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Hyperemic versus non-hyperemic indexes for coronary physiology assessment in patients with severe aortic stenosis.

Adv Med Sci 2021 Jul 24;66(2):366-371. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

Department of Interventional Cardiology Institute of Cardiology Jagiellonian University Medical College, John Paul II Hospital, Krakow, Poland.

Purpose: Recent data suggests that fractional flow reserve (FFR) may underestimate intermediate coronary stenosis in the presence of severe aortic stenosis (AS), whereas instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR) values may remain similar after treatment of AS, yet the evidence still lacks to use iFR as the reference. We aimed to compare FFR/iFR values in the AS setting.

Materials And Methods: The functional significance of 416 coronary lesions in 221 patients with severe AS was investigated with iFR and FFR. Read More

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Evaluation of targeted bupivacaine, bupivacaine-lidocaine-epinephrine, dexamethasone, and meloxicam for reducing acute postoperative pain in cats undergoing routine ovariohysterectomy.

Top Companion Anim Med 2021 Jul 24:100564. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

This study compared bupivacaine (BUP), bupivacaine-lidocaine-epinephrine (BLE), dexamethasone (DEX), and meloxicam (MEL) targeted at specific, potentially painful sites for reducing acute postoperative pain in cats undergoing elective ovariohysterectomy. One hundred fifty-one cats were included in a prospective, randomized, double-blinded clinical trial. Anesthesia consisted of a standardized protocol including buprenorphine, ketamine, dexmedetomidine, and isoflurane. Read More

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Frequency Drift in MR Spectroscopy at 3T.

Neuroimage 2021 Jul 24:118430. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

School of Health Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA.

Purpose: Heating of gradient coils and passive shim components is a common cause of instability in the B field, especially when gradient intensive sequences are used. The aim of the study was to set a benchmark for typical drift encountered during MR spectroscopy (MRS) to assess the need for real-time field-frequency locking on MRI scanners by comparing field drift data from a large number of sites.

Method: A standardized protocol was developed for 80 participating sites using 99 3T MR scanners from 3 major vendors. Read More

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Evaluating the quality of HIV epidemiologic evidence for populations in the absence of a reliable sampling frame: a modified quality assessment tool.

Ann Epidemiol 2021 Jul 24. Epub 2021 Jul 24.

Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 615 N. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD, 21205, USA.

Background: Sampling frames rarely exist for key populations at highest risk for HIV, such as sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, and transgender populations. Without reliable sampling frames, most data collection relies on non-probability sampling approaches including network-based methods (e.g. Read More

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Feasibility and Repeatability of Handheld Optical Coherence Tomography in Children With Craniosynostosis.

Transl Vis Sci Technol 2021 Jul;10(8):24

The University of Leicester Ulverscroft Eye Unit, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK.

Purpose: To determine whether handheld optical coherence tomography (OCT) is feasible and repeatable in children with craniosynostosis.

Methods: This was a prospective cross-sectional study. Children with syndromic and non-syndromic craniosynostosis 0 to 18 years of age were recruited between February 13, 2020, and October 1, 2020. Read More

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A Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA): Based score (SGPGI score) to predict level of difficulty, operative, and postoperative outcomes for right-sided radical nephrectomy.

Urologia 2021 Jul 27:3915603211015541. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Department of Urology and Renal Transplantation, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Objective: With the advent of laparoscopic approach for the large (T1b-T3a ± N1) right renal masses, higher rates of complications and conversion to open surgery are being reported. The role of preoperative angioembolization (PAE), which has increased cost and inherent morbidity but may help in select circumstances has also not been clearly defined in the literature. We therefore devised a scoring system (SGPGI score) based on pre-operative Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) to predict the level of difficulty of radical nephrectomy and enhance its safety and efficacy which could also be used for the judicious use of PAE in selected cases. Read More

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Psychometric properties of the Croatian version of the 25-item National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (NEI VFQ-25).

Int Ophthalmol 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Center "Zagreb", Kišpatićeva 12, 10 000, Zagreb, Croatia.

Purpose: The purpose of the study was to translate, adapt and validate the Croatian version of the 25-item National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (NEI VFQ-25) in participants with visual impairment. This study also aims at evaluating the relationship between visual impairment and health-related quality of life (HRQoL).

Methods: The prospective observational study was conducted at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Department of Ophthalmology. Read More

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Initial investigation of test-retest reliability of home-to-home teleneuropsychological assessment in healthy, English-speaking adults.

Clin Neuropsychol 2021 Jul 26:1-15. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Prior teleneuropsychological research has assessed the reliability between in-person and remote administration of cognitive assessments. Few, if any, studies have examined the test-retest reliability of cognitive assessments conducted in sequential clinic-to-home or home-to-home teleneuropsychological evaluations - a critical issue given the state of clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study examined this key psychometric question for several cognitive tests administered over repeated videoconferencing visits 4-6 months apart in a sample of healthy English-speaking adults. Read More

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Short-Term Repeatability of in Vivo Cardiac Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Tensor Imaging in Healthy Human Volunteers.

J Magn Reson Imaging 2021 Jul 23. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Imaging Center, Harbin Medical University Cancer Hospital, Harbin, China.

Background: Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) tensor imaging is a promising technique for diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases. Knowledge about measurement repeatability, however, remains limited.

Purpose: To evaluate short-term repeatability of IVIM tensor imaging in normal in vivo human hearts. Read More

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Development of a Performance Assessment Scale for Simulated Dispatcher-Assisted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Telephone-CPR): A Multi-Center Randomized Simulation-Based Clinical Trial.

Prehosp Disaster Med 2021 Jul 23:1-9. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Simulation Center, Faculty of Medicine of Poitiers, Poitiers, France.

Introduction: Dispatchers should be trained to interrogate bystanders with strict protocols to elicit information focused on recognizing cardiac arrest and should provide telephone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructions in all cases of suspected cardiac arrest. While an objective assessment of training outcomes is needed, there is no performance assessment scale for simulated dispatcher-assisted CPR.

Study Objective: The aim of the study was to create a valid and reliable performance assessment scale for simulated dispatcher-assisted CPR. Read More

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Confirmatory psychometric evaluations of the Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite Clinical Trials Version (IWQOL-Lite-CT).

Clin Obes 2021 Jul 22:e12477. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Patient Reported Outcomes, RTI Health Solutions, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.

The Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite Clinical Trials Version (IWQOL-Lite-CT) was developed to assess weight-related physical and psychosocial functioning in the context of clinical trials. Data from two pivotal trials of once-weekly subcutaneous semaglutide for the purpose of weight management (NCT03548935 and NCT03552757) were analysed to confirm the structure, reliability, validity, and responsiveness of the IWQOL-Lite-CT and evaluate the magnitude of meaningful within-patient change in patients with overweight or obesity, with and without type 2 diabetes. Factor analyses and inter-item correlations confirmed the IWQOL-Lite-CT structure and scoring algorithm. Read More

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A comparison of alternative selection methods for reporting spirometric parameters in healthy adults.

Sci Rep 2021 Jul 22;11(1):14945. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Airborne Hazards and Burn Pits Center of Excellence, War Related Illness and Injury Study Center, VA New Jersey Health Care System, East Orange, NJ, USA.

Alternative methods have been proposed to report spirometry indices from test sessions (forced expiratory volume 1 s, FEV; forced vital capacity, FVC). However, most use the American and European Societies' standard (ATS/ERS) which stops sessions once a repeatability threshold is met which may not accurately represent intra-session variability. Our goal was to repeat trials beyond the repeatability threshold and evaluate alternative reporting methods. Read More

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Inter-rater Reliability and Repeatability of Manual Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Image Grading in Keratoconus.

Eye Contact Lens 2021 Jul 20. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

University of Maryland School of Medicine (A.N.L.), Baltimore, MD; and Department of Ophthalmology (I.S.K.M., W.M.M., S.Z.M., J.L.A.), University of Maryland Eye Associates, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Objectives: To determine the repeatability of corneal measurements from anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) images using ImageJ software in healthy eyes compared with eyes with keratoconus.

Methods: Anterior segment OCT images of 25 eyes from 14 healthy subjects and 25 eyes from 15 subjects with keratoconus between the ages of 20 and 80 years were evaluated. Two trained observers used ImageJ to measure the central corneal cross-sectional area and anterior and posterior corneal arc lengths. Read More

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The effect that pathologic and radiologic interpretation of invasive and non-invasive areas in lung adenocarcinoma has on T-stage and treatment.

Ann Diagn Pathol 2021 Jul 20;54:151799. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Rhode Island Hospital, The Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University, United States of America. Electronic address:

Lung adenocarcinoma is currently staged based on invasive tumor size, excluding areas of lepidic (in situ) growth. Invasive tumor size may be determined by pathologic assessment of a surgical specimen or radiographic assessment on computerized tomography (CT) scan. When invasive tumor size is the primary stage determinate, radiographic-pathologic discordance or discordant interpretation among pathologists may alter tumor stage and treatment. Read More

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Generalized Equations for Predicting Percent Body Fat from Anthropometric Measures Using a Criterion Five-Compartment Model.

Med Sci Sports Exerc 2021 Jul 23. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Department of Exercise Science, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA Department of Kinesiology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, TX Department of Education, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea Program in Physical Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.

Introduction: Anthropometric-based equations are used to estimate percent body fat (%BF) when laboratory methods are impractical or not available. However, because these equations are often derived from two-compartment models, they are prone to error due to assumptions regarding fat-free mass composition. The purpose of this study was to develop a new anthropometric-based equation for the prediction of %BF, using a five-compartment (5C) model as the criterion measure. Read More

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Identifying Conditions With High Prevalence, Cost, and Variation in Cost in US Children's Hospitals.

JAMA Netw Open 2021 Jul 1;4(7):e2117816. Epub 2021 Jul 1.

Department of Pediatrics, Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Importance: Identifying high priority pediatric conditions is important for setting a research agenda in hospital pediatrics that will benefit families, clinicians, and the health care system. However, the last such prioritization study was conducted more than a decade ago and used International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) codes.

Objectives: To identify conditions that should be prioritized for comparative effectiveness research based on prevalence, cost, and variation in cost of hospitalizations using contemporary data at US children's hospitals. Read More

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Validation of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™, Neuromuscular Module, version 3.0 in Spanish for Argentina.

Arch Argent Pediatr 2021 Aug;119(4):e286-e297

Servicio de Kinesiología, Hospital de Pediatría S.A.M.I.C. "Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan", Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Objective: To assess the psychometric properties of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ (PedsQL™ 3.0), Neuromuscular Module, version in Spanish for Argentina, for children aged 2-18 years with neuromuscular disease.

Population And Methods: Observational, analytical, prospective validation study conducted in Hospital Garrahan between March 19th, 2019 and March 9th, 2020. Read More

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Concordance of testicular measurement in male adolescents with three methods of orchidometry.

Arch Argent Pediatr 2021 Aug;119(4):251-258

Servicio de Adolescencia, Hospital de Agudos Dr. Cosme Argerich, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Introduction: The Prader orchidometer is the standard method used to measure testicular volume (TV) in children and adolescents.

Objective: To assess the concordance in the estimation of TV and puberty onset with the Prader, Chipkevitch, and Sotos orchidometric techniques.

Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study conducted among male children and adolescents aged 9-20 years. Read More

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Analysis of MR Signs to Distinguish Between ARCO Stages 2 and 3A in Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head.

J Magn Reson Imaging 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Radiology, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China.

Background: MRI is the most effective diagnostic tool of osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH), especially for early diagnosis, but its detection of subchondral or cortical fractures is less accurate than CT. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately stage ONFH in the peri-collapse period by MRI.

Purpose: To improve the accuracy of MR for distinguishing between Association Research Circulation Osseous (ARCO) stages 2 and 3A in ONFH. Read More

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Dual flip-angle IR-FLASH with spin history mapping for B1+ corrected T1 mapping: Application to T1 cardiovascular magnetic resonance multitasking.

Magn Reson Med 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Biomedical Imaging Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Purpose: To develop a single-scan method for -corrected T mapping and apply it for free-breathing (FB) cardiac MR multitasking without electrocardiogram (ECG) triggering.

Methods: One dual flip-angle (2FA) inversion recovery (IR)-FLASH scan provides two observations of (apparent T ) corresponding to two distinct combinations of the nominal FA α and . Spatiotemporally coregistered T and spin history maps are obtained by fitting the 2FA signal model. Read More

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Validated argentine version of the visual vertigo analogue scale.

J Vestib Res 2021 Jul 20. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

Departments of Physical Therapyand Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Background: Visual vertigo (VV), triggered by environmental or dynamic visual stimuli and repetitive visual patterns, can affect daily life activities. The Visual Vertigo Analogue Scale (VVAS) is a valid and reliable self-administered questionnaire to assess VV, which has been culturally adapted to the Argentine population but has not been validated.

Objective: To validate the Argentine version of VVAS (VVAS-A) by confirming its psychometric properties in patients with vestibular disorders. Read More

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Reproducibility of Brain Volume Changes in Longitudinal Voxel-Based Morphometry Between Non-Accelerated and Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

J Alzheimers Dis 2021 Jul 21. Epub 2021 Jul 21.

Department of Radiology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Background: Scan acceleration techniques, such as parallel imaging, can reduce scan times, but reliability is essential to implement these techniques in neuroimaging.

Objective: To evaluate the reproducibility of the longitudinal changes in brain morphology determined by longitudinal voxel-based morphometry (VBM) between non-accelerated and accelerated magnetic resonance images (MRI) in normal aging, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Methods: Using data from the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) 2 database, comprising subjects who underwent non-accelerated and accelerated structural T1-weighted MRI at screening and at a 2-year follow-up on 3. Read More

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Atrial Fibrillation Impact Questionnaire (AFImpact): Validity and reliability of the Turkish version.

Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars 2021 Jul;49(5):395-403

Division of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bezmialem Vakif University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Objective: Guidelines recommend measuring and addressing health-related quality of life in the management of atrial fibrillation (AF); however, a disease-specific questionnaire is lacking for the Turkish language. Our aim was to translate and adapt the Atrial Fibrillation Impact Questionnaire (AFImpact) into Turkish and to explore its psychometric properties.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in two phases, including the translation and cultural adaptation of AFImpact into Turkish language and the analysis of psychometric properties of the translated questionnaire. Read More

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Successful Urine Multiplex Bead Assay to Measure Lupus Nephritis Activity.

Kidney Int Rep 2021 Jul 28;6(7):1949-1960. Epub 2021 Apr 28.

Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Introduction: Lupus nephritis (LN) confers a poor prognosis, mainly from lack of effective laboratory tests to diagnose and to evaluate therapies. We have previously shown that a set of 6 urinary biomarkers (NGAL, KIM-1, MCP-1, adiponectin, hemopexin, and ceruloplasmin) are highly sensitive and specific to identify adult and pediatric patients with active LN using renal biopsy as reference standard. Using these combinatorial urinary biomarkers, the Renal Activity Score for Lupus (RAIL) score was established, with biomarkers measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Read More

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The Computerized Adaptable Test Battery (BMT-) for Rapid Assessment of Children's Academic Skills and Cognitive Functions: A Validation Study.

Front Pediatr 2021 8;9:656180. Epub 2021 Jul 8.

Université de Paris-Sorbonne Paris Cité, Imagine Institute, INSERM UMR1163, Paris, France.

Learning disabilities in children are a major public health concern worldwide, having a prevalence of 8%. They are associated with lost social, educational, and ultimately, professional opportunities for individuals. These disabilities are also very costly to governments and raise the issue of the appropriate means of screening. Read More

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Comparison of Brain Volume Measurements Made with 0.3- and 3-T MR Imaging.

Magn Reson Med Sci 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Radiology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.

The volumes of intracranial tissues of 40 healthy volunteers acquired from 0.3- and 3-T scanners were compared using intraclass correlation coefficients, correlation analyses, and Bland-Altman analyses. We found high intraclass correlation coefficients, high Pearson's correlation coefficients, and low percentage biases in all tissues and most of the brain regions, although small differences were observed in some areas. Read More

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Development and test-retest reliability assessment of a low-cost, 3D printed tool for assessing different aspects of hand dexterity.

J Hand Ther 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

School of Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs, QLD Australia. Electronic address:

Background: Hand dexterity assessments related to fine motor movements are routinely administered in clinical settings to ascertain an individual's hand function. However, to perform a detailed assessment multiple devices are needed which can be time-consuming and costly to administer.

Purpose: We designed and assessed the test-retest reliability of a 3D printed dexterity device in a cohort of healthy young adults and community-dwelling older adults. Read More

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Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Variation in the Stable Urinary NMR Metabolome over Time: A Classic Twin Study.

J Proteome Res 2021 Jul 25. Epub 2021 Jul 25.

UCD Institute of Food and health, School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, Belfield Dublin 4, Ireland.

Genes, sex, age, diet, lifestyle, gut microbiome, and multiple other factors affect human metabolomic profiles. Understanding metabolomic variation is critical in human nutrition research as metabolites that are sensitive to change versus those that are more stable might be more informative for a particular study design. This study aims to identify stable metabolomic regions and determine the genetic and environmental contributions to stability. Read More

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[Reliability of whole-mouth taste test in assessment of gustatory function in healthy adults].

Lin Chung Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Aug;35(8):698-701

Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery,Capital Institute of Pediatrics.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the test-retest reliability of gustatory function using whole-mouth taste tests in healthy adults. Fifty healthy subjects were tested by whole-mouth taste test. The taste test involved 5 tastants(sour, sweet, salty, umami and bitter) and 7 concentrations. Read More

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Comparison of central corneal thickness using non-contact tono-pachymeter (Tonopachy) with ultrasound pachymetry in normal children and in children with refractive error.

Indian J Ophthalmol 2021 Aug;69(8):2053-2059

Department of Glaucoma and Paediatric Services, Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry, India.

Purpose: To compare the central corneal thickness (CCT) measured by non-contact tono-pachymeter [Tonopachy (TP)] with the gold standard ultrasound pachymetry (UP) in normal children and in children with refractive error.

Methods: This cross-sectional study involved 95 normal children (190 eyes) and 123 children with refractive error (246 eyes), a total of 218 children (436 eyes) aged 7-15 years. After refraction and complete ophthalmic evaluation, axial length was measured with IOLMaster 700, CCT was measured with TP followed by UP. Read More

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