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Survival predictors and outcomes of patients with recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck cancer treated with chemotherapy plus cetuximab as first-line therapy: A real-world retrospective study.

Cancer Treat Res Commun 2021 Apr 14;27:100375. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Instituto Português de Oncologia de Coimbra Francisco Gentil Av. Prof. Dr. Bissaya Barreto n.º 98, 3000-075 Coimbra Portugal.

Background: In patients with recurrent or metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (R/M HNSCC) the estimated prognosis is usually poor. Patient-specific factors that affect prognosis should be considered when choosing therapy. We conducted a retrospective, single-center analysis in patients treated with first line platinum and antiEGFR antibody-containing regimen. Read More

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Clinical outcomes of non-small cell lung cancer patients with leptomeningeal metastases after immune checkpoint inhibitor treatments.

Eur J Cancer 2021 Apr 18;150:23-30. Epub 2021 Apr 18.

Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute, Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine in Lung Cancer, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital & Guangdong Academy of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China. Electronic address:

Objective: Leptomeningeal metastases (LM) occur in up to 5% of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients and often develop after previous systemic treatments. In this article, we explored whether immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) enhanced the dismal survival of patients with LM.

Materials And Methods: Data on NSCLC patients with LM prescribed ICIs were collected at the Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute. Read More

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Six-month Risk of Pneumocystis Pneumonia following Acute Cellular Rejection: A case-control Study in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients.

Clin Transplant 2021 Apr 21:e14322. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Multiorgan Transplant Program, London Health Sciences Centre, Western University, London, Canada.

Background: Solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients are at risk of Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP). PCP is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The effect of acute T cell-mediated rejection (TCMR) on post-transplant PCP has not been determined yet. Read More

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SWOG S1609-A phase 2 basket trial of Dual Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 Blockade in Rare Tumors: A high-grade neuroendocrine neoplasm cohort.

Cancer 2021 Apr 21. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Moores Cancer Center, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, California.

Background: The authors previously reported the results of the nonpancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm cohort of the SWOG S1609 DART (Dual Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 Blockade in Rare Tumors) trial, which permitted all histologic grades and had a 44% overall response rate (ORR) among patients with high-grade disease. Here they sought to validate their findings in a dedicated prospective cohort of high-grade neuroendocrine neoplasms within S1609.

Methods: A prospective, open-label, multicenter, phase 2 clinical trial of ipilimumab plus nivolumab was conducted across multiple rare tumor cohorts. Read More

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Experiences of maternity care among women at increased risk of preterm birth receiving midwifery continuity of care compared to women receiving standard care: Results from the POPPIE pilot trial.

PLoS One 2021 21;16(4):e0248588. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Department of Women and Children's Health, Faculty of Life Science and Medicine, King's College London, London, United Kingdom.

Background: Midwifery continuity of care models for women at low and mixed risk of complications have been shown to improve women's experiences of care. However, there is limited research on care experiences among women at increased risk of preterm birth. We aimed to explore the experiences of care among women with risk factors for preterm birth participating in a pilot trial (POPPIE) of a midwifery continuity of care model which included a specialist obstetric clinic. Read More

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Analgesic Activity of Jin Ling Zi Powder () and Its Single Herbs: A Serum Metabonomics Study.

Chin J Integr Med 2021 Apr 21. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Institute of Radiation Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, 100850, China.

Objective: To compare the analgesic effect of Jin Ling Zi Powder (, JLZ) and its two single herbs.

Methods: The hot plate method was used to induce pain. Totally 36 mice were randomly divided into 6 groups by a complete random design, including control, model, aspirin (ASP, 0. Read More

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Evaluation of knee bone morphology in juvenile patients with complete discoid lateral meniscus using magnetic resonance imaging.

Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 2021 Apr 21. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, 1-4-3 Asahi-machi, Abeno-ku, Osaka, 545-8585, Japan.

Purpose: The characteristic two-dimensional bone morphology in patients with a discoid lateral meniscus (DLM) has been described. However, the associated three-dimensional imaging findings have not been characterized. This study was performed to identify differences in the knee bone morphology between juvenile patients with a DLM and those with a normal meniscus using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Read More

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Axillary Pathologic Complete Response After Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy by Breast Cancer Subtype in Patients With Initially Clinically Node-Positive Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

JAMA Surg 2021 Apr 21:e210891. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Department of Surgery, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Importance: An overview of rates of axillary pathologic complete response (pCR) for all breast cancer subtypes, both for patients with and without pathologically proven clinically node-positive disease, is lacking.

Objective: To provide pooled data of all studies in the neoadjuvant setting on axillary pCR rates for different breast cancer subtypes in patients with initially clinically node-positive disease.

Data Sources: The electronic databases Embase and PubMed were used to conduct a systematic literature search on July 16, 2020. Read More

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Evaluation of the Usability and Acceptability of the InnoWell Platform as Rated by Older Adults: Survey Study.

JMIR Aging 2021 Apr 21;4(2):e25928. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia.

Background: As the global population ages, there is increased interest in developing strategies to promote health and well-being in later life, thus enabling continued productivity, social engagement, and independence. As older adults use technologies with greater frequency, proficiency, and confidence, health information technologies (HITs) now hold considerable potential as a means to enable broader access to tools and services for the purposes of screening, treatment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of health for this group. The InnoWell Platform is a digital tool co-designed with lived experience to facilitate better outcomes by enabling access to a comprehensive multidimensional assessment, the results of which are provided in real time to enable consumers to make informed decisions about clinical and nonclinical care options independently or in collaboration with a health professional. Read More

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Mental time travel in patients "cured" from primary central nervous system lymphoma.

J Clin Exp Neuropsychol 2021 Apr 21:1-12. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Neuropsychological Therapy Centre (NTC)/Clinical Neuropsychology, Faculty of Psychology, Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany.

: Significant advances in neuro-oncological treatment led to considering neurocognitive functioning and everyday functional needs in patients with long-term survival. Since a potentially lethal disease interrupts normal life and represents a threat to physical and psychological integrity, patients have to cope with the new challenges. Long-term survival and even "cure" is possible in primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL), however, suffering from a life-threatening disease may affect patients´ cognitive processing of past and future (i. Read More

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Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Bioactive Composite Scaffolds for Hemostasis and Wound Healing.

AAPS PharmSciTech 2021 Apr 20;22(4):138. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Divison of Combat Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, DRDO, Delhi, 110054, India.

Fabrication of 3D composite scaffolds was carried out by lyophilization of variable concentrations of collagen and chitosan gel solutions. Fibrinogen and thrombin aerosol were deposited over the surface of scaffolds to enhance hemostasis and wound healing. Composite scaffolds were characterized using differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer to ascertain the aerosol deposition and stability. Read More

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Roles of miRNAs in Colorectal Cancer: Therapeutic Implications and Clinical Opportunities.

Adv Pharm Bull 2021 Feb 26;11(2):233-247. Epub 2020 Jul 26.

Stem Cell Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, 9841 Tabriz, Iran.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most disseminated diseases across the globe engaging the digestive system. Various therapeutic methods from traditional to the state-of-the-art ones have been applied in CRC patients, however, the attempts have been unfortunate to lead to a definite cure. MiRNAs are a smart group of non-coding RNAs having the capabilities of regulating and controlling coding genes. Read More

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February 2021

Variables Associated with Self-reported Language Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: A Regression Analysis.

Int J MS Care 2021 Mar-Apr;23(2):85-92. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Background: Persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) can experience language-related symptoms such as difficulty with word finding, understanding verbal information, and structuring discourse. These symptoms have negative psychological and interpersonal consequences. Studies exploring characteristics of language impairment in MS are limited. Read More

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Construction of the Prediction Model for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Following Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Based on Pretreatment Tumor-Infiltrating Macrophage-Associated Biomarkers.

Onco Targets Ther 2021 13;14:2599-2610. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Department of Colorectal Surgery, Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, Fuzhou, People's Republic of China.

Purpose: To assess the value of macrophage-related biomarkers (CD163, CD68, MCSF, and CCL2) for predicting the response to neo-chemoradiotherapy (NCRT) and the prognosis of locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC).

Methods: We enrolled 191 patients who underwent neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and radical resection between 2011 and 2015. Tumor tissues were collected before NCRT with a colonoscope and post-surgery and were subjected to immunohistochemical analysis. Read More

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Automatic 3D dense phenotyping provides reliable and accurate shape quantification of the human mandible.

Sci Rep 2021 Apr 20;11(1):8532. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Human Genetics, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

Automatic craniomaxillofacial (CMF) three dimensional (3D) dense phenotyping promises quantification of the complete CMF shape compared to the limiting use of sparse landmarks in classical phenotyping. This study assesses the accuracy and reliability of this new approach on the human mandible. Classic and automatic phenotyping techniques were applied on 30 unaltered and 20 operated human mandibles. Read More

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Long-term follow-up of the DERIVO® Embolization Device (DED®) for intracranial aneurysms: the Italian Multicentric Registry.

J Neurosurg Sci 2021 Apr 21. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

ASST San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Monza-Brianza, Italy.

Background: The flow-diverter devices (FDDs) safety and effectiveness have been demonstrated by large series and meta-analyses. Due to the high occlusion rates and the acceptable morbidity rates of FDDs, the indications for their use are continuously expanding. We presented our Italian multicentric experience using the second generation of DERIVO® Embolization Device (DED®; Acandis, Pforzheim, Germany) to cure cerebral aneurysms, evaluating both middle and long-term safety and efficacy of this device. Read More

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Three-year survival, correlates and salvage therapies in patients receiving first-line pembrolizumab for advanced Merkel cell carcinoma.

J Immunother Cancer 2021 Apr;9(4)

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Kimmel Cancer Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Background: Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is an aggressive skin cancer associated with poor survival. Programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) pathway inhibitors have shown high rates of durable tumor regression compared with chemotherapy for MCC. The current study was undertaken to assess baseline and on-treatment factors associated with MCC regression and 3-year survival, and to explore the effects of salvage therapies in patients experiencing initial non-response or tumor progression after response or stable disease following first-line pembrolizumab therapy on Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network-09/KEYNOTE-017. Read More

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Mental Practice as an Additional Step Before Simulation Practice Facilitates Training in Bronchoscopic Intubation.

Respir Care 2021 Apr 20. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Background: Learning bronchoscopy is challenging for novices, as it requires navigation in a 3-dimensional space under 2-dimensional viewing conditions and execution of complex motor skills with an unfamiliar instrument. Mental practice exercises are based on repeated visualization of motor actions without physically performing them, thereby promoting the learning of skills. We aimed to evaluate whether a teaching intervention including mental practice exercise modules for the acquisition of bronchoscopy skills improves fiberoptic intubation performance of novice learners. Read More

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Crisis within a crisis, COVID-19 knowledge and awareness among the Syrian population: a cross-sectional study.

BMJ Open 2021 Apr 20;11(4):e043305. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Syrian Private University, Damascus, Syria.

Objectives: To gauge specific knowledge around clinical features, transmission pathways and prevention methods, and to identify factors associated with poor knowledge to help facilitate outbreak management in Syria during this rapid global rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design: Web-based cross-sectional survey.

Setting: This study was conducted in March 2020, nearly 10 years into the Syrian war crisis. Read More

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Clinical and immunologic responses to a B-cell epitope vaccine in HER2/neu overexpressing advanced gastric cancer patients - results from Phase 1b trial IMU.ACS.001.

Clin Cancer Res 2021 Apr 20. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Clinical Development, Imugene Limited.

Background: HER2/neu is overexpressed in up to 30% of gastroesophageal adenocarcinomas (GEA) and linked to poor prognosis. Recombinant mAbs to treat HER2/neu-overexpressing cancers are effective with limitations, including resistance and toxicity. Therefore, we developed a therapeutic B-cell epitope vaccine (IMU-131/HER-Vaxx) consisting of 3 fused B-cell epitopes from the HER2/neu extracellular domain coupled to CRM197 and adjuvanted with Montanide. Read More

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Contextual attributes to promote positive social interdependence in problem-based learning: a focus group study.

BMC Med Educ 2021 Apr 21;21(1):222. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Department of Educational Development and Research, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Universiteitssingel 60, 6229 ER, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Background: Problem-based learning (PBL) is classified as a collaborative learning approach, wherein students learn while contributing meaning to experiences and interactions with others. An important theoretical fundament of PBL is social interdependence theory (SIT) because positive social interdependence within a group has been found to be key to better learning performance and future attitudes towards team practice. However, most previous studies in health professions education focused on cognitive outcomes, and few studies have focused on collaborative behaviors in PBL groups. Read More

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The CAST study protocol: a cluster randomized trial assessing the effect of circumferential casting versus plaster splinting on fracture redisplacement in reduced distal radius fractures in adults.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord 2021 Apr 20;22(1):370. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, P.O. Box 2040, 3000, Rotterdam, CA, The Netherlands.

Background: There is no consensus concerning the optimal casting technique for displaced distal radius fractures (DRFs) following closed reduction. This study evaluates whether a splint or a circumferential cast is most optimal to prevent fracture redisplacement in adult patients with a reduced DRF. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of both cast types will be calculated. Read More

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The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction for Military Cadets on Perceived Stress.

Psychol Rep 2021 Apr 20:332941211010237. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, 34879National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei.

This study aimed to develop a program of mindfulness-based stress reduction for military cadets (MBSR-MC). On the basis of a pretest-posttest design, participants were assigned to either a control or an experimental group to examine the effectiveness of MBSR-MC. First, 60 volunteering cadets of National Defense University were randomly assigned to the MBSR-MC group ( = 30) and the control group ( = 30). Read More

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[Predictive value of combination of MRI tumor regression grade and apparent diffusion coefficient for pathological complete remission after neoadjuvant treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer].

Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Apr;24(4):359-365

Medical Imaging Center, the First Affiliate Hospital, Kunming Medical University, Kunming 650032, China.

Pelvic high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has now become a standard method for evaluating the efficacy of neoadjuvant treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). However, this traditional morphological qualitative assessment method based on T2-weighted imaging (T2WI) is not effective in predicting pathological complete remission (pCR). The purpose of this study is to investigate whether combining the magnetic resonance tumor regression grade (mrTRG) with apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) can improve diagnostic value for pCR after preoperative neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (nCRT) of LARC. Read More

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[A comparative study of the effects of different treatment strategies on postoperative anal function and quality of life in patients with complete obstructive left hemicolon cancer].

Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Apr;24(4):335-343

Department of General Surgery, Beijing Chaoyang Hosptial, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100020, China.

To compare the effects of 3 treatment strategies (emergent surgery, self-expanding metallic stents, self-expanding metallic stents plus neoadjuvant chemotherapy) on postoperative anal function and quality of life in patients with complete obstructive left hemicolon cancer. A retrospective cohort study was conducted. Clinical data of patients with complete obstructive left hemicolon cancer admitted to General Surgery Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital between January 2017 and October 2019 were retrospectively collected. Read More

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Effects of different detergent-containing children's toothpastes on the viability, osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation of human dental periodontal ligament stem cells and gingival stem cells in vitro.

Tissue Cell 2021 Mar 26;72:101538. Epub 2021 Mar 26.

Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics, Istanbul, Turkey. Electronic address:

Background: Detergents are the most commonly used compounds in toothpastes due to their foaming and cleaning peoperties. This study aimed to investigate the effects of children's toothpastes with different detergent content on the viability, the osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation potentials of human mesenchymal stem cells.

Methods: The necessary tissues for human periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells (hPDLMSCs) and human gingival mesenchymal stem cells (hGMSCs) isolation were obtained during extraction of 10 impacted third molar teeth. Read More

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The bullies are the leaders of the next generation: inherited aminergic neurotransmitter system changes in socially dominant zebrafish, Danio rerio.

Behav Brain Res 2021 Apr 17:113309. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Department of Anatomy, POB 63, 00014, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.

We studied the social hierarchy in zebrafish and assessed differences in neurotransmitters and behavior in the F1 generation offspring of dominant and subordinate zebrafish (Danio rerio). We used behavioral assays to study locomotion, ability to complete cognitive tasks, social interaction and aggression. To study the neurochemical changes, we applied quantitative polymerase chain reaction, high pressure liquid chromatography and immunohistochemistry. Read More

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Self-reported sickness absence and presenteeism as predictors of future disability pension: Cohort study with 11-year register follow-up.

Prev Med 2021 Apr 17:106565. Epub 2021 Apr 17.

National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Many healthcare workers in eldercare are pushed out of the labor market before the official retirement age due to poor health. Identification of early warnings signs is important to avoid complete loss of work ability. The aim of this study was to investigate to what degree sickness absence and presenteeism increase future risk for disability pension among eldercare workers. Read More

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Assessing medical students' knowledge in differentiating the diagnosis and treatment of unipolar vs bipolar depression.

Ann Clin Psychiatry 2021 May;33(2):108-115

Office of Academic Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Background: Depression is one of the leading causes of premature death and disability. However, both unipolar and bipolar depression are underdiagnosed and undertreated. The aims of this study were to assess medical students' level of confidence in and knowledge of diagnosing and treating depression before and after completing a psychiatry clerkship, and their knowledge of differentiating unipolar vs bipolar depression. Read More

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