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Georgian Med News 2021 Mar(312):75-78

3Ilia State University, School of Natural Sciences and Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Psoriasis is a T cell mediated chronic inflammatory skin disease affecting about 2% of the population worldwide. Recently has established the central role of IL-23/Th17 immune axis in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and different subclasses of T cells including Th1 and Th17 cells are involved in initiation and amplification of the skin inflammation process, in addition, in cases of recurrent psoriasis, Th22 cells play the role of memory cells with the help of Th9 cells, which are also important in this process. The main goal was to evaluate the ratio of T cell profile and IL23/Th17 axis by evaluating IL17A, IL22, IL9 in peripheral blood of persons with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Read More

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Georgian Med News 2021 Mar(312):52-56

NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda", Kazakhstan.

The new cardiovascular events development remains the main factors limiting its long-term effectiveness despite technological progress and the widespread use of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Objective - to assess the effect of clinical and genetic factors on the development of complication after percutaneous coronary intervention with double antiplatelet therapy (DAT). Case-control. Read More

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Association of obesity-related inflammatory pathways with lung function and exercise capacity.

Respir Med 2021 Apr 30;183:106434. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

From the Cardiovascular Research Center, Division of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA; Cardiology Division of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA. Electronic address:

Background: Obesity has multifactorial effects on lung function and exercise capacity. The contributions of obesity-related inflammatory pathways to alterations in lung function remain unclear.

Research Question: To examine the association of obesity-related inflammatory pathways with pulmonary function, exercise capacity, and pulmonary-specific contributors to exercise intolerance. Read More

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A review on nitrogen dynamics and mitigation strategies of food waste digestate composting.

Bioresour Technol 2021 Mar 24;334:125032. Epub 2021 Mar 24.

Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture, Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment and Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong; School of Technology, Huzhou University, Huzhou 311800, China. Electronic address:

Food waste digestate is a by-product of the anaerobic digestion of food waste. Presence of high ammonium nitrogen content significantly increase the nitrogen loss upon direct application on soil or by conventional composting. In this review, a comprehensive discussion regarding the effective management of food waste digestate is outlined, in which global food waste digestate production, characteristics, and composting are discussed. Read More

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Moment estimation method of parameters in additive measurement error model.

Comput Methods Programs Biomed 2021 Apr 17;206:106090. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Department of Mathematics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, PR China.

Background: In nutritional epidemiology, covariates in some studies such as the EPIC are prone to measurement error. Estimation of unknown parameters in most measurement error models for food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) and nutrient biomarkers requires replicated measurements. But, the EPIC-InterAct Study did not collect replicated measurements for FFQ or 24-hour dietary recalls (24HR). Read More

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Incidence and risk factors associated with the development of epilepsy in patients with intracranial alveolar echinococcosis.

Epilepsy Res 2021 Apr 27;174:106643. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Department of Neurology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, No. 37 Guoxue Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, People's Republic of China. Electronic address:

Parasitic infection remains a critical health problem in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of China. The association of epilepsy and intracranial alveolar echinococcosis (IAE) is still largely unclear. This study primarily aimed to assess both the incidence and possible risk factors of epilepsy in patients with IAE. Read More

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Organic carbon bioavailability: Is it a good driver to choose the best biological nitrogen removal process?

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 29;786:147390. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Western Paraná State University, 85819-110 Cascavel, PR, Brazil; Federal University of Fronteira Sul, 99700-000 Erechim, Brazil; Embrapa Suínos e Aves, 89715-899 Concórdia, SC, Brazil. Electronic address:

Organic carbon can affect the biological nitrogen removal process since the Anammox, heterotrophic and denitrifying bacteria have different affinities and feedback in relation to carbon/nitrogen ratio. Therefore, we reviewed the wastewater carbon concentration, its biodegradability and bioavailability to choose the appropriate nitrogen removal process between conventional (nitrification-denitrification) and Anammox-based process (i.e. Read More

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Single layered hollow NiO-NiS catalyst with large specific surface area and highly efficient visible-light-driven carbon dioxide conversion.

Chemosphere 2021 May 3;280:130759. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, 38541, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

A sea urchin-shaped, single-layer, and hollow NiO-NiS photocatalyst with a large surface area was designed for carbon dioxide (CO) conversion in this study. A d-glucose polymeric hollow frame was fabricated using a d-glucose monomer, and NiO particles were stably grown on it using the hydrothermal method to form a hollow NiO surface. The d-glucose frame was removed by heat treatment to create hollowed NiO; hollowed NiO-NiS (h-NiO-NiS) was subsequently obtained through ion exchange between the O ions in NiO and S ions in the sulfur powder. Read More

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Estrogen receptor α in mature osteoblasts regulates the late stage of bone regeneration.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021 May 5;559:238-244. Epub 2021 May 5.

Division of Integrative Pathophysiology, Proteo-Science Center, Ehime University, Ehime, Japan; Department of Pathophysiology, Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine, Ehime, Japan. Electronic address:

Estrogen deficiency impairs fracture healing and homeostasis of bone tissue. OVX-induced estrogen deficiency in mice attenuates fracture healing and changes the expression ratio of estrogen receptor (ER) α and ERβ in callus during the process of fracture healing. Therefore, ERs may be involved in the regulation of fracture healing. Read More

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A review of soil to rice transfer of radionuclides in tropical regions of Indian subcontinent.

J Environ Radioact 2021 May 5;234:106631. Epub 2021 May 5.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, 400094, India.

In radioecological studies, soil to plant transfer factors (TF) is commonly used to estimate the food chain transfer of radionuclides, which is an important parameter to assess ingestion doses to humans. Rice is an important (Oryza sativa L.) staple crop in tropical countries and is the major food crop consumed all over the world. Read More

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Body surface area-based omega-3 fatty acids supplementation strongly correlates to blood concentrations in children.

Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2021 Apr 24;169:102285. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Childhood Cancer Research Unit, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; Pediatric Oncology, Astrid Lindgrens Childrens Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Electronic address:

Omega-3 fatty acids have been suggested as a complement in cancer treatment, but doses are not established. We performed a dose-finding study in 33 children in remission from cancer. Participants were allocated to a body surface area (BSA) adjusted dose (mg/m) of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) (40:60), ranging 233-3448 mg/m daily for 90 days. Read More

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Iatrogenic Ureteral Injury and Prophylactic Stent Use in Veterans Undergoing Colorectal.

J Surg Res 2021 May 5;265:272-277. Epub 2021 May 5.

Michael and Marian Ilitch Department of Surgery, Wayne State University School of Medicine / Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan; John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan. Electronic address:

Introduction: Iatrogenic ureteral injury (IUI) is an uncommon complication in colorectal surgery. Prophylactic ureteral stenting (PUS) gained acceptance to aid in intraoperative identification of the ureter. Despite its use, the benefit of pus to avoid IUI remains debatable. Read More

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Clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes in embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes: A decade long experience from a tertiary care centre in North India.

Ann Diagn Pathol 2021 Apr 19;53:151745. Epub 2021 Apr 19.

Departments of Histopathology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India.

Background: Embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes (ETMR) are a heterogenous group clinically, pathologically and topographically. Due to limited cases, data regarding its molecular genetics, pathology and prognostic factors is evolving. We retrospectively analysed our cohort of ETMR over last decade in order to study their clinicopathological characteristics and outcome. Read More

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Ultrasound far-focused pixel-based imaging using Wiener postfilter scaled by adjustable zero-cross factor.

Ultrasonics 2021 Mar 13;115:106417. Epub 2021 Mar 13.

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, 230009, China.

Synthetic aperture (SA) imaging can provide a uniform lateral resolution but an insufficient signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). SA method with bidirectional pixel-based focusing (SA-BiPBF) has the ability to obtain a higher quality image than conventional SA imaging. In this paper, an enhanced SA-BiPBF named full aperture received far-focused pixel-based (FrFPB) is firstly proposed to obtain a high resolution image. Read More

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Prevalence of cannabis use, disorder, and medical card possession in U.S. military veterans: Results from the 2019-2020 National Health and Resilience in Veterans Study.

Addict Behav 2021 Apr 27;120:106963. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

National Center for PTSD, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven, CT, USA; Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA; Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Yale School of Public Health, New Haven, CT.

More than half of U.S. states legalized medical or recreational sale and possession of cannabis since the prevalence of cannabis use was last estimated among U. Read More

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Circulating Epstein-Barr virus DNA level post induction chemotherapy contributes to prognostication in advanced-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Eur J Cancer 2021 May 5;151:63-71. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Radiation Oncology, State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, Collaborative Innovation Center for Cancer Medicine, Guangdong Key Laboratory of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Diagnosis and Therapy, Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center, No. 651 Dongfeng Eastern Road, Guangzhou, 510060, China. Electronic address:

Background: To investigate the value of post-induction chemotherapy (IC) cell-free Epstein-Barr virus DNA (cfEBV DNA) for prognostication in locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma (LA-NPC).

Methods: A total of 910 histologically proven LA-NPC undergoing radical IC + concurrent chemo-radiotherapy (CCRT) or targeted radiotherapy (CTRT) or both (CTCRT) were involved. The concentration of cfEBV DNA was measured by quantitative polymerase chain reaction pre-IC (cfEBV DNA) and at IC completion. Read More

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Temporal trends in the incidence and prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis in the Northwest of Spain.

Mult Scler Relat Disord 2021 Apr 24;52:102979. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Neurology Department, Hospital Clínico Universitario, Travesía da Choupana s/n, 15706, Santiago de Compostela, (A Coruña), Spain.

Background: During the last decades, the frequency of multiple sclerosis (MS) is increasing worldwide. Nevertheless, the higher sensibility of the new diagnostic criteria obscures the comparison between studies performed in different decades.

Methods: The evolution of the frequency of MS in Santiago de Compostela (North-West of Spain) between 2003 and 2015 was analyzed using Poisson regression. Read More

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Bacillus circulans MTCC 7906 aided facile development of bioconjugate nano-silica alkaline protease formulation with superlative dehairing potential.

Environ Pollut 2021 Apr 27;285:117181. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, 141 004, Punjab, India.

The tannery industries utilize environmentally hazardous chemicals to achieve dehairing of animal hides, which causes enormous waterbed pollution & high TDS load. Alkaline protease enzyme for dehairing can be an effective solution to resolve the environmental problems of the tannery industry waste. However, stable, cost-efficient and eco-benign formulations of alkaline protease need to be developed for commercial applications in the tannery industry. Read More

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Arrhythmia incidence and associated factors during volatile induction of general anesthesia with sevoflurane: a retrospective analysis of 950 adult patients.

Anaesth Crit Care Pain Med 2021 May 5:100878. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea. Electronic address:

Background: Sevoflurane has been used to induce anaesthesia in adults due to its suitability for airway management and haemodynamic stability. Few studies have reported arrhythmia during volatile induction with sevoflurane in adults. Here, we investigated the incidence of arrhythmia and risk factors associated with its occurrence during sevoflurane induction of anaesthesia in adults. Read More

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Decoding the microstructural properties of white matter using realistic models.

Neuroimage 2021 May 5:118138. Epub 2021 May 5.

Radboud University, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Multi-echo gradient echo (ME-GRE) magnetic resonance signal evolution in white matter has a strong dependence on the orientation of myelinated axons with respect to the main static field. Although analytical solutions have been able to predict some of the white matter (WM) signal behaviour of the hollow cylinder model, it has been shown that realistic models of WM offer a better description of the signal behaviour observed. In this work, we present a pipeline to (i) generate realistic 2D WM models with their microstructure based on real axon morphology with adjustable fiber volume fraction (FVF) and g-ratio. Read More

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The Fate of Sutures Post Rotator Cuff Repair.

J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department/ Institution: Orthopaedic Research Institute, St. George Hospital Campus, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Electronic address:

Background: Ultrasound imaging has been widely used as a diagnostic tool for rotator cuff tears. Several studies have explored the changes in rotator cuff tendon morphology after arthroscopic cuff repair, however none have addressed the fate of sutures. The aim of this study was to determine: (1) if the sutures migrate through the tendon during the postoperative healing period in patients who have had arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, (2) if the sutures do migrate, the time point at which it does and, (3) if the quality of the tendon, in terms of tendon stiffness, modulus of elasticity, bursal thickness and anatomical footprint, affects suture migration. Read More

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Microbiome analysis reveals gut microbiota alteration in mice with the effect of matrine.

Microb Pathog 2021 May 5:104926. Epub 2021 May 5.

College of Animal Science and VeterinaryMedicine, Xinyang Agriculture And Forestry University, Xinyang, China.

Mounting evidence revealed the negative effects of abuse of antibiotic including the induction of decreased immunity and dysbacteriosis. Matrine displayed multiple beneficial effects such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial, but studies of its influence on gut microbiota are still insufficient to report. Here, the present study was conducted to investigate the influence of matrine on the gut microbiota of mice and amoxicillin was used as a positive control. Read More

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Sex Differences, Sleep Disturbance and Risk of Persistent Pain Associated With Groin Hernia Surgery: A Nationwide Register-Based Cohort Study.

J Pain 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden; Department of Surgery, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden.

Persistent pain after groin hernia repair is a major health problem. Sleep disturbance is associated with heightened pain sensitivity. The main objective of this study was to examine the role of sleep disturbance in the development and long-term maintenance of chronic postherniorrhaphy inguinal pain (CPIP), with exploration of sex differences. Read More

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Immunotherapy as Single Treatment for Non-small-cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases: a systematic review and meta-analysis - the META-L-BRAIN study.

J Thorac Oncol 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

AC Camargo Cancer Center, São Paulo, Brazil.

Introduction: Brain metastases (BM) occur in 40% of lung cancer patients. The activity of immunotherapy in these patients, however, remains controversial, as the cornerstone treatment is radiotherapy (RT). Since RT is associated with adverse events that may impair quality of life, the possibility of substituting it by a single systemic approach is attractive. Read More

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Trochlear Dysplasia As Shown By Increased Sulcus Angle is Associated with Osteochondral Damage in Patients with Patellar Instability.

Arthroscopy 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Elite Sports Medicine, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Farmington, Connecticut, USA; Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut, USA.

Purpose: The primary objective was to describe the incidence of osteochondral damage in our cohort of patients with patellar instability. The second was to assesss for associations between patient demographics, duration of patellar instability, and quantitative radiographic measurements of anatomic risk factors for patellar instability and osteochondral damage.

Methods: A retrospective chart review identified patients treated for patellar instability at a tertiary referral center between 2013 and 2018. Read More

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Association between Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Insertion/Deletion Gene Polymorphism with the risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 53 Studies.

Gene 2021 May 5:145696. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Neurology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Electronic address:

Background And Aims: Hemorrhagic stroke (HS) results in significant mortality and disability worldwide. Angiotensin Convertase Enzyme (ACE) is responsible for blood pressure regulation and vascular homeostasis. Our objective was to conduct a comprehensive meta-analysis for ascertaining the association of ACE I/D polymorphism with HS since a number of studies depicted inconclusive evidence. Read More

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Amelioration of diabetic retinopathy in db/db mice by treatment with different proportional three active ingredients from Tibetan medicine Berberis dictyophylla F.

J Ethnopharmacol 2021 May 5:114190. Epub 2021 May 5.

Innovative Institute of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu, 611137, China. Electronic address:

Ethnopharmacological Relevance: Berberis dictyophylla F., a famous Tibetan medicine, has been used to prevent and treat diabetic retinopathy (DR) for thousands of years in clinic. However, its underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Read More

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Comparison of clinical efficacy of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy between lower and higher radiation dose for carcinoma of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction: a systematic review.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Radio-Chemotherapy, Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Electronic address:

Background: Neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy (nCRT) plus surgery has been a standard treatment for locoregionally advanced esophageal cancer and carcinoma of the gastroesophageal junction (EC/GEJ), but an optimal preoperative radiation dose is still unclear.

Purpose: We performed this systematic review to explore the treatment efficacy and toxicity of different radiation dose levels and find an optimal dose-fractionation strategy in EC/GEJ patients receiving nCRT.

Methods: Embase and Ovid Medline were searched for articles involving operable squamous and adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and GEJ receiving nCRT up to a dose of 50. Read More

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Prostate Cancer Targeted X-ray Fluorescence Imaging via Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA).

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Radiation Oncology, Miller school of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 33136, USA.

Purpose: Gold nanoparticle (GNP) as a promising theranostic probe has been increasingly studied. The tumor-targeting efficiency of GNPs is crucial to increase the therapeutic ratio. In this study, we developed PSMA-targeted GNPs to enhance GNP uptake in prostate cancer and developed an x-ray fluorescence imaging system to noninvasively monitor and assess GNP delivery. Read More

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Voluntary wheel-running exercise attenuates brain aging of rats through activating miR-130a-mediated autophagy.

Brain Res Bull 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Hubei Key Laboratory of Sport Training and Monitoring, College of Health Science, Wuhan Sports University, Wuhan, 430079, China. Electronic address:

Autophagy is a highly regulated intracellular process for the degradation of protein aggregates and damaged organelles. Recently, autophagy has been implicated in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and aging. Autophagy process is regulated by the recruitment and assembly of several autophagy-related genes (Atgs) such as, Atg7 and LC3, as the highly conserved and important markers involved in the regulation of autophagy. Read More

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