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Symptom severity moderates the outcome of attention bias modification for depression: An exploratory study.

J Psychiatr Res 2021 May 5;138:528-534. Epub 2021 May 5.

Clinical Neuroscience Research Group, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway; Division of Psychiatry, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Oslo, Norway.

A recent meta-analysis has questioned the relevance of attention bias modification (ABM) for depression outcomes. However, there might be patient characteristics not yet accounted for, that are relevant to the outcome. In the context of personalized treatment, the lack of moderator studies have limited the potential for matching ABM-treatment to individual patient characteristics. Read More

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The evaluation of psychological state of dental students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Braz Oral Res 2021 10;35:e069. Epub 2021 May 10.

Firat University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Elazig, Turkey.

The purpose of the present study was to assess anxiety among a sample of dentistry students during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 355 dentistry students (165 males and 190 females) completed the Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-I (STAI-I), and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory II (STAI-II) questionnaires. and evaluations of HAI, BAI, STAI-I, and STAI-II were based on sex, dental school year, smoking habit, and lifestyle. Read More

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Translation and validation of the Swahili version of the Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Experience Questionnaire version A (W-DEQ-A).

Sex Reprod Healthc 2021 Apr 25;29:100626. Epub 2021 Apr 25.

Technical University of Kenya, Kenya.

Background: Prenatal fear of childbirth is a common health concern that negatively affects the emotional wellbeing of women during pregnancy. Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Experience Questionnaire version A (W-DEQ-A) is used extensively to measure fear of childbirth during pregnancy. Nevertheless, previous studies have not evaluated its psychometric characteristics among the Swahili-speaking pregnant women. Read More

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The Carers' Needs Assessment for Dementia (CNA-D): a validation study in the Italian population.

Neurol Sci 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Neuroscience "Rita Levi Montalcini", Aging Brain and Memory Clinic, University of Torino, Via Cherasco 15, 10126, Turin, Italy.

Background: Dementia has devastating consequences for families with important physical, psychological, social, and financial effects. Evaluation of caregiver's needs may be an important step to reduce the burden of family caregivers of dementia patients. An Austrian scale, the Carers' Needs Assessment for Dementia, is now available for measuring the caregiver's needs. Read More

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The effects of maternal anxiety and attitudes on the adherence to inhaled corticosteroids in children with asthma.

Allergol Immunopathol (Madr) 2021 1;49(3):138-145. Epub 2021 May 1.

Department of Psychiatry, Baskent University, Izmir, Turkey.

Objective: Long-term inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) use in children with asthma causes serious concerns in parents, leading to treatment non-adherence. This study aimed to investigate the effect of maternal anxiety and attitudes on adherence to ICS therapy in children with asthma.

Method: The patient group included the children with mild to moderate persistent asthma, aged 6-11 years. Read More

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Further Support for the Psychometric Properties of the Farsi Version of Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire.

Front Psychol 2021 14;12:657660. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain (CPR Spine), School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Alexithymia is defined as the lack of words to describe emotions and is associated with different psychopathologies. Various tools have been developed for measuring alexithymia; each has its limitations. A new questionnaire, Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire (PAQ), was developed to simultaneously assess positive and negative dimensions. Read More

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The Relationship between Anxiety and Depression Levels with Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies in Health Care Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sisli Etfal Hastan Tip Bul 2021 17;55(1):1-11. Epub 2021 Mar 17.

Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, University of Health Sciences Turkey, Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Teaching and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

Objectives: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread rapidly, locally and internationally after it started in Hubei province of China in December 2019. During the spread of this infectious disease in the world, health care workers are taking place as the main people in the screening and treatment of the disease. The present study aims to evaluate the relationship between anxiety and depression levels with perceived stress and coping strategies in health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

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Assessment of Factors Related to Diminished Appetite in Hemodialysis Patients with a New Adapted and Validated Questionnaire.

Nutrients 2021 Apr 19;13(4). Epub 2021 Apr 19.

Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez, Mexico City 14080, Mexico.

Appetite loss is a common phenomenon in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (HD). We aimed to (i) adapt and validate a Spanish language version of the Council on Nutrition Appetite Questionnaire (CNAQ) and (ii) to identify psychological and biological factors associated with diminished appetite. We recruited 242 patients undergoing HD from four hemodialysis centers to validate the Spanish-translated version of the CNAQ. Read More

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Internet Usage Habits and Experienced Levels of Psychopathology: A Pilot Study on Association with Spontaneous Eye Blinking Rate.

J Pers Med 2021 Apr 9;11(4). Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Institute of Biosciences, Life Sciences Centre, Vilnius University, Sauletekio Av. 7, LT-10257 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Increasing availability of the internet has resulted in the increased prevalence of problematic online behaviors. Reliable and affordable neurobiological and psychological biomarkers that distinguish problematic internet use (PIU) from functional online activities are of utmost importance. Previous studies have shown a relationship between spontaneous eye blinking rate (sEBR) and changes in dopamine regulation in neurological and psychiatric disorders, including substance use disorders. Read More

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COVID-19 pandemic effect on female sexual function.

Ginekol Pol 2021 Apr 29. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Dokuz Eylul University, Medical Faculty, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Turkey.

Objectives: To determine the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on female sexual functions among Turkish women.

Material And Methods: The present study was performed by using the previous study data that was conducted before the pandemic to detect female sexual function by using questionnaires. Comparison of Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) scores in women during and before the pandemic. Read More

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The level, distribution and source of artificial radionuclides in surface soil from Inner Mongolia, China.

J Environ Radioact 2021 Jul 23;233:106614. Epub 2021 Apr 23.

Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, Xian, 710024, China.

Mid- and long-half-life artificial radioisotopes in the earth's surface environment are of great concern to the environmental radiation risk assessment. As nuclear fuel and fission products, Pu, Pu, Am, Sr and Cs in soils from Inner Mongolia of China were analyzed with a modified systematic separation procedure combined with ICP-MS and LSC measurements, to study the level, distribution and source of artificial radionuclides in the region. The radioactivity and inventory of Cs (0. Read More

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Evaluation of Anxiety, Depression and Burden on Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy.

Dev Neurorehabil 2021 Apr 24:1-6. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Department of Pharmacology, Bahcesehir University, School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.

In this study, we investigated the relationship of demographic variables with mental disorders generally encountered by the caregivers. The cohort includes 109 caregivers (38.53 ± 9. Read More

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Global warming potential of typical rural domestic waste treatment modes in China: a case study in Ankang.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2021 Apr 22. Epub 2021 Apr 22.

Institute of Urban-rural Ecological Civilization, China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd., Beijing, 100120, China.

The global problem of domestic waste management increases with rapid population growth and with economic and urban development. In developing countries, treatment of rural domestic waste (RDW) is distinguished from urban waste. Quantitative assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from RDW disposal treatment is needed to achieve carbon neutrality. Read More

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Additional Reduction of Residual Symptoms with Aripiprazole Augmentation in the Patients with Partially Remitted Major Depressive Disorder.

Clin Psychopharmacol Neurosci 2021 May;19(2):243-253

Department of Psychiatry, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Objective: Many patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) suffer from residual symptoms without achieving remission. However, pharmacologic options for residual symptoms of MDD have been limited. This study aimed to investigate benefit of aripiprazole augmentation in the treatment of residual symptoms in the patients with partially remitted MDD. Read More

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Preparation of Core-Shell Silica Microspheres with Controllable Shell Thickness for Fast High Performance Liquid Chromatography Separation of Alkyl Benzenes and Intact Proteins.

J Biomed Nanotechnol 2021 Mar;17(3):439-446

As it is difficult to prevent secondary nucleation and agglomeration during the preparation of core-shell silica microspheres, these issues have been successfully resolved in this study using template-dissolution-induced redeposition. The non-porous particles are transformed into core-shell silica microspheres (CSSMs) in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and octyltrimethylammonium bromide under basic conditions. The shell thickness and pore sizes of the CSSMs are controlled by adjusting the etching time and molar ratio of the template, respectively. Read More

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Differences in quality of life between genders in acromegaly.

Endocrinol Diabetes Metab 2021 04 3;4(2):e00229. Epub 2021 Feb 3.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico City Mexico.

Objective: To study the impact of secondary mental disorders in patients affected with acromegaly and correlate them with quality of life (QoL) and disease status.

Design: An observational transversal descriptive and comparative study that evaluates QoL's impact due to secondary mental disorders in affected Mexicans with acromegaly using AcroQoL and SF-36 instruments. Correlation of the results with the disease's biochemical status was performed. Read More

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Shift work disorder and related influential factors among shift workers in China.

Sleep Med 2021 May 13;81:451-456. Epub 2021 Mar 13.

Center for Public Health Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Background: Shift work may cause insomnia and sleepiness in individuals. The present study aimed to exam shift work disorder (SWD), and to investigate their associations with individual characteristics.

Methods: A total of 1833 shift workers were assessed using the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index, Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), Composite Scale of Morningness (CSM), Circadian Type Inventory (CTI), Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and other self-compiled socio-demographic questionnaires. Read More

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Faux-Pas Recognition Test: A Turkish adaptation study and a proposal of a standardized short version.

Appl Neuropsychol Adult 2021 Apr 13:1-9. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Behavioral Neurology and Movement Disorders Unit, Neuropsychology Laboratory, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Faux Pas Recognition Test (FPRT) is one of the most commonly used tools to assess the theory of mind (ToM) and a valid and reliable screening of this social cognitive function in both clinical and research settings is essential. We aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of the FPRT on a healthy Turkish sample and to develop a shorter form with adequate psychometric properties to provide an easier application for the tester by shortening the test's duration of administration. Four hundred sixteen healthy individuals completed the Turkish version of the FPRT. Read More

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Determining anxiety levels and related factors in operating room nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic: A descriptive study.

J Nurs Manag 2021 Apr 12. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Faculty of Health Sciences, Karatekin University, Çankırı, Turkey.

Background: Health care professionals responsible for care and treatment during outbreaks are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress.

Aim: This study investigated operating room nurses' anxiety levels and related factors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: The research was conducted between July and September 2020. Read More

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Depression, Anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Following Orthopedic War Injuries.

Cureus 2021 Mar 9;13(3):e13792. Epub 2021 Mar 9.

Orthopedics and Traumatology, Izmir University of Economics Medicalpark Hospital, Izmir, TUR.

Introduction There are ongoing wars worldwide, during which significant numbers of people are injured. Several studies have indicated that high rates of depression and anxiety are seen in war-injured patients. Methods Eighty-one male patients treated between November 2019 and January 2021 far from home in a Turkish hospital due to war injuries that happened in the Libyan Civil War were investigated. Read More

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The combination of traditional and auricular acupuncture to prevent xerostomia and anxiety in irradiated patients with HNSCC: a preventive, parallel, single-blind, 2-arm controlled study.

Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2021 Feb 27. Epub 2021 Feb 27.

Department of Dentistry, Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros, Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Dilson Godinho Hospital, Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Electronic address:

Objective: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of acupuncture on xerostomia in irradiated patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC).

Study Design: A preventive, 2-arm, parallel, single-blind trial was performed. Patients with HNSCC (N = 296) were checked for eligibility, and 107 patients were enrolled in the study. Read More

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February 2021

[Improved Design and Acceptance Test of Localization Couch for New Type of CT Simulator].

Zhongguo Yi Liao Qi Xie Za Zhi 2021 Apr;45(2):231-236

Department of Radiotherapy, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and Cancer Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610041.

Accurate CT simulation is the key link of precision radiotherapy, and the performance of the localization couch of CT simulator directly affects the accuracy of radiotherapy. With the rapid development of precision radiotherapy, conventional large aperture radiotherapy special CT simulator is difficult to meet the needs of precision radiotherapy localization, so most radiotherapy centers choose high-end diagnostic CT machines equipped with a flat tabletop for radiotherapy localization. In clinical work, the performance testing of the CT simulator localization couch is easy to be ignored. Read More

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Efficient removal of nitrate, manganese, and tetracycline by a polyvinyl alcohol/sodium alginate with sponge cube immobilized bioreactor.

Bioresour Technol 2021 Jul 27;331:125065. Epub 2021 Mar 27.

School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an 710055, China; Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Engineering, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an 710055, China.

The co-existence of nitrate, manganese (Mn), and antibiotics are of a wide concern. In this study, a denitrifying and manganese-oxidizing Zoogloea Q7 bacterium was immobilized using polyvinyl alcohol/sodium alginate with sponge cube (PVA/SA@sponge cube) in the reactor. The optimal operation parameters of the bioreactor were explored. Read More

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The impact of COVID-19 on a cohort of patients treated with clozapine.

Ir J Psychol Med 2021 Apr 5:1-24. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

School of Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland.

Objectives: To examine the psychological and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions on a cohort of patients with severe and enduring mental illness treated with clozapine.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 63 individuals attending a clozapine clinic within the Galway-Roscommon Mental Health Services to determine the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on anxiety and depressive symptoms, social and occupational functioning and quality of life, utilising Likert Scale data. The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) were additionally utilised to measure anxiety symptoms cross-sectionally. Read More

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Inter-Device Agreement between Fitbit Flex 1 and 2 for Assessing Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 03 8;18(5). Epub 2021 Mar 8.

Department of Health and Kinesiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA.

This study examined the inter-model agreement between the Fitbit Flex (FF) and FF2 in estimating sedentary behavior (SED) and physical activity (PA) during a free-living condition. 33 healthy adults wore the FF and FF2 on non-dominant wrist for 14 consecutive days. After excluding sleep and non-wear time, data from the FF and FF2 was converted to the time spent (min/day) in SED and PA using a proprietary algorithm. Read More

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A Highly Automated Mobile Laboratory for On-site Molecular Diagnostics in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Clin Chem 2021 03;67(4):672-683

Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Background: Infectious disease outbreaks such as the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic call for rapid response and complete screening of the suspected community population to identify potential carriers of pathogens. Central laboratories rely on time-consuming sample collection methods that are rarely available in resource-limited settings.

Methods: We present a highly automated and fully integrated mobile laboratory for fast deployment in response to infectious disease outbreaks. Read More

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The study on the clinical effectiveness and safety of traditional Chinese medicine acupoint catgut embedding guided by musculoskeletal ultrasound in the treatment of nerve root sciatica: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Apr;100(13):e25387

Department of Ultrasound.

Background: Nerve root sciatica (NRS) is a common orthopedic disease, which usually occurs between 20 and 40 years of age, and the incidence rate is increasing year by year and is being younger. The disease has no special effect of treatment, clinically generally taking the symptomatic treatment, such as taking short-term glucocorticoids, sedatives, analgesics, and so on. Long-term use of drugs will adversely affect the patient's gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidney function. Read More

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Relationship between bruxism and smartphone overuse in young adults.

Cranio 2021 Mar 31:1-8. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Department of Prosthodontics, Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Objective: To evaluate the possible relationship between bruxism and smartphone overuse and assess the potential role of anxiety and depression in this relationship. The null hypothesis was that there was no significant difference between sleep bruxism (SB) and/or awake bruxism (AB) and non-bruxers in the level of smartphone overuse, anxiety, and depression.

Methods: In total, 167 dental students were included in this study. Read More

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Fatigue: A forgotten symptom of asthma.

Clin Respir J 2021 Mar 29. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

Section of Immunology and Allergy Diseases, Department of Chest Diseases, Medical Faculty, Uludağ University, Bursa, Turkey.

Objective: Fatigue is a common symptom frequently reported in many disorders but little is known about the prevalence of fatigue in asthma. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of fatigue in asthmatic patients, the effect of fatigue on asthma quality of life and the relationship between fatigue and anxiety/depression MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective cross-sectional study was conducted in Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Immunology and Allergic Diseases outpatient clinic from June 2019 to December 2019. Fatigue was assessed using the Checklist Individual Strength-Fatigue (CIS-Fatigue), psychological distress was assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and quality of life were assessed using the Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (AQLQ). Read More

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Assessing the measurement invariance of the 10-item Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale and Beck Anxiety Inventory questionnaires across people living with HIV/AIDS and healthy people.

BMC Psychol 2021 Mar 9;9(1):42. Epub 2021 Mar 9.

Department of Biostatistics, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

Background: Recently, extensive research has been reported the higher rate of depression and anxiety among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) as compared to the general population. However, no single study has been carried out to investigate whether this disparity is a real difference or it happens due to lack of measurement invariance. This study aims to assess the measurement invariance of the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and 10-item Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CESD-10) questionnaires across PLWHAs and healthy individuals. Read More

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