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The Incidence and Economic Burden of Extrapyramidal Symptoms in Patients with Schizophrenia Treated with Atypical Antipsychotics.

CNS Spectr 2021 Apr;26(2):168-169

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Marlborough, MA, USA.

Objective: Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS), including movement disorders, tremors, and muscle contractions are common side effects of atypical antipsychotic (AAP) drugs in patients with schizophrenia. This study examined the incidence and burden of EPS in patients with schizophrenia initiating AAPs.

Methods: Patients with schizophrenia initiating AAPs with no prior EPS were identified in the MarketScan Multi-state Medicaid database from 1/1/2012-12/31/2018. Read More

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Modeling long-term health and economic implications of new treatment strategies for Parkinson's disease: an individual patient simulation study.

J Mark Access Health Policy 2021 Jun 3;9(1):1922163. Epub 2021 Jun 3.

Department of Modeling & Simulation, Evidera, Waltham, MA, USA.

: Simulation modeling facilitates the estimation of long-term health and economic outcomes to inform healthcare decision-making. : To develop a framework to simulate progression of Parkinson's disease (PD), capturing motor and non-motor symptoms, clinical outcomes, and associated costs over a lifetime. : A patient-level simulation was implemented accounting for individual variability and interrelated changes in common disease progression scales. Read More

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Manipulating Interword and Interletter Spacing in Cursive Script: An Eye Movements Investigation of Reading Persian.

Ehab W Hermena

J Eye Mov Res 2021 May 31;14(1). Epub 2021 May 31.

Cognition and Neuroscience Research Laboratory Zayed University, Dubai, UAE.

Persian is an Indo-Iranian language that features a derivation of Arabic cursive script, where most letters within words are connectable to adjacent letters with ligatures. Two experiments are reported where the properties of Persian script were utilized to investigate the effects of reducing interword spacing and increasing the interletter distance (ligature) within a word. Experiment 1 revealed that decreasing interword spacing while extending interletter ligature by the same amount was detrimental to reading speed. Read More

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The squirrel monkey model in clinical neuroscience.

Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Brain Connectivity and Behaviour Laboratory, Sorbonne Universities, Paris, France; Groupe d'Imagerie Neurofonctionnelle, Institut des Maladies Neurodégénératives-UMR 5293, CNRS, CEA University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France. Electronic address:

Clinical neuroscience research relying on animal models brought valuable translational insights into the function and pathologies of the human brain. The anatomical, physiological, and behavioural similarities between humans and mammals have prompted researchers to study cerebral mechanisms at different levels to develop and test new treatments. The vast majority of biomedical research uses rodent models, which are easily manipulable and have a broadly resembling organisation to the human nervous system but cannot satisfactorily mimic some disorders. Read More

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Identification of damage development in the core of steel cord belts with the diagnostic system.

Sci Rep 2021 Jun 11;11(1):12349. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Faculty of Electronics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, 27 Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego st., 50-370, Wrocław, Poland.

Belt conveyors are used for transporting bulk materials over distances. The core of the belt, by transferring the longitudinal stresses and ensuring proper frictional coupling of the belt, enables belt movement and transportation of materials on its surface. As the belt cover and edges are used, the belt becomes abraded, and the core is subject to fatigue. Read More

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Disentangling the energetic costs of step time asymmetry and step length asymmetry in human walking.

J Exp Biol 2021 Jun 11;224(12). Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003, USA.

The metabolic cost of walking in healthy individuals increases with spatiotemporal gait asymmetries. Pathological gait, such as post-stroke, often has asymmetry in step length and step time which may contribute to an increased energy cost. But paradoxically, enforcing step length symmetry does not reduce metabolic cost of post-stroke walking. Read More

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Impact of Hospital Transfer to Hubs on Outcomes of Cardiogenic Shock in Real World.

Eur J Heart Fail 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY.

Aims: Cardiogenic shock (CS) is associated with significant mortality, and there is a movement towards regional "hub-and-spoke" triage systems to coordinate care and resources. Limited data exist on outcomes of patients treated at CS transfer hubs.

Methods And Results: CS hospitalizations were obtained from the Nationwide Readmissions Database 2010-2014. Read More

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Fronto-parietal homotopy in resting-state functional connectivity predicts task-switching performance.

Brain Struct Funct 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Neuroscience and Padova Neuroscience Center, University of Padova, Via Giustiniani 5, 35128, Padova, Italy.

Homotopic functional connectivity reflects the degree of synchrony in spontaneous activity between homologous voxels in the two hemispheres. Previous studies have associated increased brain homotopy and decreased white matter integrity with performance decrements on different cognitive tasks across the life-span. Here, we correlated functional homotopy, both at the whole-brain level and specifically in fronto-parietal network nodes, with task-switching performance in young adults. Read More

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Temporal Patterns of High-Spend Subgroups Can Inform Service Strategy for Medicare Advantage Enrollees.

J Gen Intern Med 2021 Jun 7. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

OptumLabs at UnitedHealth Group, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Background: Most healthcare costs are concentrated in a small proportion of individuals with complex social, medical, behavioral, and clinical needs that are poorly met by a fee-for-service healthcare system. Efforts to reduce cost in the top decile have shown limited effectiveness. Understanding patient subgroups within the top decile is a first step toward designing more effective and targeted interventions. Read More

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Predicting cervical spine compression and shear in helicopter helmeted conditions using artificial neural networks.

IISE Trans Occup Ergon Hum Factors 2021 Jun 7:1-15. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

University of Waterloo, Kinesiology, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Occupational ApplicationsMilitary helicopter pilots around the globe are at high risk of neck pain related to their use of helmet-mounted night vision goggles. Unfortunately, it is difficult to design alternative helmet configurations that reduce the biomechanical exposures on the cervical spine during flight because the time and resource costs associated with assessing these exposures are prohibitive. Instead, we developed artificial neural networks (ANNs) to predict cervical spine compression and shear given head-trunk kinematics and joint moments in the lower neck, data readily available from digital human models. Read More

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Body dynamics of gait affect value-based decisions.

Sci Rep 2021 Jun 4;11(1):11894. Epub 2021 Jun 4.

Department for the Psychology of Human Movement and Sport, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany.

Choosing among different options typically entails weighing their anticipated costs and benefits. Previous research has predominantly focused on situations, where the costs and benefits of choices are known before an action is effectuated. Yet many decisions in daily life are made on the fly, for instance, making a snack choice while walking through the grocery store. Read More

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Let's move out together: a framework for the intersections between movement and mutualism.

Ecology 2021 Jun 4:e03419. Epub 2021 Jun 4.

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, 55108, USA.

Movement is a widespread behavior across organisms and is driven in part by interspecific interactions. Generally, negative interspecific interactions (such as competition and natural enemies) are more often studied in the context of movement than positive interactions (mutualism). Mutualistic relationships are incredibly common, yet only a subset are studied in the context of movement (transportation mutualisms). Read More

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Seasonal Influenza and Low Flu Vaccination Coverage as Important Factors Modifying the Costs and Availability of Hospital Services in Poland: A Retrospective Comparative Study.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 May 13;18(10). Epub 2021 May 13.

Gerontology Unit, Public Health Department, Wroclaw Medical University, 51-618 Wroclaw, Poland.

Influenza infection is associated with potential serious complications, increased hospitalization rates, and a higher risk of death. : A retrospective comparative analysis of selected indicators of hospitalization from the University Hospital in Wroclaw, Poland, was carried out on patients with confirmed influenza infection in comparison to a control group randomly selected from among all other patients hospitalized on the respective wards during the 2018-2019 influenza season. : The mean laboratory testing costs for the entire hospital were 3. Read More

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2021 Mark Coventry Award: Use of a smartphone-based care platform after primary partial and total knee arthroplasty: a prospective randomized controlled trial.

Bone Joint J 2021 Jun;103-B(6 Supple A):3-12

Joint Implant Surgeons, New Albany, Ohio, USA.

Aims: The purpose is to determine the non-inferiority of a smartphone-based exercise educational care management system after primary knee arthroplasty compared with a traditional in-person physiotherapy rehabilitation model.

Methods: A multicentre prospective randomized controlled trial was conducted evaluating the use of a smartphone-based care management system for primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and partial knee arthroplasty (PKA). Patients in the control group (n = 244) received the respective institution's standard of care with formal physiotherapy. Read More

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New horizons in falls prevention and management for older adults: a global initiative.

Age Ageing 2021 May 26. Epub 2021 May 26.

Centre for Innovation in Medical Engineering (CIME), Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Background: falls and fall-related injuries are common in older adults, have negative effects both on quality of life and functional independence and are associated with increased morbidity, mortality and health care costs. Current clinical approaches and advice from falls guidelines vary substantially between countries and settings, warranting a standardised approach. At the first World Congress on Falls and Postural Instability in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in December 2019, a worldwide task force of experts in falls in older adults, committed to achieving a global consensus on updating clinical practice guidelines for falls prevention and management by incorporating current and emerging evidence in falls research. Read More

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Spatio-temporal variation in the wintering associations of an alpine bird.

Proc Biol Sci 2021 May 26;288(1951):20210690. Epub 2021 May 26.

Swiss Ornithological Institute, Seerose 1, 6204 Sempach, Switzerland.

Many animals make behavioural changes to cope with winter conditions, being gregariousness a common strategy. Several factors have been invoked to explain why gregariousness may evolve during winter, with individuals coming together and separating as they trade off the different costs and benefits of living in groups. These trade-offs may, however, change over space and time as a response to varying environmental conditions. Read More

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Numerical simulation of critical particle size in asymmetrical deterministic lateral displacement.

J Chromatogr A 2021 Jul 3;1649:462216. Epub 2021 May 3.

Small Medical Devices, BioMEMS & LoC Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran 11155-463, Iran.

Microfluidics devices are widely used for particle separation. Deterministic Lateral Displacement (DLD) is a passive method for particle separation. DLD devices mainly separate particles based on their sizes. Read More

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Trust your gut: Effect of a pharmacist-driven pilot project to decrease alvimopan use past gastrointestinal recovery in postsurgical patients.

Am J Health Syst Pharm 2021 May 24. Epub 2021 May 24.

Department of Pharmacy, Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse, NY, and Department of Medicine, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA.

Disclaimer: In an effort to expedite the publication of articles related to the COVID-19 pandemic, AJHP is posting these manuscripts online as soon as possible after acceptance. Accepted manuscripts have been peer-reviewed and copyedited, but are posted online before technical formatting and author proofing. These manuscripts are not the final version of record and will be replaced with the final article (formatted per AJHP style and proofed by the authors) at a later time. Read More

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A multicenter, prospective, inpatient feasibility study to evaluate the use of an intra-colonoscopy cleansing device to optimize colon preparation in hospitalized patients: the REDUCE study.

BMC Gastroenterol 2021 May 22;21(1):232. Epub 2021 May 22.

Division of Gastroenterology, Washington University in St. Louis, 660 South Euclid Avenue, Campus Box 8124, St. Louis, MO, 63110, USA.

Background: High quality bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy can be difficult to achieve in the inpatient setting. Hospitalized patients are at risk for extended hospital stays and low diagnostic yield due to inadequate bowel preparation. The Pure-Vu System is a novel device intended to fit over existing colonoscopes to improve intra-colonoscopy bowel preparation. Read More

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A video-feedback parenting intervention to prevent enduring behaviour problems in at-risk children aged 12-36 months: the Healthy Start, Happy Start RCT.

Health Technol Assess 2021 May;25(29):1-84

Division of Psychiatry, Imperial College London, London, UK.

Background: Behaviour problems emerge early in childhood and place children at risk for later psychopathology.

Objectives: To evaluate the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a parenting intervention to prevent enduring behaviour problems in young children.

Design: A pragmatic, assessor-blinded, multisite, two-arm, parallel-group randomised controlled trial. Read More

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Migration and tolerance shape host behavior and response to parasites infection.

J Anim Ecol 2021 May 20. Epub 2021 May 20.

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, 55108.

Numerous theoretical models have demonstrated that migration, a seasonal animal movement behavior, can minimize the risks and costs of parasite infection. Past work on migration-infection interactions assumes migration is the only strategy available to organisms for dealing with the parasite infection, that is they migrate to a different environment to recover or escape from infection. Thus, migration is similar to the non-spatial strategy of resistance, where hosts prevent infection or kill parasites once infected. Read More

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Concealed Wireless Warning Sensor Based on Triboelectrification and Human-Plant Interactive Induction.

Research (Wash D C) 2021 29;2021:9870936. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, China.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the demand for sensors with simple preparation and strong concealment continues to increase. However, most of the high-sensitivity sensors have complex manufacturing methods, high costs, and single functions. In this paper, a sensitive motion sensor based on the triboelectric interaction between a living plant and the human body was designed to detect the real-time movements of human beings and provide danger warning. Read More

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The statistical approach in trial-based economic evaluations matters: get your statistics together!

BMC Health Serv Res 2021 May 19;21(1):475. Epub 2021 May 19.

Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam Movement Sciences Research Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Background: Baseline imbalances, skewed costs, the correlation between costs and effects, and missing data are statistical challenges that are often not adequately accounted for in the analysis of cost-effectiveness data. This study aims to illustrate the impact of accounting for these statistical challenges in trial-based economic evaluations.

Methods: Data from two trial-based economic evaluations, the REALISE and HypoAware studies, were used. Read More

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Moving in fast waters: the exaggerated claw gape of the New River crayfish () aids in locomotor performance.

Zackary A Graham

Biol Lett 2021 May 19;17(5):20210045. Epub 2021 May 19.

School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287, USA.

Humans are inherently fascinated by exaggerated morphological structures such as elk antlers and peacock trains. Because these traits are costly to develop and wield, the environment in which they are used can select for specific sizes or shapes to minimize such costs. In aquatic environments, selection to reduce drag can constrain the form of exaggerated structures; this is presumably why exaggerated morphologies are less common in aquatic environments compared to terrestrial ones. Read More

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Manipulative therapy of sacral torsion versus myofascial release in patients clinically diagnosed posterior pelvic pain: A consort compliant randomized controlled trial.

Spine J 2021 May 13. Epub 2021 May 13.

Department of Physical Therapy, Instituto de Investigación Biosanitaria Granada (IBIS.Granada), University of Granada (UGR), Granada, Spain.

Background Context: Chronic low back pain represents a health care problem with substantial costs. It is generally accepted that approximately 10% to 25% of patients with persistent chronic low back pain may have pain arising from the sacroiliac joints.

Purpose: This study aimed to analyze the effects of manipulative therapy of sacral torsion versus myofascial release on disability, pain intensity, and mobility in patients with chronic low back pain and sacroiliac joints. Read More

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Stress- and smoke free pregnancy study protocol: a randomized controlled trial of a personalized eHealth intervention including heart rate variability-biofeedback to support pregnant women quit smoking via stress reduction.

BMC Public Health 2021 05 12;21(1):905. Epub 2021 May 12.

Department of Clinical, Neuro and Developmental Psychology, Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Van der Boechorststraat 7, 1081, BT, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Background: Maternal smoking and stress during pregnancy are associated with adverse health effects for women themselves and are risk factors for adverse developmental outcomes of the unborn child. Smoking and stress seem to be intertwined in various ways. First, the majority of smoking pregnant women is of lower socio-economic status, which is associated with higher levels of perceived stress. Read More

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Efficient movement strategies mitigate the energetic cost of dispersal.

Ecol Lett 2021 Jul 11;24(7):1432-1442. Epub 2021 May 11.

Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour, University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany.

Dispersal is a critical, but costly, stage of life. During the active phase of dispersal-called transience-individuals face many costs, from increased mortality to reduced foraging opportunities. One cost that is often assumed, but rarely explicitly tested, is the energy expended in making large dispersal movements. Read More

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Interactive effects of body mass changes and species-specific morphology on flight behavior of chick-rearing Antarctic fulmarine petrels under diurnal wind patterns.

Ecol Evol 2021 May 6;11(9):4972-4991. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Australian Antarctic Division Kingston Tas. Australia.

For procellariiform seabirds, wind and morphology are crucial determinants of flight costs and flight speeds. During chick-rearing, parental seabirds commute frequently to provision their chicks, and their body mass typically changes between outbound and return legs. In Antarctica, the characteristic diurnal katabatic winds, which blow stronger in the mornings, form a natural experimental setup to investigate flight behaviors of commuting seabirds in response to wind conditions. Read More

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Whole-genome sequencing.

Pract Neurol 2021 May 10. Epub 2021 May 10.

Neurogenetics, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK.

The costs of whole-genome sequencing have rapidly decreased, and it is being increasingly deployed in large-scale clinical research projects and introduced into routine clinical care. This will lead to rapid diagnoses for patients with genetic disease but also introduces uncertainty because of the diversity of human genomes and the potential difficulties in annotating new genetic variants for individual patients and families. Here we outline the steps in organising whole-genome sequencing for patients in the neurology clinic and emphasise that close liaison between the clinician and the laboratory is essential. Read More

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Cost-Effectiveness of Dopamine Agonists and Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibitors in Early Parkinson's Disease.

Mov Disord 2021 May 7. Epub 2021 May 7.

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Background: The PD MED study reported small but persistent benefits in patient-rated mobility scores and quality of life from initiating therapy with levodopa compared with levodopa-sparing therapies in early Parkinson's disease (PD).

Objectives: The objective was to estimate the cost-effectiveness of levodopa-sparing therapy (dopamine agonists or monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors compared with levodopa alone.

Methods: PD MED is a pragmatic, open-label randomized, controlled trial in which patients newly diagnosed with PD were randomly assigned between levodopa-sparing therapy (dopamine agonists or monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors ) and levodopa alone. Read More

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