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Development of the Bone Phenotype and microRNA Profile in Adults With Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein 5-High Bone Mass (LRP5-HBM) Disease.

JBMR Plus 2021 Sep 1;5(9):e10534. Epub 2021 Sep 1.

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Odense University Hospital Odense Denmark.

Pathogenic variants in the Wnt-pathway co-receptor low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor-related protein 5 (LRP5) cause high bone mass (LRP5-HBM) due to insensitivity to the endogenous antagonist of Wnt-signaling. Although indicating incessant progression of BMD and biomarkers reflecting bone formation, this has not been confirmed in individuals with LRP5-HBM. We investigated how the LRP5-HBM bone phenotype changes with age in adults and is associated with quantitative changes of bone turnover markers and bone-related microRNAs (miRNAs) in the circulation. Read More

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September 2021

The incessant increase curve during oral glucose tolerance tests in Chinese adults with type 2 diabetes and its association with gut hormone levels.

Peptides 2021 Sep 8;143:170595. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, 100038, China.

Glucose curve shapes during oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTTs) are mainly classified as incessant increase, monophasic and biphasic. Youth with an incessant increase curve have worse β-cell function. The aim of this paper was to investigate the incessant increase curve in Chinese adults with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), and its association with β-cell function and gut hormone levels. Read More

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September 2021

Implementation and Evaluation of Virtual Anticoagulation Clinic Care to Provide Incessant Care During COVID-19 Times in an Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.

Front Cardiovasc Med 2021 29;8:648265. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

Department of Pharmacy Practice, Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara College of Pharmacy (JSS CPM), Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Academy of Higher Education and Research (JSS AHER), Mysore, India.

COVID-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-II) has become a global pandemic disrupting public health services. Telemedicine has emerged as an important tool to deliver care during these situations. Patients receiving Vitamin K antagonists (VKA) require structured monitoring which has posed a challenge during this pandemic. Read More

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Oral glucose tolerance response curve predicts disposition index but not other cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy adolescents.

J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2021 May 5;34(5):599-605. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, USA.

Objectives: In obese adults the shape of the glucose response curve during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) predicts future type 2 diabetes. Patients with an incessant increase or monophasic curves have increased risk compared to those with biphasic curves. Since type 2 diabetes is associated with increased cardiometabolic risk, we studied whether differences in OGTT response curve are associated with differences in cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy adolescents across a wide body mass index (BMI) range. Read More

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The Continuous Surveillance of InSTI Resistance Could be an Important Public Health Tool in the Fight Against HIV Infection.

Curr HIV Res 2021 ;19(4):358-367

Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences and Morphofunctional Imaging, University of Messina, Messina, Italy.

Aims: To evaluate the frequency of the InSTIs mutations in a large cohort of HIV-infected people.

Background: The Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) allows turning HIV infection from a fatal disease to chronic infection, and Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors (InSTIs) represent the cornerstone of this treatment. However, the spread of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations represents an emerging threat to the long-term success of HIV treatment programs. Read More

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January 2021

Dopamine Receptor D2 Gene (DRD2) Polymorphisms, Job Stress, and Their Interaction on Sleep Dysfunction.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 11 5;17(21). Epub 2020 Nov 5.

Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi 830001, China.

Recent studies have shown that incessant job stress could eventually result in sleep dysfunction (SD), and most importantly, the essential role dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2) gene polymorphisms play in the psychopathological mechanism of SD. The Effort-Reward Imbalance scale and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index were both used to access SD and job stress (JS). A significant negative correlation was observed between the sDA levels and SD subscale scores (sleep efficiency, daytime dysfunction). Read More

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November 2020

Is MPV a Predictive Marker for Neonatal Sepsis? A Pilot Study.

J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2018 10;40(7):548-552

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Mangalore.

Neonatal sepsis (NS) continues to be a diagnostic challenge and a prime cause of mortality. Forage for a lucid, cost-effective yet highly sensitive and specific marker in diagnosing this entity is an incessant task. This study aimed to evaluate the predictive value of mean platelet volume (MPV) in diagnosing NS. Read More

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October 2018

Effects of pulse ultrasound and kneading massage in managing individual with incessant pain at lower region of back using random allocation.

J Exerc Rehabil 2018 Jun 30;14(3):516-522. Epub 2018 Jun 30.

Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Basic Medical and Health Sciences, Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria.

The study examined the effect of pulsed therapeutic ultrasound in management of patients with incessant pain at lower region of the back (PWIPLB) in comparison with kneading massage (KM). Fifty PWIPLB recruited purposively were randomly assigned into ultrasound group (USG) and KM group (KMG) equally. Subjects received back extension exercises as baseline treatment. Read More

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Ivabradine is an effective antiarrhythmic therapy for congenital junctional ectopic tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy during infancy: Case studies.

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2018 10 27;41(10):1372-1377. Epub 2018 Jun 27.

Istanbul Mehmet Akif Ersoy Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Center Hospital, Saglik Bilimleri University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Junctional ectopic tachycardia (JET) is a rare form of arrhythmia that is most commonly seen during infancy. JET is continuous and incessant, characterized by persistently high heart rates that may result in impaired cardiac function and tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy. Despite the availability of multiple antiarrhythmic treatments, including flecainide and amiodarone, management of JET is generally very difficult. Read More

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October 2018

Modeling of Longitudinal Changes in Left Ventricular Dimensions among Female Adolescent Runners.

PLoS One 2015 15;10(10):e0140573. Epub 2015 Oct 15.

Sports Medicine Research Center, Keio University, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

Purpose: Left ventricular (LV) enlargement has been linked to sudden cardiac death among young athletes. This study aimed to model the effect of long-term incessant endurance training on LV dimensions in female adolescent runners.

Methods: Japanese female adolescent competitive distance runners (n = 36, age: 15 years, height: 158. Read More

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A robot hand testbed designed for enhancing embodiment and functional neurorehabilitation of body schema in subjects with upper limb impairment or loss.

Front Hum Neurosci 2015 19;9:26. Epub 2015 Feb 19.

Biomechatronics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Arizona State University , Tempe, AZ , USA ; Biomechatronics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California Los Angeles , Los Angeles, CA , USA.

Many upper limb amputees experience an incessant, post-amputation "phantom limb pain" and report that their missing limbs feel paralyzed in an uncomfortable posture. One hypothesis is that efferent commands no longer generate expected afferent signals, such as proprioceptive feedback from changes in limb configuration, and that the mismatch of motor commands and visual feedback is interpreted as pain. Non-invasive therapeutic techniques for treating phantom limb pain, such as mirror visual feedback (MVF), rely on visualizations of postural changes. Read More

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Diffuse ventricular fibrosis is a late outcome of tachycardia-mediated cardiomyopathy after successful ablation.

Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2013 Aug 24;6(4):697-704. Epub 2013 Jul 24.

Alfred Hospital and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Background: Successful arrhythmia ablation normalizes ejection fraction (EF) in tachycardia-mediated cardiomyopathy, but recurrent heart failure and late sudden death have been reported. The aim of this study was to characterize the left ventricle (LV) of tachycardia-mediated cardiomyopathy patients long after definitive arrhythmia cure.

Methods And Results: Thirty-three patients with a history of successfully ablated incessant focal atrial tachycardia 64±36 months prior, and 20 healthy controls were recruited. Read More

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Actigraphy-based scratch detection using logistic regression.

IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2013 Mar 13;17(2):277-83. Epub 2012 Jun 13.

Incessant scratching as a result of diseases such as atopic dermatitis causes skin break down, poor sleep quality, and reduced quality of life for affected individuals. In order to develop more effective therapies, there is a need for objective measures to detect scratching. Wrist actigraphy, which detects wrist movements over time using micro-accelerometers, has shown great promise in detecting scratch because it is lightweight, usable in the home environment, can record longitudinally, and does not require any wires. Read More

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Clinical characteristics of focal atrial tachycardias arising from the atrial appendages during childhood.

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2011 Feb 30;34(2):177-84. Epub 2010 Sep 30.

Department of Pediatric Cardiology, National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan.

Background: Focal atrial tachycardias (ATs) arising from the atrial appendages (AAT) are uncommon in adults. On the other hand, we frequently encounter AATs during childhood. However, the topographic distribution and clinical characteristics of focal ATs during childhood have not yet been clearly revealed. Read More

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February 2011

[Current status of DNA databases in the forensic field: new progress, new legal needs].

Rev Derecho Genoma Hum 2009 Jul-Dec(31):161-83

Laboratorio de Medicina Forense, Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, España.

One of the most polemic issues regarding the use of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the legal sphere, refers to the creation of DNA databases. Until relatively recently, Spain did not have a law to support the establishment of a national DNA profile bank for forensic purposes, and preserve the fundamental rights of subjects whose data are archived therein. The regulatory law of police databases regarding identifiers obtained from DNA approved in 2007, covers this void in the Spanish legislation and responds to the incessant need to adapt the laws to continuous scientific and technological progress. Read More

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The temporal impulse response function in infantile nystagmus.

Vision Res 2008 Jul 11;48(15):1575-83. Epub 2008 Jun 11.

College of Optometry, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-2020, USA.

Despite rapid to-and-fro motion of the retinal image that results from their incessant involuntary eye movements, persons with infantile nystagmus (IN) rarely report the perception of motion smear. We performed two experiments to determine if the reduction of perceived motion smear in persons with IN is associated with an increase in the speed of the temporal impulse response. In Experiment 1, increment thresholds were determined for pairs of successively presented flashes of a long horizontal line, presented on a 65-cd/m2 background field. Read More

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[Pedagocic and didactic renovation for histology and embryology learning. A 15 years experience].

Rev Fac Cien Med Univ Nac Cordoba 2006 ;63(1):31-6

Cátedra de Histología y Embriología, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Santa Fe 3100 (2000) Rosario, Argentina.

This paper describes the pedagogical and didactical renovation carried out between 1986 y 2001 in the Cathedra of Histology and Embryology (Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Rosario). This process, initiated with pilot tests during early 70s and a full length paper in late 70s, was centered in differential activities performed by teachers and students, being adapted to the massive and no restricted admission during that period (2000 +/- 500 students). The design included individual and/or group management of self-learning and self-evaluation modules, training laboratories in microscopic diagnosis using protocols similar to clinical records, problem-solving sessions and theoretical sessions of consult and relearning, placed at the end of the aforesaid learning situations. Read More

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Evidence of oxidative stress in the circulation of ovarian cancer patients.

Clin Chim Acta 2004 Jan;339(1-2):27-32

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar-608 002, Tamil Nadu, India.

Background: Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death due to gynecological malignancies among women. The extent of free radical induced oxidative stress can be exacerbated by the decreased efficiency of antioxidant mechanisms. The present study was conducted to investigate the extent of oxidative stress and the levels of antioxidants in the circulation of ovarian cancer patients. Read More

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January 2004

Selective activation of visual cortex neurons by fixational eye movements: implications for neural coding.

Vis Neurosci 2001 Mar-Apr;18(2):259-77

Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston, MA 02114, USA.

During normal vision, when subjects attempt to fix their gaze on a small stimulus feature, small fixational eye movements persist. We have recorded the impulse activity of single neurons in primary visual cortex (V1) of macaque monkeys while their fixational eye movements moved the receptive-field activating region (AR) over and around a stationary stimulus. Three types of eye movement activation were found. Read More

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November 2001

Dynamic behavior and autonomic regulation of ectopic atrial pacemakers.

Circulation 1999 Sep;100(13):1416-22

University of Oulu, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Oulu, Finland.

Background: Heart rate (HR) variability reflects the neural regulation of normal pacemaker tissue, but the autonomic nervous regulation of abnormal atrial foci originating outside the sinus node has not been well characterized. We compared the HR variability of tachycardias originating from the ectopic foci and the sinus node.

Methods And Results: R-R-interval variability was analyzed from 24-hour Holter recordings in 12 patients with incessant ectopic atrial tachycardia (average HR 107+/-14 bpm), 12 subjects with sinus tachycardia (average HR 106+/-9 bpm), and 24 age- and sex-matched subjects with normal sinus rhythm (average HR 72+/-8 bpm). Read More

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September 1999

The heterogeneous course of schizophrenia.

G Huber

Schizophr Res 1997 Dec;28(2-3):177-85

Department for Nervous Diseases of the University of Bonn, Germany.

Findings on the course and outcome of schizophrenia, the limitations of Kraepelin's opinion, and data supporting a continuum hypothesis of endogenous psychoses are presented. The European long-term investigations, the Zürich, Lausanne and Bonn studies are consistent with the view that diagnoses must be made independently of outcome; nearly a quarter show full psychopathological and 56% a social remission. Several factors are relevant to the long-term course and outcome. Read More

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December 1997

Adaptive reduction of heart sounds from lung sounds using fourth-order statistics.

IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1997 Jul;44(7):642-8

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

When recording lung sounds, an incessant noise source occurs due to heart sounds. This noise source severely contaminates the breath sound signal and interferes in the analysis of lung sounds. In this paper, an adaptive heart-noise reduction method, based on fourth-order statistics (FOS) of the recorded signal, without requiring recorded "noise-only" reference signal, is presented. Read More

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Catheter ablation of incessant ventricular tachycardia: acute and long-term results.

K Cao B D Gonska

Eur Heart J 1996 May;17(5):756-63

Department of Cardiology, University Hospital Göttingen Germany.

Subjects: Seventeen patients with incessant ventricular tachycardia refractory to anti-arrhythmic therapy underwent catheter ablation between 1987 and 1993. Fifteen patients had coronary heart disease and two had dilated cardiomyopathy. The mean age of the patients was 65 +/- 8 and the mean left ventricular ejection fraction was 31 +/- 9%. Read More

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Mismatch negativity to changes in a continuous tone with regularly varying frequencies.

Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 1994 Mar;92(2):140-7

Institute for Psychology, University of Munich, Germany.

By using the mismatch negativity (MMN) component of the event-related potential, it was demonstrated that changes within a repetitively presented tone pattern can be automatically (i.e., involuntarily and attention-independently) detected by the human brain. Read More

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Extraretinal signals for congenital nystagmus.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1993 Jun;34(7):2325-32

College of Optometry, University of Houston, TX 77204-6052.

Purpose: Despite incessant to-and-fro oscillations of the eyes, persons with congenital nystagmus rarely report oscillopsia. This study evaluated the possibility that extraretinal signals of eye position are available to cancel the retinal image motion produced by nystagmus eye movements.

Methods: To assess the extraretinal signal for nystagmus, subjects pointed in the perceived direction of a target that was flashed for 2 msec in total darkness at various phases of the nystagmus waveform. Read More

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Sensitivity to oscillatory target motion in congenital nystagmus.

H E Bedell

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1992 Apr;33(5):1811-21

College of Optometry, University of Houston, TX 77204-6052.

Despite incessant to and fro motion of their eyes, persons with congenital nystagmus rarely report illusory motion of the visual world (oscillopsia). To determine whether insensitivity to retinal image motion prevents oscillopsia, thresholds for detecting horizontal and vertical oscillatory motion of a luminous dot target were measured in subjects with congenital idiopathic nystagmus and compared to normals. Thresholds for unreferenced and referenced oscillatory motion were elevated substantially in subjects with nystagmus over the range of motion frequencies tested (0. Read More

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Risk factors for epithelial ovarian tumours of borderline malignancy.

Int J Epidemiol 1991 Dec;20(4):871-7

Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Milano, Italy.

A case-control study was conducted on 91 cases with histologically-confirmed borderline ovarian tumours and 237 control subjects in hospital for acute non-gynaecological, hormonal or neoplastic disease. Women reporting three or more births, compared to nulliparae, had a relative risk (RR) estimate of 0.6, but this finding was not statistically significant (95% confidence interval (CI): 0. Read More

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December 1991

'Incessant' tachycardias in Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. I: Initiation without antecedent extrasystoles or PR lengthening, with reference to reciprocation after shortening of cycle length.

Br Heart J 1976 Sep;38(9):885-96

In 6 patients with the Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, repetitive, almost continuous (incessant) reciprocating atrioventricular (AV) tachycardia has been shown to arise when the sinus cycle length was shortened to a critical point, at which unidirectional block occurred without the classical feature of PR prolongation. Though this phenomenon superficially resembles an aspect of chronic intranodal reciprocating tachycardia of children, basic differences can be identified. It was encountered more frequently in younger subjects; the only patient over 45 developed the arrhythmia as a complication of therapy. Read More

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September 1976
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