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Characterization of subclinical diastolic dysfunction by cardiac magnetic resonance feature-tracking in adult survivors of non-Hodgkin lymphoma treated with anthracyclines.

BMC Cardiovasc Disord 2021 Apr 12;21(1):170. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), Rua Napoleão de Barros 800, Vila Clementino, São Paulo, 04024-002, Brazil.

Background: The use of anthracycline-based chemotherapy is associated with the development of heart failure, even years after the end of treatment. Early detection of cardiac dysfunction could identify a high-risk subset of survivors who would eventually benefit from early intervention. Cardiac magnetic resonance feature-tracking (CMR-FT) analysis offers a practical and rapid method to calculate systolic and diastolic strains from routinely acquired cine images. Read More

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Description of the Nature of Musculoskeletal Shoulder Injuries in a Cohort of Commercial Truck Drivers: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study.

Workplace Health Saf 2021 Apr 13:2165079921990364. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Background: Commercial truck drivers (CTDs) are significantly affected by shoulder injuries; however, little is known about the unique mechanisms of injury (MOIs), specific injuries, or possible preventive measures among this group of workers. This study characterized the MOIs, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and factors associated with MSDs of the shoulder among a group of CTDs.

Methods: A retrospective medical record review was conducted of CTDs between 21 and 65 years of age who were seen for MSDs of the shoulder between 2007 and 2015. Read More

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Study of effects of anthracycline drugs on myocardial function in breast cancer patients by quantitative analysis of layer-specific strain via 2D-STI technology.

Am J Transl Res 2021 15;13(3):1184-1196. Epub 2021 Mar 15.

Department of Cardiology, Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai City, China.

Objective: This study aimed to explore the value of layer-specific strain analysis by two-dimensional speckle tracking imaging (2D-STI) in the assessment of myocardial toxicity in breast cancer patients receiving anthracycline chemotherapy.

Methods: Thirty-four breast cancer patients receiving anthracycline chemotherapy were prospectively enrolled. Conventional echocardiography and 2D-STI were evaluated at baseline after the third and sixth cycles of anthracycline chemotherapy. Read More

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Ventricular myocardial response to exercise in patients with Fontan circulation.

J Echocardiogr 2021 Apr 11. Epub 2021 Apr 11.

Division of Cardiology, Nagano Children's Hospital, 3100, Azumino, Nagano, Japan.

Background: Exercise stress echocardiography has been used to assess myocardial reserve in various heart diseases. This study examined the ventricular myocardial response to exercise in Fontan patients using exercise stress echocardiography.

Methods: Twenty-five Fontan patients and 19 control subjects underwent semi-supine bicycle exercise stress echocardiography in this prospective, single-center, cross-sectional study. Read More

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Impairment of right ventricular longitudinal strain associated with severity of pneumonia in patients recovered from COVID-19.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 11. Epub 2021 Apr 11.

Istanbul Medical Faculty, Department of Cardiology, Istanbul University, Topkapi Mahallesi, Turgut Ozal Millet Caddesi, 34093, Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey.

Myocardial injury caused by COVID-19 was reported in hospitalized patients previously. But the information about cardiac consequences of COVID-19 after recovery is limited. The aim of the study was comprehensive echocardiography assessment of right ventricular (RV) in patients recovered from COVID-19. Read More

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Early benefits of bariatric surgery on subclinical cardiac function: contribution of visceral fat mobilization.

Metabolism 2021 Apr 7:154773. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie de Québec-Université Laval, Québec, Canada; Faculty of pharmacy, Laval University, Québec, Canada. Electronic address:

Aims: We explored the early effects of bariatric surgery on subclinical myocardial function in individuals with severe obesity and preserved left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction.

Methods: Thirty-eight patients with severe obesity [body mass index (BMI) ≥35kg/m] and preserved LV ejection fraction (≥ 50%) who underwent bariatric surgery (biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch [BPD-DS]) (Surgery group), 19 patients with severe obesity managed with usual care (Medical group), and 18 age and sex-matched non-obese controls (non-obese group) were included. Left ventricular global longitudinal strain (LV GLS) was evaluated with echocardiography speckle tracking imaging. Read More

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LA reservoir strain: a sensitive parameter for estimating LV filling pressure in patients with preserved EF.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 10. Epub 2021 Apr 10.

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Ankara University School of Medicine, Cebeci Kalp Merkezi, Mamak, Ankara, Turkey.

An elevated left ventricular (LV) filling pressure is the main finding in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), and LV filling pressure is estimated with an algorithm in the recent American Society of Echocardiography (ASE)/European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) guideline. In this study, we sought to determine the efficacy of LA global longitudinal strain to estimate elevated LV filling pressure. Seventy-one consecutive patients (mean age of 63. Read More

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Digital image processing to detect subtle motion in stony coral.

Sci Rep 2021 Apr 8;11(1):7722. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98195-2400, USA.

Coral reef ecosystems support significant biological activities and harbor huge diversity, but they are facing a severe crisis driven by anthropogenic activities and climate change. An important behavioral trait of the coral holobiont is coral motion, which may play an essential role in feeding, competition, reproduction, and thus survival and fitness. Therefore, characterizing coral behavior through motion analysis will aid our understanding of basic biological and physical coral functions. Read More

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Severe Atrial Functional Mitral Regurgitation: Clinical and Echocardiographic Characteristics, Management and Outcomes.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr;14(4):797-808

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Heart, Vascular, and Thoracic Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Electronic address:

Objectives: This study was designed to compare the clinical and echocardiographic characteristics, management, and outcomes of severe atrial functional mitral regurgitation (AFMR) to primary mitral regurgitation (PMR).

Background: AFMR remains poorly defined clinically.

Methods: Consecutive patients who underwent transesophageal echocardiography at our institution between 2011 and 2018 for severe mitral regurgitation with preserved left ventricular function were screened. Read More

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Imaging Cardiac Valve Mechanics: A New Frontier.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr;14(4):794-796

Cardiac Ultrasound Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Mitral Valve Remodeling and Strain in Secondary Mitral Regurgitation: Comparison With Primary Regurgitation and Normal Valves.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr;14(4):782-793

Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, Houston, Texas, USA. Electronic address:

Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess mitral valve (MV) remodeling and strain in patients with secondary mitral regurgitation (SMR) compared with primary MR (PMR) and normal valves.

Background: A paucity of data exists on MV strain during the cardiac cycle in humans. Real-time 3-dimensional (3D) echocardiography allows for dynamic MV imaging, enabling computerized modeling of MV function in normal and disease states. Read More

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Tear Propagation in Vaginal Tissue under Inflation.

Acta Biomater 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

STRETCH Lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, United States. Electronic address:

Vaginal tearing at childbirth is extremely common yet understudied despite the long-term serious consequences on women's health. The mechanisms of vaginal tearing remain unknown, and their knowledge could lead to the development of transformative prevention and treatment techniques for maternal injury. In this study, whole rat vaginas with pre-imposed elliptical tears oriented along the axial direction of the organs were pressurized using a custom-built inflation setup, producing large tear propagation. Read More

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Multi-scale mechanical and morphological characterisation of sintered porous magnesium-based scaffolds for bone regeneration in critical-sized defects.

Acta Biomater 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Zeiss Global Centre, School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, University of Portsmouth, Anglesea Road, PO1 3DJ Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Electronic address:

Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys are very promising degradable, osteoconductive and osteopromotive materials to be used as regenerative treatment for critical-sized bone defects. Under load-bearing conditions, Mg alloys must display sufficient morphological and mechanical resemblance to the native bone they are meant to replace to provide adequate support and enable initial bone bridging. In this study, unique highly open-porous Mg-based scaffolds were mechanically and morphologically characterised at different scales. Read More

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Echocardiographic assessment of chamber size and ventricular function during the first year after heart transplantation.

Clin Physiol Funct Imaging 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Cardiology, Lund, Sweden.

Aims: Detecting changes in ventricular function after orthotopic heart transplantation (OHT) using transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) is important but interpretation of findings is complicated by lack of data on early graft adaptation. We sought to evaluate echocardiographic measures of ventricular size and function the first year following OHT including speckle tracking derived strain. We also aimed to compare echocardiographic findings to hemodynamic parameters obtained by right heart catheterization (RHC). Read More

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Strain elastography for the assessment of skin nodules in dogs.

Vet Dermatol 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

AniCura Istituto Veterinario Novara, Strada Provinciale 9, Granozzo con Monticello, NO, 28060, Italy.

Background: Strain elastography (SE) is a modern imaging technology that provides an additional way of evaluating the changes in soft tissue elasticity caused by pathophysiological processes. Despite its widespread use in human medicine, only a few studies on the application of SE in veterinary medicine are available.

Objectives: To evaluate the potential usefulness of SE as an integrative imaging model in the standard ultrasound technique to better discriminate between inflammatory and neoplastic skin nodules in dogs. Read More

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Bioluminescent Tumor Signal Is Mouse Strain and Pelt Color Dependent: Experience in a Disseminated Lymphoma Model.

Mol Imaging Biol 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8131, 510 South Kingshighway Boulevard, St Louis, MO, 63110, USA.

Background: Many preclinical cancer studies use mice with varied phenotypes to monitor tumor treatment. We compared survival and optical imaging characteristics of strains with varied coat colors harboring luciferase-expressing disseminated lymphoma.

Results: Luciferase-expressing lymphoma cells (Raji-luc) were injected via tail vein into severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) and Rag2-IL2rg (R2G2) mice, and survival was tracked. Read More

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Assessment of 10-Year Left-Ventricular-Remodeling by CMR in Patients Following Aortic Valve Replacement.

Front Cardiovasc Med 2021 22;8:645693. Epub 2021 Mar 22.

Department of Internal Medicine & Cardiology, German Heart Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Aortic valve replacement (AVR) may result in reverse cardiac remodeling. We aimed to assess long-term changes in the myocardium following AVR by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR). We prospectively observed the long-term left ventricular (LV) function and structure of 27 patients with AVR [ = 19 with aortic stenosis (AS); = 8 with aortic regurgitation (AR)] by CMR. Read More

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A method to analyze the influence of mechanical strain on dermal collagen morphologies.

Sci Rep 2021 Apr 7;11(1):7565. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, 20245, Germany.

Collagen fibers and their orientation play a major role in the mechanical behavior of soft biological tissue such as skin. Here, we present a proof-of-principle study correlating mechanical properties with collagen fiber network morphologies. A dedicated multiphoton stretching device allows for mechanical deformations in combination with a simultaneous analysis of its collagen fiber network by second harmonic generation imaging (SHG). Read More

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Advanced Imaging and New Cardiac Biomarkers in Long-term Follow-up After Childhood Cancer.

J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2021 Apr 6. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Heart Center Division of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of Paediatric Oncology, University Children's Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.

Objectives: Pathologic ejection fraction (EF), shortening fraction (FS), and standard heart failure biomarkers (high sensitive troponin T and N-terminal brain natriuretic peptide) during follow-up after childhood cancer have been associated with irreversible cardiac damage. We aimed to evaluate strain imaging values by echocardiography and new biomarkers for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) as potential more sensitive parameters for cardiac deterioration in childhood cancer survivors (CCS).

Materials And Methods: Prospective study with 50 CCS (median 16. Read More

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Impaired Right Ventricular Longitudinal Strain Without Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients Who Have Recovered From COVID-19.

Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 8:CIRCIMAGING120012166. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Department of Cardiology, Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata Giuliano Isontina, University of Trieste, Italy. (V.N., M. Castrichini, V.C., M.M., D.S., G.S.).

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Evaluation the relationship of left ventricular global longitudinal strain and laboratory parameters in discharged patients with COVID-19: a follow-up study.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Department of Cardiology, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, Istanbul, 34093, Turkey.

Background: The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) disease has spread rapidly and posed a great threat to global public health. The laboratory parameters and clinical outcomes of the disease in discharged patients remain unknown. In this study, we aimed to investigate the laboratory and echocardiographic findings of patients with COVID-19 after discharge and the relation between left ventricular global longitudinal strain (LVGLS) and inflammatory parameters in discharged patients. Read More

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Left and right ventricular strain using fast strain-encoded cardiovascular magnetic resonance for the diagnostic classification of patients with chronic non-ischemic heart failure due to dilated, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or cardiac amyloidosis.

J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2021 Apr 5;23(1):45. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Departments of Cardiology, Vascular Medicine and Pneumology, GRN Academic Teaching Hospital Weinheim, Roentgenstrasse 1, 69469, Weinheim, Germany.

Aims: To compare the ability of left ventricular (LV) and right ventricular (RV) strain measured by fast-strain encoded cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) (fast-SENC) with LV- and RV-ejection fraction for the diagnostic classification of patients with different stages of chronic heart failure (stages A-D based on American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines) due to non-ischemic cardiomyopathies.

Methods: Our study population consisted of 276 consecutive patients who underwent CMR for clinical reasons, and 19 healthy subjects. Wall motion score index and non-infarct related late gadolinium enhancement (LGE), LV ejection fraction (LVEF) and RV ejection fraction (RVEF) and global LV- and RV-longitudinal (GLS) and circumferential strain (GCS) based on fast-SENC acquisitions, were calculated in all subjects. Read More

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Left atrial strain: evaluating left ventricular filling pressure from an upstream vantage point.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center, Uppsala University, 751 85 Uppsala, Sweden.

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Effects of osteogenic ambulatory mechanical stimulation on early stages of BMP-2 mediated bone repair.

Connect Tissue Res 2021 Apr 5:1-12. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA.

: Mechanical loading of bone defects through rehabilitation is a promising approach to stimulate repair and reduce nonunion risk; however, little is known about how therapeutic mechanical stimuli modulate early-stage repair before mineralized bone formation. The objective of this study was to investigate the early effects of osteogenic loading on cytokine expression and angiogenesis during the first 3 weeks of BMP-2 mediated segmental bone defect repair.: A rat model of BMP-2 mediated bone defect repair was subjected to an osteogenic mechanical loading protocol using ambulatory rehabilitation and a compliant, load-sharing fixator with an integrated implantable strain sensor. Read More

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Multiscale measurements with adjustable x-ray spot size for in situ imaging and diffraction.

Rev Sci Instrum 2021 Mar;92(3):033108

The Peac Institute of Multiscale Sciences, Chengdu, Sichuan 610027, People's Republic of China.

A large field of view is normally desired for synchrotron x-ray imaging, while a small x-ray spot size is required for x-ray diffraction. A multiscale measurement system with an adjustable x-ray spot size is developed to accommodate different spot size requirements for in situ phase-contrast imaging and diffraction. The centers of a diffraction scintillator with a through-hole and an imaging scintillator are collinear with the x-ray beam. Read More

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Increasing BMI increases lumbar intervertebral disc deformation following a treadmill walking stress test.

J Biomech 2021 Mar 20;121:110392. Epub 2021 Mar 20.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Duke University School of Medicine, United States; Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University, United States; Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University, United States. Electronic address:

High body mass index (BMI) and obesity have been implicated as risk factors for lumbar degenerative disc disease and low back pain. Despite this, there is limited in vivo data to quantify how obesity influences the mechanical function of intervertebral discs (IVD) in response to activities of daily living. Recently, our lab has developed methodologies to non-invasively measure in vivo IVD deformation resulting from activities of daily living using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and solid modeling techniques. Read More

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The predictive value of left ventricular and left atrial mechanics for atrial fibrillation and heart failure in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a prospective cohort study.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

First Cardiology Department, AHEPA University Hospital, 1, St Kiriakidi str, 54635, Thessaloníki, Greece.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) and heart failure (HF) represent clinical turning points, altering the natural history of HCM and influencing long-term outcome of the disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of left ventricular (LV) and left atrial (LA) myocardial deformation parameters to predict new-onset AF and HF outcomes in patients with HCM. This was a prospective study that included HCM patients without severe valvular heart disease, prior myocardial infarction or history of AF. Read More

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Aortic strain in bicuspid aortic valve: an analysis.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Faculty of Medicine, Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

Bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is monitored by transthoracic echocardiography and computed tomography (CT) angiography. However, it does not have any early marker of disease progression. This study evaluated speckle-tracking echocardiography (STE) aortic and left ventricular (LV) strain prognostic values, their discriminative power, and their correlation with the degree of valvular regurgitation. Read More

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A novel perceptual two layer image fusion using deep learning for imbalanced COVID-19 dataset.

PeerJ Comput Sci 2021 10;7:e364. Epub 2021 Feb 10.

Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, Kafrelsheikh University, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt.

Background And Purpose: COVID-19 is a new strain of viruses that causes life stoppage worldwide. At this time, the new coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the world and poses a threat to people's health. Experimental medical tests and analysis have shown that the infection of lungs occurs in almost all COVID-19 patients. Read More

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February 2021

Left ventricular myocardial strain quantification with two- and three-dimensional cardiovascular magnetic resonance based tissue tracking.

Quant Imaging Med Surg 2021 Apr;11(4):1421-1436

Internal Medicine II, Ulm University Medical Center, Ulm, Germany.

Background: Cardiovascular magnetic resonance based tissue tracking (CMR-TT) was reported to provide detailed insight into left ventricular (LV) contractile function and deformation with both of two- and three-dimensional (2/3D) algorithms. This study was designed to investigate the feasibility and reproducibility of these two techniques for measuring LV global and segmental strain, and establish gender- and age-related reference values of global multi-dimensional peak strains among large healthy population.

Methods: We retrospectively recruited 150 healthy volunteers (75 males/females) and divided them into three age groups (G, G and G). Read More

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