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Transcutaneous Temperature-Controlled Radiofrequency Treatment: Improvement in Female Genital Appearance, Sexual Dysfunction, and Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Aesthet Surg J 2021 Apr 12. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Department of Dermatology, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI, USA.

Background: Transcutaneous temperature-controlled radiofrequency (TTCRF) is an emerging modality for vulvovaginal rejuvenation. Still, the clinical experience with this modality is limited.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of TTCRF in improving female genital appearance, sexual function, and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Read More

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Physical, Mental and Sexual Health Among Transgender Women. A comparative Study Among Operated Transgender and Cisgender Women in a National Tertiary Referral Network.

J Sex Med 2021 Mar 23. Epub 2021 Mar 23.

Urology Clinic, Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Science, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy.

Background: Few studies have investigated how physical, mental and sexual function are associated with each other in operated transgender women (oTW).

Aim: To provide information on the physical, mental and sexual health of oTW in comparison with a group of cisgender women (cisW).

Methods: An age-matched control study was carried out, recruiting 125 oTW in 7 national referral centers and 80 volunteer women. Read More

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Exploring Relationships Between Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder, Sex Guilt, and Religiosity Among College Women in the U.S.

J Sex Med 2021 Mar 20. Epub 2021 Mar 20.

Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Introduction: Despite a growing body of research on psychosocial factors in Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (GPPPD) during sexual intercourse, there are few studies examining adolescent and young adult women's experiences with painful sex and the effects of religiosity, sexual education, and sex guilt.

Aim: The purpose of the study was to examine the occurrence of GPPPD among sexually active female college students, including psychosocial factors of religiosity and religious practice, sexual education, sex guilt, and sexual distress.

Methods: Data were collected from 974 college women from a university in the Northeastern U. Read More

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Microablative Fractional CO Laser for Vulvovaginal Atrophy in Women With a History of Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study at 4-week Follow-up.

Clin Breast Cancer 2021 Feb 23. Epub 2021 Feb 23.

School of Medicine, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy; Division of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Urogynecology Unit, IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy.

Background: Breast cancer (BC) is the most common female cancer worldwide. Menopausal symptoms are a well-known side effect in women with BC and have a significant negative impact on quality of life (QoL) and sexuality. Nowadays, hormonal replacement therapy and local estrogens are the most common prescriptions to treat vulvovaginal (VVA) symptoms. Read More

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February 2021

Fibromyalgia and sexual performance: a cross-sectional study in 726 Brazilian patients.

Rheumatol Int 2021 Mar 16. Epub 2021 Mar 16.

Department of Medicine, Positivo University, Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato, 5300 zip code, Curitiba, Paraná, 81280-330, Brazil.

Fibromyalgia (FM) causes generalized musculoskeletal pain and sexual life may also be impaired in these patients. We aimed to study sexual performance in FM patients comparing them with healthy controls and verify if there is association of epidemiological variables, degree of musculoskeletal pain and associated diseases with sexual performance in this group of patients. This is a cross-sectional study based in an internet survey. Read More

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The Effect of Jazar Supplement on Quality of Life and Sexual Function in Postmenopausal Women: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial.

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2021 25;2021:8854182. Epub 2021 Feb 25.

Department of Traditional Medicine, School of Persian Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Background: Menopause is one of the most critical stages of a woman's life and is accompanied by symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, mucus atrophy, and vaginal dryness. Women tend to use complementary and alternative medicine such as herbs rather than hormone replacement therapy to alleviate these symptoms. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of Jazar supplement (herbal supplement comprising Vitex, fennel, and carrot seeds) on sexual function, quality of life, and vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women. Read More

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February 2021

Influential factors on quality of life in married Iranian women during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020: a path analysis.

BMC Womens Health 2021 03 10;21(1):102. Epub 2021 Mar 10.

Department of Biostatistics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.

Background: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between quality of life (QoL) with anxiety, depression, corona disease anxiety, sexual function (SF), and marital satisfaction (MS) in married women during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Methods: We performed a cross-sectional study involving n = 296 married women. We used the Short Form Health Survey (SF-12), Marital Satisfaction Scale (MSS), Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and coronary disease anxiety questionnaire, as determinants of QoL for data collection. Read More

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Effects of Biofeedback-Guided Pelvic Floor Muscle Training With and Without Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation Therapy on Stress Incontinence: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 2021 Mar-Apr 01;48(2):153-161

Sureyya Gumussoy, PhD, MSN, Atatürk Health Care Vocational School, Ege University, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey.

Purpose: We evaluated the effects of biofeedback-guided pelvic floor muscle training (EMG-BF), with and without extracorporeal magnetic innervation (EMG-BF+ExMI) therapy on lower urinary tract symptoms based on frequency of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and grams of urine loss, health-related quality of life, and sexual function in women with SUI.

Design: This was a randomized controlled trial.

Subjects And Setting: The sample comprised 51 adult women with SUI. Read More

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Improvement of sexual dysfunction in patients after treatment of hepatitis C virus using directly acting antivirals.

Curr Med Res Opin 2021 Mar 27:1-6. Epub 2021 Mar 27.

Department of Dermatology and Andrology, Sexual Medicine and STDs, Faculty of Medicine, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Objective: The impact on male and female sexual dysfunction of treating hepatitis C virus (HCV) using direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) has not been sufficiently studied. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of HCV clearance with DAAs on sexual dysfunction (SD) in both sexes.

Methods: In chronic HCV patients who were eligible for DAAs, 100 sexually active men completed the Arabic version of the international index of erectile function questionnaire (IIEF-5), and the same number of sexually active women completed Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), before, at the end of, and 3 months after, treatment for HCV. Read More

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Comparative Assessment of Female Sexual Function Following Transobturator Midurethral Sling for Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Feb 25;18(5). Epub 2021 Feb 25.

Department of Massage and Physical Therapy, Faculty of Physiotherapy, University School of Physical Education, al. I. Paderewskiego 35, 51-612 Wrocław, Poland.

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a significant social problem. According to the World Health Organization, UI affects as much as 30% of premenopausal women and 60% of postmenopausal women. Urinary incontinence can lead to certain problems that negatively affect a woman's sex life. Read More

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February 2021

Assessing sexual function in middle-aged sexually active Spanish women: a community-based study focusing on the intimate partner.

Menopause 2021 Mar 1. Epub 2021 Mar 1.

Doctoral Program in Health Sciences at the University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain Department of Nursing, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain.

Objective: This study evaluated sexual function, the influence of the relationship with the intimate partner, and the factors related to sexual function in middle-aged Spanish women.

Methods: The methodology entailed a cross-sectional study of 187 sexually active women aged 40-59 years. The participants were randomly recruited from primary public health care. Read More

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Sexual function, mental health, and quality of life under strain of COVID-19 pandemic in Iranian pregnant and lactating women: a comparative cross-sectional study.

Health Qual Life Outcomes 2021 Mar 1;19(1):66. Epub 2021 Mar 1.

Department of Biostatistics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.

Background: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health of pregnant and lactating women is unclear. This study aimed to assess the impact of COVID-19 on psychological health, sexual function, and quality of life (QoL) in Iranian pregnant and lactating women and compare the results with non-pregnant/non-lactating women.

Method: This comparative cross-sectional study was carried out on pregnant and lactating women, with non-pregnant/non-lactating women from May to Jun 2020. Read More

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Sexual Functions and Quality of Life in Patients Developing Lymphedema After Total Mastectomy: A Pilot Study.

Lymphat Res Biol 2021 Mar 1. Epub 2021 Mar 1.

Department of General Surgery, Health Sciences University Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

Sexual functions in women with lymphedema secondary to breast cancer surgery have not been investigated sufficiently. This study aimed to compare patients with and without lymphedema after total mastectomy in terms of emotional state, sexual functions, and quality of life. We also investigated the factors affecting sexual functions in these patients. Read More

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Interventional treatment for myofascial pelvic floor pain in women: systematic review with meta-analysis.

Int Urogynecol J 2021 Feb 27. Epub 2021 Feb 27.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas, Rua Alexander Fleming, 101, Cidade Universitária, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Introduction And Hypothesis: Female myofascial pain (MFP) of the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) is a subtype of chronic pelvic pain associated with urinary, anorectal, and sexual symptoms, such as dyspareunia. Treatment remains poorly discussed, and we hypothesized that different treatments could improve outcomes versus placebo or no treatment.

Methods: A systematic review (CRD 42020201419) was performed in June 2020 using the following databases: PubMed, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Embase, Scopus, BVSalud, Clinicaltrials. Read More

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February 2021

The Life Quality and Sexual Function of Women Underwent Radical Hysterectomy.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 2021 Feb 1;22(2):581-589. Epub 2021 Feb 1.

S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Background: Up to date, there no studies were conducted on the quality of life (QL) and sexual function (SF) of women from Kazakhstan treated for cervical cancer. The study was aimed at the assessment of the QL and SF of women of the Kazakh population who underwent radical hysterectomy compared with chemo-radiotherapy group.

Methods: The study was conducted prospectively on 157 women of the Kazakh population. Read More

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February 2021

The Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction among Iranian Women with Breast Cancer.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 2021 Feb 1;22(2):391-396. Epub 2021 Feb 1.

Faculty of Medicine, Shahidbeheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Background: Breast cancer targets women's sexual organs and deals with patients' femininity. The low age of incidence and the late stage of diagnosis of the disease in Iran give rise to sexual dysfunction among patients. Identifying the severity of the disorder, and its determiners can specify the probable groups to be influenced. Read More

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February 2021

The effect of pelvic floor exercise program on incontinence and sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients.

Int Urol Nephrol 2021 Feb 23. Epub 2021 Feb 23.

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Tekirdag Namık Kemal University, Tekirdag, Turkey.

Purpose: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neuroinflammatory disease of the central nervous system that involves different neurological areas. In addition to lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), sexual dysfunction (SD), and psychopathological effects, MS sometimes seriously impairs the quality of life (QoL). We hypothesize that the pelvic floor exercise program (PFEP) could improve bladder, sexual function, depression, and QoL in MS patients. Read More

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February 2021

Sexual and mental health of woman suffering from selected connective tissue diseases: an original paper.

Clin Rheumatol 2021 Feb 22. Epub 2021 Feb 22.

Institute of Psychology, The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Warsaw, Poland.

Objectives: The aim of the study was to assess the sexual and mental health of women suffering from connective tissue diseases and to determine the potential interrelationships between the studied clinical variables and sexual and mental health.

Methods: The study was conducted in a group of women with connective tissue diseases. To assess somatic health, we used The Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ-DI), and to assess sexual health, we used the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire (KSS). Read More

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February 2021

Impact of stress urinary incontinence on female sexual activity.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2021 Jan;25(2):643-653

Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Katowice, Poland.

Objective: The study aimed to investigate the impact of SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) on the sexual activity of women, to assess their sexual functioning, and to show the extent of the problem that SUI poses to the quality of life of women.

Patients And Methods: The study involved 70 women aged 20-48 years. The inclusion criteria included the presence of stress urinary incontinence, the sexual activity of the women, and the history of no urogynecological intervention. Read More

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January 2021

The impact of motherhood on sexuality.

Ginekol Pol 2021 ;92(1):1-6

Chair and Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Oncological Gynecology, School of Health Science in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia, Poland.

Objectives: Motherhood is a beautiful, extremely satisfying time ina woman's life, but also very challenging at the same time. Forty weeks of pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding periods affect physiological and mental functions that may unfortunately hinder women sexuality.

Material And Methods: A longitudinal study was carried out. Read More

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January 2021

A Preliminary Report on Quality of Life and Sexual Function in Brain Tumor Patients.

J Sex Med 2021 Feb 6. Epub 2021 Feb 6.

Baylor, Scott & White Cancer Center, Temple, Texas, USA; Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Background: As tumor treatment has advanced, patients are surviving and returning to productive lives. Quality of life (QoL) has become a significant consideration in the care of survivors. The 2005 Institute of Medicine Cancer Survivorship Care Planning requires the inclusion of information on the possible effects of cancer on marital/partner relationship and sexual functioning, among other factors related to QoL. Read More

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February 2021

The impact of neurogenic bladder bowel dysfunction in the sexuality of female spina bifida patients.

J Pediatr Urol 2021 Jan 20. Epub 2021 Jan 20.

Postgraduate Program in Health Sciences: Gynecology and Obstetrics, Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Urology Department, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Introduction: The sexual life of Spina Bifida (SB) women may be affected by their physical impairments. Data has consistently associated symptoms such as urinary and fecal incontinence with negative effects on social and intimate life.

Objective: To analyze the female spina bifida patient sexual life and assess which factors - including bladder bowel dysfunction and bladder augmentation - influenced in the sexual function of patients in a multi-center cross-sectional study. Read More

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January 2021

Labia Minora Surgery in the Adolescent Population: A Cross-Sectional Satisfaction Study.

J Sex Med 2021 Mar 31;18(3):623-631. Epub 2021 Jan 31.

University of Montreal, CHU Sainte-Justine, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Background: Labia minora surgeries are gaining popularity and we have limited data available to help counseling patients, especially in the adolescent population.

Aim: This study is meant to assess the complications and satisfaction of patients who had the surgery as adolescent.

Methods: We identified and reviewed all labia minora surgeries performed to address symptoms within the adolescent population from 2006 to 2016. Read More

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Influence of Self Perceived Vulvar Appearance on Female Sexual Function.

Aesthet Surg J 2021 Jan 28. Epub 2021 Jan 28.

Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Pennsylvania Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Background: Female sexual function is a complex model of biological and non-biological factors. The impact of self-perceived vulvar appearance on female sexual function is not well understood.

Objectives: To determine the influence of vulvar appearance on sexual function in adult women. Read More

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January 2021

What happens to female sexual function during pregnancy?

Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 2021 Mar 15;258:265-268. Epub 2021 Jan 15.

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UY, United Kingdom.

Introduction: Female sexual function remains an under-investigated and neglected topic in medical research. Studies have found a strong association between female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and decreased physical, emotional and overall life satisfaction [1]. Although FSD and the impact it has on quality of life is becoming increasingly recognised, the effect of pregnancy on FSD is relatively under-researched. Read More

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Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the Pregnancy Sexual Response Inventory.

Arch Gynecol Obstet 2021 Jan 21. Epub 2021 Jan 21.

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Hacettepe University, Samanpazari, 06100, Ankara, Turkey.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to adapt the Pregnancy Sexual Response Inventory (PSRI) into Turkish and to determine the psychometric properties for pregnant women.

Methods: A total of 139 pregnant women were included in the study. The psychometric features of the questionnaire were analyzed in terms of internal consistency, test-retest reliability, content and criterion validity. Read More

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January 2021

Do women with vaginismus have a lower threshold of pain?

Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 2021 Mar 6;258:189-192. Epub 2021 Jan 6.

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Turkey.

Objective: Vaginismus and dyspareunia are together categorized as a genito-pelvic pain and penetration disorder. We aimed to evaluate the threshold of pain and the pain sensitivity in women with vaginismus.

Study Design: In this prospective case-control study; 32 women with vaginismus and 29 healthy women were enrolled. Read More

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[Validation of a new self-questionnaire to assess sexuality in patients operated on for urinary incontinence or genital prolapse (Pelvi-Perineal Surgery Sexuality Questionnaire - PPSSQ)].

Prog Urol 2021 Jan 11. Epub 2021 Jan 11.

Service d'urologie, hôpital Bichat, Paris, France.

Introduction: The main objective of this study was to validate a new questionnaire evaluating sexual health, in a population of sexually active women or not, who have surgery for stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse with or without mesh reinforcement.

Material And Methods: After the development of a first version of the questionnaire by members from the main French societies involved in the study of women's sexuality, a linguistic validation of the content of the questionnaire was carried out through semi-structured interviews. Then, a psychometric validation was carried out in a prospective multicenter cohort study. Read More

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January 2021

Vulvovaginal atrophy of menopause and its impact on sexual function in an Italian clinical cohort of post-menopausal women.

J Obstet Gynaecol 2021 Feb 12;41(2):290-297. Epub 2021 Jan 12.

University of Rome "Sapienza", Department of Gynaecological-Obstetric Sciences and Urological Sciences, Umberto I Hospital, Rome, Italy.

The aim of current study was to estimate the impact of vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) on sexual function in a clinical population of Italian postmenopausal women. Women aged 45-75 years with at least one VVA symptom completed three questionnaires: Day-to-Day Impact of Vaginal Aging (DIVA), Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and Female Sexual Distress Scale revised (FSDS-R). A gynaecological examination was performed for VVA confirmation. Read More

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February 2021

Assessment of premature menopause on the sexual function and quality of life in women.

Gynecol Endocrinol 2021 Apr 12;37(4):307-311. Epub 2021 Jan 12.

Research Center for Social Determinants of Health, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Iran.

Introduction: Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) is characterized by ending menstruation in women under 40 years of age. It has a significant effect on women's sexuality and mental health and quality of life. This study aimed to evaluate the sexual function and quality of life of premature menopausal women. Read More

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