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The construction of recombinant Lactobacillus casei expressing hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein and its immune response in chickens.

Microb Pathog 2021 Sep 16;158:105091. Epub 2021 Jul 16.

College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Jilin, 130118, China; Center for Reproductive Medicine, Jilin Medical University, Jilin, 132013, China. Electronic address:

Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is one of the most important diseases in poultry. The present study generated recombinant surface-displayed Lactobacillus casei (L. casei) expressing the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) of NDV (Lc-pPG-HN) and a live pPG vector (Lc-pPG) and evaluated their immunogenicity. Read More

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September 2021

The clinical relevance of IgM and IgA anti-pneumococcal polysaccharide ELISA assays in patients with suspected antibody deficiency.

Clin Exp Immunol 2021 Aug 1;205(2):213-221. Epub 2021 Jun 1.

Department of Tranzo, Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Unlike immunoglobulin (Ig)G pneumococcal polysaccharide (PnPS)-antibodies, PnPS IgA and IgM-antibodies are not routinely determined for the assessment of immunocompetence. It is not yet known whether an isolated inability to mount a normal IgM or IgA-PnPS response should be considered a relevant primary antibody deficiency (PAD). We studied the clinical relevance of anti-PnPS IgM and IgA-assays in patients with suspected primary immunodeficiency in a large teaching hospital in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Read More

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Immunogenicity and safety of sabin-strain based inactivated poliovirus vaccine replacing salk-strain based inactivated poliovirus vaccine: An innovative application of different strain-IPVs replacement.

Vaccine 2021 04 31;39(17):2467-2474. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

China National Biotec Group Company Limited, Beijing, China. Electronic address:

Background: A domestic Sabin strain-based inactivated poliovirus vaccine (Sabin IPV) was approved by China Food and Drug Administration in 2017 as a replacement for the Salk strain-based inactivated poliovirus vaccine (Salk IPV) that has been in use in China for over 10 years. The present post-marketing trial was implemented in China to assess the immunogenicity and safety of replacing the Salk IPV with the Sabin IPV in the last two immunizations of the standard three-dose schedule.

Methods: We conducted a randomized, controlled clinical trial with two groups that received three doses of IPVs at the age of 2, 3, and 4 months: the Salk-Sabin-Sabin group and the Salk-Salk-Salk group. Read More

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Deciphering the Role of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Non-Structural NS4B Protein in Viral Pathogenesis.

Vet Sci 2020 Oct 31;7(4). Epub 2020 Oct 31.

Laboratory of Host Pathogen Interaction in Livestock, Department of Biosystems, Division of Animal and Human Health Engineering, KU Leuven University, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) is a (+) ssRNA virus that belongs to the family . BVDV is a significant animal pathogen causing substantial economic losses to the cattle industry worldwide through respiratory and gastrointestinal infections and abortion or birth of persistently infected calves. While the immunogenic profile of some of the BVDV proteins (i. Read More

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October 2020

Influenza immunization does not predominantly alter levels of phenytoin, and cytochrome P-450 enzymes in epileptic patients receiving phenytoin monotherapy.

Epilepsy Res 2020 11 29;167:106471. Epub 2020 Sep 29.

Neurophysiology Unit, Cardiac Electrophysiology Research and Training Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand; Center of Excellence in Cardiac Electrophysiology Research, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand; Department of Oral Biology and Diagnostic Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Electronic address:

Objective: The study aims to test the effect of influenza vaccination on phenytoin, CYP2C9, and IFNγ levels in epileptic patients receiving phenytoin monotherapy METHODS: Thirty-one epileptic patients receiving stable-dose phenytoin monotherapy were enrolled onto the study. Serum concentrations of phenytoin, CYP2C9, and IFNγ were compared before and after influenza immunization. The participants were given 0. Read More

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November 2020

Aeromonas salmonicida infection kinetics and protective immune response to vaccination in sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria).

Fish Shellfish Immunol 2020 Sep 24;104:557-566. Epub 2020 Jun 24.

Marine Microbial Pathogenesis and Vaccinology Laboratory, Department of Ocean Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, Canada. Electronic address:

Effective vaccine programs against Aeromonas salmonicida have been identified as a high priority area for the sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) aquaculture. In this study, we established an A. salmonicida infection model in sablefish to evaluate the efficacy of commercial vaccines and an autogenous vaccine preparation. Read More

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September 2020

Development and validation of a solid-phase competition ELISA based on virus-like particles of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype A for antibody detection.

Arch Virol 2020 Jul 30;165(7):1641-1646. Epub 2020 Apr 30.

National Research Center for Veterinary Medicine, No. 3 Cuiwei Road, High-Tech District, Luoyang, 471003, Henan, People's Republic of China.

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), caused by FMD virus (FMDV), is a highly contagious epidemic disease, which is controlled primarily by prophylactic vaccination and serological monitoring after vaccination. Here, we have developed a solid-phase competition ELISA (SPCE) method based on virus-like particles (VLPs) of FMDV serotype A. The use of VLPs in the SPCE assay as a replacement for inactivated FMDV provides a high level of biosafety. Read More

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Brucella ovis mutant in ABC transporter protects against Brucella canis infection in mice and it is safe for dogs.

PLoS One 2020 16;15(4):e0231893. Epub 2020 Apr 16.

Departamento de Clínica e Cirurgia Veterinárias, Escola de Veterinária, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Background/objectives: Vaccination is the most important tool for controlling brucellosis, but currently there is no vaccine available for canine brucellosis, which is a zoonotic disease of worldwide distribution caused by Brucella canis. This study aimed to evaluate protection and immune response induced by Brucella ovis ΔabcBA (BoΔabcBA) encapsulated with alginate against the challenge with Brucella canis in mice and to assess the safety of this strain for dogs.

Methods: Intracellular growth of the vaccine strain BoΔabcBA was assessed in canine and ovine macrophages. Read More

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Bicistronic DNA vaccine macromolecule complexed with poly lactic-co-glycolic acid-chitosan nanoparticles enhanced the mucosal immunity of Labeo rohita against Edwardsiella tarda infection.

Int J Biol Macromol 2020 Aug 11;156:928-937. Epub 2020 Apr 11.

ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai 400061, India. Electronic address:

DNA vaccine is an important tool to elicit both humoral and cellular immunity. Present study investigates mucosal immune response of Labeo rohita (15 ± 04 g) to plasmid DNA (pDNA) vaccine macromolecule complexed with nanoparticles (NPs). Poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA), Chitosan (Chit) and PLGA-Chit-NPs were synthesized by double emulsion solvent evaporation method. Read More

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Evaluation of real-time PCR as an alternative for potency testing of vaccines.

Anim Biotechnol 2020 Apr 2:1-11. Epub 2020 Apr 2.

Division of Biological Standardization, ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly, India.

The aim of the research was to evaluate real-time PCR (qPCR) as an alternate method for quantitative detection of strain 544 (S544) in the spleen of mice for potency testing of live strain 19 (S19) vaccine. and gene-based qPCR were optimized for calculating copy number. The copy number was further correlated with live count in the spleen by standard plate count (SPC) method. Read More

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Construction and immune efficacy of recombinant Lactobacillus casei strains expressing Malt from Aeromonas veronii.

Microb Pathog 2020 Apr 11;141:103918. Epub 2020 Jan 11.

College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, 130118, China. Electronic address:

Aeromonas veronii is an important zoonotic pathogen that causes significant economic losses in the aquaculture industry. The use of probiotics in aquaculture is a practical alternative to antibiotics to promote animal health and aid in disease prevention. In the present study, we aimed to construct a recombinant Lactobacillus casei(surface-displayed or secretory) strain containing Malt from A. Read More

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Focusing on Good Responders to Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccination in General Hospital Patients Suspected for Immunodeficiency. A Decision Tree Based on the 23-Valent Pneumococcal IgG Assay.

Front Immunol 2019 5;10:2496. Epub 2019 Nov 5.

Department of Tranzo, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Recently, the 23-valent IgG-assay was suggested as screening assay to identify responders to pneumococcal polysaccharide (PnPS)-vaccination with the serotype-specific assay as a second-line test. However, in a low pre-test probability general hospital setting predicting responders could be more valuable to reduce the number of samples needing serotyping. Serotype-specific PnPS antibody-assays were performed for suspected immunodeficiency in two Dutch general hospitals (Jeroen Bosch Hospital, 's-Hertogenbosch; Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital, Tilburg). Read More

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November 2020

Intramuscular vaccination of Atlantic lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) induces inflammatory reactions and local immunoglobulin M production at the vaccine administration site.

J Fish Dis 2019 Dec 20;42(12):1731-1743. Epub 2019 Oct 20.

Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway.

Atlantic lumpfish were vaccinated by intramuscular (im) or intraperitoneal (ip) injection with a multivalent oil-based vaccine, while control fish were injected with phosphate-buffered saline. Four lumpfish per group were sampled for skin/muscle and head kidney tissue at 0, 2, 7, 21 and 42 days post-immunization (dpi) for histopathology and immunohistochemistry (IHC). Gene expressions of secretory IgM, membrane-bound IgM, IgD, TCRα, CD3ε and MHC class IIβ were studied in tissues by using qPCR. Read More

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December 2019

Antibody response to vaccination after haematopoietic cell transplantation in children using a reduced dose schedule-A retrospective cohort study.

Pediatr Transplant 2020 02 16;24(1):e13599. Epub 2019 Oct 16.

The Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Children receiving HCT loose protective immunity to vaccines received pre-HCT. Therefore, revaccination post-HCT is of major importance. In Denmark, a vaccination schedule with fewer doses post-HCT has been used, including two doses for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella, and one dose only for Haemophilus influenzae type B. Read More

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February 2020

The efficacy of binary ethylenimine-inactivated vaccines of Gianyar-1/AK/2014 virulent strain in protecting chickens against Tabanan-1/ARP/2017 virulent Newcastle disease virus isolates.

Vet World 2019 Jun 8;12(6):758-764. Epub 2019 Jun 8.

Laboratory of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Udayana University, Kampus Bukit, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

Aim: This study aimed to prepare binary ethylenimine (BEI)-inactivated virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccine and to examine their ability to induce a protective antibody response in commercial chickens.

Materials And Methods: A virulent NDV field isolate Gianyar-1/AK/2014 was propagated in chicken-embryonated eggs and was then inactivated with BEI at a concentration of 4 mM. Three groups of chickens with low-level (2 log hemagglutination inhibition [HI] units) maternally derived antibodies against NDV were then immunized with the BEI-inactivated vaccine. Read More

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Enhanced protective immune response to PCV2 adenovirus vaccine by fusion expression of Cap protein with InvC in pigs.

J Vet Sci 2019 Jul;20(4):e35

College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, China.

The major immunogenic protein capsid (Cap) of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is critical to induce neutralizing antibodies and protective immune response against PCV2 infection. This study was conducted to investigate the immune response of recombinant adenovirus expressing PCV2b Cap and C-terminal domain of invasin (Cap-InvC) fusion protein in pigs. The recombinant adenovirus rAd-Cap-InvC, rAd-Cap and rAd were generated and used to immunize pigs. Read More

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Evaluation of a Recombinant DnaK Protein Vaccine as a Means of Protection Against Columnaris Disease in Channel Catfish ().

Front Immunol 2019 6;10:1175. Epub 2019 Jun 6.

Harry K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Stuttgart, AR, United States.

causes substantial losses among cultured finfish species. The Gram-negative bacterium is an opportunistic pathogen that manifests as biofilms on the host's mucosal surfaces as the disease progresses. We previously demonstrated that the dominant mucosal IgM antibody response to is to the chaperone protein DnaK that is found in the extracellular fraction. Read More

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October 2020

Increased Retention of Gadolinium in the Inflamed Brain After Repeated Administration of Gadopentetate Dimeglumine: A Proof-of-Concept Study in Mice Combining ICP-MS and Micro- and Nano-SR-XRF.

Invest Radiol 2019 10;54(10):617-626

From the Institute for Medical Immunology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Corporate Member of FreieUniversität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Berlin Institute of Health, Berlin, Germany.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine in vivo if brain inflammation leads to increased gadolinium (Gd) retention in brain tissue after repeated applications of Gd-based contrast agents (GBCAs).

Materials And Methods: Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) was induced in female SJL/J mice (n = 6). Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and healthy control mice (n = 4) received 2. Read More

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October 2019

Immunogenicity analysis of genetically conserved segments in Plasmodium ovale merozoite surface protein-8.

Parasit Vectors 2019 Apr 11;12(1):164. Epub 2019 Apr 11.

Laboratory of Pathogen Infection and Immunity, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Wuxi School of Medicine, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China.

Background: Plasmodium ovale is widely distributed across tropical regions and has two closely related but distinct species, namely P. ovale curtisi and P. ovale wallikeri. Read More

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Development and application of a monoclonal-antibody-based blocking ELISA for detection of Japanese encephalitis virus NS1 antibodies in swine.

Arch Virol 2019 Jun 21;164(6):1535-1542. Epub 2019 Mar 21.

State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, 430070, Hubei, People's Republic of China.

Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a zoonotic pathogen transmitted by Culex mosquitoes and is the leading cause of viral encephalitis in humans. JEV infection of swine, which are the main amplifying hosts for JEV, can cause reproductive failure in sows; in boars it can cause testitis and infertility. The prevalence of JEV in swine is a continuous threat to human health. Read More

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Seroprevalence of anti-HBc, risk factors of occupationally acquired HBV infection and HBV vaccination among hospital staff in Poland: a multicenter study.

BMC Public Health 2019 Mar 12;19(1):298. Epub 2019 Mar 12.

Department of Methods of Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Zolnierska 46, 71-210, Szczecin, Poland.

Background: Due to numerous blood exposures hospital staff are at risk of acquiring hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections. This study aimed at estimating prevalence of HBV, associated risk factors and HBV vaccination among Polish health care workers (HCWs).

Methods: A cross-sectional sero-survey was conducted (October 2016-January 2018) in 10 randomly selected hospitals from two provinces: of low and high incidence of HBV, with the use of an anonymous, self- administered questionnaire. Read More

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Induction and decay of functional complement-fixing antibodies by the RTS,S malaria vaccine in children, and a negative impact of malaria exposure.

BMC Med 2019 02 25;17(1):45. Epub 2019 Feb 25.

Burnet Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

Background: Leading malaria vaccine, RTS,S, is based on the circumsporozoite protein (CSP) of sporozoites. RTS,S confers partial protection against malaria in children, but efficacy wanes relatively quickly after primary immunization. Vaccine efficacy has some association with anti-CSP IgG; however, it is unclear how these antibodies function, and how functional antibodies are induced and maintained over time. Read More

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February 2019

Biocompatibility and Immunotoxicology of the Preclinical Implantation of a Collagen-based Artificial Dermal Regeneration Matrix.

Biomed Environ Sci 2018 Nov;31(11):829-842

Research Institute of Beihang University in Shenzhen, Shenzhen 518057, China.

Objective: Graft rejection, with the possibility of a violent immune response, may be severe and life threatening. Our aim was to thoroughly investigate the biocompatibility and immunotoxicology of collagen-based dermal matrix (DM) before assessment in clinical trials.

Methods: DM was subcutaneously implanted in BALB/c mice in two doses to induce a potential immune response. Read More

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November 2018

Phase I trial of Lipovaxin-MM, a novel dendritic cell-targeted liposomal vaccine for malignant melanoma.

Cancer Immunol Immunother 2018 Sep 16;67(9):1461-1472. Epub 2018 Jul 16.

Center for Cancer Biology, University of South Australia and SA Pathology, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Introduction: In this phase I study using a 3 + 3 dose escalation design, the safety, dose-limiting toxicity (DLT), immunogenicity and efficacy of intravenous Lipovaxin-MM-a multi-component dendritic cell-targeted liposomal vaccine against metastatic melanoma-was investigated.

Methods: Twelve subjects with metastatic cutaneous melanoma were recruited in three cohorts. Patients in Cohort A (n = 3) and Cohort B (n = 3) received three doses of 0. Read More

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September 2018

Evaluation of safety and immunogenicity of a group A streptococcus vaccine candidate (MJ8VAX) in a randomized clinical trial.

PLoS One 2018 2;13(7):e0198658. Epub 2018 Jul 2.

The Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Background: Group A streptococcus (GAS) is a serious human pathogen that affects people of different ages and socio-economic levels. Although vaccination is potentially one of the most effective methods to control GAS infection and its sequelae, few prototype vaccines have been investigated in humans. In this study, we report the safety and immunogenicity of a novel acetylated peptide-protein conjugate vaccine candidate MJ8VAX (J8-DT), when delivered intramuscularly to healthy adults. Read More

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December 2018

Construction, identification, and immunogenic assessments of an HSV-1 mutant vaccine with a UL18 deletion.

Acta Virol 2018;62(2):164-171

HSV-1 is a mucosal and nerve pathogen, whose morbidity shows an increasing tendency. Although several antiviral drugs exist, there is no cure for viral latency for virtually all carriers. There is an urgent need for an HSV-1 vaccine to control infection and limit its spread and recurrence. Read More

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December 2018

Molecular Signatures of a TLR4 Agonist-Adjuvanted HIV-1 Vaccine Candidate in Humans.

Front Immunol 2018 26;9:301. Epub 2018 Feb 26.

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Systems biology approaches have recently provided new insights into the mechanisms of action of human vaccines and adjuvants. Here, we investigated early transcriptional signatures induced in whole blood of healthy subjects following vaccination with a recombinant HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein subunit CN54gp140 adjuvanted with the TLR4 agonist glucopyranosyl lipid adjuvant-aqueous formulation (GLA-AF) and correlated signatures to CN54gp140-specific serum antibody responses. Fourteen healthy volunteers aged 18-45 years were immunized intramuscularly three times at 1-month intervals and whole blood samples were collected at baseline, 6 h, and 1, 3, and 7 days post first immunization. Read More

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Therapeutic effects of anti-CD154 antibody in cynomolgus monkeys with advanced rheumatoid arthritis.

Sci Rep 2018 02 1;8(1):2135. Epub 2018 Feb 1.

Department of Surgery, Division of Transplantation, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, 81 Irwon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06351, Republic of Korea.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one major chronic inflammatory systemic autoimmune disease. The CD154-CD40 interactions play a critical role in the regulation of immune responses and the maintenance of autoimmunity. Therefore, we aimed to determine whether anti-CD154 antibody treatment show positive effects on immunomodulation and clinical improvement of sustained severe rheumatoid arthritis in cynomolgus monkeys. Read More

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February 2018

Value of the Overall Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Response in the Diagnosis of Primary Humoral Immunodeficiencies.

Front Immunol 2017 20;8:1862. Epub 2017 Dec 20.

CHU Lille, Institut d'Immunologie, Lille, France.

Background: An overall response assay [OVA, based on a 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV23)] is widely used to screen for anti-pneumococcal antibodies. Given the heterogeneity of response from one polysaccharide (PS) to another, a World Health Organization-standardized serotype-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (SSA) is considered to be the only reliable method for testing anti-PS antibody responses in individuals with suspected primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs).

Objective: To evaluate the OVA relative to the reference SSA. Read More

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December 2017

Therapeutic effects of D-aspartate in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis.

J Food Drug Anal 2017 Jul 27;25(3):699-708. Epub 2017 Mar 27.

Department of Immunology, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Electronic address:

Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is an animal model of multiple sclerosis. EAE is mainly mediated by adaptive and innate immune responses that leads to an inflammatory demyelization and axonal damage. The aim of the present research was to examine the therapeutic efficacy of D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) on a mouse EAE model. Read More

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