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Psychological distress and burden of care among family caregivers of patients with mental illness in a neuropsychiatric outpatient clinic in Nigeria.

PLoS One 2021 6;16(5):e0250309. Epub 2021 May 6.

Society for Family Health, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Background: The wellbeing of family caregivers of mentally ill persons has often been ignored, despite that family caregivers can be predisposed to psychiatric morbidities and burden in caring for their mentally ill family members. This study examined the levels of psychological distress and burden of care experienced by family caregivers who care for their mentally ill relatives in Edo State, Nigeria.

Methods: This study assessed psychological distress using the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12). Read More

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Short-chain fatty acids-producing probiotics: A novel source of psychobiotics.

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 2021 May 6:1-31. Epub 2021 May 6.

Collaborative Innovation Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Psychobiotics-live microorganisms with potential mental health benefits, which can modulate the microbiota-gut-brain-axis via immune, humoral, neural, and metabolic pathways-are emerging as novel therapeutic options for the effective treatment of psychiatric disorders Recently, microbiome studies have identified numerous putative psychobiotic strains, of which short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) producing bacteria have attracted special attention from neurobiologists. Recent studies have highlighted that SCFAs-producing bacteria such as , and have a very specific function in various psychiatric disorders, suggesting that these bacteria can be potential novel psychobiotics. SCFAs, potential mediators of microbiota-gut-brain axis, might modulate function of neurological processes. Read More

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Association Between Caregivers' Burden and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Female Patients with Alzheimer's Disease with Varying Dementia Severity.

J Multidiscip Healthc 2021 28;14:929-940. Epub 2021 Apr 28.

Department of Business Administration, National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan.

Purpose: This study examined the attributes causing higher burdens for caregivers caring for female patients with Alzheimer's disease by analyzing a combination of various variables, including demographic data, dementia severity, and neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Patients And Methods: This study included 99 female patients with Alzheimer's disease who were cared for by the dementia collaborative care team at Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan. Neuropsychiatric symptoms used in this study included affections (9 types), behavior symptoms (9 symptoms), and psychological symptoms (3 symptoms). Read More

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Down regulation of the expression of mitochondrial phosphopantetheinyl-proteins in pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration: pathophysiological consequences and therapeutic perspectives.

Orphanet J Rare Dis 2021 May 5;16(1):201. Epub 2021 May 5.

Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo (CABD), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Carretera de Utrera Km 1, 41013, Sevilla, Spain.

Background: Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) is a group of genetic neurological disorders frequently associated with iron accumulation in the basal nuclei of the brain characterized by progressive spasticity, dystonia, muscle rigidity, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and retinal degeneration or optic nerve atrophy. Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) is the most widespread NBIA disorder. It is caused by mutations in the gene of pantothenate kinase 2 (PANK2) which catalyzes the first reaction of coenzyme A (CoA) biosynthesis. Read More

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Perfusion image guided mechanical thrombectomy combined with tirofiban successfully revascularize systemic lupus erythematosus related acute large vessel occlusion: A case report.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 May;100(18):e25779

Department of Neurological Surgery, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

Rationale: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an important cause of stroke, more than a half the cases present as acute ischemic stroke. Thrombolysis is an effective choice in most cases, but for large vessel occlusion, mechanical thrombectomy is more effective. Here we reported a case of SLE-related stroke with left middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion, who was successfully treated by MT and tirofiban. Read More

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Association of Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures With Psychosis Onset in Individuals at Clinical High Risk for Developing Psychosis: An ENIGMA Working Group Mega-analysis.

JAMA Psychiatry 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, New York.

Importance: The ENIGMA clinical high risk (CHR) for psychosis initiative, the largest pooled neuroimaging sample of individuals at CHR to date, aims to discover robust neurobiological markers of psychosis risk.

Objective: To investigate baseline structural neuroimaging differences between individuals at CHR and healthy controls as well as between participants at CHR who later developed a psychotic disorder (CHR-PS+) and those who did not (CHR-PS-).

Design, Setting, And Participants: In this case-control study, baseline T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data were pooled from 31 international sites participating in the ENIGMA Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Working Group. Read More

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Diagnostic criteria for apathy in neurocognitive disorders.

Alzheimers Dement 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Introduction: Apathy is common in neurocognitive disorders (NCD) but NCD-specific diagnostic criteria are needed.

Methods: The International Society for CNS Clinical Trials Methodology Apathy Work Group convened an expert group and sought input from academia, health-care, industry, and regulatory bodies. A modified Delphi methodology was followed, and included an extensive literature review, two surveys, and two meetings at international conferences, culminating in a consensus meeting in 2019. Read More

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Maternal hypertensive disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring: a population-based cohort in two Nordic countries.

Eur J Epidemiol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

MOE-Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children's Environmental Health, Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.

Maternal hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (HDP) have been associated with neuropsychiatric problems in offspring. We aim to investigate the associations between specific types of maternal HDP and offspring neurodevelopmental disorders and further examine whether the timing of onset and severity of HDP would affect these associations. The study population consisted of 4,489,044 live-born singletons in Denmark during 1978-2012 and Sweden during 1987-2010. Read More

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Decision making under ambiguity and risk in adolescent-onset schizophrenia.

BMC Psychiatry 2021 05 4;21(1):230. Epub 2021 May 4.

Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Cognition and Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Hefei, 230022, China.

Objective: Numerous studies have identified impaired decision making (DM) under both ambiguity and risk in adult patients with schizophrenia. However, the assessment of DM in patients with adolescent-onset schizophrenia (AOS) has been challenging as a result of the instability and heterogeneity of manifestations. The Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) and Game of Dice Task (GDT), which are frequently used to evaluate DM respectively under ambiguity and risk, are sensitive to adolescents and neuropsychiatric patients. Read More

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Swimming exercise attenuates anxiety-like behavior by reducing brain oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic mice.

Physiol Behav 2021 May 1:113449. Epub 2021 May 1.

Department of Exercise Physiology, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

Anxiety-related behaviors are among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). The protective effect of exercise on neuropsychiatric disorders has been documented. However, there are no studies that examined whether swimming exercise can decrease anxiety-like symptoms in type 2 diabetes. Read More

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Prognostic Accuracy of DSM-5 Attenuated Psychosis Symptoms in Adolescents: Prospective Real-World 5-Year Cohort Study.

Schizophr Bull 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy.

There is limited research in adolescents at risk for psychosis. The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition attenuated psychosis syndrome (DSM-5 APS) criteria have not been validated in this group. We conducted a RECORD-compliant, real-world, prospective, 5-year cohort study addressing clinical profile, transition to psychosis, and prognostic accuracy of DSM-5 APS in help-seeking inpatient/outpatient adolescents accessing Children and Adolescent Neuropsychiatric services at IRCCS Mondino Foundation (Pavia, Lombardy, Italy) between 2012 and 2019. Read More

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Sex differences in anxiety and depression in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Investigating genetic liability and comorbidity.

Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

It is unknown why attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is more common in males, whereas anxiety and depression show a female population excess. We tested the hypothesis that anxiety and depression risk alleles manifest as ADHD in males. We also tested whether anxiety and depression in children with ADHD show a different etiology to typical anxiety and depression and whether this differs by sex. Read More

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Acute psychosis associated with recent SARS-CoV-2 infection: A case report.

IDCases 2021 Apr 27:e01140. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198, USA.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created overwhelming circumstances not only in the medical field, but in other walks of life. SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus of COVID-19 [1], primarily affects the respiratory system leading to respiratory illnesses of varying severity ranging from mild flu-like symptoms to acute respiratory distress syndrome [2]. However, the clinical manifestations of COVID-19 are not limited to the respiratory system [3]. Read More

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Agitation and Dementia: Prevention and Treatment Strategies in Acute and Chronic Conditions.

Front Neurol 2021 16;12:644317. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Department of Neuroscience, Imaging and Clinical Sciences, University G. d'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara, Chieti, Italy.

Agitation is a behavioral syndrome characterized by increased, often undirected, motor activity, restlessness, aggressiveness, and emotional distress. According to several observations, agitation prevalence ranges from 30 to 50% in Alzheimer's disease, 30% in dementia with Lewy bodies, 40% in frontotemporal dementia, and 40% in vascular dementia (VaD). With an overall prevalence of about 30%, agitation is the third most common neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in dementia, after apathy and depression, and it is even more frequent (80%) in residents of nursing homes. Read More

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Associations of Neuropsychiatric Features with Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers of Amyloidogenesis and Neurodegeneration in Dementia with Lewy Bodies Compared with Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitively Healthy People.

J Alzheimers Dis 2021 Apr 27. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery Escola Paulista de Medicina, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Background: Behavioral features may reflect proteinopathies predicting pathophysiology in neurodegenerative diseases.

Objective: We aimed to investigate associations of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of amyloidogenesis and neurodegeneration with neuropsychiatric features in dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) compared with late-onset Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cognitively healthy people.

Methods: Consecutive outpatients with DLB were paired with outpatients with AD according to sex, dementia stage, and cognitive scores, and with cognitively healthy controls according to sex and age to investigate associations of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-β (Aβ)42, Aβ40, Aβ38, total tau, phospho-tau Thr181, α-synuclein, ubiquitin, and neurofilament light with neuropsychiatric features according to APOEɛ4 carrier status. Read More

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Interventional Study to Evaluate the Clinical Effects and Safety of the Nutraceutical Compound BrainUp-10® in a Cohort of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease: A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, and Placebo-Controlled Trial.

J Alzheimers Dis 2021 Apr 27. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Laboratory of Neuroscience and Functional Medicine, International Center for Biomedicine (ICC) and Faculty of Sciences University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Background: Clinically-evaluated nutraceuticals are candidates for Alzheimer's disease (AD) prevention and treatment. Phase I studies showed biological safety of the nutraceutical BrainUp-10®, while a pilot trial demonstrated efficacy for treatment. Cell studies demonstrated neuroprotection. Read More

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Clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: recommendations of the International Working Group.

Lancet Neurol 2021 Apr 29. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Department of Neurosciences, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA; Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA; Alzheimer Disease Cooperative Study, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA.

In 2018, the US National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer's Association proposed a purely biological definition of Alzheimer's disease that relies on biomarkers. Although the intended use of this framework was for research purposes, it has engendered debate and challenges regarding its use in everyday clinical practice. For instance, cognitively unimpaired individuals can have biomarker evidence of both amyloid β and tau pathology but will often not develop clinical manifestations in their lifetime. Read More

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Neuromodulatory effect of interleukin 1β in the dorsal raphe nucleus on individual differences in aggression.

Mol Psychiatry 2021 Apr 30. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Nash Family Department of Neuroscience and Friedman Brain Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA.

Heightened aggressive behavior is considered as one of the central symptoms of many neuropsychiatric disorders including autism, schizophrenia, and dementia. The consequences of aggression pose a heavy burden on patients and their families and clinicians. Unfortunately, we have limited treatment options for aggression and lack mechanistic insight into the causes of aggression needed to inform new efforts in drug discovery and development. Read More

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Different phenotypes of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus are related to a distinct pattern of structural changes on brain MRI.

Eur Radiol 2021 Apr 30. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Albinusdreef 2, 2333, ZA, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Objectives: The underlying structural brain correlates of neuropsychiatric involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE) remain unclear, thus hindering correct diagnosis. We compared brain tissue volumes between a clinically well-defined cohort of patients with NPSLE and SLE patients with neuropsychiatric syndromes not attributed to SLE (non-NPSLE). Within the NPSLE patients, we also examined differences between patients with two distinct disease phenotypes: ischemic and inflammatory. Read More

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Evaluating the Clinical Impact of National Dementia Behaviour Support Programs on Neuropsychiatric Outcomes in Australia.

Front Psychiatry 2021 13;12:652254. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

The Dementia Centre, HammondCare, St Leonards, NSW, Australia.

People living with dementia (PLWD) in residential aged care homes (RACHs) are frequently prescribed psychotropic medications due to the high prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms, also known as behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). However, the gold standard to support BPSD is using psychosocial/non-pharmacological therapies. This study aims to describe and evaluate services and neuropsychiatric outcomes associated with the provision of psychosocial person-centred care interventions delivered by national multidisciplinary dementia-specific behaviour support programs. Read More

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Phenotyping Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Profiles of Alzheimer's Disease Using Cluster Analysis on EEG Power.

Front Aging Neurosci 2021 13;13:623930. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Institute of Brain Science/Digital Medicine Center, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taipei, Taiwan.

: There has been an increasing interest in studying electroencephalogram (EEG) as a biomarker of Alzheimer's disease but the association between EEG signals and patients' neuropsychiatric symptoms remains unclear. We studied EEG signals of patients with Alzheimer's disease to explore the associations between patients' neuropsychiatric symptoms and clusters of patients based on their EEG powers. : A total of 69 patients with mild Alzheimer's disease (the Clinical Dementia Rating = 1) were enrolled and their EEG signals from 19 channels/electrodes were recorded in three sessions for each patient. Read More

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Anxiety and depression severity in neuropsychiatric SLE are associated with perfusion and functional connectivity changes of the frontolimbic neural circuit: a resting-state f(unctional) MRI study.

Lupus Sci Med 2021 04;8(1)

Computational Bio-Medicine Laboratory, Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Objective: To examine the hypothesis that perfusion and functional connectivity disturbances in brain areas implicated in emotional processing are linked to emotion-related symptoms in neuropsychiatric SLE (NPSLE).

Methods: Resting-state fMRI (rs-fMRI) was performed and anxiety and/or depression symptoms were assessed in 32 patients with NPSLE and 18 healthy controls (HC). Whole-brain time-shift analysis (TSA) maps, voxel-wise global connectivity (assessed through intrinsic connectivity contrast (ICC)) and within-network connectivity were estimated and submitted to one-sample t-tests. Read More

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Long Covid-19: Proposed Primary Care Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosis and Disease Management.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 04 20;18(8). Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Laboratory of Autoimmune Diseases Josep Font, IDIBAPS-CELLEX, 08036 Barcelona, Spain.

Long COVID-19 may be defined as patients who, four weeks after the diagnosis of SARS-Cov-2 infection, continue to have signs and symptoms not explainable by other causes. The estimated frequency is around 10% and signs and symptoms may last for months. The main long-term manifestations observed in other coronaviruses (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)) are very similar to and have clear clinical parallels with SARS-CoV-2: mainly respiratory, musculoskeletal, and neuropsychiatric. Read More

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Hearing Loss in Children: Clinical-Epidemiological Data from Two Different Provinces of the Same Region.

Audiol Res 2021 Apr 23;11(2):192-199. Epub 2021 Apr 23.

Audiology, Department of Diagnostic, Clinical and Public Health Medicine, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 41121 Modena, MO, Italy.

Background: In many countries, neonatal hearing screening programs (NHS) have been available for many years; however, because of the presence of hearing loss at late onset, early hearing detection programs (EHDP) have been implemented. The aim of this study was to evaluate all cases of infantile hearing loss under the care of two different provinces of a regional health service since the introduction of NHS.

Methods: Clinical data (the presence of audiological risk factors, age at which children are placed under the care of health service, entity of hearing loss, treatment, and exposure to bilingualism) were retrospectively collected during the period from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2018, starting from the IT management system used in all of the regional neuropsychiatric services. Read More

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Novel Compound Heterozygous Mutation in Gene: The Relevance of Whole Genome Sequencing.

Genes (Basel) 2021 Apr 12;12(4). Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Hospital Clinic, 08036 Barcelona, Spain.

Advances in high-throughput technologies and its implementation worldwide have had a considerable impact on the elucidation of the molecular causes underlying neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders, especially for autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability (ID). Nevertheless, etiology remains elusive in close to 50% of cases, even in those families with multiple affected individuals, strongly hinting at a genetic cause. Here we present a case report of two siblings affected with severe ID and other comorbidities, who embarked on a genetic testing odyssey until diagnosis was reached by using whole genome sequencing (WGS). Read More

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Key Disease Mechanisms Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in the Entorhinal Cortex.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Apr 10;22(8). Epub 2021 Apr 10.

Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Therapeutics, Discipline of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, The Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL 60064, USA.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a chronic, neurodegenerative brain disorder affecting millions of Americans that is expected to increase in incidence with the expanding aging population. Symptomatic AD patients show cognitive decline and often develop neuropsychiatric symptoms due to the accumulation of insoluble proteins that produce plaques and tangles seen in the brain at autopsy. Unexpectedly, some clinically normal individuals also show AD pathology in the brain at autopsy (asymptomatic AD, AsymAD). Read More

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Long-Term Neurological Outcomes of Adult Patients with Phenylketonuria before and after Newborn Screening in Japan.

Int J Neonatal Screen 2021 Apr 14;7(2). Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Department of Pediatrics, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine, 89-1 Enya-cho, Izumo, Shimane 693-8501, Japan.

Japanese newborn screening (NBS) for phenylketonuria (PKU) was initiated in 1977. We surveyed the neurological outcomes of Japanese adult patients with PKU to investigate the long-term effects and of and issues with NBS. Eighty-five patients with PKU aged over 19 years who continued to be treated with a phenylalanine-free amino acid formula were investigated by administering questionnaires regarding clinical characteristics, such as mental ability, education status, and therapeutic condition. Read More

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miR-155 as an Important Regulator of Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis. A Review.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Apr 21;22(9). Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Department of General Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, Pomorska 141/143, 90-236 Lodz, Poland.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, immune-mediated disease and the leading cause of disability among young adults. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Of them, miR-155 is a crucial regulator of inflammation and plays a role in modulating the autoimmune response in MS. Read More

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Elevated Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 as the Independent Risk Factor of Delirium after Cardiac Surgery. A Prospective Cohort Study.

J Clin Med 2021 Apr 9;10(8). Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Lodz, 92-213 Lodz, Poland.

Background: The pathogenesis of postoperative delirium is largely unknown. The primary objective of this study is to assess whether increased levels of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) are associated with postoperative delirium in patients who have undergone cardiac surgery. The secondary objective is to investigate whether any association between raised inflammatory biomarkers levels and delirium is related to surgical and anesthetic procedures or mediated by pre-existing psychiatric conditions associated with raised pro-inflammatory markers levels. Read More

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