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Factor structure of the Chinese CES-D and invariance analyses across gender and over time among Chinese adolescents.

J Affect Disord 2021 Sep 3;295:639-646. Epub 2021 Sep 3.

Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, PR China.

Background: Research findings on the factor structure and invariance of the Center for the Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) are inconclusive. Besides, very few studies have examined factorial invariance of the scale over time. Related studies based on Chinese adolescents are also sparse. Read More

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September 2021

Estimating measurement equivalence of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire across ethnic groups in the UK.

Psychol Med 2021 Sep 9:1-9. Epub 2021 Sep 9.

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Background: This study investigates the extent to which the GHQ-12 exhibits configural, metric and scalar invariance across six ethnic groups in Britain and Northern Ireland, using the UK Household Longitudinal Study (N = 35 410).

Methods: A confirmatory factor analysis was carried out on a white British group in order to establish an adequate measurement model. Secondly, a multi-group confirmatory factor analysis was conducted in order to assess measurement invariance. Read More

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September 2021

Change in Caregivers' Attitudes and Use of Corporal Punishment Following a Legal Ban: A Multi-Country Longitudinal Comparison.

Child Maltreat 2021 Aug 14:10775595211036401. Epub 2021 Aug 14.

Department of Social and Behavioural Studies, 387495University West, Trollhattan, Sweden.

We examined whether a policy banning corporal punishment enacted in Kenya in 2010 is associated with changes in Kenyan caregivers' use of corporal punishment and beliefs in its effectiveness and normativeness, and compared to caregivers in six countries without bans in the same period. Using a longitudinal study with six waves of panel data (2008-2016), mothers ( = 1086) in Colombia, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Philippines, Thailand, and United States reported household use of corporal punishment and beliefs about its effectiveness and normativeness. Random intercept models and multi-group piecewise growth curve models indicated that the proportion of corporal punishment behaviors used by the Kenyan caregivers decreased post-ban at a significantly different rate compared to the caregivers in other countries in the same period. Read More

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Examining Race and Gender Differences in Associations Among Body Appreciation, Eudaimonic Psychological Well-Being, and Intuitive Eating and Exercising.

Am J Health Promot 2021 Aug 5:8901171211036910. Epub 2021 Aug 5.

169177The Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology, Norfolk, VA, USA.

Purpose: The present study examined race and gender differences among positive psychological constructs, and adaptive eating and exercise behaviors.

Design: Cross-sectional.

Setting: Online. Read More

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A latent growth curve modelling approach to seasonal and spatial dynamics of food security heterogeneities in rural Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya.

Food Secur 2021 Jul 17:1-15. Epub 2021 Jul 17.

Department of Economics and Management, University of Pavia, Via S. Felice, 5-27100, Pavia, Italy.

The increasing complexity of food insecurity, malnutrition, and chronic poverty faced by Sub-Saharan Africa warrants urgent categorisation and tracking of household food security along both temporal and spatial dimensions. This will help to effectively target, monitor and evaluate population-level programs and specific interventions aimed at addressing food insecurity. Traditional longitudinal analysis does not address the dynamics of inter- and intrahousehold heterogeneities within the seasonal and spatial context of household-level food security. Read More

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[Avoidable childhood deaths: an analysis by department and municipality in Colombia (2000-2018)Mortalidade infantil por causas evitáveis: uma análise por departamento e município na Colômbia (2000-2018)].

Rev Panam Salud Publica 2021 11;46:e64. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Facultad de Salud, Universidad Industrial de Santander Colombia Facultad de Salud, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia.

Objective: To determine the proportion of potentially avoidable deaths in children under five in Colombia, by department and municipality of residence, during the period from 2000 through 2018.

Methods: A multi-group and longitudinal ecological study was conducted in 33 departments and 1 118 municipalities over a period of 19 years. The deaths were classified as probably unavoidable or avoidable; the latter were then identified as treatable, preventable, or mixed; and a proportion was calculated relative to the total. Read More

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Not All in the Same Boat. Socioeconomic Differences in Marital Stress and Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Front Psychol 2021 31;12:635148. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaṣi, Iaṣi, Romania.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global threat that affects a large part of the population, but the risks associated with it are higher for some people compared with others. Previous studies show that lower socioeconomic status (SES) is associated with more chronic stress and less marital satisfaction. Thus, the uncertainty caused by the pandemic might greatly affect those who were already vulnerable. Read More

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Longitudinal Associations between Callous-unemotional (CU) Traits and School-based Affiliative Relationships among South Korean Children.

J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol 2021 Mar 26:1-10. Epub 2021 Mar 26.

Department of Psychology, University of Bath.

Callous-unemotional traits (CU) traits are characterized by low empathy, guilt, and reduced sensitivity to others' feelings, along with a reduced drive for social affiliation. However, little is known about the relationships between CU traits and social affiliation in the school context, or the influence of gender on these associations. This study tested reciprocal associations between CU traits and school-based affiliative relationships and explored gender as a potential moderator. Read More

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Exploring Idiographic Approaches to Children's Executive Function Performance: An Intensive Longitudinal Study.

J Pers Oriented Res 2020 30;6(2):73-87. Epub 2020 Dec 30.

Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA.

Traditional variable-centered research on executive functions (EFs) often infers intraindividual development using group-based averages. Such a method masks meaningful individuality and involves the fallacy of equating group-level data with person-specific changes. We used an intensive longitudinal design to study idiographic executive function fluctuation among ten boys from Grade 4. Read More

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December 2020

Development of internalizing symptoms during adolescence in three countries: the role of temperament and parenting behaviors.

Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2021 Feb 6. Epub 2021 Feb 6.

Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University, Durham, USA.

This longitudinal study examined the unique and joint effects of early adolescent temperament and parenting in predicting the development of adolescent internalizing symptoms in a cross-cultural sample. Participants were 544 early adolescents (T1: M = 12.58; 49. Read More

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February 2021

Neighborhood environment, social participation, and physical activity in older adults with lower limb osteoarthritis: A mediation analysis.

Health Place 2021 Mar 25;68:102513. Epub 2021 Jan 25.

Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, the Netherlands; Faculty of Social Work & Applied Psychology, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, the Netherlands.

Older adults with lower limb osteoarthritis (LLOA) are highly dependent on their physical and social environment for being physically active. Longitudinal data from 2286 older adults (M = 73.8 years; 50. Read More

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Language-Related Longitudinal Predictors of Arithmetic Word Problem Solving: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach.

Contemp Educ Psychol 2020 Jan 26;60. Epub 2019 Nov 26.

Vanderbilt University.

We investigated the longitudinal relations between cognitive skills, specifically language-related skills, and word-problem solving in 340 children (6.10 to 9.02 years). Read More

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January 2020

Age and gender differences in the reciprocal relationship between social connectedness and mental health.

Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 2021 Jun 3;56(6):1069-1081. Epub 2020 Oct 3.

Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

Purpose: To examine (i) reciprocal longitudinal associations between social connectedness and mental health, and (ii) how these associations vary by age and gender.

Methods: Three waves of nationally representative data were drawn from the HILDA survey (n = 11,523; 46% men). The five-item Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5) assessed symptoms of depression and anxiety. Read More

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The Role of the Family's Emotional Climate in the Links between Parent-Adolescent Communication and Adolescent Psychosocial Functioning.

Res Child Adolesc Psychopathol 2021 02 22;49(2):141-154. Epub 2020 Sep 22.

Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The current study was designed to extend the parenting literature by testing the moderating role of the family's emotional climate, operationalized with parent-adolescent emotional closeness and adolescent feelings of being overly controlled by parents on the longitudinal associations between parent-driven communication efforts (i.e. parental behavioral control and solicitation of information from their adolescent), adolescent-driven communication efforts (i. Read More

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February 2021

The influence of emotion regulation on posttraumatic stress symptoms among Japanese people.

J Affect Disord 2020 12 27;277:577-583. Epub 2020 Aug 27.

National Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Japan.

Background: Emotion regulation (ER) is associated with posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS). However, most findings are from cross-sectional studies and are hence unable to clarify whether deficits in ER longitudinally contribute to the worsening and maintenance of PTSS. In addition, no studies consider the process of how ER affects PTSS. Read More

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December 2020

Developmental trajectories of the socioeconomic status of occupational aspirations during adolescence.

J Adolesc 2020 10 23;84:26-35. Epub 2020 Aug 23.

Department of Education & Psychology, University of Siegen, Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2, Siegen, 57068, Germany. Electronic address:

Introduction: Prominent theories of career development suggest age-related changes in adolescents' occupational aspirations. However, little is known about how exactly and to what extent, adolescents' aspirations change, particularly regarding the socioeconomic status (SES) of aspired occupations. We aim at extending our knowledge of the developmental trajectories of the SES of occupational aspirations and potential gender differences in those trajectories. Read More

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October 2020

Emotion dysregulation between mothers, fathers, and adolescents: Implications for adolescents' internalizing problems.

J Adolesc 2020 08 31;83:62-71. Epub 2020 Jul 31.

Department of Early Childhood Education and Centre for Child and Family Science, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Introduction: The present study calls attention to the longitudinal relations between mothers', fathers', and adolescents' emotion dysregulation and adolescents' internalizing problems. To this end, we tested the associations between family members' emotion dysregulation and adolescents' internalizing problems over time.

Methods: Over a 12-month period, 386 Chinese families from Hong Kong involving mothers, fathers, and adolescent children (children at 12-17 years of age; boys = 185, girls = 201) completed a set of questionnaires twice. Read More

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The Association between Body Mass Index and Physical Fitness of Normal Weight/Overweight/Obese University Students.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 07 27;17(15). Epub 2020 Jul 27.

Department of Sports Training Science-Balls, National Taiwan Sport University, Taoyuan 33301, Taiwan.

This study aimed to apply longitudinal data (in four waves) to examine relationships between body mass index (BMI), flexibility, muscular endurance, and explosive power, and employed a random-intercept panel model (RIPM) to divide the variations of different waves into between- and within-person variations. Furthermore, a multi-group model test was conducted to explore whether an interaction effect existed between sex and these relationships. The data were collected from a university in Taiwan between August 2009 and July 2010, and 3863 freshman and junior students were recruited. Read More

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Child disclosure, parental solicitation, and adjustment problems: Parental support as a mediator.

Child Psychiatry Hum Dev 2021 06;52(3):430-438

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA.

Little is known about how perceived parental solicitation and child disclosure are negatively associated with early adolescent adjustment problems and/or if these associations are consistent across race/ethnic groups. This study used data from 209 early adolescents to examine perceived parental support as a mediator in the associations between perceived parental solicitation and child disclosure and subsequent adjustment problems, while also examining race/ethnic group differences across non-Hispanic White and Hispanic early adolescents using multi-group path analyses. Perceived parent support did not mediate the associations between child disclosure and perceived parental solicitation and subsequent adjustment problems. Read More

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"I Just Can't Take It Anymore": How Specific Work Characteristics Impact Younger Versus Older Nurses' Health, Satisfaction, and Commitment.

Front Psychol 2020 27;11:762. Epub 2020 May 27.

Department of International Health and Care, Public Health Research Institute, Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Given the increasing shortage of active nurses in industrialized countries throughout the world, it is of utmost importance to protect their health, satisfaction, and commitment so that they can continue working in their healthcare institution. Building upon the proposed pattern of specific relationships developed by Houkes et al. (2003), we investigated a model of relationships among working conditions (quantitative, emotional, and physical demands), labor relations (quality of interpersonal relations and psychological support), work content (meaning of work, influence at work), and employment conditions (opportunities for development) on the one hand, and health, job satisfaction, and institutional affective commitment on the other hand, for younger versus older nurses. Read More

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Retention in care in aging adults with a dual diagnosis of HIV infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a longitudinal retrospective cross-sectional study.

AIDS Res Ther 2020 05 29;17(1):29. Epub 2020 May 29.

School of Nursing, Hanyang University, 222 Wangsimni-ro, Sageun-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Background: This study aimed to investigate the measures of retention in care (RIC) in persons living with HIV (PLWH) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) by age group (younger vs. older adults).

Methods: This was a longitudinal retrospective cross-sectional study that used secondary data from the Center for AIDS Research Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS). Read More

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Multi-group multi-time point confirmatory factor analysis of the triadic structure of temperament: A nonhuman primate model.

Dev Psychobiol 2021 01 29;63(1):65-73. Epub 2020 May 29.

Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.

Attempts to describe the latent structure of human infant temperament have led some to suggest the existence of three major dimensions. An earlier exploratory factor analysis (EFA) supported a triadic structure of temperament in week-old rhesus monkey infants, paralleling the structure in human infants. This study sought to confirm the latent triadic structure of temperament across the first month of life in a larger sample of rhesus monkey infants (N = 668), reared by their mothers or in a neonatal nursery. Read More

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January 2021

A Comparative Study of Cohorts for Children's Body Mass Index Changes.

Soc Work Public Health 2020 04 26;35(4):213-222. Epub 2020 May 26.

Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University , Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The purpose of this study is to examine how the body mass index changes over time and to determine whether there is a difference between the cohorts. For these purposes, we used latent growth curve modeling and multi-group analysis involving 2,250 students (first-grade cohort panel data) and 2,094 students (fourth-grade cohort panel data) who participated in the Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey. Major findings are as follows. Read More

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Parenting Stress and Depressive Symptoms Among Chinese Parents of Children With and Without Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Three-Wave Longitudinal Study.

Child Psychiatry Hum Dev 2020 12;51(6):855-867

Institute of Developmental Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, 100875, China.

Parents of children with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) experience greater stress in parenting and more parental depressive symptoms. The study examined the longitudinal and bidirectional associations between three dimensions of parenting stress (i.e. Read More

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December 2020

The longitudinal role of mathematics anxiety in mathematics development: Issues of gender differences and domain-specificity.

J Adolesc 2020 04 18;80:220-232. Epub 2020 Mar 18.

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK. Electronic address:

Introduction: Mathematics anxiety (MA) is an important risk factor hindering the development of confidence and capability in mathematics and participation in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce. The aim of the present study is to further our understanding of these relations in adolescence by adopting a threefold approach. First, we adopted a longitudinal design to clarify the temporal order in the developmental relations between (a) MA and mathematics achievement and (b) MA and mathematics self-perceived ability. Read More

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Cohort effects associated with reduced sleep duration in adolescents.

Changmin Yoo

Sleep Med 2020 03 11;67:184-190. Epub 2019 Dec 11.

Hannam University, Department of Social Welfare, 70, Hannam-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, 34430, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Objective: The purpose of this study is to examine how the sleep duration changes during adolescence across the seventh, eighth, ninth, and 10th grade periods, and to determine whether there is a difference between the cohorts.

Method: For these purposes, we used the latent growth curve modeling and the multi-group analysis involving 2081 students (2000-birth cohort data) and 2254 students (1997-birth cohort data) who participated in the Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey. The data were collected using a stratified multistage cluster sampling method. Read More

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Academic Motivation Deficits in Adolescents with ADHD and Associations with Academic Functioning.

J Abnorm Child Psychol 2020 02;48(2):237-249

Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

The present study evaluates differences in self-reported intrinsic and extrinsic academic motivation and amotivation between eighth-grade adolescents with (n = 162) and without (n = 140) ADHD. This study also examines associations between motivation and academic functioning with objective (i.e. Read More

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February 2020

Longitudinal Linkages among Parents' Educational Expectations, Youth's Educational Expectations, and Competence in Mexican-origin Families.

J Youth Adolesc 2020 Jan 4;49(1):32-48. Epub 2019 Nov 4.

Department of Psychology, University of California Davis, 268H Young Hall 1 Shields Avenue, Davis, CA, 95616, United States.

The contribution that parental educational expectations for youth and youth's perceptions of academic competence can have on youth's own educational expectations across early to late adolescence is not well-understood. In a sample of Mexican-origin families, the current study examined longitudinal (from early to late adolescence) associations among mothers, fathers, and youth's educational expectations, how youth's educational expectations were associated with perceived academic competence, and the potential mediating role of youth's perceived academic competence. Data from two-parent families which included one focal child (7th grade: N= 469; youth: M = 12. Read More

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January 2020

Development and testing of a model for risk and protective factors for eating disorders and higher weight among emerging adults: A study protocol.

Body Image 2019 Dec 19;31:139-149. Epub 2019 Oct 19.

Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway Burwood, Victoria, 3125, Australia.

Research has demonstrated that eating disorders (ED) and higher weight have lifetime co-occurrence suggesting that they may be best considered within a common etiological model. Although we know that body dissatisfaction is likely to be a risk factor for both outcomes, other proposed risk and protective factors for each condition have not been adequately explored. The current paper tests a conceptual model that is based on a review of the existing literature from both areas of scholarship. Read More

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December 2019

Predicting fruit consumption: A multi-group application of the Theory of Planned Behavior.

Appetite 2020 02 15;145:104490. Epub 2019 Oct 15.

Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology, University of Padua, Italy.

The main aim of the study was to test a two-wave longitudinal prediction model for the consumption of at least three portions of fruit per day, that was grounded on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB; Ajzen, 1991), extended with measures of past behavior and self-identity as a healthy eater. Self-identity is defined as a salient part of the self-concept specifically relates to a desirable behavior, such as, in this case, healthy eating. A second aim of the study was to test the invariance of the proposed model in two samples of Italian university students (n = 208) and no-student adults (n = 321). Read More

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February 2020