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Diabetes management among underserved older adults through telemedicine and community health workers.

J Am Assoc Nurse Pract 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON), Baltimore, Maryland, Rocking Horse Community Health Center (RHCHC), Springfield, Ohio.

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) disproportionately affects older adults from marginalized communities. In the United States, the prevalence of DM in ages ≥65 years is twofold higher than the national average for adult populations. Telemedicine and community health workers (CHWs) are emerging diabetes care models but their impact on older adults with limited resources are relatively neglected within the medical literature. Read More

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Clinical and epigenetic determinants of edentulism in type 2 diabetic subjects referring to a tertiary center.

J Diabetes Complications 2021 May 16;35(5):107910. Epub 2021 Mar 16.

Department of Surgical, Medical, Molecular and Critical Area Pathology, University of Pisa, Italy. Electronic address:

Aims: Edentulism, extreme consequence of severe periodontitis, carries a high cardiovascular and all-cause death risk. The prevailing phenotype of edentulous patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) has never been defined, neither it is known whether an epigenetic signature of such condition exists.

Methods: We collected clinical and biochemical data and administered a questionnaire on oral health in 248 consecutive T2D individuals. Read More

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Ghrelin and adipokines: An overview of their physiological role, antimicrobial activity and impact on cardiovascular conditions.

Vitam Horm 2021 18;115:477-509. Epub 2021 Feb 18.

iBiMED, Department of Medical Sciences, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal; UnIC, Departamento de Cirurgia e Fisiologia, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal; LAQV-REQUIMTE, Departamento de Química, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal. Electronic address:

The human body has many different hormones that interact with each other and with other factors such as proteins, cell receptors and metabolites. There is still a limited understanding of some of the underlying biological mechanisms of some hormones. In the past decades, science and technology have made major advancements in regard to innovation and knowledge in fields such as medicine. Read More

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February 2021

The clinical profiles and outcomes of HIV-negative cryptococcal meningitis patients in type II diabetes mellitus.

BMC Infect Dis 2021 Feb 27;21(1):224. Epub 2021 Feb 27.

Department of Neurology, Jiangxi Chest Hospital, Jiangxi, 330000, P. R. China.

Background: The clinical profiles and outcomes of cryptococcal meningitis have been shown to vary depending on the underlying condition. The aim of this study was to investigate clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients with and without type II diabetes mellitus.

Methods: A retrospective study was performed. Read More

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February 2021

Evaluation of hypophysectomy for treatment of hypersomatotropism in 25 cats.

J Vet Intern Med 2021 Mar 23;35(2):834-842. Epub 2021 Feb 23.

Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Background: Successful treatment of cats with hypersomatotropism by transsphenoidal hypophysectomy is described in small numbers of cats.

Objectives: To describe the endocrine profile, survival, and remission rates of hypersomatotropism and diabetes mellitus in a cohort of cats with hypersomatotropism that underwent hypophysectomy between 2008 and 2020.

Animals: Twenty-five client-owned cats with spontaneous hypersomatotropism. Read More

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Quality and Authenticity of Metformin Tablets Circulating on Japanese Websites.

Ther Innov Regul Sci 2021 Feb 17. Epub 2021 Feb 17.

Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Medi-Quality Security Institute, Kanazawa University, Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa, 920-1192, Japan.

Background: Low-quality medicines and falsified medicines represent long-standing problems in developing countries. In Southeast Asia, the circulation of low-quality diabetes drugs (metformin) has been confirmed. It is possible that low-quality metformin has entered Japan via personal import through the Internet. Read More

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February 2021

Emperor's syndrome in the COVID-19 era: Time for patient-centered nephrology?

World J Nephrol 2021 Jan;10(1):1-7

EKPA, Louros Foundation for the History of Medicine, Chaidari 12462, Greece.

The coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic has been a wake-up call in which has forced us to react worldwide. Health policies and practices have attracted particular attention in terms of human and financial cost. Before COVID-19, chronic kidney disease was already considered a risk multiplier in patients with diabetes and hypertension, the two now being the major risk factors for COVID-19 infection and adverse outcome. Read More

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January 2021

Self-Care Management of Patients with diabetes: nurses' perspectives.

J Diabetes Metab Disord 2020 Dec 16;19(2):1537-1542. Epub 2020 Nov 16.

PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences (PAPRSB IHS), Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan Darussalam, Brunei.

Purpose: To explore nurses' experiences of providing education on self- care management to patients with diabetes.

Methods: A qualitative phenomenological study using semi-structured interview on all nine certified diabetic nurse educators in the main hospital and health centres in Brunei. Prolonged engagement with participants and data, and member checking were employed to ensure thematic analysis was trustworthy. Read More

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December 2020

Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors reduce myocardial infarct size in preclinical animal models of myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury: a meta-analysis.

Diabetologia 2021 Apr 23;64(4):737-748. Epub 2021 Jan 23.

Heart and Vascular Center, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary.

Aims/hypothesis: Large cardiovascular outcome trials demonstrated that the cardioprotective effects of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors might reach beyond glucose-lowering action. In this meta-analysis, we sought to evaluate the potential infarct size-modulating effect of SGLT2 inhibitors in preclinical studies.

Methods: In this preregistered meta-analysis (PROSPERO: CRD42020189124), we included placebo-controlled, interventional studies of small and large animal models of myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury, testing the effect of SGLT2 inhibitor treatment on myocardial infarct size (percentage of area at risk or total area). Read More

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Thrombophilic alterations, migraine, and vascular disease: results from a case-control study.

Neurol Sci 2021 Jan 20. Epub 2021 Jan 20.

Institute of Neurology, Department of Applied Clinical Sciences and Biotechnology, University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy.

Background: The association between thrombophilic alterations, migraine, and vascular events has been broadly investigated but not been completely clarified.

Methods: In this cross-sectional, case-control study, we included consecutive outpatients diagnosed with migraine referring to a tertiary headache center. Migraine patients were matched to headache-free control subjects. Read More

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January 2021

The Management of Non-Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care.

Dtsch Arztebl Int 2020 Oct;117(44):745-751

Department of General Practice and Family Medicine, University Medicine Greifswald (UMG), Institute of Community Medicine, Greifswald, Germany; European University of Applied Sciences (EU|FH) Rhein/Erft, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Rostock, Germany; Department of Internal Medicine A, Nephrology, University Medicine Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany; KfH Kidney Center Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany.

Background: Approximately 10% of adults in Germany have chronic kidney disease (CKD). The prevalence of CKD among patients being cared for by general practitioners is approximately 30%, and its prevalence in nursing homes is over 50%. An S3 guideline has been developed for the management of CKD in primary care. Read More

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October 2020

Comprehensive elaboration of glycemic variability in diabetic macrovascular and microvascular complications.

Cardiovasc Diabetol 2021 Jan 7;20(1). Epub 2021 Jan 7.

Institute of Clinical Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital, University of South China, No. 69, Chuanshan Road, Hengyang, 421001, Hunan, China.

Diabetes mellitus is the major risk factor for the development of macrovascular and microvascular complications. It is increasingly recognized that glycemic variability (GV), referring to oscillations in blood glucose levels and representing either short-term or long-term GV, is involved in the pathogenesis of diabetic complications and has emerged as a possible independent risk factor for them. In this review, we summarize the metrics and measurement of GV in clinical practice, as well as comprehensively elaborate the role and related mechanisms of GV in diabetic macrovascular and microvascular complications, aiming to provide the mechanism-based therapeutic strategies for clinicians to manage diabetes mellitus. Read More

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January 2021

A Case Report Emphasizing the Importance of Early Diagnosis and Management of Intracranial Germinoma.

Cureus 2020 Nov 26;12(11):e11721. Epub 2020 Nov 26.

Paediatric Oncology, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, PAK.

Intracranial germ cell tumors (GCTs) account for 3%-5% of all intracranial tumors. They commonly manifest during first two decades of life. We are reporting a case of a young female, who presented with progressive visual loss, polyuria and polydipsia, harboring an intracranial GCT. Read More

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November 2020

Implementing electronic health record-based National Diabetes Prevention Program referrals in a rural county.

Public Health Nurs 2020 Dec 26. Epub 2020 Dec 26.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI, USA.

Background: Since 2016, public health professionals in a rural, Midwest county have collaborated with competing health care organizations to establish electronic health record (EHR)-based systems for identifying patients with prediabetes and referring them to National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) classes. The purpose of this program evaluation was to identify barriers and best practices learned from implementation in two rural health care organizations.

Methods: A purposively selected program coordinator from each organization and a primary care provider and information technology administrator from one of the organizations provided perspectives on initiating the referral process. Read More

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December 2020

Promoting physical activity in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A systematic review of systematic reviews.

Patient Educ Couns 2020 Dec 23. Epub 2020 Dec 23.

Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Witten/Herdecke University, Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, D-58448, Witten, Germany.

Objective: There is a large amount of studies about interventions for promoting physical activity (PA) in persons with type 2 diabetes (T2D) as well as several systematic reviews referring to these studies. The objective of this contribution is to provide a systematic review of these systematic reviews.

Method: PubMed, PsychInfo and the Cochrane Library were searched for systematic reviews and/or meta-analyses regarding interventions for promoting PA in persons with T2D. Read More

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December 2020

Doctors identify regulatory barriers for their patients with type 2 diabetes to access the nutritional expertise of dietitians.

Aust J Prim Health 2020 Dec 23. Epub 2020 Dec 23.

Diet is central to the management of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and better outcomes are achieved when the dietary intervention is delivered by a dietitian. Yet, many people with T2D never see a dietitian. It has been proposed that doctors prefer to provide the dietary advice themselves or rely on medication to treat their patients instead of referring them to a dietitian. Read More

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December 2020

Case Report: Ipilimumab-Induced Panhypophysitis: An Infrequent Occurrence and Literature Review.

Front Oncol 2020 1;10:582394. Epub 2020 Dec 1.

Department of Systems Medicine, Medical Oncology, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy.

Background: Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), by unleashing the anticancer response of the immune system, can improve survival of patients affected by several malignancies, but may trigger a broad spectrum of adverse events, including autoimmune hypophysitis. ICI-related hypophysitis mainly manifests with anterior hypopituitarism, while the simultaneous involvement of both anterior and posterior pituitary (i.e. Read More

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December 2020

Prediabetes/diabetes screening strategy at the periodontal clinic.

Clin Exp Dent Res 2021 Feb 10;7(1):85-92. Epub 2020 Dec 10.

Department of Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology and Implant Biology, Dental School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Objective: The aim of the study was to propose an efficient chairside clinical strategy for the identification of undiagnosed hyperglycaemia in periodontal clinics.

Material And Methods: Α chairside system was used for assessment of glycated hemoglobin 1c (HbA1c) and active Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 levels (aMMP-8) were analyzed by immunotest in patients (n = 150) who fulfilled the criteria for screening of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Full-mouth periodontal parameters were assessed and various data such as Body Mass Index (BMI), smoking and education were recorded. Read More

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February 2021

Overview of developments in bariatric surgery in the Czech Republic and worldwide and new trends in bariatric-metabolic surgery.

Cas Lek Cesk 2020 ;159(3-4):141-143

Bariatric and metabolic surgery underwent substantial changes in its history. In the early nineties of the last century, the most important was introduction of laparoscopic procedures. Laparoscopic operations lead to worldwide adoption of bariatric surgery. Read More

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December 2020

Diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease: The call for interprofessional education and interprofessional collaborative care - A systematic review of the literature.

J Interprof Care 2020 Dec 8:1-9. Epub 2020 Dec 8.

Senior Clinical Specialist, Department of Periodontics, Sydney Dental Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease are among the most frequently occurring conditions that have a substantial effect on the global health economy. The literature regarding medical professionals' knowledge of the bidirectional link between diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease has not been analyzed systematically. The review aimed to investigate the knowledge and understanding of physicians and specialists regarding the two-way relationship between diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease and their approach to referring their patients for a dental consultation. Read More

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December 2020

Physicians certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine provide evidence-based care.

Clin Obes 2021 Feb 10;11(1):e12407. Epub 2020 Sep 10.

Massachusetts General Hospital, MGH Weight Center, Department of Medicine-Division of Endocrinology-Neuroendocrine, Department of Pediatrics-Division of Endocrinology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Our objective was to determine the clinical services offered by American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) Diplomates and whether guideline concordant services varied by clinical practice attributes. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of the 2019 ABOM Diplomate survey (response rate 19.2%). Read More

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February 2021

Dental practitioners' use of health risk assessments for a variety of health conditions: Results from the South Atlantic region of The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.

J Am Dent Assoc 2021 01 1;152(1):36-45. Epub 2020 Dec 1.

Background: An important step in integrating dental and medical care is improving understanding of the frequency and characteristics of dental practitioners who conduct health risk assessments (HRAs).

Methods: From September 2017 through July 2018, active dentist and hygienist members of the South Atlantic region of The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (N = 870) were invited to participate in a survey evaluating their HRA practices (screening, measuring, discussing, referring patients) for 6 health conditions (obesity, hypertension, sexual activities, diabetes, alcohol use, tobacco use). For each health condition, the authors used ordinal logistic regression to measure the associations among the practitioner's HRA practices and the practitioner's characteristics, barriers, and practice characteristics. Read More

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January 2021

Behavioral Counseling Interventions to Promote a Healthy Diet and Physical Activity for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Adults With Cardiovascular Risk Factors: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement.

JAMA 2020 Nov;324(20):2069-2075

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts.

Importance: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death in the US. Known modifiable risk factors for CVD include smoking, overweight and obesity, diabetes, elevated blood pressure or hypertension, dyslipidemia, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy diet. Adults who adhere to national guidelines for a healthy diet and physical activity have lower cardiovascular morbidity and mortality than those who do not. Read More

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November 2020

Evaluating the effect of diabetes on the prognosis of gastric cancer using a propensity score matching method.

J Gastrointest Oncol 2020 Oct;11(5):999-1008

Department of Oncology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Wannan Medical College, Wuhu, China.

Background: Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the malignant tumors with high incidence in China. At present, the relationship between type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and the therapeutic effect of various malignant tumors has attracted more and more attention. This study aimed to investigate whether T2DM is a prognostic factor for patients with GC. Read More

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October 2020

Brain Development in Infants of Mothers With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study.

J Comput Assist Tomogr 2020 Nov/Dec;44(6):947-952

From the Department of Radiology, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate clinical neurocognitive performance and microstructural white matter (WM) alterations in infants of mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) using diffusion tensor imaging.

Materials And Methods: Infants (corrected gestational age, 33.42-36. Read More

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December 2020

Factors Associated With Change in Cardiovascular Fitness for Patients With Peripheral and Coronary Artery Disease in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev 2020 Nov 11. Epub 2020 Nov 11.

Department of Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (Ms Nguyen and Drs Thomas and Marzolini); and KITE Research Institute, Toronto Rehab-University Health Network, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, Toronto, Canada (Drs Thomas and Marzolini).

Purpose: Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) yields improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness (peak oxygen uptake [VO2peak]). Predictors of change in VO2peak have been reported among patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) but have not been compared with peripheral artery disease (PAD). This study determined predictors of improved VO2peak among patients with PAD, CAD, and concomitant PAD and CAD (PAD/CAD) following a 6-mo home-based outpatient CR program (1supervised and 4 home weekly sessions). Read More

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November 2020

Efficacy of an Online Physical Activity Intervention Coordinated With Routine Clinical Care: Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.

JMIR Res Protoc 2020 Nov 3;9(11):e18891. Epub 2020 Nov 3.

Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States.

Background: Most adults are not achieving recommended levels of physical activity (150 minutes/week, moderate-to-vigorous intensity). Inadequate activity levels are associated with numerous poor health outcomes, and clinical recommendations endorse physical activity in the front-line treatment of obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension. A framework for physical activity prescription and referral has been developed, but has not been widely implemented. Read More

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November 2020

Towards a goal-oriented methodology for clinical-guideline-based management recommendations for patients with multimorbidity: GoCom and its preliminary evaluation.

J Biomed Inform 2020 12 6;112:103587. Epub 2020 Oct 6.

Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel; Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.

Patients with chronic multimorbidity are becoming more common as life expectancy increases, making it necessary for physicians to develop complex management plans. We are looking at the patient management process as a goal-attainment problem. Hence, our aim is to develop a goal-oriented methodology for providing decision support for managing patients with multimorbidity continuously, as the patient's health state is progressing and new goals arise (e. Read More

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December 2020

Oral Health Professionals Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Toward Patients with Depression.

J Dent Hyg 2020 Oct;94(5):6-13

Depression is a rising global health concern manifesting bidirectional relationships between chronic disease conditions such as type 2 diabetes and oral health. The purpose of this study was to explore the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of oral health care professionals towards individuals with depression.: A 24-item, validated Knowledge Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey was used for this descriptive, cross-sectional study. Read More

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October 2020

Metabolic syndrome is associated to an increased risk of low bone mineral density in free-living women with suspected osteoporosis.

J Endocrinol Invest 2020 Sep 22. Epub 2020 Sep 22.

Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Federico II University, 80131, Naples, Italy.

Purpose: Osteoporosis (Op) and metabolic syndrome (MetS) are two common disorders showing common pathogenic patterns. This cross-sectional study was performed to evaluate if MetS and its constitutive elements are associated to an increased risk of low bone mineral density (BMD) in free-living women examined by Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for suspected Op.

Methods: 13,182 free-living Caucasian women referring to "COMEGEN" general practitioners cooperative operating in Naples, Italy, performed a contextual evaluation of BMD by DXA and all MetS constitutive elements (systolic and diastolic blood pressure, waist circumference, serum levels of triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and fasting glucose) between June 1st 2008 and May 31st 2018. Read More

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September 2020