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Do carboxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin levels predict the return of spontaneous circulation and prognosis of cardiac arrest patients?

Int J Clin Pract 2021 Jul 31:e14686. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Gulhane School of Medicine, University of Health Sciences, Ankara, Turkey, 06010.

Background: Early prediction of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) for cardiac arrest (CA) patients is a major challenge. Different biomarkers have been studied as an early predictor for ROSC, but a consensus has not been achieved in this regard. This study's goal was to investigate the value of the carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) and methemoglobin (MetHb) levels as a predictive marker for ROSC and prognostic marker for patients who achieve ROSC. Read More

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Lower 24-h urinary potassium excretion is negatively associated with excessive daytime sleepiness in the general population.

Sleep Breath 2021 Jul 31. Epub 2021 Jul 31.

Hypertension Center of People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, National Health Committee Key Laboratory of Hypertension Clinical Research China, No. 91 Tianchi Road, Urumqi, 830001, Xinjiang, China.

Objectives: Uncertainty remains about the association of potassium (K) intake and sleepiness. Therefore, we aimed to explore the relationship between K excretion using 24-h urine samples and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) in the general population.

Methods: In a cross-sectional study, we used multi-stage proportional random sampling to obtain a study sample aged ≥ 18 years from Emin, China between March and June 2019. Read More

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A novel procedure for stabilization of azide in biological samples and method for its determination (HS-GC-FID/FID).

Sci Rep 2021 Jul 30;11(1):15568. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Department of Forensic Medicine, Wroclaw Medical University, 4 J. Mikulicza-Radeckiego Street, 50345, Wroclaw, Poland.

Sodium azide is an old poison with toxicity comparable to potassium cyanide. It would seem to be completely forgotten however, between 2000 and 2020, the number of intentional ingestions and murders committed with sodium azide significantly increased. Furthermore, due to its extreme instability, sodium azide is difficult to detect, which poses an additional risk when used to commit a crime. Read More

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In vivo MRI evaluation of early postnatal development in normal and impaired rat eyes.

Sci Rep 2021 Jul 30;11(1):15513. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Department of Ophthalmology, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU Langone Health, New York University, New York, NY, USA.

This study employed in vivo 7-T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the postnatal ocular growth patterns under normal development or neonatal impairments in Sprague-Dawley rats. Using T2-weighted imaging on healthy rats from postnatal day (P) 1 (newborn) to P60 (adult), the volumes of the anterior chamber and posterior chamber (ACPC), lens, and vitreous humor increased logistically with ACPC expanding by 33-fold and the others by fivefold. Intravitreal potassium dichromate injection at P1, P7, and P14 led to T1-weighted signal enhancement in the developing retina by 188-289%. Read More

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Fluorescence "turn-off/turn-on" biosensing of metal ions by gold nanoclusters, folic acid and reduced graphene oxide.

Anal Chim Acta 2021 Aug 10;1175:338745. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Nanotechnology Research Group, Centre of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, University of Nottingham Malaysia, 43500, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia. Electronic address:

Metal ions homeostasis plays an important role in biological processes. The ability to detect the concentration of metal ions in biological fluids is often challenged by the obvious interference or competitive binding nature of other alkaline metals ions. Common analytical techniques employed for metal ions detection are electrochemical, fluorescence and colorimetric methods. Read More

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Label-free immunosensor for cardiac troponin I detection based on aggregation-induced electrochemiluminescence of a distyrylarylene derivative.

Biosens Bioelectron 2021 Jul 24;192:113532. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Changchun, Jilin, 130022, PR China; University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, 230026, PR China. Electronic address:

Herein, the aggregation-induced electrochemiluminescence (AIECL) of a distyrylarylene derivative, 4,4'-bis(2,2-diphenylvinyl)-1,1'-biphenyl (DPVBi), was investigated for the first time. This luminophore exhibits significantly enhanced photoluminescence (PL) and electrochemiluminescence (ECL) emission with the increases of water content in organic/water mixtures. This high luminescence efficiency of DPVBi in aggregate state is due to the fact that the aggregates can reduce the energy loss by restricting the intramolecular motions. Read More

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N-(3-cyano-1H-indol-5-yl)isonicotinamide and N-(3-cyano-1H-indol-5-yl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole-5-carboxamide derivatives: Novel amide-based xanthine oxidase inhibitors.

Bioorg Chem 2021 Jul 15;115:105181. Epub 2021 Jul 15.

School of Pharmacy, China Medical University, 77 Puhe Road, North New Area, Shenyang 110122, China. Electronic address:

Our previous work demonstrated that amide is an efficient linker to explore chemical space of xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitors that are entirely different from febuxostat and topiroxostat. In this effort, with 3-cyano-1H-indol-5-yl as a key moiety, two series of amide-based XO inhibitors, N-(3-cyano-1H-indol-5-yl)isonicotinamides (2a-w) and N-(3-cyano-1H-indol-5-yl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole-5-carboxamides (3a-i), were designed and synthesized. The structure-activity relationship investigation identified N-(3-cyano-1-cyclopentyl-1H-indol-5-yl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole-5-carboxamide (3i, IC = 0. Read More

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Thromboxane-prostanoid receptor activation blocks ATP-sensitive potassium channels in rat aortas.

Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Dept. of Physics and Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo.

K channel activation is one of the major mechanisms involved in vasodilation. Vasoconstrictor agonists such as angiotensin II promote ATP-dependent potassium channels (K ) dysfunction. This study evaluates whether Thromboxane-prostanoid (TP receptor) activation by the agonist U46619 increases reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in rat aortas, which could contribute to K channel dysfunction and impaired NO-dependent vasodilation. Read More

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Efficient second-harmonic generation of a high-energy, femtosecond laser pulse in a lithium triborate crystal.

Opt Lett 2021 Aug;46(15):3540-3543

We demonstrate the highest efficiency (∼80) second harmonic generation of joule level, 27 fs, high-contrast pulses in a type-I lithium triborate (LBO) crystal. In comparison, potassium dihydrogen phosphate gives a maximum efficiency of 26%. LBO thus offers high-intensity (>10/), ultra-high contrast femtosecond pulses, which have great potential for high energy density science and applications, particularly with nanostructured targets. Read More

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Balanced fertilization over four decades has sustained soil microbial communities and improved soil fertility and rice productivity in red paddy soil.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Jun 24;793:148664. Epub 2021 Jun 24.

State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing 210008, China; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China.

The influence of long-term fertilization on soil microbial communities is critical for revealing the association between belowground microbial flora and aboveground crop productivity-a relationship of great importance to food security, environmental protection, and ecosystem functions. Here, we examined shifts in soil chemical properties, microbial communities, and the nutrient uptake and yield of rice subjected to different chemical and organic fertilization treatments over a 40-year period in red paddy soil. Ten different treatments were used: a control without fertilizer, and applications of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), NP, NK, PK, NPK, double NPK, or NPK plus manure. Read More

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Development of 2-Morpholino-N-hydroxybenzamides as anti-proliferative PC-PLC inhibitors.

Bioorg Chem 2021 Jul 7;114:105152. Epub 2021 Jul 7.

School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Electronic address:

Phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase C (PC-PLC) is a key enzyme involved in the metabolism of the mammalian phospholipid phosphatidylcholine into secondary messengers diacylglycerol (DAG) and phosphocholine. DAG and phosphocholine have been identified to amplify various cellular processes involved in oncogenesis such as proliferation, cell-cycle activation, differentiation and motility, therefore making PC-PLC a potential target for novel anti-cancer treatments. The current literature standard for PC-PLC inhibition, tricyclodecan-9-yl-potassium xanthate (D609), has been shown to arrest proliferation in multiple cancer cell lines, however, it is not drug-like resulting in low aqueous stability, making it a poor drug candidate. Read More

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Atomic Welded Dual-Wall Hollow Nanospheres for Three-in-One Hybrid Storage Mechanism of Alkali Metal Ion Batteries.

ACS Nano 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225002, People's Republic of China.

The rational design of hierarchical hollow nanomaterials is of critical significance in energy storage materials. Herein, dual-wall hollow nanospheres (DWHNS) Sn/[email protected] are constructed by confined growth and interface engineering. The inner hollow spheres of Sn/MoS are formed by atomic soldering MoS nanosheets with liquid Sn at high temperature. Read More

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Human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: Cardiovascular properties and metabolism and pharmacokinetics of deuterated mexiletine analogs.

Pharmacol Res Perspect 2021 Aug;9(4):e00828

Human BioMolecular Research Institute, San Diego, CA, USA.

Prolongation of the cardiac action potential (AP) and early after depolarizations (EADs) are electrical anomalies of cardiomyocytes that can lead to lethal arrhythmias and are potential liabilities for existing drugs and drug candidates in development. For example, long QT syndrome-3 (LQTS3) is caused by mutations in the Na 1.5 sodium channel that debilitate channel inactivation and cause arrhythmias. Read More

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Patiromer in a Patient with Severe Hyperkalemia on Incremental Hemodialysis with 1 Session per Week: A Case Report and Literature Review.

Case Rep Nephrol Dial 2021 May-Aug;11(2):158-166. Epub 2021 Jun 28.

Department of Nephrology, Central Defense Gomez Ulla Hospital, Madrid, Spain.

Hyperkalemia is common in patients with ESRD, undergoing hemodialysis (HD), and is associated with an increase in hospitalization and mortality. Residual kidney function in long-term dialysis patients is associated with lower morbidity and mortality in HD patients. Although the 2015 National Kidney Foundation-Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiate (NKD-KDOQI) guidelines allow the reduction in the weekly HD dose for patients with a residual kidney urea clearance (Kur) >3 mL/min/1. Read More

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An Extremely Rare Case of Birk-Barel Syndrome With Severe Central Apneas.

Cureus 2021 Jun 23;13(6):e15862. Epub 2021 Jun 23.

Pediatrics, Ponce Health Sciences University, Ponce, PRI.

Birk-Barel syndrome, alternatively known as KCNK9 imprinting syndrome, is caused by a missense mutation in the potassium two pore domain channel subfamily K member 9 (KCNK9) gene on chromosome 8q24.3. This syndrome demonstrates dominant inheritance and is imprinted with paternal silencing, where the paternally inherited allele is silenced, and the maternally inherited allele is active. Read More

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Potassium Iodide Tablets Instead of a Saturated Solution Preoperatively for Reaching Euthyroidism Quickly in Refractory Graves' Disease.

Cureus 2021 Jun 23;13(6):e15854. Epub 2021 Jun 23.

Polyclinic for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Preventive Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne, Cologne, DEU.

The optional use of a saturated solution of potassium iodide in the immediate preoperative period to reach euthyroidism is included both in the American Thyroid Association (ATA) and in the European Thyroid Association (ETA) guidelines for the treatment of Graves' disease (GD). The recent literature though, shows that it does not translate to more clinically meaningful differences in surgical outcome. In our experience, potassium iodide should not be seen as a means for reducing operative time or complications; it is an effective way for reaching euthyroidism quickly. Read More

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L. Prevents Hypobaric Hypoxia-Induced Spatial Memory Deficit Through Small Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel Inhibition: The Role of ERK/CaMKII/CREB Signaling.

Front Pharmacol 2021 12;12:669701. Epub 2021 Jul 12.

Department of Neurobiology, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), DRDO, Delhi, India.

Hypobaric hypoxia (HH) is a stressful condition, which is more common at high altitudes and can impair cognitive functions. L. leaf extract (GBE) is widely used as herbal medicine against different disorders. Read More

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Highly efficient and robust noble-metal free bifunctional water electrolysis catalyst achieved via complementary charge transfer.

Nat Commun 2021 Jul 29;12(1):4606. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Perovtronics Research Center, Low Dimensional Carbon Materials Center, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Republic of Korea.

The operating principle of conventional water electrolysis using heterogenous catalysts has been primarily focused on the unidirectional charge transfer within the heterostructure. Herein, multidirectional charge transfer concept has been adopted within heterostructured catalysts to develop an efficient and robust bifunctional water electrolysis catalyst, which comprises perovskite oxides (LaSrCoO, LSC) and potassium ion-bonded MoSe (K-MoSe). The complementary charge transfer from LSC and K to MoSe endows MoSe with the electron-rich surface and increased electrical conductivity, which improves the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) kinetics. Read More

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Infigratinib is a Reversible Inhibitor and Mechanism-based Inactivator of Cytochrome P450 3A4.

Drug Metab Dispos 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Bioinformatics Institute (BII), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore.

Infigratinib (INF) is a promising selective inhibitor of fibroblast growth factor receptors 1-3 that has recently been accorded both orphan drug designation and priority review status by the U.S Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of advanced cholangiocarcinoma. Its propensity to undergo bioactivation to electrophilic species was recently expounded upon. Read More

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Interplay between worsening kidney function and cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes: an analysis from the ACCORD trial.

BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care 2021 Jul;9(1)

Cardiovascular Research and Development Center, Department of Surgery and Physiology, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.

Introduction: Patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) have an increased risk of worsening kidney function (WKF) over time compared with patients without diabetes. Data evaluating the inter-relation between WKF, cardiovascular risk, and clinical events are scarce. We aim to study the association of WKF with subsequent cardiovascular events and the probabilities of transition from WKF to hospitalization or death according to patients' risk. Read More

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Treatment of tungiasis using a tea tree oil-based gel formulation: protocol for a randomised controlled proof-of-principle trial.

BMJ Open 2021 Jul 29;11(7):e047380. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Pharmacy, Faculty of Health, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Introduction: Tungiasis (sand flea disease or jigger infestation) is a neglected tropical disease caused by penetration of female sand fleas, , in the skin. The disease inflicts immense pain and suffering on millions of people, particularly children, in Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, there is no standard treatment for tungiasis, and a simple, safe and effective tungiasis treatment option is required. Read More

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Iron nanoparticles supported on N-doped carbon foam with honeycomb microstructure: An efficient potassium peroxymonosulfate activator for the degradation of fluoranthene in water and soil.

Chemosphere 2021 Jul 24;286(Pt 1):131603. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

College of Chemistry and Material Science, Shandong Agricultural University, Taian, 271018, Shandong, PR China. Electronic address:

A promising technology was developed for the remediation of fluoranthene (FLT) contaminated water and soil. Specifically, iron nanoparticles supported on N-doped carbon foam ([email protected]) was synthesized by in-situ impregnation and a unique calcination process using pine cone as the precursor. The obtained [email protected] was used as an activator of potassium peroxymonosulfate (PMS) to degrade FLT in water and soil. Read More

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Pharmacological and molecular docking studies reveal that glibenclamide competitively inhibits diazoxide-induced mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel activation and pharmacological preconditioning.

Eur J Pharmacol 2021 Jul 26:174379. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade Federal do Cariri, Barbalha, CE, Brazil. Electronic address:

Mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channels (mitoKATP) locate in the inner mitochondrial membrane and possess protective cellular properties. mitoKATP opening-induced cardioprotection (using the pharmacological agent diazoxide) is preventable by antagonists, such as glibenclamide. However, the mechanisms of action of these drugs and how mitoKATP respond to them are poorly understood. Read More

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Missed critical value callbacks due to middleware flaw.

Clin Biochem 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States. Electronic address:

Objectives: In 2018, our clinical laboratory was alerted to back-to-back plasma sodium critical value callback failures on the same patient, occurring on different shifts and involving different technologists. Therefore, we set forth to investigate the root cause for the critical value callback failures.

Design And Methods: We conducted a thorough investigation focused on the processes associated with critical value identification and notification for plasma sodium measurement performed on the Siemens Vista. Read More

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome activation via its phosphokinase PknF.

PLoS Pathog 2021 Jul 29;17(7):e1009712. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, United States of America.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) has evolved to evade host innate immunity by interfering with macrophage functions. Interleukin-1β (IL-1β) is secreted by macrophages after the activation of the inflammasome complex and is crucial for host defense against Mtb infections. We have previously shown that Mtb is able to inhibit activation of the AIM2 inflammasome and subsequent pyroptosis. Read More

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Mild Hyperhomocysteinemia Causes Anxiety-like Behavior and Brain Hyperactivity in Rodents: Are ATPase and Excitotoxicity by NMDA Receptor Overstimulation Involved in this Effect?

Cell Mol Neurobiol 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Wyse´s Lab, Institute of Health Basic Sciences, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 2600-Anexo, Porto Alegre, RS, CEP 90035-003, Brazil.

Mild hyperhomocysteinemia is a risk factor for psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, whose mechanisms between them are not well-known. In the present study, we evaluated the emotional behavior and neurochemical pathways (ATPases, glutamate homeostasis, and cell viability) in amygdala and prefrontal cortex rats subjected to mild hyperhomocysteinemia (in vivo studies). The ex vivo effect of homocysteine on ATPases and redox status, as well as on NMDAR antagonism by MK-801 in same structures slices were also performed. Read More

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Different response pattern of cyanobacteria at development and maintenance stage to potassium permanganate oxidation.

Xi Li Jie Zeng Xin Yu

J Hazard Mater 2021 Jun 25;419:126492. Epub 2021 Jun 25.

College of The Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361102, China. Electronic address:

Occurrence of successive cyanobacterial blooms in source waters can continuously impair drinking water quality. Previous studies have separately investigated potassium permanganate (KMnO) to treat high-viability cyanobacteria at just one stage of either development or maintenance. However, maintenance stage exhibited significantly higher cell-density and extracellular organic matters (EOMs) than development stage, which may result in a different KMnO oxidation pattern. Read More

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Ion-Pairing Mechanism for the Valinomycin-Mediated Transport of Potassium Ions across Phospholipid Bilayers.

Langmuir 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1, Canada.

The role of the anion on the ionophore properties of valinomycin was studied in a model floating bilayer lipid membrane (fBLM) using supporting electrolytes containing K with four different counter anion species (ClO, HPO, Cl, and F). The electrochemical impedance spectra indicate that the membrane resistance of the bilayer decreases with the decrease of Gibbs free energy of anion solvation. The IR spectra demonstrate that valinomycin does not readily bind to K in the KHPO, KCl, and KF electrolyte solutions, but in the presence of KClO, valinomycin readily binds to K, forming a valinomycin-K complex. Read More

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Ion Conduction Mechanism as a Fingerprint of Potassium Channels.

J Am Chem Soc 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Medical Biotechnologies, University of Siena, 53100 Siena, Italy.

K-channels are membrane proteins that regulate the selective conduction of potassium ions across cell membranes. Although the atomic mechanisms of K permeation have been extensively investigated, previous work focused on characterizing the selectivity and occupancy of the binding sites, the role of water molecules in the conduction process, or the identification of the minimum energy pathways enabling permeation. Here, we exploit molecular dynamics simulations and the analytical power of Markov state models to perform a comparative study of ion conduction in three distinct channel models. Read More

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New chemiluminescent method of levofloxacin and ofloxacin determination based on terbium (III)-sensitized fluoroquinolone- KBrO reaction.

Luminescence 2021 Jul 29. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Department of Kinetics and Catalysis, Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 8, Poznań, Poland.

Fluoroquinolones can be oxidized with a number of agents, in this study selected fluoroquinolones (levofloxacin, ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, pefloxacin and enrofloxacin) were oxidized with potassium bromate in the presence of terbium (III) ions. According to the kinetic and spectral analysis of chemiluminescence emitted by the above systems, the terbium (III) ions were the only emitter. The excitation of the lanthanide ion was a result of the process of energy transfer from the products of fluoroquinolones oxidation to Tb (III) ions. Read More

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