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Translation and Linguistic Validation of Korean version of the Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite for Clinical Practice for patients with prostate cancer.

Int Neurourol J 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Department of Urology, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.

Purpose: Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer have increased the patients' stress level and decreased the quality of life. A variety of instruments are currently available to evaluate patients with prostate cancer. However, only a few tools are available to assess Korean patients, and therefore we demonstrated a linguistic validation of Korean Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite for Clinical Practice (EPIC-CP). Read More

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Defining Voiding Dysfunction in Women: Bladder Outflow Obstruction versus Detrusor Underactivity.

Int Neurourol J 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

2nd Department of Urology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, "Papageorgiou" General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Purpose: We aimed to develop urodynamic criteria for more accurate diagnosis of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) and detrusor underactivity (DU) in women with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

Methods: Initially, in a group of 68 consecutive women with LUTS and increased post-void residual who had undergone urodynamic investigation we examined the level of agreement between operating physician's diagnosis of BOO or DU and diagnosis according to urodynamic nomograms/indices, including the Blaivas-Groutz (B-G) nomogram, Urethral Resistance Association (URA), Bladder Outlet Obstruction Index (BOOI) and Bladder Contractility Index (BCI). Based on the initial results, we categorized 160 women into four groups using B-G nomogram and URA (Group 1: severe-moderate BOO, Group 2: mild BOO and URA≥20, Group 3: mild BOO and URA<20 and Group 4: non-obstructed) and compared urodynamic parameters. Read More

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The intracellular fluid compartment is smaller than commonly believed when measured by whole-body bioimpedance.

J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol 2021 May 7. Epub 2021 May 7.

Department of Anaesthesiology, "CLINIC de Barcelona" Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.

Objectives: To report our data on the total body water (TBW), intracellular volume (ICV), extracellular volume (ECV), and fat-free mass (FFM) from studies using whole-body bioimpedance (BIA) with the aim of contrasting them to commonly cited reference values.

Methods: Data were retrospectively retrieved from three single-center studies of adult healthy male volunteers and one study of women scheduled for abdominal hysterectomy where multifrequency BIA had been applied to obtain measurements of TBW, ICV, ECV, and FFM.

Results: Based on measurements performed in 44 males, the TBW, ICV, ECV, and FFM represented 49. Read More

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Cerebrospinal fluid hemoglobin levels as markers of blood contamination: relevance for α-synuclein measurement.

Clin Chem Lab Med 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Laboratory of Clinical Neurochemistry, Section of Neurology, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy.

Objectives: Cerebrospinal fluid α-synuclein (CSF α-syn) represents a possible biomarker in Parkinson's disease (PD) diagnosis. CSF blood contamination can introduce a bias in α-syn measurement. To date, CSF samples with a red blood cells (RBC) count >50 RBC × 10/L or haemoglobin (Hb) concentration >200 μg/L are excluded from biomarker studies. Read More

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Incorporation of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System to assess quality of life among patients with breast cancer initiating care at an academic center.

Cancer 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, California.

Background: Symptom burden and reduced quality of life (QOL) are considerable hurdles in oncology. The authors used the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS), which assesses physical and psychosocial health, to establish a mean symptom burden, examine potential drivers, and characterize severe symptom burden in breast cancer patient subgroups with the goal of characterizing stage IV patient QOL and triaging patients to individualized supportive care services.

Methods: New patients at the University of California San Francisco Breast Care Center received questionnaires with 8 PROMIS domains: depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep-related impairment, sleep disturbance, cognitive function, cognitive abilities, and physical function. Read More

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Outcomes of the First Pregnancy After Fertility-Sparing Surgery for Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer.

Obstet Gynecol 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine, the Department of Health Services Research, Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences, and the Department of Breast Medical Oncology, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts; the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Galveston, Texas; and the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, New York.

Objective: To evaluate the outcomes of the first pregnancy after fertility-sparing surgery in patients treated for early-stage ovarian cancer.

Methods: We performed a retrospective study of women aged 18-45 years with a history of stage IA or IC ovarian cancer reported to the California Cancer Registry for the years 2000-2012. These data were linked to the 2000-2012 California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development birth and discharge data sets to ascertain oncologic characteristics and obstetric outcomes. Read More

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Differentiating Acute Rejection From Preeclampsia After Kidney Transplantation.

Obstet Gynecol 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, California; Transplant Pregnancy Registry International, Gift of Life Institute, and the Section of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the Department of Surgery, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, Pennsylvania; and the Department of Surgery, Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa, Florida.

Objective: To evaluate the clinical and laboratory characteristics in pregnancy that differentiate preeclampsia from acute renal allograft rejection and to investigate the maternal, neonatal, and graft sequelae of these diagnoses.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective case-controlled registry study of data abstracted from Transplant Pregnancy Registry International deliveries between 1968 and 2019. All adult kidney transplant recipients with singleton pregnancies of at least 20 weeks of gestation were included. Read More

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Bernoulli-Assisted Percutaneous Removal of an Intra-articular Foreign Body: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2021 Mar 5;11(1). Epub 2021 Mar 5.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, Ohio.

Case: A 4-year-old child presented with an intra-articular broken sewing needle in her knee. It was removed arthroscopically using a spinal needle percutaneously placed posterior to the tibia in line with the long axis of the sewing needle. The stylet was partially withdrawn to allow the sewing needle to lay within the spinal needle hollow. Read More

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Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Longitudinal Effects of Fear of Falling on Falls.

Gerontology 2021 May 6:1-11. Epub 2021 May 6.

Department of Psychology, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Introduction: Recent evidence suggests that the effects of fear of falling on falls may differ by race/ethnicity. This study investigated whether race/ethnicity (white, black, and Hispanic) moderated the longitudinal effects of fear of falling on the incidence of falling and having a repeated fall among community-dwelling older adults.

Methods: We used data from 2011 to 2018 of the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS). Read More

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Progression in Physical Frailty in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients.

Kidney Blood Press Res 2021 May 6:1-10. Epub 2021 May 6.

Carol & Richard Yu Peritoneal Dialysis Research Centre, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.

Background: Physical frailty contributes to adverse clinical outcomes in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. Little has been reported about frailty transitions in this population. We aimed to describe the transitions of frailty in PD patients and identify factors that predicted changes in frailty state. Read More

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Dog Ownership in Early Life Increased the Risk of Nonatopic Asthma in Children.

Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2021 May 6:1-9. Epub 2021 May 6.

Department of Pediatrics, Childhood Asthma Atopy Center, Humidifier Disinfectant Health Center, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Background: It is still debatable whether dog ownership during early childhood is a risk factor for the development of allergic diseases.

Objective: We investigated the association of dog ownership in early life with sensitization and asthma in childhood.

Methods: Data from the Cohort for Childhood Origin of Asthma and Allergic diseases were used to investigate the association between dog ownership at any time from pregnancy to 1 year of age and sensitization to aeroallergens at 3 and 7 years old, bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR), and asthma at 7 years old. Read More

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Impact of Sleep Duration on Mortality and Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease: Results from the 2007-2015 KNHANES.

Am J Nephrol 2021 May 6:1-8. Epub 2021 May 6.

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Introduction: In the general population, short and long sleep durations have been associated with adverse health outcomes. However, this association remains unclear in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). We examined the relationship of sleep duration to mortality and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in individuals with CKD. Read More

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Altered evoked low-frequency connectivity from SI to ACC following nerve injury in rats.

J Neural Eng 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Health science and technology, Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers vej 7D-2, Aalborg, 9220, DENMARK.

Objective: Despite decades of research on central processing of pain, there are still several unanswered questions, in particular regarding the brain regions that may contribute to this alerting sensation. Since it is generally accepted that more than one cortical area is responsible for pain processing, there is an increasing focus on the interaction between areas known to be involved.

Approach: In this study, we aimed to investigate the bidirectional information flow from the primary somatosensory cortex (SI) to the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) in an animal model of neuropathic pain. Read More

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Sb/Pd co-doped SnO2 nanoparticles for methane detection: resistance reduction and sensing performance studies.

Nanotechnology 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

State Key Laboratory of Integrated Optoelectronics, Jilin University, Qianwei Campus, 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun 130012, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA,, changchun, CHINA.

Methane (CH4) gas sensors play an important role in industrial safety and detection of indoor gas quality. In general, metal oxide semiconductor sensing materials with nano-structure have high responses to the target gas. However, the sensor resistance is usually very high. Read More

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Sodium metabisulfite as a cytotoxic food additive induces apoptosis in HFFF2 cells.

Food Chem 2021 Apr 20;358:129910. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Valencia, Dr. Moliner 50, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. Electronic address:

Sodium metabisulfite (SMB), an antioxidant agent, is extensively used as a preservative in food industry. The current study was aimed to clarify its potential toxic effects on human fetal foreskin fibroblasts (HFFF2) cells, in vitro. Subsequently, MTT results illustrated that exposure to SMB significantly (p < 0. Read More

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Conjugate evaluation of sustainable carrying capacity of urban agglomeration and multi-scenario policy regulation.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 28;785:147373. Epub 2021 Apr 28.

College of Resources and Environmental Science, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830046, China.

The scientific evaluation of carrying capacity and the formulation of adaptive regulation policies are powerful ways to achieve sustainable development goals. In order to quantitatively and accurately diagnose the sustainable development state of urban agglomeration, this paper responds to the "Future Earth" framework; takes the carrying capacity as the breakthrough point; embeds the conjugate thought; considers the elements of the resources, the environment, the ecology, and the development; and establishes the conjugate evaluation model and the evaluation index system of sustainable carrying capacity. In order to solve the actual bottleneck problem of urban agglomeration, this work identifies the key obstacle factors, constructs the multi-scenario dynamic coupling (MSDC) model, recognizes the sensitivity policies, and proposes the adaptive regulation polices. Read More

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Prenatal exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and early childhood neurodevelopment: A population-based birth cohort study.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 24;785:147334. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Key Lab of Health Technology Assessment, National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China (Fudan University), China; Key Laboratory of Public Health Safety, Ministry of Education, School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai 200032, China. Electronic address:

Although previous studies have reported the adverse effect of air pollution exposure during pregnancy on neurodevelopment in children, epidemiological evidence is limited, and the results are inconsistent. This study aimed to explore the association between prenatal ambient fine particulate matter (PM) exposure and early childhood neurodevelopment in a large birth cohort study of 4009 maternal-child pairs. Prenatal daily PM exposure concentrations at 1 km spatial revolution were estimated using high-performance machine-learning models. Read More

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Can nutrient uptake by Carex counteract eutrophication in fen peatlands?

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 23;785:147276. Epub 2021 Apr 23.

Experimental Plant Ecology, Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology, University of Greifswald, partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre, Germany. Electronic address:

Ground- and surface-water-fed peatlands (i.e., fens) of temperate Europe face high anthropogenic nutrient loads from atmospheric deposition, agricultural catchment areas, and from peat decomposition, if drained. Read More

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Shrubs magnify soil phosphorus depletion in Tibetan meadows: Conclusions from C:N:P stoichiometry and deep soil profiles.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 24;785:147320. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Department of Soil Science of Temperate Ecosystems, Department of Agricultural Soil Science, University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.

Globally, the proliferation of shrubs within grasslands stimulates soil phosphorus (P) cycling and increases topsoil P storage beneath their canopies. However, little is known regarding the impact of shrub encroachment on subsoil P storage, and whether shrubs mediate changes in soil stoichiometry, like increasing P cycling. In grazed meadows on the Tibetan Plateau, soil and roots were sampled to 1 m depth in shrubby Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. Read More

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A critical review of decision support systems for brownfield redevelopment.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 16;785:147132. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GG, UK. Electronic address:

Over the past two decades, many decision support systems (DSSs) have been developed to support decision makers and facilitate the planning and redevelopment process of brownfields. Existing systems are however often siloed in their approach and do not fully capture the complexity of brownfield sites from a sustainable development point of view. This critical review provides an insight into the development and implementation of DSSs, published and emerging, together with assessment of their strengths, limitations and opportunities for future integration. Read More

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Glyphosate exposure attenuates testosterone synthesis via NR1D1 inhibition of StAR expression in mouse Leydig cells.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 25;785:147323. Epub 2021 Apr 25.

Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China; Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China; Key Laboratory of Animal Biotechnology of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China. Electronic address:

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide that impairs testosterone synthesis in mammals. Leydig cells (LCs), the primary producers of testosterone, demonstrate rhythmic expression of circadian clock genes both in vivo and in vitro. The nuclear receptor NR1D1 is an important clock component that constitutes the subsidiary transcriptional/translational loop in the circadian clock system. Read More

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Eusocial insect declines: Insecticide impairs sperm and feeding glands in bumblebees.

Sci Total Environ 2021 Apr 10;785:146955. Epub 2021 Apr 10.

Institute of Bee Health, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland; Agroscope, Swiss Bee Research Centre, Bern, Switzerland. Electronic address:

Insecticides are contributing to global insect declines, thereby creating demand to understand the mechanisms underlying reduced fitness. In the eusocial Hymenoptera, inclusive fitness depends on successful mating of male sexuals (drones) and efficient collaborative brood care by female workers. Therefore, sublethal insecticide effects on sperm and glands used in larval feeding (hypopharyngeal glands (HPG)) would provide key mechanisms for population declines in eusocial insects. Read More

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QT interval prolongation and the rate of malignant ventricular dysrhythmia and cardiac arrest in adult poisoned patients.

Am J Emerg Med 2021 Apr 29;46:156-159. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Division of Medical Toxicology, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States of America.

Introduction: Prolongation of QTc interval, a common electrocardiographic (ECG) abnormality encountered in the toxicology patient, is reportedly associated with an increased risk of malignant ventricular dysrhythmias (MVD), such as ventricular tachycardia (VT, with and without a pulse), ventricular fibrillation (VF), and/or cardiac arrest. Quantifiable cardiac arrest risk in relation to specific QTc interval length is not known in this population.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective, observational study to assess the rate of cardiac arrest and its association with degree of QTc prolongation in a cohort of patients requiring toxicology consultation. Read More

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The therapeutic potential of curcumin in alleviating N-diethylnitrosamine and iron nitrilotriacetate induced renal cell tumours in mice via inhibition of oxidative stress: Implications for cancer chemoprevention.

Biomed Pharmacother 2021 May 3;139:111636. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Pathological Research, Faculty of Medicine, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, 2-5-1 Shikata-Cho, Okayama 700-8558, Japan.

This study was designed to reveal the protective effects of dietary supplementation of curcumin against renal cell tumours and oxidative stress induced by renal carcinogen iron nitrilotriacetate (Fe-NTA) in ddY male mice. The results showed that mice treated with a renal carcinogen, Fe-NTA, a 35% renal cell tumour incidence was noticed, whereas renal cell tumour occurrence was elevated to 80% in Fe-NTA promoted and N-diethylnitrosamine (DEN)-initiated mice as compared with saline- treated mice. No incidence of tumours has been observed in DEN-initiated non-promoted mice. Read More

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Lycium barbarum mitigates radiation injury via regulation of the immune function, gut microbiota, and related metabolites.

Biomed Pharmacother 2021 May 3;139:111654. Epub 2021 May 3.

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China; Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, Beijing, China. Electronic address:

Previous studies have suggested that Lycium barbarum (L. barbarum) has a radioprotective function, although more in-depth investigation is still required. We investigated the radioprotective efficacy of extract of the fruits of L. Read More

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Ovine β-globin gene: A new qPCR for rapid haplotype identification and association with susceptibility to Haemonchus contortus infection.

Vet Parasitol 2021 Apr 27;294:109434. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, Rodovia Washington Luiz, Km 234 s/n, Fazenda Canchim, PO Box 339, 13560-970, São Carlos, SP, Brazil.

Two β-globin allelic haplotypes (A and B) were identified in domestic sheep, wherein animals which are homozygous for β allele (BB haplotype) have a deletion of pre-adult β-globin and consequently are less tolerant to anemia and hypoxia. Since Haemonchus contortus infection, is associated with severe anemia, studies performed from 1960s to 1990s investigated the association between β-globin haplotype and resistance against this parasite. However, the findings were controversial, pointing out from increased resistance in animals harboring the β allele to inexistence of association. Read More

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Cystic fibrosis mutation classes in pediatric otitis media - Fickle or faulty?

Am J Otolaryngol 2021 Apr 20;42(6):103067. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 203 Lothrop St. Suite 500, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA; Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, 4401 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA; Department of Communication Science and Disorders, University of Pittsburgh School of Health & Rehabilitation, Forbes Tower, 3600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA. Electronic address:

Purpose: Recent data have challenged the historical paradigm that cystic fibrosis (CF) protects against otitis media (OM). These findings raised questions about the pathogenesis of this ostensible change. In this study our aim is to characterize acute OM (AOM) risk based on CF genotype. Read More

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Laryngeal cleft: A literature review.

Am J Otolaryngol 2021 Apr 20;42(6):103072. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Drexel University College of Medicine, United States of America; Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, United States of America. Electronic address:

Introduction: Laryngeal cleft is a congenital condition in which an opening in the posterior laryngotracheal wall allows food and liquid to pass from the esophageal lumen to the airway and causes aspiration. The severity of a laryngeal cleft is measured using the Benjamin-Inglis system, and can be managed conservatively or with a variety of surgical options With increased awareness, higher suspicion among primary physicians, advanced technology and improved intensive neonatal care services, more babies with laryngeal clefts survive in the modern era. Therefore, the focus has shifted from infant survival to treatment of laryngeal clefts and the challenging, complex medical conditions they create. Read More

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