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Guided Bilateral Transcanine Implant Placement and Implant-Supported Oral Rehabilitation in a Patient with Progressive Systemic Scleroderma.

Case Rep Dent 2021 13;2021:5576595. Epub 2021 Jul 13.

Department of Oral Surgery, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

When faced with a situation where an impacted tooth is in the way of a planned implant, one approach to avoid an invasive surgical procedure and potential associated complications is to place a transcanine implant. The aim of this report was to add a new case of a transimpacted tooth dental implant placement to the existing international literature and to share our experience of transcanine implantation in the maxilla followed by implant prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with progressive systemic scleroderma. A 55-year-old woman attended our office for oral cavity assessment and treatment planning for complete oral rehabilitation. Read More

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Creation of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Faculty Development for Educators 'Nuts and Bolts' Teaching Aids.

Acad Pediatr 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine and the Center for Research, Innovation and Scholarship in Medical Education at Texas Children's Hospital. Houston, TX.

Faculty development (FD) continues to be a great need and challenge for faculty engaged in graduate medical education (GME) and such educator development should ultimately benefit learners in GME programs. As a Task Force within the APPD FD Learning Community, our Educator subcommittee utilized multiple needs assessments to develop a novel educator development program called the APPD FD for Educators Nuts and Bolts (Nuts & Bolts) consisting of 1-2 page FD teaching aids. This paper outlines the development of these teaching aids and can be used as a reference for developing future Nuts & Bolts teaching aids. Read More

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Large chromosomal segment deletions by CRISPR/LbCpf1-mediated multiplex gene editing in soybean.

J Integr Plant Biol 2021 Jul 31. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

Department of Plant Pathology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China.

The creation of new soybean varieties has been limited by genomic duplication and redundancy. Efficient multiplex gene editing and large chromosomal segment deletion through CRISPR/Cas systems are promising strategies for overcoming these obstacles. CRISPR/Cpf1 is a robust tool for multiplex gene editing. Read More

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Addressing Gender Inequities: Creation of a Multi-Institutional Consortium of Women Physicians in Academic Emergency Medicine.

Acad Emerg Med 2021 Jul 31. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

Department of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA.

Gender inequity is pervasive in medicine, including emergency medicine (EM), and is well documented in workforce representation, leadership, financial compensation, and resource allocation. The reasons for gender inequities in medicine, including academic EM, are multi-factorial and include disadvantageous institutional parental, family, and promotion policies, workplace environment and culture, implicit biases, and a paucity of women physician leader role models, mentors, and sponsors. To address some of the challenges of gender inequities and career advancement for women in academic EM, we established an innovative, peer-driven, multi-institutional consortium of women EM faculty employed at 4 distinct hospitals affiliated with one medical school. Read More

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Family Genomoviridae: 2021 taxonomy update.

Arch Virol 2021 Jul 31. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

Archaeal Virology Unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.

The family Genomoviridae (phylum Cressdnaviricota, class Repensiviricetes, order Geplafuvirales) includes viruses with circular single-stranded DNA genomes encoding two proteins, the capsid protein and the rolling-circle replication initiation protein. The genomes of the vast majority of members in this family have been sequenced directly from diverse environmental or animal- and plant-associated samples, but two genomoviruses have been identified infecting fungi. Since the last taxonomic update of the Genomoviridae, a number of new members of this family have been sequenced. Read More

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Assessing pharmacy students drug information skills and perceptions using the critically appraised topic approach.

Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2021 Sep 19;13(9):1210-1214. Epub 2021 Jun 19.

Preston Medical Library, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, 1924 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920, United States. Electronic address:

Background And Purpose: Competence in drug information (DI) skills fosters the application of evidence-based medicine (EBM) principles. However, concern exists about whether there is adequate DI preparation in curricula. This report describes the development, implementation, and evaluation of a team project utilizing the critically appraised topic (CAT) approach in a DI course. Read More

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September 2021

Creation of a vascular inducing device using mesenchymal stem cells to induce angiogenesis.

J Biosci Bioeng 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Edmond J. Safra Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem 91904, Israel. Electronic address:

Conventional treatments of peripheral vascular disease and coronary artery disease have partial success but are still limited. Methods to deliver angiogenic factors into ischemic areas using gene, protein and cell therapies are faced with difficult issues such a delivery, effective concentration and duration of action. Tissue engineering offers the possibility of creating a functional self-contained three-dimensional (3D) unit that works as a coordinated biological pump that can secrete a whole range of angiogenic factors. Read More

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Patient Involvement During a Pathway of Home-Based Reablement for Older Persons: A Longitudinal Single-Case Study.

J Multidiscip Healthc 2021 22;14:1911-1921. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, Nord University, Campus Levanger, Levanger, Norway.

Background: In recent years, home-based reablement has become an increasingly popular way to provide rehabilitation services. This health care service aims to enable older persons to live longer at home while reducing the need for institutionalization. To ensure the provision of high-quality services, there is a continual need for research on issues of user involvement and co-creation during the pathway of the reablement process. Read More

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[What academic training for pharmacy students for clinical pharmacy? Example of shared medication report].

Ann Pharm Fr 2021 Jul 24. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

Pôle Pharmaceutique, CHU de Besançon, 3 bd Fleming, 25030 Besançon Cedex, France; INSERM, EFS BFC, UMR1098, RIGHT Interactions Greffon- Hôte-Tumeur/Ingénierie Cellulaire et Génique, Université Bourgogne Franche Comté, 25030 Besançon Cedex, France.

Objectives: In 2018, the implementation of shared medication reports in pharmacy encourages pharmacists to cooperate with other healthcare professionals. This job allows a decrease of medication errors in elderly. This requires a reorganization of the training offered by universities (initial and continuing training). Read More

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Deep Brain Stimulation of Caudal Zona Incerta for Parkinson's Disease: One-Year Follow-Up and Electric Field Simulations.

Neuromodulation 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Department of Clinical Science, Neuroscience, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.

Objective: To evaluate the effects of bilateral caudal zona incerta (cZi) deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's disease (PD) one year after surgery and to create anatomical improvement maps based on patient-specific simulation of the electric field.

Materials And Methods: We report the one-year results of bilateral cZi-DBS in 15 patients with PD. Patients were evaluated on/off medication and stimulation using the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). Read More

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Combined utility of one lung ventilation and artificial pneumothorax in thermal ablation of hepatic dome tumor: a technical note.

Diagn Interv Radiol 2021 Jul;27(4):564-566

Department of Anesthesiology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.

Radiofrequency ablation and microwave ablation are established treatment modalities for smaller (<3 cm) or isolated hepatic tumors. Transthoracic ablation of hepatic dome lesions is a well described technique. We report the use of one lung ventilation to facilitate the successful percutaneous transthoracic microwave ablation of a segment 8 hepatic dome lesion after induction of artificial pneumothorax. Read More

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Covered Stent Placement for Subclavian Vein Stenosis Associated With Basilic Arteriovenous Fistula.

World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg 2021 Jul 25:21501351211010133. Epub 2021 Jul 25.

Division of Cardiology, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI, USA.

Arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creation is used to palliate complex cyanotic heart diseases. We report an adult patient with AVF creation who subsequently developed severe left subclavian vein stenosis, causing significant left arm swelling. Covered stent placement successfully treated the venous stenosis, resulting in the normalization of his left arm swelling. Read More

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Endoscopic neo-anastomosis by Rendez-vous technique for the treatment of complete occlusion of bilioenteric anastomoses and distal bile ducts (case series).

Z Gastroenterol 2021 Jul 23. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Gastroenterologie, Asklepios Klinik Altona, Hamburg, Germany.

Background And Aims: The complete occlusion of bilioenteric anastomoses is a rare and challenging clinical condition. Repeated surgery is burdened with technical difficulties and significant morbidity. We report the first series of completely occluded bilioenteric anastomoses resp. Read More

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Engineering Students as Co-creators in an Ethics of Technology Course.

Sci Eng Ethics 2021 Jul 23;27(4):48. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Philosophy and Ethics, Department IE&IS, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Research on the effectiveness of case studies in teaching engineering ethics in higher education is underdeveloped. To add to our knowledge, we have systematically compared the outcomes of two case approaches to an undergraduate course on the ethics of technology: a detached approach using real-life cases and a challenge-based learning (CBL) approach with students and stakeholders acting as co-creators (CC). We first developed a practical typology of case-study approaches and subsequently tested an evaluation method to assess the students' learning experiences (basic needs and motivation) and outcomes (competence development) and staff interpretations and operationalizations, seeking to answer three questions: (1) Do students in the CBL approach report higher basic needs, motivation and competence development compared to their peers in the detached approach? (2) What is the relationship between student-perceived co-creation and their basic needs, motivation and competence development? And (3) what are the implications of CBL/CC for engineering-ethics teaching and learning? Our mixed methods analysis favored CBL as it best supported teaching and research goals while satisfying the students' basic needs and promoting intrinsic motivation and communication competences. Read More

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Technical note: rectangular femoral tunnel for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using a new ultrasonic device: a feasibility study.

J Exp Orthop 2021 Jul 22;8(1):53. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg-Clinique D'Eich, 78 Rue d'Eich, 1460, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Purpose: The goal of this preliminary report was to show the use of novel Ultrasound (US) technology for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery and evaluate its feasibility for the creation of a rectangular femoral bone tunnel during an arthroscopic procedure in a human cadaver model.

Methods: Two fresh frozen human cadaver knees were prepared for arthroscopic rectangular femoral tunnel completion using a prototype US device (OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG). Read More

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Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Associated Factors Towards Trachoma Among People Living in Arba Minch Zuria District, Gamo Zone, Southern Ethiopia.

Clin Ophthalmol 2021 16;15:3075-3085. Epub 2021 Jul 16.

Department of Medical Laboratory Science, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Arba Minch University, Arba Minch, Southern Nation Nationality of People Region, Ethiopia.

Background: Trachoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world affecting the poorest communities. Despite many interventions undertaken on prevention and control for trachoma, Ethiopia has failed to achieve the 2020 elimination goal.

Objective: To assess knowledge, attitude, practice and its associated factors toward trachoma infection among people living in Arba Minch Zuria district Gamo zone, Southern Ethiopia. Read More

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Live donor kidney transplantation. Situation analysis and roadmap.

Nefrologia 2021 Jul 19. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Pamplona, España.

Living donor kidney transplantation (LDKT) is the best treatment option for end stage renal disease in terms of both patient and graft survival. However, figures on LDKT in Spain that had been continuously growing from 2005 to 2014, have experienced a continuous decrease in the last five years. One possible explanation for this decrease is that the significant increase in the number of deceased donors in Spain during the last years, both brain death and controlled circulatory death donors, might have generated the false idea that we have coped with the transplant needs. Read More

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First-principles correction scheme for linear-response time-dependent density functional theory calculations of core electronic states.

J Chem Phys 2021 Jul;155(3):034108

Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057 Zürich, Switzerland.

Linear-response time-dependent density functional theory (LR-TDDFT) for core level spectroscopy using standard local functionals suffers from self-interaction error and a lack of orbital relaxation upon creation of the core hole. As a result, LR-TDDFT calculated x-ray absorption near edge structure spectra needed to be shifted along the energy axis to match experimental data. We propose a correction scheme based on many-body perturbation theory to calculate the shift from first-principles. Read More

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Discovery of a large axillary artery vascular malformation during the evaluation of a patient with hemodialysis access-induced distal ischemia: Implications on pathophysiology and management.

Semin Dial 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Renal Division, Department of Internal Medicine, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA.

A patient with a 6-year-old left upper arm brachial cephalic AVF presented with symptoms of hemodialysis access-induced distal ischemia (HAIDI). Physical exam findings showed a well-developed AVF, but compression of the AVF aggravated arm pain and induced diffuse erythema of the left upper extremity. Angiographic evaluation disclosed the presence of a large axillary artery vascular malformation (AVM) as well as distal forearm hypo-perfusion. Read More

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ResidueFinder: extracting individual residue mentions from protein literature.

J Biomed Semantics 2021 Jul 21;12(1):14. Epub 2021 Jul 21.

Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 61801, Urbana, USA.

Background: The revolution in molecular biology has shown how protein function and structure are based on specific sequences of amino acids. Thus, an important feature in many papers is the mention of the significance of individual amino acids in the context of the entire sequence of the protein. MutationFinder is a widely used program for finding mentions of specific mutations in texts. Read More

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Novel technique of percutaneous bypass in a brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula with cephalic arch occlusion: A case report.

J Vasc Access 2021 Jul 17;22(4):650-653. Epub 2020 Aug 17.

Vascular Service, Department of Surgery, Changi General Hospital, Singapore.

Objective: Arteriovenous fistulas are a principal mainstay of long-term dialysis access for patients with end stage renal failure. However, the patency of arteriovenous fistulas is limited, often requiring percutaneous transluminal angioplasty as a salvage procedure. We report a case of percutaneous method of arteriovenous fistula salvage. Read More

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Isolation of a triplet benzene dianion.

Nat Chem 2021 Jul 19. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Baird's rule predicts that molecules with 4n π electrons should be aromatic in the triplet state, but the realization of simple ring systems with such an electronic ground state has been stymied by these molecules' tendency to distort into structures bearing a large singlet-triplet gap. Here, we show that the elusive benzene diradical dianion can be stabilized through creation of a binucleating ligand that enforces a tightly constrained inverse sandwich structure and direct magnetic exchange coupling. Specifically, we report the compounds [K(18-crown-6)(THF)][M(BzN-Mes)] (M = Y, Gd; BzN-Mes = 1,3,5-tris[2',6'-(N-mesityl)dimethanamino-4'-tert-butylphenyl]benzene), which feature a trigonal ligand that binds one trivalent metal ion on each face of a central benzene dianion. Read More

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Laryngeal Cancer With Lung Metastases Showing Long-Term Complete Response and Delayed Immune-Related Adverse Event After Nivolumab Discontinuation.

Ear Nose Throat J 2021 Jul 19:1455613211031025. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, Nishishinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

We report a case of laryngeal cancer with multiple lung metastases that maintained a complete response (CR) for 18 months after discontinuing nivolumab treatment, with colitis developing 5 months after drug discontinuation. A 65-year-old man was diagnosed with T3N2cM0 stage IVA right supraglottic squamous cell carcinoma that progressed after 1 course of TPF (cisplatin, docetaxel, and 5-fluorouracil) as induction chemotherapy. He underwent total laryngectomy, bilateral neck dissection, pharyngeal reconstruction with anterolateral thigh flap, and creation of a permanent tracheostoma; extranodal extension was detected in the right cervical lymph node metastasis, and the patient underwent adjuvant radiotherapy. Read More

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Ultrasound guided interventional procedures on arteriovenous fistulae: An Italian experience.

J Vasc Access 2021 Jul 19:1129729820977380. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

UOC Nefrologia, Dialisi e Trapianto, Ospedale Vito Fazzi, Lecce, Puglia, Italy.

Autogenous (AVF) and prosthetic (AVG) arteriovenous fistulas are the vascular accesses (VA) of choice for hemodialysis thanks to their improved patency, reduced costs, and lower rate of infections relative to catheters.In an effort to maximize the number of primary AVF and AVG, shorten maturation times for AVF, and reduce the number of indwelling catheters, several new techniques have been developed within the context of an overall program designed to optimize access care.This approach includes: (a) Primary Intraoperative Balloon Angioplasty on the vessels selected for AV creation whether small-sized or altered by pre-existing lesions; (b) Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) on AVF and AVG stenosis, performed under ultrasonographic (UG) or fluoroscopic guide (FG). Read More

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Anorectal Malformation with Rectovestibular Fistula and Vaginal Agenesis: Usage of Rectovestibular Fistula as a Neovagina Followed by PSARP with Preservation of the Anal Sphincter.

European J Pediatr Surg Rep 2021 Jan 12;9(1):e51-e55. Epub 2021 Jul 12.

Department of Pediatric Surgery, National Children Hospital and Vinmec International Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Anorectal malformation with rectovestibular fistula associated with vaginal agenesis is rare. We report on a child in whom this combination was diagnosed at the age of 1 year. After creation of a divided descending colostomy, we chose to leave the rectum-rectovestibular fistula to function as a neovagina, while the sigmoid colon was relocated via modified posterior sagittal anorectoplasty. Read More

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January 2021

Indications, functional and quality of life outcomes of new pouch creation during re-do ileal pouch anal anastomosis: A comparative study with existing pouch salvage.

Surgery 2021 Jul 13. Epub 2021 Jul 13.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, NYU Langone Health, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, New York, NY. Electronic address:

Background: Salvage of the existing ileal pouch is favored during re-do ileal pouch anal anastomosis if the pouch is not damaged after pelvic dissection and there are no other mechanical reasons that may necessitate construction of a new pouch. Excision of the existing pouch may be associated with some concerns for short-bowel syndrome and poor functional outcomes. This study aimed to report indications and compare functional and quality of life outcomes of new pouch creation versus salvage of the existing pouch during re-do ileal pouch anal anastomosis. Read More

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Radiation-Balanced Silica Fiber Amplifier.

Phys Rev Lett 2021 Jul;127(1):013903

Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

We report what we believe to be the first radiation-balanced fiber amplifier-a device that provides optical gain while experiencing no temperature rise. The gain medium is a silica fiber with a 21-μm-diameter core highly doped with Yb^{3+} (2.52 wt. Read More

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Utility and health-related quality of life measures in adult Colombian patients with solid tumours.

Ecancermedicalscience 2021 3;15:1240. Epub 2021 Jun 3.

Proyéctame Group, Transversal 60#124-20 Oficina 210, Colombia.

According to a 2020 report, the World Health Organization explained how, in 20 years, the prevalence of cancer cases will increase by 60% worldwide. In lower-middle-income countries, this figure will be 74.07%. Read More

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