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Childhood adversity links to self-reported mood, anxiety, and stress-related disorders.

Alan R King

J Affect Disord 2021 Jun 6;292:623-632. Epub 2021 Jun 6.

University of North Dakota, Psychology Department, Stop 8380, Grand Forks, ND 58202-8380, United States. Electronic address:

Background: Child abuse has been identified within the DSM-5 as a putative etiologic risk for over two dozen psychiatric disorders.

Methods: This study examined associations between self-reported diagnostic histories of six Mood, Anxiety and Stress-Related Disorders and childhood adversities measured using dichotomous ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) counts and dimensional indices of child abuse.

Results: Adversity odds ratio were all significant (p < . Read More

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Psychiatric and Physical Health Outcomes Associated with Interpersonal Violence: A Propensity Score Matching Approach.

Psychiatr Q 2021 Jun 21. Epub 2021 Jun 21.

Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark.

This study examined the association between interpersonal violence and a range of psychiatric and physical health outcomes and assessed whether these associations changed when controlling for a stress-related diagnosis. An observational case-control study was conducted on a sample of 4,059 victims of violence. Using propensity score matching a number of risk factors (assessed five years prior assault) were used. Read More

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Echopoetics and unbelonging: Making sense of reconciliation in academia.

Hiba Zafran

Transcult Psychiatry 2021 Jun 21:13634615211015091. Epub 2021 Jun 21.

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy and Indigenous Health Professions Program, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University, Montréal, Canada.

This article is a narrative and conceptual exploration of the journey towards practicing Indigenous allyship in an academic context. I begin by tracing a trajectory of coming to work with Indigenous peoples as a non-Indigenous, multiple migrant, and queer person of color situated as a therapist and educator in a Canadian academic institution's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Anti-racist and de/postcolonial theories and concepts abound to label my experiences of tokenization, yet they invariably fall short of the nuanced and complex ways that both reconciliation and oppression unfold in the everyday. Read More

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A Trauma-Informed Approach to the Medical History: Teaching Trauma-Informed Communication Skills to First-Year Medical and Dental Students.

MedEdPORTAL 2021 Jun 7;17:11160. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

Clinical Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Physician, Atrius Health.

Introduction: Trauma is ubiquitous and associated with negative effects on physical and mental health. Trauma-informed care (TIC) is a framework for mitigating these health effects and improving patients' engagement with medical care. Despite these clinical benefits, TIC is not routinely taught in undergraduate medical education. Read More

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The influence of natural disasters on violence, mental health, food insecurity, and stunting in the Philippines: Findings from a nationally representative cohort.

SSM Popul Health 2021 Sep 24;15:100825. Epub 2021 May 24.

Office of Population Studies Foundation, Inc., University of San Carlos, Australia.

Background: Climate change is leading to an increased number of natural disasters. Children from low- and middle-income countries are disproportionately affected. The impacts of exposure to multiple natural disasters on the development of children are not well understood. Read More

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September 2021

Intimate partner violence among Arab women before and during the COVID-19 lockdown.

J Egypt Public Health Assoc 2021 Dec 16;96:15. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Department of Family Health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Introduction: Intimate partner violence (IPV) remains a serious human rights violation and an important health concern during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The study aims to estimate the proportion of IPV among adult Arab women before and during the COVID-19 lockdown and to identify its possible predictors during the lockdown.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between April and June 2020 using an online questionnaire. Read More

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December 2021

Adolescent and Young Women's Daily Reports of Emotional Context and Episodes of Dating Violence.

J Fam Violence 2021 Apr 19;36(3):271-279. Epub 2020 Mar 19.

Boston Medical Center, 850 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118 USA.

Purpose: To investigate same day, previous day, and next day associations between trust, closeness, commitment, jealousy and provision of instrumental support with dating violence victimization and perpetration.

Method: A convenience sample of young women, 16-19 years, in a heterosexual dating relationship with at least one act (past month) of physical or psychological victimization or perpetration, were recruited from urban public locations. Participants answered questions daily via text continuously for four months on dating violence and partner-specific emotions. Read More

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Standing up against workplace bullying behavior: Recommendations from newly licensed nurses.

J Nurs Educ Pract 2020 ;10(7):35

College of Nursing, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA.

Objective: Workplace bullying exists in today's healthcare system and often targets newly licensed nurses. Experiences of workplace bullying behavior may negatively affect the nurses' physical and psychological health and impact job satisfaction and staff turnover rates at an organizational level. The purpose of this study was to explore strategies suggested by newly licensed nurses to prevent and intervene during incidents of workplace bullying behavior. Read More

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January 2020

Molecular Mechanism of Neuroprotective Effect of Melatonin on Morphine Addiction and Analgesic Tolerance: an Update.

Mol Neurobiol 2021 Jun 19. Epub 2021 Jun 19.

Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms of the Chinese Academy of Sciences & Yunnan Province, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, 650223, Yunnan, China.

Drug addiction is a global health problem and continues to place an enormous financial burden on society. This addiction is characterized by drug dependence sensitization and craving. Morphine has been widely used for pain relief, but chronic administration of morphine causes analgesic tolerance, hyperalgesia, and addiction, all of which limit its clinical usage. Read More

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Identification of physical abuse-related hospitalizations in young children: Impact of the transition to ICD-10-CM coding.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 17;118:105159. Epub 2021 Jun 17.

Center for Surgical Outcomes Research and Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice, Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, 700 Children's Dr., Columbus 43205, OH, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Administrative healthcare databases are frequently used for child physical abuse (CPA)-related research and surveillance. In October 2015, the United States transitioned to the International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification-10th Revision (ICD-10-CM) coding regimen. ICD-10-CM expands coding related to CPA, including codes to differentiate suspected from confirmed CPA. Read More

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Gaming to relieve tension or anxiety and associations with health functioning, substance use and physical violence in high school students.

J Psychiatr Res 2021 May 27;140:461-467. Epub 2021 May 27.

Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 06510, United States; The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, Wethersfield, CT, 06109, United States; The Connecticut Mental Health Center, New Haven, CT, 06519, United States; Department of Neuroscience and Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 06510, United States. Electronic address:

Gaming is popular among youth and gaming disorders have been introduced recently into psychiatric nomenclature systems. Motivations underlying gaming may include involvement to reduce negative emotional states and thus may link to psychiatric and overall health. Thus, the extent to which adolescents engage in gaming to relieve anxiety warrants additional investigation. Read More

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Childhood maltreatment and trauma is common and severe in body dysmorphic disorder.

Compr Psychiatry 2021 Jun 15;109:152256. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Centre for Mental Health, Faculty of Health, Arts & Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia; Department of Mental Health, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Background: Childhood maltreatment and trauma may be risk factors for the development of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). However, the limited research to date on these topics has been constrained by either the absence of a matched healthy control group or non-comprehensive assessments.

Methods: This study assessed the prevalence and severity of childhood maltreatment and other traumatic events in 52 BDD participants (56% female) and 57 matched controls (51% female) with no history of mental illness, using the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire and a checklist assessing broader traumatic events. Read More

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Associations between childhood maltreatment and educational, health and economic outcomes among middle-aged Chinese: The moderating role of relative poverty.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 16:105162. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China; School of Public Health, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Despite substantial evidence in developed countries showing that child maltreatment can lead to serious life-long consequences, relatively few studies so far have examined the associations between childhood maltreatment and adulthood outcomes in developing countries, such as China. It also remains unclear as to the impact of relative poverty on the long-term development of maltreated children.

Objective: This study aims to investigate the associations between childhood maltreatment and educational, health, and economic outcomes among middle-aged Chinese, as well as explore the moderating effects of relative poverty. Read More

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Commonly diagnosed mental disorders in a general hospital system.

Int J Ment Health Syst 2021 Jun 19;15(1):61. Epub 2021 Jun 19.

Health Psychology Training and Research Core, School of Behavior and Brain Sciences, Ponce Health Sciences University, 388 Zona Industrial Reparada 2, Ponce, PR, 00717, USA.

Background: Considering many patients receive care from general hospitals, these healthcare institutions are uniquely situated to address mental and physical health needs. Little is documented, however, on the common current mental disorders diagnosed in patients receiving care in general hospital settings, especially in Puerto Rico. The objective of this study was to characterize the five most common current DSM-5 mental disorder diagnoses made in patients receiving non-psychiatric medical and surgical care from a general hospital system in southern Puerto Rico between January 2015 and December 2019. Read More

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Preliminary findings for adverse childhood experiences and associations with negative physical and mental health and victimization in transmasculine adults.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 16;118:105161. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

The Fenway Institute, Fenway Health Boston, MA, United States of America.; Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States of America.; Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States of America.; Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA, United States of America.

Introduction: Studies highlight the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on risk for negative health outcomes in adulthood, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, substance use, and mental health. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people report higher rates of ACEs than non-LGBT people, with transgender people at greatest risk.

Objective: This study aims to comprehensively assess the prevalence of ACEs and association with health outcomes among transmasculine individuals. Read More

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Preinjury Health Status of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Preliminary Matched Case-Control Study.

J Head Trauma Rehabil 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Departments of Rehabilitation & Human Performance (Ms Bulas, Drs Kumar, and Dams-O'Connor), Institute for Healthcare Delivery Science, Population Health Science and Policy (Drs Li and Mazumdar), and Neurology (Dr Dams-O'Connor), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York; and Departments of Epidemiology (Dr Rosso), Biostatistics (Dr Youk), University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Objective: To discern whether there is evidence that individuals who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) had the greater odds of preexisting health conditions and/or poorer health behaviors than matched controls without TBI.

Setting: Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) control data were collected via random-digit-dialing phone survey. Read More

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School-Based Diversity Education Activities and Bias-Based Bullying Among Secondary School Students.

J Interpers Violence 2021 Jun 18:8862605211025016. Epub 2021 Jun 18.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Bias-based bullying (e.g., bullying related to race, weight, sexual orientation) is a common experience among youth, yet few school-based prevention programs explicitly address this type of bullying. Read More

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Sociodemographic Differences in Intimate Partner Violence Prevalence, Chronicity, and Severity Among Young Sexual and Gender Minorities Assigned Male at Birth: The P18 Cohort Study.

J Interpers Violence 2021 Jun 18:8862605211021985. Epub 2021 Jun 18.

Center for Health, Identity, Behavior, and Prevention Studies, School of Public Health, Rutgers University.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is prevalent among young sexual and gender minorities assigned male at birth (YSGM-AMAB). However, few studies have examined the chronicity or distinguished between minor and severe forms of IPV among YSGM-AMAB. Furthermore, while past research has documented differences in IPV by race/ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, income, and education in other populations, few studies have examined these sociodemographic characteristics in relation to IPV in YSGM-AMAB. Read More

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Exposure to violence, polyvictimization and youth's mental health and alcohol use in El Salvador.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 16;118:105158. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Community and family violence are major global health problems. Approximately 1.3 million deaths around the world and 2. Read More

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The influence of exposure to violence on adolescents' physical aggression: The protective influence of peers.

J Adolesc 2021 Jun 15;90:53-65. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Box 842018, Richmond, VA, 23284-2018, USA. Electronic address:

Introduction: This study examined the degree to which peers can serve as a protective factor to mitigate the negative effects of exposure to violence (i.e., victimization, witnessing violence) on adolescents' physical aggression. Read More

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Perfectionism Classes and Aggression in Adolescents.

Front Psychol 2021 1;12:686380. Epub 2021 Jun 1.

Department of Developmental Psychology and Didactics, Faculty of Education, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain.

Some of the components of perfectionism produce a variety of problems, such as interpersonal hypersensitivity and hostility, that may be associated with aggression behavior during adolescence. This study aims to identify classes of adolescents depending on their levels of Perfectionistic Strivings (PS) and Perfectionistic Concerns (PC) as well as to examine whether there are significant differences in the manifestations of the four components of aggression behavior (i.e. Read More

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Discrepancies in Physician and Coroner Findings in Cases of Fatal Suspected Physical Child Abuse.

Pediatr Emerg Care 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

From the Division of Emergency Medicine, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH Department of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN The Ohio State University College of Medicine Dayton Children's Hospital, Dayton Department of Pediatrics, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, Dayton Departments of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, The Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, OH.

Objectives: As mandated reporters of suspected abuse, physicians must consider abuse when a child dies unexpectedly. Subsequently, a coroner or medical examiner determines the manner of death (MOD) and cause of death (COD). Accurate diagnoses and determinations are important for social safety and justice. Read More

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Identification of Elder Abuse through Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care Providers.

Res Theory Nurs Pract 2021 Jun 17. Epub 2021 Jun 17.

Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland.

Background And Purpose: Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation are under-detected and under-reported. The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe out-ofhospital emergency care providers' experiences of identifying elder abuse.

Methods: Individual theme interviews were conducted with nine prehospital emergency care providers and three community paramedics in spring 2019. Read More

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The Mediated Portrayal of Intimate Partner Violence in True Crime Podcasts: Strangulation, Isolation, Threats of Violence, and Coercive Control.

Violence Against Women 2021 Jun 17:10778012211019055. Epub 2021 Jun 17.

California State University, Sacramento, USA.

In this directed qualitative content analysis of four season-long true crime podcasts, the researcher examined how different types of intimate partner violence (IPV) were portrayed. Across the podcasts, controlling behaviors, emotional abuse, and coercive control were commonly depicted. Physical violence was not the most common form of abuse depicted, but it was presented in sensationalistic ways-with a pointed focus on strangulation and bruising. Read More

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Prevalence and factors associated with sexual violence among women aged 15-49 years in rural Uganda: evidence from the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2016.

Public Health 2021 Jun 14;196:35-42. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Busitema University, Tororo, Uganda.

Objectives: Sexual violence is a serious global health problem with short- and long-term physical, mental, and reproductive adverse effects. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and factors associated with sexual violence among women of reproductive age in rural Uganda.

Study Design: This was a cross-sectional study based on the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UDHS) 2016 data. Read More

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Violence and abuse experiences and associated risk factors during the COVID-19 outbreak in a population-based sample of Norwegian adolescents.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 9;118:105156. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Oslo, Norway.

Background: The lockdowns occurring across society because of the COVID-19 pandemic have had far-reaching consequences for children and adolescents. One immediate concern was what the impact of the comprehensive disease control measures on rates of violence and abuse against children and adolescents would be.

Objective: We aimed to establish rates of child abuse and degree of family conflict during the first COVID-19 lockdown spring 2020. Read More

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Psychological and physical abuse towards four-year-old children as reported by their parents: A national Finnish survey.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jun 15;118:105127. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Dept of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University, Finland; South Ostrobothnia Hospital District, Finland. Electronic address:

Background: In Finnish society, child maltreatment is a health and social problem with harmful consequences. Identifying families at risk may help preventing child maltreatment recurrence.

Objective: The aim of this nationwide retrospective cross-sectional study was to describe the child- and family-related risk factors associated with physical and psychological abuse experienced by 4-year-old children. Read More

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Predictors of violence against health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil: A cross-sectional study.

PLoS One 2021 17;16(6):e0253398. Epub 2021 Jun 17.

Department of Health Sciences, State University of Maringá (UEM), Maringa, Parana, Brazil.

Background: The increase in violence against health professionals in the COVID-19 pandemic makes it necessary to identify the predictors of violence, in order to prevent these events from happening.

Objective: Evaluating the prevalence and analyzing the variables involved in the occurrence of violence against health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil.

Method: This is a cross-sectional study conducted online involving Brazilian health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

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