka-Sayama, Japan.

Plastic stents (PSs) are commonly used to for obstructive jaundice (1, 2), but there are difficulties associated with removing migrated PSs. (3-5) A 75-year-old woman presented with obstructive jaundice due to hilar cholangiocarcinoma, and two PSs were inserted. After two years, re-intervention for the occlusion of PSs was performed. Read More

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Resource-effective quantum key distribution: a field trial in Padua city center.

Opt Lett 2021 Jun;46(12):2848-2851

Field trials are of key importance for novel technologies seeking commercialization and widespread adoption. This is also the case for quantum key distribution (QKD), which allows distant parties to distill a secret key with unconditional security. Typically, QKD demonstrations over urban infrastructures require complex stabilization and synchronization systems to maintain a low quantum bit error and high secret key rates over time. Read More

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Medial Clavicle Fracture Fixation Including the Sternum: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2021 06 15;11(2). Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas.

Case: A 29-year-old man presented with a displaced medial clavicle fracture. Surgical repair was performed using a precontoured plate designed for the contralateral distal clavicle, and medial fixation was accomplished at the sternum. The patient had no complications and demonstrated full strength and range of motion at the 8-month follow-up. Read More

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Ionic liquid-based in situ product removal (ISPR) design exemplified for an ABE fermentation.

Biotechnol Prog 2021 Jun 15:e3183. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark.

Selecting an appropriate separation technique is essential for the application of in situ product removal (ISPR) technology in biological processes. In this work, a three-stage systematic design method is proposed as a guide to integrate ionic liquid (IL)-based separation techniques into ISPR. This design method combines the selection of a suitable ISPR processing scheme, the optimal design of an IL-based liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) system followed by process simulation and evaluation. Read More

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Sphenoid sinus pseudoaneurysm with carotid cavernous fistula presenting with delayed subarachnoid hemorrhage: A case report.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Jun;100(24):e26383

Department of Radiology.

Rationale: Sphenoid sinus pseudoaneurysm arising from the cavernous segment of the internal carotid artery (ICA) caused by traumatic vessel injury is rare, and rarer is a concomitant carotid-cavernous fistula (CCF). In particular, delayed subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) due to pseudoaneurysm rupture has not been reported to-date in literature. Here, we report a case of sphenoid sinus pseudoaneurysm with CCF presenting with delayed SAH. Read More

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Isolated ruptured dissecting aneurysm of PICA with extremely narrow neck managed by a novel endovascular technique-a case report and review of literature.

Childs Nerv Syst 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Neuroradiology, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Porur, Chennai, 600116, India.

Dissecting aneurysms of posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) are usually extensions of vertebral artery dissection. Isolated dissecting aneurysms of PICA are extremely rare. A 5-month-old female child presented with history of fall from a height of around 2 ft. Read More

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Evaluation of the Intel RealSense T265 for tracking natural human head motion.

Sci Rep 2021 Jun 14;11(1):12486. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, 89557, USA.

Accurate and robust tracking of natural human head motion in natural environments is important for a number of applications including virtual and augmented reality, clinical diagnostics, as well as basic scientific research. IMU provide a versatile solution for recording inertial data including linear acceleration and angular velocity, but reconstructing head position is difficult or impossible. This problem can be solved by incorporating visual data using a technique known as visual-inertial simultaneous localization and mapping (VI-SLAM). Read More

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A new approach for interpretability and reliability in clinical risk prediction: Acute coronary syndrome scenario.

Artif Intell Med 2021 Jul 13;117:102113. Epub 2021 May 13.

Cardiology Department, Leiria Hospital Centre, Leiria, Portugal. Electronic address:

Introduction: The risk prediction of the occurrence of a clinical event is often based on conventional statistical procedures, through the implementation of risk score models. Recently, approaches based on more complex machine learning (ML) methods have been developed. Despite the latter usually have a better predictive performance, they obtain little approval from the physicians, as they lack interpretability and, therefore, clinical confidence. Read More

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Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Datura metel Flower Extract Assisted by Ultrasound Method and Its Antibacterial Activity.

Recent Pat Nanotechnol 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Laboratory of Materials for Energy and Environment, Chemistry Department, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Background: Green synthesis method of nanoparticles has been developed for several years. Besides providing an environmental-friendly process, the green synthesis of nanoparticles using plant extract provides a synergistic effect of the secondary metabolite. In recent times, the study involving the intensification process in nanoparticle formation also attracts great attention. Read More

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Characterization and biogeochemical implications of dissolved organic matter in aquatic environments.

J Environ Manage 2021 Jun 12;294:113041. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Key Laboratory of Northwest Water Resource, Environment and Ecology, MOE, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, 710055, People's Republic of China; International Science & Technology Cooperation Center for Urban Alternative Water Resources Development, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, 710055, People's Republic of China. Electronic address:

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is viewed as one of the most chemically active organic substances on earth. It plays vital roles in the fate, bioavailability and toxicity of aquatic exogenous chemical species (e.g. Read More

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Simultaneous characterization of insulin HMWP and protamine sulphate in complex formulations through SEC-coupled mass spectrometry.

J Pharm Biomed Anal 2021 Jun 3;203:114188. Epub 2021 Jun 3.

Biocon Biologics Limited, Molecular Characterization Lab, Biocon Research Limited - SEZ Unit, Plot No. 2&3, Phase IV- B.I.A, Bommasandra-Jigani Link Road, Bangalore 560099, Karnataka, India. Electronic address:

High molecular weight protein aggregates present in a recombinant human insulin and analogs are conventionally quantified by SEC-HPLC and identified by SEC-MALS as oligomeric population which lacks precise identification of species. The limitation of these two techniques is vanquished though simultaneous separation and identification by SEC coupled with MS. The identification was established with organic solvent based isocratic elution followed by MS for parallel separation and identification of HMWP species. Read More

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Anaesthetic technique for ovarian germ cell tumour with acute kidney injury in a young Asian woman.

J Pak Med Assoc 2021 Apr;71(4):1258-1259

Department of Anesthesia, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

We report a case of mixed germ cell tumour, which presented with acute kidney injury in an unmarried 22-year-old Asian girl. The case demonstrated that an aggressive approach with multidisciplinary teamwork ascertained outstanding clinical outcome. The patient was successfully managed fertility-sparing surgery and three cycles of Bleomycin, Etoposide and Cisplatin (BEP) therapy. Read More

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How energy insecurity leads to energy poverty? Do environmental consideration and climate change concerns matters.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China.

The aim of the study is to estimate the nexus between energy insecurity and energy poverty with the role of climate change and other environmental concerns. We used DEA like WP methods and properties of MCDA, a most common form of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to estimate the nexus between constructs. This paper presents a measurement and analysis of G7 countries' energy, economic, social, and environmental performance associated with energy poverty indexes. Read More

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Modified double guiding catheter 'Ping Pong' technique to treat large coronary perforation: a case report.

Eur Heart J Case Rep 2021 May 16;5(5):ytab173. Epub 2021 May 16.

5 Hospital Drive, Level 2 Pharmacy, National Heart Centre Singapore 169609.

Background : Despite improvement in available tools and techniques, procedural complications like coronary perforation can occur during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Severe proximal coronary perforations are usually caused by balloon and vessel size mismatch but can also occur with appropriately sized balloons or stents if the coronary vessel has very eccentric calcification or if there is negative remodelling of the vessel.

Case Summary : A 74-year-old man with a history of type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and chronic coronary syndrome (previous PCI 10 years before) presented with unstable angina of 2 weeks of duration. Read More

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Novel use of intravascular lithotripsy for coral reef aorta: a case report.

Eur Heart J Case Rep 2021 Apr 14;5(4):ytab102. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad 380006, India.

Background: The coral reef aorta (CRA) is a rare disease of extreme calcification in the juxtarenal aorta. These heavily calcified exophytic plaques grow into the lumen and can cause significant stenoses, leading to visceral ischaemia, renovascular hypertension, and claudication. Surgery or percutaneous intervention with stenting carries a high risk of complications and mortality. Read More

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Interpretation of coronary steal syndrome and haemodynamic changes after surgical closure of coronary fistula using Doppler wire and computational fluid dynamics analysis: a case report.

Eur Heart J Case Rep 2021 Apr 24;5(4):ytab069. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ulsan, 93, Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, Republic of Korea.

Background: Coronary arteriovenous fistulas (CAFs) are rare but can cause myocardial ischaemia and other complications. However, the haemodynamic and physiologic characteristics of significant CAFs requiring treatment are poorly described. We report a case of CAF causing coronary steal syndrome in which haemodynamic changes were assessed before and after surgical closure using a Doppler wire and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. Read More

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Left anterior descending/right coronary artery bifurcation angioplasty in a rare case of single coronary artery: a case report.

Eur Heart J Case Rep 2021 Apr 21;5(4):ytab047. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Professor of Medicine & Interventional Cardiologist, Department of Cardiology, Military Hospital, Jaipur-302016, India.

Background: Single coronary artery (SCA) is a rare congenital coronary anomaly with incidence of 8-66 per 100 000 cases. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with SCA is technically challenging. This is a case of bifurcation angioplasty involving left anterior descending/right coronary artery (LAD/RCA) in a patient with SCA and 1-year follow-up with computed tomography coronary angiography (CTCA). Read More

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Generative Models for Extrapolation Prediction in Materials Informatics.

ACS Omega 2021 Jun 25;6(22):14566-14574. Epub 2021 May 25.

Department of Applied Chemistry, Waseda University, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan.

We report a deep generative model for regression tasks in materials informatics. The model is introduced as a component of a data imputer and predicts more than 20 diverse experimental properties of organic molecules. The imputer is designed to predict material properties by "imagining" the missing data in the database, enabling the use of incomplete material data. Read More

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Long-term follow up of oral mucosa autograft sutured to the sclera in severe symblepharon.

Am J Ophthalmol Case Rep 2021 Sep 25;23:101099. Epub 2021 May 25.

Research Department, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Purpose: To evaluate the clinical outcomes and complications of oral mucosa autograft (OMAU) sutured to the sclera to treat symblepharon after severe chemical or fireworks burn.

Methods: Our surgical technique for OMAU sutured to the sclera is presented along with clinical data and outcomes of 7 symblepharon carriers. Our surgical technique was performed unilateral in all cases. Read More

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September 2021

Applying Cryo-X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Study the Surface Chemical Composition of Fungi and Viruses.

Front Chem 2021 28;9:666853. Epub 2021 May 28.

Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.

Interaction between microorganisms and their surroundings are generally mediated the cell wall or cell envelope. An understanding of the overall chemical composition of these surface layers may give clues on how these interactions occur and suggest mechanisms to manipulate them. This knowledge is key, for instance, in research aiming to reduce colonization of medical devices and device-related infections from different types of microorganisms. Read More

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Surgical Clip Ligation of Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm in a Resource-Limited Setting.

Cureus 2021 May 9;13(5):e14927. Epub 2021 May 9.

Neurosurgery, New Jersey Brain and Spine, Montclair, USA.

Anterior communicating artery (ACOM) aneurysm clipping with intraoperative measures to ensure total occlusion and avoid ischemic complications is standard in countries such as the United States. However, alternatives need to be considered in resource-limited settings. The clipping of an unruptured, superiorly projecting ACOM aneurysm in a resource-limited setting is presented and special nuances that optimize safety are described. Read More

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Use of Shockwave Lithoplasty for a Patient With Recurrent Angina.

Cureus 2021 May 3;13(5):e14823. Epub 2021 May 3.

Internal Medicine, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, USA.

Current calcium modification treatments only address the burden of intimal calcium with varying degrees of success and result in an increased risk for adverse events. Here, we describe the use of shockwave intravascular lithoplasty (S-IVL) to effectively treat a severely calcified coronary artery lesion. A 59-year-old male with a history of coronary artery disease with stents presented to our hospital with angina. Read More

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Radiotherapy plan evaluation indices: A dosimetrical suitability check.

J Cancer Res Ther 2021 Apr-Jun;17(2):455-462

Department of Radiation Oncology, RMLIMS, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Purpose: To classify the available plan evaluation indices and compare the dosimetric suitability of these indices.

Materials And Methods: Available published plan evaluation indices were categorized. Conformity index (CI) into two groups, one group contains those CI formulas which do not consider critical structure and other group contains those CI formulas which consider planning target volume (PTV) coverage, normal tissue and critical structure sparing simultaneously. Read More

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A Quality Assessment of YouTube Content on Shoulder Instability.

Phys Sportsmed 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Orthopaedics, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA.

Objectives: The Internet is a widely used resource for patients seeking health information, yet little editing or regulations are imposed on posted material. We sought to assess the quality and accuracy of information presented on shoulder instability on the online video platform YouTube. We hypothesize that YouTube videos concerning shoulder instability will be of little quality, accuracy, and reliability. Read More

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Finger abduction as a novel function of the extensor digitorum brevis manus muscle.

Surg Radiol Anat 2021 Jun 13. Epub 2021 Jun 13.

Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK.

A 25-year-old female presented with a chronic scapho-lunate ligament injury with development of carpal instability requiring reconstruction. During a standard dorsal longitudinal mid-line approach to the carpus, an extensor digitorum brevis manus (EDBM) muscle was found taking its origin from the dorsal wrist capsule overlying the lunate with innervation from the posterior interosseous nerve (PIN). Electrical stimulation of the muscle belly demonstrated abduction of the middle finger. Read More

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Assessing the accuracy of fabricated implant surgical guides by reconstructing the implant position based on cone beam computed tomography images: A dental technique.

J Prosthet Dent 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Lecturer, Department of Prosthodontics and Second Dental Clinical Division, Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology, Beijing, PR China. Electronic address:

A protocol for qualitatively reviewing the accuracy of fabricated implant surgical guides is presented. Once these guides have been inserted and fixed intraorally, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans are made. Implant positions can be recalculated by processing the series of sleeve images on the CBCT scans. Read More

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Perspective of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centers in Latin America.

COPD 2021 Jun 14:1-5. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, Respiratory Division, Department of Medicine, Escola Paulista de Medicina (EPM)/Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), São Paulo, Brazil.

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a mandatory component of a comprehensive treatment of patients with chronic respiratory disease. However, there is no officially published data about PR Centers in Latin America.The objetive is to identify Latin American Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centers and evaluate their characteristics and organizational aspects. Read More

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A modified simplex based direct search optimization algorithm for adaptive transversal FIR filters.

Sci Prog 2021 Apr-Jun;104(2):368504211025409

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan.

In this paper, a novel modified optimization algorithm is presented, which combines Nelder-Mead (NM) method with a gradient-based approach. The well-known Nelder Mead optimization technique is widely used but it suffers from convergence issues in higher dimensional complex problems. Unlike the NM, in this proposed technique we have focused on two issues of the NM approach, one is shape of the simplex which is reshaped at each iteration according to the objective function, so we used a fixed shape of the simplex and we regenerate the simplex at each iteration and the second issue is related to reflection and expansion steps of the NM technique in each iteration, NM used fixed value of , that is, = 1 for reflection and = 2 for expansion and replace the worst point of the simplex with that new point in each iteration. Read More

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Fluorescent characteristics of bee honey constituents: A brief review.

Food Chem 2021 Jun 2;362:130174. Epub 2021 Jun 2.

Department of Biological Chemistry, Regional University of Cariri, R. Cel. Antonio Luis 1161, 63105000 Crato, CE, Brazil.

The eligible articles were obtained from databases such as ScienceDirect, SciELO, PubMed and Springer. The searches were performed using the terms "honey", "vitamins", "fluorescence" and their combinations. The titles and abstracts of the articles found were read and revised to verify their relevance to the review. Read More

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