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Impact of COVID-19 on social media as perceived by the oncology community: results from a survey in collaboration with the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the OncoAlert Network.

ESMO Open 2021 Apr 7;6(2):100104. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Oncology Department, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) and Lausanne University, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of modern-day oncology, including how stakeholders communicate through social media. We surveyed oncology stakeholders in order to assess their attitudes pertaining to social media and how it has been affected during the pandemic.

Materials And Methods: A 40-item survey was distributed to stakeholders from 8 July to 22 July 2020 and was promoted through the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the OncoAlert Network. Read More

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Self-compassion training for certified nurse assistants in nursing homes.

J Am Geriatr Soc 2021 Apr 10. Epub 2021 Apr 10.

The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

Background/objectives: Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) who work in nursing homes (NHs) face significant work and personal stress. Self-compassion training has been shown to decrease stress postintervention in previous studies among healthcare providers and those in helping professions. This study examines the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes of self-compassion training to address CNA stress and well-being. Read More

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Social Participation and Healthy Aging among the Elderly Japanese: the Ohsaki Cohort 2006 Study.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2021 Apr 10. Epub 2021 Apr 10.

Division of Epidemiology, Department of Health Informatics and Public Health, Tohoku University School of Public Health, Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan.

Background: Our study examined the association between social participation and healthy aging using a community-based cohort study among Japanese elderly.

Methods: This prospective study was conducted in Ohsaki City, Japan, and included 7,226 subjects aged ≥65 years at the baseline survey in 2006. We obtained information on frequency of participation in three types of community activities (i. Read More

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Does a peer social support group intervention using the cares skills framework improve emotional expression and emotion-focused coping in paramedic students?

Australas Emerg Care 2021 Apr 6. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Flinders University, Sturt Rd, Bedford Park, SA, 5042, Australia. Electronic address:

There is growing concern for the health and wellbeing of paramedic students who are required to undertake work integrated learning (WIL) in the ambulance setting to become a registered paramedic. Paramedic culture, barriers to help seeking, and difficulty in accessing peer support is limiting their ability to express emotions and cope with workplace stress. This study aimed to examine whether participation in a peer social support group, using the CARES skills framework, changed paramedic students' emotional expression and emotion-focused coping. Read More

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Practice theoretical approach on the reasons why target group women refrain from taking breast cancer screening.

Patient Educ Couns 2021 Mar 27. Epub 2021 Mar 27.

Tallinn Health Care College, Health Education Center, Kännu 67, 13418 Tallinn, Estonia. Electronic address:

Objective: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Despite the availability of effective breast cancer screening programmes, there are only six countries in the European Union reaching the recommended target rate of 70% screened. In addition to the individual reasons for refraining from breast cancer screening, this research aims to follow earlier suggestions to use a practice theoretical approach. Read More

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Under consent: participation of people with HIV in an Ebola vaccine trial in Canada.

BMC Med Ethics 2021 Apr 9;22(1):42. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases), Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, B3H 4H7, Canada.

Background: Little is known about volunteers from Northern research settings who participate in vaccine trials of highly infectious diseases with no approved treatments. This article explores the motivations of HIV immunocompromised study participants in Canada who volunteered in a Phase II clinical trial that evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of an Ebola vaccine candidate.

Methods: Observation at the clinical study site and semi-structured interviews employing situational and discursive analysis were conducted with clinical trial participants and staff over one year. Read More

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Is the "Brainwork Intervention" effective in reducing sick leave for non-permanent workers with psychological problems? Results of a controlled clinical trial.

BMC Public Health 2021 Apr 9;21(1):698. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, Coronel Institute of Occupational Health/Research Center for Insurance Medicine, Amsterdam Public Health research institute, PO Box 22700, 1100 DE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Background: Both the presence of psychological problems and the absence of an employment contract are related to long-term sickness absence, prolonged work disability and unemployment. Studies researching the effectiveness of return-to-work interventions on these non-permanent workers, including unemployed and temporary agency workers and workers with an expired fixed-term contract, are lagging behind. Therefore, a return-to-work intervention called "Brainwork" was developed. Read More

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Adolescents who are overweight or obese - the relevance of a social network to engaging in physical activity: a qualitative study.

BMC Public Health 2021 Apr 9;21(1):701. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Faculty of Arts and Physical Education, Department of Physical Education, Volda University College, Volda, Norway.

Background: Increased level of physical activity (PA) is one of the approaches offered by school health services in Norway for the prevention and treatment of children and adolescents with overweight and obesity. Research has found that young people with overweight and obesity tend to participate in less physical activity than youth of healthier weight. They also tend to perceive several barriers to PA at the environmental, interpersonal, and individual levels. Read More

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Person-centred care in osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis: a scoping review of people's needs outside of healthcare.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord 2021 Apr 9;22(1):341. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Background: Arthritis, regardless of cause, has significant physical, social and psychological impacts on patients. We aimed to identify the non-healthcare needs perceived by patients with inflammatory arthritis (IA) and osteoarthritis (OA), and to determine if these differ.

Methods: We electronically searched MEDLINE, PsycINFO, EMBASE and CINAHL (1990-2020) systematically to identify non-healthcare-related needs of people with IA or OA. Read More

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Twelve tips for conducting team-based learning session online in synchronous setting.

Med Teach 2021 Apr 9:1-8. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Professor of Medical Education (Retired), Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Introduction: COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the educators to creatively develop teaching and assessment methods that can work effectively and efficiently while maintaining the social distancing and avoiding the gatherings of the classrooms and examination halls. Online approach has emerged as an effective alternate for classroom teaching.

Aim: To equip faculty with tools to conduct TBL session online, synchronously, effectively and efficiently. Read More

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Focusing climate negotiations on a uniform common commitment can promote cooperation.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021 Mar 8;118(11). Epub 2021 Mar 8.

Department of Economics, University of Cologne, 50923 Cologne, Germany.

International cooperation on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, disarmament, or free trade needs to be negotiated. The success of such negotiations depends on how they are designed. In the context of international climate change policy, it has been proposed [e. Read More

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The hybridity of waste management: An in-depth exploratory case study from the Znojmo municipality.

Waste Manag 2021 Apr 6;126:433-442. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

In the Western hemisphere, the hybridity of public service delivery is widely acknowledged to generate governance challenges arising from the mutual contestation of the competing institutional logics, such as those of the public and the private for-profit sector. The present paper explores these challenges by means of an in-depth qualitative case study of the waste management service delivery in the municipality of Znojmo, Czech Republic. Encompassing structured interviews of stakeholders and desk research, the case study was aimed at understanding the strengths and weaknesses of waste management hybridity, as well as the impact of hybridity on the relationship between innovativeness and accountability. Read More

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Evaluating associations between fitspiration and thinspiration content on Instagram and disordered-eating behaviors using ecological momentary assessment: A registered report.

Int J Eat Disord 2021 Apr 9. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Research Design and Analysis Unit, Lifespan Institute, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Introduction: Greater use of appearance-focused social media, such as Instagram, is associated with increased body dissatisfaction and eating disorder (ED) symptoms; however, questions remain about the mechanism connecting social media use to disordered-eating behaviors (DEBs). The proposed study evaluates how and for whom exposure to fitspiration or thinspiration on Instagram is associated with DEBs.

Methods: We will evaluate a hypothesized pathway from Instagram use to disordered-eating mediated by negative affect. Read More

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Relations among positivity, positive affect in school, and learning flow in elementary school students: A longitudinal mediation model.

Br J Educ Psychol 2021 Apr 9:e12418. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

School of Psychology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.

Background: Learning flow is an optimal learning experience representing full engagement in one's studies. The belief-affect-engagement model and control-value theory suggest that positivity would be a motivator of learning flow, while positive affect in school would be a mediator of the relation between positivity and learning flow.

Aims: The current research aimed to examine (1) the longitudinal relations among positivity, positive affect in school, and learning flow, and (2) the mediational role of positive affect in school between positivity and learning flow. Read More

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Psychometric evaluation of a patient-reported item bank for healthcare engagement.

Qual Life Res 2021 Apr 9. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

National Center for PTSD, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Menlo Park, USA.

Purpose: Healthcare engagement is a core measurement target for efforts to improve healthcare systems. This construct is broadly defined as the extent to which healthcare services represent collaborative partnerships with patients. Previous qualitative work operationalized healthcare engagement as generalized self-efficacy in four related subdomains: self-management, collaborative communication, health information use, and healthcare navigation. Read More

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Teaching Medical Students to Help Patients Manage Their Weight: Outcomes of an Eight-School Randomized Controlled Trial.

J Gen Intern Med 2021 Apr 9. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Background: Given the rising rates of obesity there is a pressing need for medical schools to better prepare students for intervening with patients who have overweight or obesity and for prevention efforts.

Objective: To assess the effect of a multi-modal weight management curriculum on counseling skills for health behavior change.

Design: A pair-matched, group-randomized controlled trial (2015-2020) included students enrolled in eight U. Read More

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Harnessing Social Media in the Modelling of Pandemics-Challenges and Opportunities.

Bull Math Biol 2021 Apr 9;83(5):57. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

The University of The West Indies Open Campus, Bridgetown, Barbados.

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world without a straightforward treatment or widespread vaccine coverage in the near future, mathematical models of disease spread and of the potential impact of mitigation measures have been thrust into the limelight. With their popularity and ability to disseminate information relatively freely and rapidly, information from social media platforms offers a user-generated, spontaneous insight into users' minds that may capture beliefs, opinions, attitudes, intentions and behaviour towards outbreaks of infectious disease not obtainable elsewhere. The interactive, immersive nature of social media may reveal emergent behaviour that does not occur in engagement with traditional mass media or conventional surveys. Read More

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Transition Planning from Jail; Treatment Engagement, Continuity of Care, and Rearrest.

Community Ment Health J 2021 Apr 9. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Center for Behavioral Health and Justice, School of Social Work, Wayne State University, 5447 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI, 48202, USA.

Mental illness is experienced at a higher rate among incarcerated individuals than the general population. This study is one of the first assessing the association of a jail-based mental health (MH) transition planning program with continuity of care (CoC) (defined as no gap in treatment upon reentry), behavioral health treatment engagement, and rearrest. A one group pre-posttest design merged three data sources: program, community-based MH treatment, and jail data. Read More

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Use of Social Network Analysis to Identify Popular Opinion Leaders for a Youth-Led Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative.

Violence Against Women 2021 Apr 9:1077801221994907. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

In the current article, we describe an innovative sexual violence (SV) prevention initiative that used social network analysis to identify youth and adult popular opinion leaders who were subsequently trained in best practices in SV prevention (e.g., bystander intervention) at a kickoff event (i. Read More

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Yoga complements cognitive behaviour therapy as an adjunct treatment for anxiety and depression: Qualitative findings from a mixed-methods study.

Psychol Psychother 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria, Australia.

Objectives: Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is recommended for treating anxiety and depression, demonstrating good efficacy and moderate rates of engagement. To further improve outcomes and access to evidence-based treatments, researchers have sought to enhance CBT protocols with mindfulness-based approaches, such as yoga. This study aimed to examine whether yoga is an acceptable and complementary adjunct to CBT through exploring the lived experiences of adults with anxiety and depression who engaged in an adjunct therapeutic yoga programme alongside group CBT. Read More

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Who avoids being involved in personal carbon trading? An investigation based on the urban residents in eastern China.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Centre for Energy Economics and Management Research, School of Management, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an, 710054, China.

Personal carbon trading scheme has been pulled into the public eye with the increasing urgency of downstream carbon emission reduction, and its feasibility largely depends on public acceptability. This study established a hierarchical framework for urban residents' approach-avoidance responses to personal carbon trading; adopted Likert scale and manikin task methods to assess the current states of residents' responses by investigating 1892 respondents in eastern China; employed one-way analysis of variance to identify the demographic differences of their responses; and used regression analysis to explore the influences of psychological factors on their responses. The findings showed that urban residents' responses to personal carbon trading scheme and participation could be classified into five response hierarchies: deep avoidance, shallow avoidance, uncertain, shallow approach, and deep approach. Read More

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Educational Assortative Mating in Sub-Saharan Africa: Compositional Changes and Implications for Household Wealth Inequality.

Demography 2021 Apr;58(2):571-602

Department of Sociology and Centre on Population Dynamics (CPD), McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is undergoing rapid transformations in the realm of union formation in tandem with significant educational expansion and rising labor force participation rates. Concurrently, the region remains the least developed and most unequal along multiple dimensions of human and social development. In spite of this unique scenario, never has the social stratification literature examined patterns and implications of educational assortative mating for inequality in SSA. Read More

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Hardship Among Immigrants and the Native-born in the United States.

John Iceland

Demography 2021 Apr;58(2):655-684

Department of Sociology, Penn State University, University Park, PA, USA.

This study examines the prevalence of several types of hardship (e.g., bill paying and housing hardships) among immigrants by race and ethnicity in the United States using data from the 2008 and 2014 panels of the Survey of Income and Program Participation and logistic regressions. Read More

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[Sustainability of the Healthy Municipalities strategy in GuatemalaSustentabilidade da estratégia de Municípios Saudáveis na Guatemala].

Rev Panam Salud Publica 2021 6;45:e37. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública Morelos México Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Morelos, México.

Objective: Evaluate the sustainability of the Healthy Municipalities strategy in Guatemala in order to have solid evidence to support decision-making.

Methods: A concurrent mixed-methods study was carried out in five phases: 1) theoretical-conceptual (based on a narrative review of the literature on sustainability, dimensions and categories were proposed for evaluation); (2) empirical (four municipalities were selected for convenience and 29 semi-structured interviews and four focus groups were conducted with key actors to explore sustainability; with this information, a score was assigned to each category and dimension); (3) analytical, by category and dimension (content analysis was performed for qualitative information, and totals and averages were calculated for quantitative information); (4) integrative (qualitative data were integrated into matrices by category and dimension, and quantitative data were supported by qualitative information); and 5) meta-inference (consideration was given to the context and its influence on the results).

Results: Ninety-two (92) informants participated. Read More

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Patient and Public Involvement for Dementia Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Developing Capacity and Capability in South Asia.

Front Neurol 2021 23;12:637000. Epub 2021 Mar 23.

School of Medicine, Global Brain Health Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Patient and public involvement (PPI) is an active partnership between the public and researchers in the research process. In dementia research, PPI ensures that the perspectives of the person with "lived experience" of dementia are considered. To date, in many lower- and middle-income countries (LMIC), where dementia research is still developing, PPI is not well-known nor regularly undertaken. Read More

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When sexting conflicts with child sexual abuse material: the legal and social consequences for children.

Psychiatr Psychol Law 2020 21;27(5):815-830. Epub 2020 Apr 21.

Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit, School of Law and Criminology, USC Australia, Maroochydore, Australia.

When children participate in online sexual behaviour, such as 'sexting', there can be a range of legal and social consequences. Criminal law in Australia does not consistently address sexting, which means that in some jurisdictions, children who participate in sexting can be liable for offences related to child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Children who are 16 or 17 years old have reached the age to consent to sexual activity, yet the law, in many jurisdictions, does not allow them to participate in sexting. Read More

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Identifying Opportunities to Promote Physical Activity in a Diverse Low-Income Population: A Mixed-Method Study at a Boys & Girls Club Site.

Child Youth Care Forum 2020 Apr 12;49(2):171-200. Epub 2019 Sep 12.

Mayo Clinic.

Background: Prevalence and consequences of obesity and sedentary lifestyle are well-documented public health concerns for youth in the United State of America (U.S.A) that disproportionally affect children from low income and minority families. Read More

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Principles and strategies for aisles communities empowerment in creating Makassar Healthy City, Indonesia.

Gac Sanit 2021 ;35 Suppl 1:S46-S48

Department of Health Administration, Head of Healthy City Research Center Yonsei University, Republic of Korea.

Objective: To discuss the characteristics of the aisles communities and to identify the principles and strategies for empowering alley communities in realizing the Makassar Healthy City.

Method: The method used in this research was a qualitative method. Data collection was carried out through an extensive literature review, FGD, and in-depth interviews. Read More

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January 2021

Adapting and adopting highly specialized pediatric eating disorder treatment to virtual care: a protocol for an implementation study in the COVID-19 context.

Implement Sci Commun 2021 Apr 8;2(1):38. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Stanford University, 401 Quarry Rd, Stanford, California, USA.

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted individuals with eating disorders; resulting in increased symptoms, as well as feelings of isolation and anxiety. To conform with social distancing requirements, outpatient eating disorder treatment in Canada is being delivered virtually, but a lack of direction surrounding this change creates challenges for practitioners, patients, and families. As a result, there is an urgent need to not only adapt evidence-based care, including family-based treatment (FBT), to virtual formats, but to study its implementation in eating disorder programs. Read More

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