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Abnormal functional connectivity within the prefrontal cortex in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS): A pilot study using resting state functional near-infrared spectroscopy (rs-fNIRS).

Neurourol Urodyn 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

School of Rehabilitation, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China.

Purpose: To investigate the abnormalities of functional connectivity (FC) within the prefrontal cortex (PFC) of patients with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) based on resting state functional near-infrared spectroscopy (rs-fNIRS) data using FC matrix analysis.

Materials And Methods: Ten patients with IC/BPS (females, 9; mean age, 56.9 ± 12. Read More

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Contemporary Clinical Use of Aspirin: Mechanisms of Action, Current Concepts, Unresolved Questions, and Future Perspectives.

Semin Thromb Hemost 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

The ability of aspirin to inhibit platelet aggregation has positioned this agent within the most frequently used drugs worldwide. The aim of this article is to review the contemporary clinical use of aspirin and also to discuss unresolved issues not yet translated into clinical practice. Results from several clinical trials have led to strong guideline recommendations for aspirin use in the acute management and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Read More

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Overhydration May Be the Missing Link between Peritoneal Protein Clearance and Mortality.

Nephron 2021 Jun 15:1-7. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Introduction: Peritoneal protein loss (PPL) has been associated with mortality. Inflammation was assumed a putative cause with malnutrition as a consequence. Hydrostatic convection is a major drive for microvascular protein transport, but most studies in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients overlooked this mechanism. Read More

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Hierarchical CoFe LDH/MOF nanorods array with strong coupling effect grown on carbon cloth enables efficient oxidation of water and urea.

Nanotechnology 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University, Shangda Road 99, Shanghai, 200444, CHINA.

The construction of bifunctional non-noble electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and urea oxidation reaction (UOR) is urgent for overall water and urea splitting. Herein, a facile one-step chemical etching- reconstruction strategy is presented for fabricating one-dimensional hierarchical nanorods array composed of CoFe layered double hydroxide (LDH)/MOF supported on carbon cloth as OER and UOR catalysts. By precisely controlling the etching rate, the ligands from Co-MOFs are partially removed, and corresponding metal centers coordinates with hydroxyl ions to generate ultrathin amorphous CoFe LDH nanosheets. Read More

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Charge-transfer-induced 2D ferromagnetism and realization of thermo-remnant memory effect in ultrathin β-NiOOH-encapsulated graphene.

Nanotechnology 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Research Center for Spin Dynamics and Spin-Wave Devices, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-744, South Korea, Seoul, Korea (the Republic of).

For graphene-based 2D materials, charge transfer at the interface between graphene and ferromagnetic metal leads to many intriguing phenomena. However, because of the unidirectional spin orientation in ferromagnetic transition metals, interface interaction plays a detrimental role in diminishing the magnetic parameters on 2D surfaces. To overcome this issue, we have synthesized ultrathin 2D weak antiferromagnetic β-NiOOH layers on a graphene surface. Read More

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Antibiotic-induced disruption of the microbiome exacerbates chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea and can be mitigated with autologous faecal microbiota transplantation.

Eur J Cancer 2021 Jun 12;153:27-39. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Medical Microbiology, University Medical Centre Groningen, The University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Background: Chemotherapy is well documented to disrupt the gut microbiome, leading to poor treatment outcomes and a heightened risk of adverse toxicity. Although strong associations exist between its composition and gastrointestinal toxicity, its causal contribution remains unclear. Our inability to move beyond association has limited the development and implementation of microbial-based therapeutics in chemotherapy adjuncts with no clear rationale of how and when to deliver them. Read More

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Validation of the German Day-to-Day Impact of Vaginal Aging (DIVA) Questionnaire in Peri- and Postmenopausal Women.

Sex Med 2021 Jun 12;9(4):100382. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Institute of Social Medicine and Health Systems Research, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany.

Background: The Day-to-Day Impact of Vaginal Aging (DIVA) questionnaire is a validated patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) capturing the impacts of vaginal symptoms in postmenopausal women.

Aim: We aimed to psychometrically validate the German version of the DIVA questionnaire.

Methods: Data was collected online and by paper-pencil. Read More

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Fullerenol as a water-soluble MALDI-MS matrix for rapid analysis of small molecules and efficient quantification of saccharin sodium in foods.

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 2021 Jun 4;1178:122819. Epub 2021 Jun 4.

Henan Key Laboratory of Organic Functional Molecule and Drug Innovation, Key Laboratory of Green Chemical Media and Reactions of Ministry of Education, Collaborative Innovation Center of Henan Province for Green Manufacturing of Fine Chemicals, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, Henan 453007, China. Electronic address:

Due to the strong background interferences in the low-mass region and poor reproducibility of conventional organic matrices, it is of great importance to develop a novel matrix for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze small molecules. In this work, water-soluble fullerenol C(OH) was selected as a MALDI matrix for the analysis of low-molecular-weight compounds in consideration of optical absorption property, water solubility and stability. Compared with the traditional matrices, fullerenol demonstrated lower background interference and stronger peak intensity. Read More

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Early multidrug treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) and reduced mortality among nursing home (or outpatient/ambulatory) residents.

Med Hypotheses 2021 Jun 5;153:110622. Epub 2021 Jun 5.

Concerned Ontario Doctors, Toronto, ON, Canada. Electronic address:

The outbreak of COVID-19 from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has spread all over the world with tremendous morbidity and mortality in the elderly. In-hospital treatment addresses the multifaceted nature of the illness including initial viral replication, cytokine storm, and endothelial injury with thrombosis. We identified nine reports of early treatment outcomes in COVID-19 nursing home patients. Read More

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The role of carotenoids in proton-pumping rhodopsin as a primitive solar energy conversion system.

J Photochem Photobiol B 2021 Jun 9;221:112241. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Dept. of Life Science and Institute of Biological Interfaces, Sogang University, Seoul 04107, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Rhodopsin and carotenoids are two molecules that certain bacteria use to absorb and utilize light. Type I rhodopsin, the simplest active proton transporter, converts light energy into an electrochemical potential. Light produces a proton gradient, which is known as the proton motive force across the cell membrane. Read More

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Low dietary quercetin intake by food frequency questionnaire analysis is not associated with hypertension occurrence.

Clin Nutr 2021 May 12;40(6):3748-3753. Epub 2021 May 12.

Nutritional Epidemiology Institute and School of Public Health, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China. Electronic address:

Background & Aims: Quercetin is one of the most abundant flavonoids in plant kingdom. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, it is of potential in anti-hypertension. The objective of the present study was to explore the relationship between dietary quercetin and hypertension incidence in a Chinese population. Read More

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Plastid phylogenomic analyses of Fagales reveal signatures of conflict and ancient chloroplast capture.

Mol Phylogenet Evol 2021 Jun 12:107232. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Germplasm Bank of Wild Species, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, Yunnan 650201, China; CAS Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, Yunnan 650201, China. Electronic address:

Plastid phylogenomic analyses have shed light on many recalcitrant relationships across the angiosperm Tree of Life and continue to play an important role in plant phylogenetics alongside nuclear data sets given the utility of plastomes for revealing ancient and recent introgression. Here we conduct a plastid phylogenomic study of Fagales, aimed at exploring contentious relationships (e.g. Read More

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Combining gene expression signature with clinical features for survival stratification of gastric cancer.

Genomics 2021 Jun 12;113(4):2683-2694. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Cell Biology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou 310058, P.R. China; Institute of Gastroenterology, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310016, P.R. China; Collaborative Innovation Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310003, P.R. China; Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ONM5S 1A8, Canada. Electronic address:

The AJCC staging system is considered as the golden standard in clinical practice. However, it remains some pitfalls in assessing the prognosis of gastric cancer (GC) patients with similar clinicopathological characteristics. We aim to develop a new clinic and genetic risk score (CGRS) to improve the prognosis prediction of GC patients. Read More

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A 1-km hourly air-temperature model for 13 northeastern U.S. states using remotely sensed and ground-based measurements.

Environ Res 2021 Jun 12:111477. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA; Institute for Exposomic Research, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA.

Background: Accurate and precise estimates of ambient air temperatures that can capture fine-scale within-day variability are necessary for studies of air temperature and health.

Method: We developed statistical models to predict temperature at each hour in each cell of a 927-m square grid across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States from 2003 to 2019, across ∼4000 meteorological stations from the Integrated Mesonet, using inputs such as elevation, an inverse-distance-weighted interpolation of temperature, and satellite-based vegetation and land surface temperature. We used a rigorous spatial cross-validation scheme and spatially weighted the errors to estimate how well model predictions would generalize to new cell-days. Read More

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Multi-cohort profiling reveals elevated CSF levels of brain-enriched proteins in Alzheimer's disease.

Ann Clin Transl Neurol 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Division of Affinity Proteomics, Department of Protein Science, SciLifeLab, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Objective: Decreased amyloid beta (Aβ) 42 together with increased tau and phospho-tau in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is indicative of Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, the molecular pathophysiology underlying the slowly progressive cognitive decline observed in AD is not fully understood and it is not known what other CSF biomarkers may be altered in early disease stages.

Methods: We utilized an antibody-based suspension bead array to analyze levels of 216 proteins in CSF from AD patients, patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and controls from two independent cohorts collected within the AETIONOMY consortium. Read More

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Visible-Light Photocatalytic Oxidation of DMSO for RAFT Polymerization.

Photochem Photobiol 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

University of Maryland, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College Park, MD, USA, 20942.

The solvent is an important, yet often forgotten part of a reaction mechanism. Many photochemical polymerizations are carried out using dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as a way to promote the solubility of both the reactants and products, but its reactivity is rarely considered when initiation mechanisms are proposed. Herein, the oxidation of DMSO by an excited state quinone is used to form initiating radicals resulting in the polymerization of methacrylate monomers, and the polymerization can be controlled with the addition of a chain transfer agent. Read More

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Sensitivity enhancement in photothermal interferometry by balanced detection of the complex response to moving excitation.

Opt Lett 2021 Jun;46(12):2976-2979

The sensitivity of photothermal detection relies on both the magnitude of the response of a sample to excitation and the way the response is sensed. We propose a highly sensitive photothermal interferometry by addressing the above two issues. One is the use of moving excitation to enable a different manner in sample heating and cooling, which results in a strong thermoelastic response of the sample. Read More

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Ultra-low-power four-wave mixing wavelength conversion in high-Q chalcogenide microring resonators.

Opt Lett 2021 Jun;46(12):2912-2915

A compact chalcogenide microring resonator is fabricated with an intrinsic quality factor of 3.0×10 in the telecom band. By taking advantage of the strong nonlinearity and cavity enhancement, highly efficient wavelength conversion via four-wave mixing is demonstrated using a microring resonator. Read More

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Surface response around a sharply resonant surface polariton mode is simply a Lorentzian.

Opt Lett 2021 Jun;46(12):2876-2879

At the planar interface between a material and vacuum, the complex surface response ()=[()-1]/[()+1], with () being the relative complex dielectric permittivity of the material, exhibits resonances typical of the surface polariton modes, when ()∼-1. We show that for a moderately sharp resonance, () is satisfactorily described with a mere (complex) Lorentzian, independent of the details affecting the various bulk resonances describing (). Remarkably, this implies a quantitative correlation between the resonant behaviors of [()] and [()], respectively, associated to the dispersive and dissipative effects in the surface near-field. Read More

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Moral Distress and Feticide: Hearing the Voices of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physicians.

J Clin Ethics 2021 ;32(2):114-123

Emek Yezreel College, Criminology Department, 19300, Israel.

We conducted in-depth interviews to investigate maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) physicians' feelings about their moral thoughts and dilemmas related to providing feticide for late-term abortion in Israel. We interviewed 14 MFM physicians (who constitute approximately 40 percent of MFM physicians who perform feticide in the country) from five hospitals in Israel during 2018 and 2019. They were recruited via personal acquaintance and snowball sampling. Read More

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Multi-level Attention Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation.

IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2021 Jun 15;PP. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Automatic vessel segmentation in the fundus images plays an important role in the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of various cardiovascular and ophthalmologic diseases. However, due to the limited well-annotated data, varying size of vessels, and intricate vessel structures, retinal vessel segmentation has become a long-standing challenge. In this paper, a novel deep learning model called AACA-MLA-D-UNet is proposed to fully utilize the low-level detailed information and the complementary information encoded in different layers to accurately distinguish the vessels from the background with low model complexity. Read More

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A Deep Probabilistic Transfer Learning Framework for Soft Sensor Modeling With Missing Data.

IEEE Trans Neural Netw Learn Syst 2021 Jun 15;PP. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Soft sensors have been extensively developed and applied in the process industry. One of the main challenges of the data-driven soft sensors is the lack of labeled data and the need to absorb the knowledge from a related source operating condition to enhance the soft sensing performance on the target application. This article introduces deep transfer learning to soft sensor modeling and proposes a deep probabilistic transfer regression (DPTR) framework. Read More

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Temperature Behavior of SAW Resonators Based on LiNbO3/Quartz and LiTaO3/Quartz Substrates.

IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control 2021 Jun 15;PP. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

LiNbO3 (LN) or LiTaO3 (LT) thin plates bonded to quartz are novel types of layered substrates for temperature-compensated surface acoustic wave (TCSAW) devices. In SAW resonators with Al electrodes arranged on LT/quartz and LN/quartz substrates, improved temperature behavior due to opposite signs of temperature coefficients of frequency (TCF) in quartz substrates and LT or LN plates can be combined with high Q-factors if the quartz orientation is optimized. The quartz orientation areas that enabled high Q-factors were deduced from analyzing the quartz anisotropy and the characteristics of shear horizontally polarized (SH) waves were calculated in the optimal orientations as functions of the quartz cut angle and plate thickness. Read More

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The Course of Microfilaremia in Experimentally Infected Cats.

Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Infectious Diseases and College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA.

As one of the causative agents of lymphatic filariasis in humans, has been established as the laboratory model of choice for studying this infection owing to its viability in small animal hosts, with the domestic cat being significant among these. The usefulness of individual feline infections is highly dependent on the levels of circulating microfilariae in the blood; thus, characterizing the course of microfilaremia benefits our understanding of this model. In -endemic regions, cats are also known reservoirs of infection, and describing microfilaremia in a controlled setting may improve transmission modeling. Read More

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Factors Associated with Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa.

J Womens Health (Larchmt) 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Health Social Welfare and Nutrition Division, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Globally 10% of women have an unmet need for contraception, with higher rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Programs to improve family planning (FP) outcomes require data on how service characteristics (, geographic access, quality) and women's characteristics are associated with contraceptive use. We combined data from health facility assessments (2018 and 2019) and a population-based regional household survey (2018) of married and in-union women ages 15-49 in the Kigoma Region of Tanzania. Read More

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Strengthening Pathology Capacity to Deliver Quality Cancer Care in Cities in LMICs.

JCO Glob Oncol 2021 Jun;7:917-924

American Society for Clinical Pathology, Chicago, IL.

Diagnostic pathology services for oncology health systems are essential; yet, surveys, observations, and hard data from across low- and middle-income countries have revealed that these services are almost always lacking adequate quality and often missing completely. The City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can), the American Society for Clinical Pathology, and C/Can partner cities undertook intense analysis of their existing pathology services as part of a year-long assessment process including the specific formation of a pathology-focused team. Internal and external expert assessments identified sustainable solutions adapted to the local context and level of resources and created specific local implementation projects. Read More

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Photoacid Generators Activated through Sequential Two-Photon Excitation: 1-Sulfonatoxy-2-alkoxyanthraquinone Derivatives.

J Phys Chem A 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742, United States.

Two sulfonate ester derivatives of anthraquinone, 1-tosyloxy-2-methoxy-9,10-anthraquinone () and 1-trifluoromethylsulfonoxy-2-methoxy-9,10-anthraquinone (), were prepared and their ability to produce strong acids upon photoexcitation was examined. It is shown that these compounds generate acid with a yield that increases with light intensity when the applied photon dose is held constant. Additional experiments show that the rate of acid generation increases fourfold when visible light (532 nm) laser pulses are combined with ultraviolet (355 nm) compared with ultraviolet alone. Read More

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Co-delivery of Phagocytosis Checkpoint Silencer and Stimulator of Interferon Genes Agonist for Synergetic Cancer Immunotherapy.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou International Campus, Guangzhou 511442, P.R. China.

Efficient capture and presentation of tumor antigens by antigen-presenting cells (APCs), especially dendritic cells (DCs), are crucial for activating the anti-tumor immunity. However, APCs are immunosuppressed in the tumor microenvironment, which hinders the tumor elimination. To reprogram APCs for inducing strong anti-tumor immunity, we report here a co-delivery immunotherapeutic strategy targeting the phagocytosis checkpoint (signal regulatory protein α, SIRPα) and stimulator of interferon genes (STING) of APCs to jointly enhance their ability of capturing and presenting tumor antigens. Read More

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Paradoxical paramagnetic calcifications in the globus pallidus: An ex vivo MR investigation and histological validation study.

NMR Biomed 2021 Jun 15:e4571. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Anatomy, Catholic Institute for Applied Anatomy, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea.

MR images based on phase contrast images have gained clinical interest as an in vivo tool for assessing anatomical and histological findings. The globus pallidus is an area of major iron metabolism and storage in the brain tissue. Calcium, another important metal in the body, is frequently deposited in the globus pallidus as well. Read More

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The Effect of Dietary Supplements on Endurance Exercise Performance and Core Temperature in Hot Environments: A Meta-analysis and Meta-regression.

Sports Med 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

A-STEM Centre, College of Engineering, Swansea University, Swansea, UK.

Background: The ergogenic effects of dietary supplements on endurance exercise performance are well-established; however, their efficacy in hot environmental conditions has not been systematically evaluated.

Objectives: (1) To meta-analyse studies investigating the effects of selected dietary supplements on endurance performance and core temperature responses in the heat. Supplements were included if they were deemed to: (a) have a strong evidence base for 'directly' improving thermoneutral endurance performance, based on current position statements, or (b) have a proposed mechanism of action that related to modifiable factors associated with thermal balance. Read More

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