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Osteocalcin promotes proliferation, differentiation, and survival of PC12 cells.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021 Apr 14;557:174-179. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Division of Applied Pharmacology, Department of Health Promotion, Kyushu Dental University, 2-6-1 Manazuru, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 803-8580, Japan. Electronic address:

Involvement of the bone matrix protein osteocalcin (OC) in the development of learning and memory, and the prevention of anxiety-like behaviors in mice. However, the direct effects of OC on neurons are still unknown comparing to the mechanism how OC affects systemic energy expenditure and glucose homeostasis. In this study, we investigated the effect of OC on proliferation, differentiation, and survival of neurons using the rat pheochromocytoma cell line PC12. Read More

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Long non-coding RNA LINC01003 suppresses the development of multiple myeloma by targeting miR-33a-5p/PIM1 axis.

Leuk Res 2021 Mar 31;106:106565. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Department of Hematology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, No. 218, Jixi Road, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, 230032, China. Electronic address:

Background: Numerous long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are reported to affect the progression of multiple myeloma (MM). This study is aimed to explore the role and downstream mechanism of lncRNA LINC01003 in MM.

Materials And Methods: Xenograft tumor assay was used to assess the function of LINC01003 in MM in vivo. Read More

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Assessment spermatogenic cell apoptosis and the transcript levels of metallothionein and p53 in Meretrix meretrix induced by cadmium.

Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 2021 Apr 14;217:112230. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

College of Life and Environmental Science, Wenzhou University, 325035 Wenzhou, China. Electronic address:

Cadmium (Cd) has been widely used in industry and can accumulate in the water, soil, and food. Meretrix meretrix is one of the marine shellfishes cultivated for economic purpose in China. The increasing Cd levels in coastal marine water could adversely affect the economic benefits of shellfish cultivation. Read More

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The role of Smad1/5 in mantle immunity of the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii.

Fish Shellfish Immunol 2021 Apr 14. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

CAS Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Bio-resources and Ecology, Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Applied Marine Biology, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 164 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou, 510301, China; Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory, Guangzhou, 511458. Electronic address:

The Smad protein family is an important medium for transducing BMP-Smads signals, and which have been proved that their important role in regulating shell biomineralization in Pinctada fucata martensii in our previous study. The members of TGF-β superfamily were involved in innate immunity in vertebrates and invertebrates, and Smad regulatory networks construct a balanced immune system. However, little is known about the role of Smad1/5 in immunity in P. Read More

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The transcriptional regulator GON4L is required for viability and hematopoiesis in mice.

Exp Hematol 2021 Apr 14. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Departments of Internal MedicineCarver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, 375 Newton Road, Iowa City, IA, 52242, USA; Anatomy and Cell BiologyCarver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, 375 Newton Road, Iowa City, IA, 52242, USA; Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, 375 Newton Road, Iowa City, IA, 52242, USA. Electronic address:

The Gon4l gene encodes a putative transcriptional regulator implicated in the control of both cell differentiation and proliferation. Previously, we described a mutant mouse strain called Justy in which splicing of pre-mRNA generated from Gon4l is disrupted. This defect severely reduces, but does not abolish, GON4L protein expression, and blocks the formation of early B-lineage progenitors, suggesting Gon4l is required for B cell development in vertebrates. Read More

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Soyasaponin ameliorates obesity and reduces hepatic triacylglycerol accumulation by suppressing lipogenesis in high-fat diet-fed mice.

J Food Sci 2021 Apr 17. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Laboratory of Nutrition Chemistry, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.

Soyasaponins are triterpenoid glycosides found in soybean. We investigated whether soyasaponin ameliorates lipid metabolism and its possible mechanisms. In C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD), soyasaponin (SAP) was orally administered for 9 weeks. Read More

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The role of RST1 and RIPR proteins in plant RNA quality control systems.

Plant Mol Biol 2021 Apr 17. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Biological Research Centre, Institute of Plant Biology, ELKH, Temesvári krt 62, 6726, Szeged, Hungary.

To keep mRNA homeostasis, the RNA degradation, quality control and silencing systems should act in balance in plants. Degradation of normal mRNA starts with deadenylation, then deadenylated transcripts are degraded by the SKI-exosome 3'-5' and/or XRN4 5'-3' exonucleases. RNA quality control systems identify and decay different aberrant transcripts. Read More

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Loss of microRNA-147 function alleviates synovial inflammation through ZNF148 in rheumatoid and experimental arthritis.

Eur J Immunol 2021 Apr 17. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM), and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Science Center, West Yanta Road No.76, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710061, PR China.

MicroRNA-147 (miR-147) had been previously found induced in synoviocytes by inflammatory stimuli derived from T cells in experimental arthritis. This study was designed to verify whether loss of its function might alleviate inflammatory events in joints of experimental and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). DA rats were injected intradermally with pristane to induce arthritis, and rno-miR-147 antagomir was locally administrated into individual ankle compared with negative control or rno-miR-155-5p antagomir (potential positive control). Read More

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RNA Kinase CLP1/Cbc Regulates Meiosis Initiation in Spermatogenesis.

Hum Mol Genet 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

State Key Laboratory of Molecular Developmental Biology, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

CLP1, TSEN complex, and VCP are evolutionarily conserved proteins whose mutations are associated with neurodegenerative diseases. In this study, we have found that they are also involved in germline differentiation. To optimize both quantity and quality in gametes production, germ cells expand themselves through limited mitotic cycles prior to meiosis. Read More

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Masseter muscle and gingival tissue inflammatory response following treatment with high-fructose corn syrup in rats: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of kefir.

J Food Biochem 2021 Apr 16:e13732. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Department of Medical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey.

The aim of the study was to evaluate whether high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) intake (20% beverages) impacts antioxidative structures and inflammation in the gingival tissue and masseter muscle of rats. Kefir was tested for its potential utility on changes induced by HFCS. Animals were randomly divided into four groups as control, kefir, HFCS, and HFCS plus kefir. Read More

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Upregulation of eIF4E, but not other translation initiation factors, in dendritic spines during memory formation.

J Comp Neurol 2021 Apr 17. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

Local translation can provide a rapid, spatially targeted supply of new proteins in distal dendrites to support synaptic changes that underlie learning. Learning and memory are especially sensitive to manipulations of translational control mechanisms, particularly those that target the initiation step, and translation initiation at synapses could be a means of maintaining synapse specificity during plasticity. Initiation predominantly occurs via recruitment of ribosomes to the 5' mRNA cap by complexes of eukaryotic initiation factors (eIFs), and the interaction between eIF4E and eIF4G1 is a particularly important target of translational control pathways. Read More

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mRNA-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate CVnCoV induces high levels of virus-neutralising antibodies and mediates protection in rodents.

NPJ Vaccines 2021 Apr 16;6(1):57. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

CureVac AG, Tuebingen, Germany.

mRNA technologies have recently proven clinical efficacy against coronavirus disease 2019 and are among the most promising technologies to address the current pandemic. Here, we show preclinical data for our clinical candidate CVnCoV, a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated mRNA vaccine that encodes full-length, pre-fusion stabilised severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) spike protein. In contrast to previously published approaches, CVnCoV is exclusively composed of naturally occurring nucleotides. Read More

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Conserved long-range base pairings are associated with pre-mRNA processing of human genes.

Nat Commun 2021 Apr 16;12(1):2300. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia.

The ability of nucleic acids to form double-stranded structures is essential for all living systems on Earth. Current knowledge on functional RNA structures is focused on locally-occurring base pairs. However, crosslinking and proximity ligation experiments demonstrated that long-range RNA structures are highly abundant. Read More

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Selenium alleviates the negative effect of heat stress on myogenic differentiation of C2C12 cells with the response of selenogenome.

J Therm Biol 2021 Apr 12;97:102874. Epub 2021 Feb 12.

Animal Nutrition Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China; Key Laboratory for Animal Disease-Resistance Nutrition of China Ministry of Education, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Electronic address:

With the globe warming, heat stress (HS) has frequently affected animal production. Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element for animals and exerts most of its biological functions through selenoproteins. We previously demonstrated that the damage to C2C12 cells by HS accompanied with the response of selenoprotein encoding genes and proteins. Read More

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MiR-25 and KLF4 relationship has early prognostic significance in the development of cervical cancer.

Pathol Res Pract 2021 Apr 9;222:153435. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Ankara University, Biotechnology Institute, Ankara, Turkey. Electronic address:

Cervical squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is one of the common cancer types among women. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that play an important role in the formation and development of many cancer types by regulating expression of their targets. While many studies have investigated the relationship between miRNAs and cervical cancer, no robust miRNA biomarkers have been defined yet for diagnosis of cervical lesions. Read More

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High-mobility group box 2 protein is essential for the early phase of adipogenesis.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021 Apr 13;557:97-103. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus, School of Medicine, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan; Seiwakai Muta Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan.

Understanding of the mechanism of adipogenesis is essential for the control of obesity, which predisposes toward numerous health problems. High-mobility group box protein 2 (HMGB2) is a non-histone chromosomal protein that facilitates DNA replication, transcription, recombination, and repair. Here, we studied the role of HMGB2 in adipogenic differentiation. Read More

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JAK3 and PI3K mediates the suppressive effects of interferon tau on neutrophil extracellular traps formation during peri-implantation period.

J Reprod Immunol 2021 Apr 9;145:103321. Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Lactation and Immuno-Physiology Laboratory, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana, 132 001, India. Electronic address:

Interferon tau (IFNτ) is the main maternal signal for pregnancy in ruminants and modulates the functions of various immune cells, including neutrophils. Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) are one of the main defence mechanisms of neutrophils. In this study, we observed higher (p < 0. Read More

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A preliminary study on the mechanism of the neurosteroid-mediated ionotropic receptor dysfunction in neurodevelopmental toxicity induced by decabromodiphenyl ether.

Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 2021 Apr 13;217:112198. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Guilin Medical University, Guilin, Guangxi 541004, People's Republic of China; Guangxi Colleges and University Key Laboratory of Preventive Medicine, Guilin Medical University, Guilin, Guangxi 541004, People's Republic of China. Electronic address:

The mechanism of neurodevelopmental toxicity of decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE209) remains unclear. Recent evidence suggests that neurosteroids disorders play a vital role in BDE209 induced-neurodevelopmental toxicity. To explore the mechanism of it, pregnant ICR mice were orally gavaged with 0, 225, and 900 mg kg BDE209 for about 42 days. Read More

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Effects of the tight junction protein CLDN6 on cell migration and invasion in high-grade meningioma.

World Neurosurg 2021 Apr 13. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Central Laboratory, The First People's Hospital of Yibin, Yibin 644000, Sichuan, China. Electronic address:

Background: Meningioma is a common tumor of the central nervous system, and malignant meningioma is highly aggressive and frequently recurs after surgical resection. Claudin 6 (CLDN6) is involved in cell proliferation, migration, and invasion and plays a role in maintaining tight junctions (TJs) between cells as well as obstructing the movement of cells to neighboring tissues.

Methods: In this study, we attempted to evaluate the effect of TJ protein CLDN6 expression levels on meningioma invasiveness by using silencing and overexpression constructs in both in vitro and in vivo models. Read More

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IL-10 ameliorates PM2.5-induced lung injury by activating the AMPK/SIRT1/PGC-1α pathway.

Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 2021 Apr 15;86:103659. Epub 2021 Apr 15.

Department of Respiratory Medicine, The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, 050051, Hebei, China. Electronic address:

Exposure to fine particulate matter with a diameter ≤2.5 μm (PM2.5) can cause a number of respiratory diseases. Read More

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Microglial IL-10 and β-endorphin expression mediates gabapentinoids antineuropathic pain.

Brain Behav Immun 2021 Apr 13. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

King's Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Pharmacy, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200240, China. Electronic address:

Gabapentinoids are recommended first-line treatments for neuropathic pain. They are neuronal voltage-dependent calcium channel α2δ-1 subunit ligands and have been suggested to attenuate neuropathic pain via interaction with neuronal α2δ-1 subunit. However, the current study revealed their microglial mechanisms underlying antineuropathic pain. Read More

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Adenosine 5'-monophosphate induces hypothermia and alters gene expressions in the brain and liver of chicks.

Brain Res Bull 2021 Apr 14;172:14-21. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Laboratory of Animal Behavior and Physiology, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University, Higashi, Hiroshima, 739-8528, Japan. Electronic address:

The adenosine A1 receptor is important for body temperature regulation in mammals; however, little is known about its function in avian species. In this study, we investigated the effects of the adenosine A1 receptor agonist and antagonist (adenosine 5'-monophosphate [5'-AMP] and 8 p-sulfophenyl theophylline [8-SPT], respectively) on thermoregulation in chickens. Male chicks were used in this study. Read More

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Piperlongumine inhibits the progression of osteosarcoma by downregulating the SOCS3/JAK2/STAT3 pathway via miR-30d-5p.

Life Sci 2021 Apr 15;277:119501. Epub 2021 Apr 15.

Department of Spine Surgery, People's Hospital of Longhua, Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, Guangdong 518000, Shenzhen, China. Electronic address:

Aims: The present study evaluated the functions of Piperlongumine (PL) in osteosarcoma (OS) cell growth and metastasis both in vitro and in vivo.

Main Methods: MTT assay was conducted to test the cytotoxic effects of PL on the human osteoblasts line HFOB1.19 and the human normal chondrocyte line C28/I2T. Read More

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Motif lengths of circular codes in coding sequences.

J Theor Biol 2021 Apr 13:110708. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Competence Center for mathematical and algorithmical methods in Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, 68163 Mannheim, Germany. Electronic address:

Protein synthesis is a crucial process in any cell. Translation, in which mRNA is translated into proteins, can lead to several errors, notably frame shifts where the ribosome accidentally skips or re-reads one or more nucleotides. So-called circular codes are capable of discovering frame shifts and their codons can be found disproportionately often in coding sequences. Read More

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Construction of liver hepatocellular carcinoma-specific lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA network based on bioinformatics analysis.

PLoS One 2021 16;16(4):e0249881. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Department of Infectious Diseases, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

Liver hepatocellular carcinoma (LIHC) is one of the major causes of cancer-related death worldwide with increasing incidences, however there are very few studies about the underlying mechanisms and pathways in the development of LIHC. We obtained LIHC samples from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) to screen differentially expressed mRNAs, lncRNAs, miRNAs and driver mutations. The Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway, Gene ontology enrichment analyses and protein-protein interaction (PPI) network were performed. Read More

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Genome-wide analysis of lncRNA stability in human.

PLoS Comput Biol 2021 Apr 16;17(4):e1008918. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Beijing Key Laboratory for Radiobiology, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, Beijing, China.

Transcript stability is associated with many biological processes, and the factors affecting mRNA stability have been extensively studied. However, little is known about the features related to human long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) stability. By inhibiting transcription and collecting samples in 10 time points, genome-wide RNA-seq studies was performed in human lung adenocarcinoma cells (A549) and RNA half-life datasets were constructed. Read More

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β-elemene affects angiogenesis of infantile hemangioma by regulating angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 and hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha.

J Nat Med 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Department of Pediatric Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Nantong University, 19 Qixiu Road, Nantong, 226001, Jiangsu, China.

Infantile hemangioma (IH) is the most common benign vascular tumor resulting from the hyper-proliferation of vascular endothelial cells. In treatment of various tumors including IH, β-elemene, a compound extracted from Rhizoma zedoariae, has been reported to have anti-tumor effect. However, the underlying mechanisms of β-elemene in hemangioma have remained uninvestigated. Read More

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Casimersen: First Approval.

Matt Shirley

Drugs 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Springer Nature, Mairangi Bay, Private Bag 65901, Auckland, 0754, New Zealand.

Casimersen (Amondys 45™) is an antisense oligonucleotide of the phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer subclass developed by Sarepta Therapeutics for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in patients who have a mutation in the DMD gene that is amenable to exon 45 skipping. Administered by intravenous infusion, casimersen is designed to bind to exon 45 of the DMD gene pre-mRNA, resulting in skipping of this exon during mRNA processing, intended to allow for production of an internally truncated but functional dystrophin protein in patients with DMD. Casimersen received its first approval on 25 February 2021, in the USA, for the treatment of DMD in patients who have a confirmed mutation of the DMD gene that is amenable to exon 45 skipping. Read More

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Self-amplifying mRNA-Based Vaccine Technology and Its Mode of Action.

Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 2021 Apr 17. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

GSK, 14200 Shady Grove Road, Rockville, MD, 20850, USA.

Self-amplifying mRNAs derived from the genomes of positive-strand RNA viruses have recently come into focus as a promising technology platform for vaccine development. Non-virally delivered self-amplifying mRNA vaccines have the potential to be highly versatile, potent, streamlined, scalable, and inexpensive. By amplifying their genome and the antigen encoding mRNA in the host cell, the self-amplifying mRNA mimics a viral infection, resulting in sustained levels of the target protein combined with self-adjuvanting innate immune responses, ultimately leading to potent and long-lasting antigen-specific humoral and cellular immune responses. Read More

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Abnormal expression of FAK and paxillin correlates with oral cancer invasion and metastasis.

Acta Biochim Pol 2021 Apr 16. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Department of Stomatology, Affiliated Hospital of Jilin Medical University, Jilin, 132013, China.

Globally, the tenth most common cancer is the oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and the treatment strategy for improving of OSCC patients survival rate still remains a challenging one. Aberrant regulation of cell to extracellular matrix protein interactions leads to progression of human cancers. The focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and its downstream target paxillin have been implicated in cancer growth, migration, invasion and metastasis of different cancers. Read More

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