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The first virtual patient-specific thrombectomy procedure.

J Biomech 2021 Jul 10;126:110622. Epub 2021 Jul 10.

Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS), Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta", Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. Electronic address:

Treatment of acute ischemic stroke has been recently improved with the introduction of endovascular mechanical thrombectomy, a minimally invasive procedure able to remove a clot using aspiration devices and/or stent-retrievers. Despite the promising and encouraging results, improvements to the procedure and to the stent design are the focus of the recent efforts. Computational studies can pave the road to these improvements, providing their ability to describe and accurately reproduce a real procedure. Read More

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Limb development in skeletally-immature large-sized dogs: A radiographic study.

PLoS One 2021 23;16(7):e0254788. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

Despite the extreme morphological variability of the canine species, data on limb development are limited and the time windows for the appearance of the limb ossification centres (OCs) reported in veterinary textbooks, considered universally valid for all dogs, are based on dated studies. The aim of this study was to acquire up-to-date information regarding the arm, forearm and leg bone development in skeletally-immature large-sized dogs from 6 weeks to 16 weeks of age. Nine litters of 5 large-sized breeds (Boxer, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Saarloos Wolfdog, White Swiss Shepherd Dog) were included, for a total of 54 dogs, which were subject to radiographic examination on a bi-weekly basis. Read More

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Combined Approach to Stroke Thrombectomy Using a Novel Short Flexible Aspiration Catheter with a Stent Retriever : Preliminary Clinical Experience.

Clin Neuroradiol 2021 Jul 20. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

IDI-Radiology, University Hospital Dr Josep Trueta, Girona, Spain.

Background: Large-bore aspiration catheters enabling greater flow rates and suction force for mechanical thrombectomy might improve outcomes in patients with stroke secondary to large-vessel occlusion. Complete or near-complete reperfusion after a single thrombectomy pass (first-pass effect) is associated with improved clinical outcomes. We assessed the efficacy and safety of novel MIVI Q™ aspiration catheters in combination with stent-retriever devices. Read More

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Comparison of balloon guide catheters and standard guide catheters for acute ischemic stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

World Neurosurg 2021 Jul 16. Epub 2021 Jul 16.

Nested Knowledge, Inc, 1430 Avon St N, St. Paul, MN, USA; Superior Medical Experts, 1430 Avon St N, St. Paul, MN, USA; Duke University Law School, Durham, NC, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Balloon guide catheters (BGC) are designed to induce flow arrest during mechanical thrombectomy (MT) procedures for acute ischemic stroke due to large vessel occlusion, and have been associated with improved clinical and angiographic outcomes. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating the relative technical and clinical outcomes associated with BGC vs. non-BGC approaches. Read More

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First-Pass Reperfusion by Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute M1 Occlusion: The Size of Retriever Matters.

Front Neurol 2021 22;12:679402. Epub 2021 Jun 22.

Neuroradiologische Klinik, Klinikum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany.

Single-pass complete reperfusion using stent retrievers has been shown to improve functional outcome in patients with large vessel occlusion strokes. The aim of this study was to investigate the optimal size of stent retrievers to achieve one-pass complete reperfusion by mechanical thrombectomy. The study evaluated the results of aspiration-assisted mechanical thrombectomy of acute isolated occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in the M1 segment with a novel 5 × 40-mm stent retriever compared to the usual 4 × 20-mm device. Read More

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Disorder predispositions and protections of Labrador Retrievers in the UK.

Sci Rep 2021 Jul 14;11(1):13988. Epub 2021 Jul 14.

Pathobiology and Population Sciences, The Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms, Hatfield, AL9 7TA, Herts, UK.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, therefore it is important to have reliable evidence on the general health issues of the breed. Using anonymised veterinary clinical data from the VetCompass Programme, this study aimed to explore the relative risk to common disorders in the Labrador Retriever. The clinical records of a random sample of dogs were reviewed to extract the most definitive diagnoses for all disorders recorded during 2016. Read More

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CT morphology of anomalous systemic arterial supply to normal lung in dogs.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2021 Jul 11. Epub 2021 Jul 11.

Laboratory of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Graduate school of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Anomalous systemic arterial supply to the normal lung (ASANL) is a rare congenital anomaly in humans, in which the systemic arteries supply the basal segments of the lower lobe. It has a normal bronchial connection, but lacks a normal pulmonary artery. This anomaly has not been previously reported in the veterinary literature. Read More

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Endoscopic management of high-grade biliary strictures complicating living donor liver transplantation using soehendra stent retrievers.

Scand J Gastroenterol 2021 Jul 9:1-6. Epub 2021 Jul 9.

Department of Gastroenterology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India.

Background: Biliary strictures following living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) are usually managed by endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) with stricture dilation and stent placement. While current endoscopic techniques are successful in most cases, high-grade biliary strictures (HGBS) pose a challenge using currently employed techniques which have a low rate of technical success.

Aims: In this study, we have explored the safety and efficacy of Soehendra stent retrievers (SSR) for the dilation of HGBS complicating LDLT. Read More

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The diagnostic yield of advanced imaging in dogs with Horner's syndrome presenting with and without additional clinical signs: A retrospective study of 120 cases (2000-2018).

Vet Ophthalmol 2021 Jul 7. Epub 2021 Jul 7.

Davies Veterinary Specialists, Higham Gobion, Hertfordshire, UK.

Purpose: To evaluate the diagnostic yield of advanced imaging in dogs with Horner's syndrome (HS) both with and without additional clinical signs.

Methods: Retrospective review of clinical records from a UK referral hospital (2000-2018). Cases were excluded if HS was trauma- or surgery-related and if no advanced imaging with MRI or CT was performed. Read More

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Device size selection can enhance Y-stentrieving efficacy and safety as a rescue strategy in stroke thrombectomy.

J Neurointerv Surg 2021 Jul 7. Epub 2021 Jul 7.

Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center, Grady Memorial Hospital, and the Department of Neurology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Background: Despite advancements in stroke treatment, refractory clots are relatively common, prompting the exploration of alternative techniques. Bifurcation occlusions pose specific intraprocedural challenges, occasionally dealt with by two stentrievers deployed in Y-configuration. Previous studies have portrayed this strategy as feasible, yet little is known about its safety and efficacy, and how to best select retrievers. Read More

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Mechanical thrombectomy beyond the circle of Willis: efficacy and safety of different techniques for M2 occlusions.

J Neurointerv Surg 2021 Jul 5. Epub 2021 Jul 5.

Department of Neurosurgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Background: M2 segment occlusions represent approximately one-third of non-lacunar ischemic stroke and can lead to permanent neurological deficits. Various techniques are available for mechanical thrombectomy beyond the circle of Willis, but data evaluating their effectiveness and safety are lacking.

Methods: A retrospective review of patients with ischemic stroke undergoing mechanical thrombectomy for M2 occlusions from 13 centers in North American and Europe was performed. Read More

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Adaptations Supporting Plasma Methionine on a Limited-Methionine, High-Cystine Diet Alter the Canine Plasma Metabolome Consistent with Interventions that Extend Life Span in Other Species.

J Nutr 2021 Jul 5. Epub 2021 Jul 5.

WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Background: Using indicator amino acid oxidation methodology, the mean dietary requirement of adult dogs for methionine (Met) was estimated to be ∼66% of the current recommended allowance. Dogs fed a diet formulated to provide the estimated mean Met requirement for 32 wk maintained plasma Met, seemingly supported by betaine oxidation.

Objective: To gain a better understanding of the metabolic changes that were associated with supporting plasma Met when dogs were fed a limited Met diet over 32 wk, we analyzed plasma samples taken from that study using a data-driven metabolomics approach. Read More

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Visual system pathology in a canine model of CLN5 neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.

Exp Eye Res 2021 Jun 30;210:108686. Epub 2021 Jun 30.

Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Laboratory, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 65212, USA. Electronic address:

CLN5 neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis is a hereditary neurodegenerative disease characterized by progressive neurological decline, vision loss and seizures. Visual impairment in children with CLN5 disease is attributed to a progressive decline in retinal function accompanied by retinal degeneration as well as impaired central nervous system function associated with global brain atrophy. We studied visual system pathology in five Golden Retriever littermates homozygous for the CLN5 disease allele previously identified in the breed. Read More

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Comparison of effectiveness and outcomes among different thrombectomy techniques in acute basilar artery occlusion: a dual-center experience.

Neurosurg Focus 2021 Jul;51(1):E8

Departments of1Neurosurgery.

Objective: Acute basilar artery occlusion (BAO) is a rare large-vessel occlusion associated with high morbidity and mortality. Modern thrombectomy with stent retrievers and large-bore aspiration catheters is highly effective in achieving recanalization, but a direct comparison of different techniques for acute BAO has not been performed. Therefore, the authors sought to compare the technical effectiveness and clinical outcomes of stent retriever-assisted aspiration (SRA), aspiration alone (AA), and a stent retriever with or without manual aspiration (SR) for treatment of patients presenting with acute BAO and to evaluate predictors of clinical outcome in their cohort. Read More

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Hybrid trauma service: on the leading edge of damage Control.

Colomb Med (Cali) 2021 May 5;52(2):e4014686. Epub 2021 May 5.

Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital, Department of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, Yokohama, Japan.

Trauma damage control seeks to limit life-threatening bleeding. Sequential diagnostic and therapeutic approaches are the current standard. Hybrid Room have reduced hemostasis time by integrating different specialties and technologies. Read More

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Analysis of 565 thrombectomies for anterior circulation stroke: A Brazilian registry.

Interv Neuroradiol 2021 Jun 18:15910199211026995. Epub 2021 Jun 18.

Division of Interventional Neuroradiology, Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

Introduction: The benefits of mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of patients with acute stroke due to large vessel occlusions (LVOs) have been extensively demonstrated by randomized trials and registries in developed countries. However, data on thrombectomy outside controlled trials are scarce in developing countries. The aim of this study was to assess the safety and efficacy, and to investigate the predictors for good and poor outcomes of thrombectomy for treatment of AIS due to anterior circulation LVOs in Brazil. Read More

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Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK: an epidemiological study.

J Small Anim Pract 2021 Jun 16. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Specialistische Dierenkliniek Utrecht Anicura, Middenwetering 19, Utrecht, 3543AR, The Netherlands.

Objectives: To estimate the frequency and breed-related risk factors for keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) in dogs under UK primary veterinary care.

Methods: Analysis of cohort electronic patient record data through the VetCompass Programme. Risk factor analysis used multivariable logistic regression. Read More

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Rescue Maneuver of Migrated Coil Using the ERIC Device after Previous Attempts with Conventional Stentrievers.

Neurointervention 2021 Jul 16;16(2):158-164. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Interventional Neuroradiology/Endovascular Neurosurgery, Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain.

Coil prolapse or migration is a rare but potentially serious complication that may occur during aneurysm embolization, with no standard management currently described. Here we describe our experience with the Embolus Retriever with Interlinked Cages (ERIC) device® (Microvention, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA) for the retrieval of prolapsed or migrated coils in a case series and Flow-Model analysis. First, a retrospective review was performed using our institution database for patients in which coil prolapse or migration occurred during aneurysm embolization, and data was collected and analyzed. Read More

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Undenatured type II collagen mitigates inflammation and cartilage degeneration in healthy Labrador Retrievers during an exercise regimen.

Transl Anim Sci 2021 Apr 10;5(2):txab084. Epub 2021 May 10.

Four Rivers Kennel, LLC, Walker, MO 64790, USA.

The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of undenatured type II collagen supplementation on inflammation and cartilage degeneration after exercise in healthy dogs. Forty healthy Labrador Retrievers (20 male/20 female; range 5-12 yr; average 8 yr) were sorted into two groups: undenatured type II collagen group receiving 40 mg UC-II (10 mg collagen type II/min. 3% undenatured type II collagen; Lonza Consumer Health, Inc. Read More

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Atherosclerotic Components in Thrombi Retrieved by Thrombectomy for Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion Due to Large Artery Atherosclerosis: A Case Report.

Front Neurol 2021 28;12:670610. Epub 2021 May 28.

Department of Cerebrovascular Medicine, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Japan.

The correlation between the composition of thrombi retrieved by mechanical thrombectomy (MT) and stroke etiology is inconclusive. We describe a case with atherosclerotic components in thrombi retrieved by MT for acute internal carotid artery (ICA) occlusion. A 69-year-old man with acute onset of global aphasia and right hemiplegia was transferred to our institute. Read More

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A survey on the prevalence of diarrhea in a Portuguese population of police working dogs.

BMC Vet Res 2021 Jun 7;17(1):211. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

Divisão de Medicina Veterinária, Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), Rua Presidente Arriaga, 9, 1200-771, Lisbon, Portugal.

Background: Diarrhea is considered the most common clinical sign of chronic gastrointestinal disease in dogs and affects a considerable portion of working and sporting dogs. We aimed to determine the prevalence of diarrhea in police working dogs and evaluate the relationship between feeding, activity level, and animal characteristics with clinical signs. In an observational, prospective study, information on 188 dogs was collected. Read More

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Blind Exchange With Mini-Pinning Technique Using the Tron Stent Retriever for Middle Cerebral Artery M2 Occlusion Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Front Neurol 2021 19;12:667835. Epub 2021 May 19.

Department of Cerebrovascular Medicine, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Japan.

The usefulness of the blind exchange with mini-pinning (BEMP) technique has recently been reported for mechanical thrombectomy in patients with stroke owing to medium vessel occlusion (MeVO). The Tron stent retriever can be delivered and deployed through a 0.0165-inch microcatheter. Read More

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Failure modes and effects analysis of mechanical thrombectomy for stroke discovered in human brains.

J Neurosurg 2021 Jun 4:1-8. Epub 2021 Jun 4.

3Neurosurgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Objective: Despite advancement of thrombectomy technologies for large-vessel occlusion (LVO) stroke and increased user experience, complete recanalization rates linger around 50%, and one-third of patients who have undergone successful recanalization still experience poor neurological outcomes. To enhance the understanding of the biomechanics and failure modes, the authors conducted an experimental analysis of the interaction of emboli/artery/devices in the first human brain test platform for LVO stroke described to date.

Methods: In 12 fresh human brains, 105 LVOs were recreated by embolizing engineered emboli analogs and recanalization was attempted using aspiration catheters and/or stent retrievers. Read More

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Estimation of energy expenditure using the oral C-bicarbonate technique in privately owned adult and senior dogs of three different body sizes.

J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl) 2021 May 31. Epub 2021 May 31.

Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg C, Denmark.

Knowledge about energy requirements (ER) of dogs is important in order to provide dogs with an appropriate energy supply. In this study, the oral C-bicarbonate technique (o CBT) was used to estimate energy expenditure (EE) in 50 privately owned dogs of different body sizes (small: Danish-Swedish Farmdog (DSF, n = 16), medium: Beagle (n = 15), large: Labrador Retriever (n = 19)), of different ages (adult: 2-7 years (n = 33), senior: ≥8 years (n = 17)). The aim was to evaluate the feasibility of the method in the field and to get more information about ER of dogs. Read More

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Peripheral markers of oxidative stress in Labrador retrievers with copper-associated hepatitis.

J Small Anim Pract 2021 May 24. Epub 2021 May 24.

From the Departments of Small Animal Clinical Sciences (Vincent, Langlois) and Large Animal Clinical Sciences (Sordillo, Gandy, Brown), and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (Smedley), College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA.

Objectives: To evaluate biomarkers of oxidative stress in dogs with copper-associated hepatitis (CAH) as compared with healthy controls, and to evaluate if these markers correlate with hepatic copper concentrations and hepatic histopathologic features.

Materials And Methods: Prospective study. Plasma reactive metabolite concentrations, plasma antioxidant potential, and plasma and urine isoprostane concentrations were determined in Labrador retrievers with copper-associated hepatitis (n=9) as well as in breed- and sex-matched (n=9) and age- and sex-matched (n=9) healthy control populations. Read More

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An investigation on the relevance of prolactin, insulin-like growth factor-1 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD ) in canine benign prostatic hyperplasia in a predisposed breed model.

Vet Med Sci 2021 May 20. Epub 2021 May 20.

Unit of Reproductive Medicine - Small Animal Clinic, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Hannover, Germany.

Serum concentrations of prolactin (PRL), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD ) were analysed to investigate their possible involvement in the pathogenesis of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). For this, dogs of the Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR) breed were used because of a verified breed disposition for the development of BPH. Labrador Retrievers (LR) served as controls. Read More

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Cutaneous microRNA expression in healthy Labrador and Golden retrievers and retrievers with allergic and inflammatory skin diseases.

Vet Dermatol 2021 Aug 19;32(4):331-e92. Epub 2021 May 19.

Clinic of Small Animal Medicine, Centre for Clinical Veterinary Medicine, LMU Munich, Veterinaerstr. 13, 80539, Munich, Germany.

Background: MicroRNAs (miRNA) are short, single-stranded RNA molecules that regulate gene expression in a post-transcriptional manner. Their expression is proposed to be tissue-specific and alterations in miRNA expression have been detected in many diseases.

Objective: To compare miRNA expression in the skin of healthy Labrador and golden retrievers, and those with allergic and nonallergic dermatitis. Read More

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Clot-based radiomics features predict first pass effect in acute ischemic stroke.

Interv Neuroradiol 2021 May 18:15910199211019176. Epub 2021 May 18.

Department of Radiology, Health Sciences University, Tepecik Educational and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey.

Purpose: Our aim was to evaluate the performance of clot-based radiomics features (RFs) for predicting first pass effect (FPE) in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS). The secondary purpose was to search for any other variables associated with FPE.

Materials And Methods: Patients who underwent mechanical thrombectomy (MT) for anterior circulation large vessel stroke in a single center were retrospectively reviewed. Read More

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Effect of doxepin on quality of life in Labradors with laryngeal paralysis: A double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

J Vet Intern Med 2021 Jul 17;35(4):1943-1949. Epub 2021 May 17.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Houston, Texas, USA.

Background: Laryngeal paralysis commonly affects older Labrador retrievers. Currently, dogs with severe disease require surgical intervention, most commonly arytenoid lateralization. Anecdotally, doxepin has been proposed to help dogs with laryngeal paralysis. Read More

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