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Passing through: queer lesbian film and Fremde Haut.

Michele Aaron

J Lesbian Stud 2012 ;16(3):323-39

American and Canadian Studies, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK.

Expanding the horizons of lesbian film, Fremde Haut is located within three broad frames: the cross-dressing genre, the New Queer Cinema (NQC) movement, and an Accented or diasporic film aesthetic. While strong connections exist between the cross-dressing film and NQC, less addressed are the links between the New Queer and the Accented yet these are of more radical, that is queerer, potential. Through Fremde Haut, this article illustrates how intimately tied to race and nation, gender and sexuality are, to reveal the accented as queer and the queer as accented. Read More

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November 2012
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