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Can Individualized-Targeted Computerized Cognitive Training Benefit Adults with HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder? The Training on Purpose Study (TOPS).

AIDS Behav 2021 Mar 18. Epub 2021 Mar 18.

UAB Center for Research on Applied Gerontology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA.

Half of people with HIV (PWH) have HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND). This study examined whether cognition can be improved using a framework targeting impaired individual cognitive domains in PWH with HAND. In this two-group pre-post experimental design study, 88 adults with HAND were randomized to either: (1) a no-contact control group (n = 40) or (2) the Individualized-Targeted Cognitive Training group (n = 48). Read More

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Highly dampened blood transcriptome response in HIV patients after influenza infection.

Sci Rep 2021 Feb 24;11(1):4465. Epub 2021 Feb 24.

Department of Infection Genetics, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Brunswick, Germany.

Respiratory viral (RV) infections represent a major threat for human health worldwide. Persons with HIV (PWH) have a compromised immune response and are thought to be at higher risk for severe RV disease. However, very little is known about the host immune response to RV infection in PWH. Read More

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February 2021

Effects of HIV on the Tumor Microenvironment.

Adv Exp Med Biol 2020 ;1263:45-54

Department of Radiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA.

Oncomodulatory viruses can affect the tumor microenvironment (TME) by triggering inflammation, suppressing apoptosis, initiating angiogenesis, altering tumor metabolism, and stimulating tumor cell signaling pathways, leading to tumor growth, proliferation, and invasion. The higher incidence of malignancies among people with HIV (PWH), despite the widespread use of antiretroviral therapy (ART), suggests a more complex relation than HIV-associated immune deregulation. Viral cooperation can have synergistic effect on tumorigenesis. Read More

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A multi-center assessment to compare residual allergenicity of partial hydrolyzed whey proteins in a murine model for cow's milk allergy - Comparison to the single parameter guinea pig model.

Toxicol Lett 2020 Oct 27;333:312-321. Epub 2020 May 27.

Danone Nutricia Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Introduction: This 4-center study is part of a project to validate a food allergy murine model for safety testing of hydrolyzed infant formulas.

Aim: The aim of the current multi-center experiment was to evaluate the residual allergenicity of three partial hydrolyzed whey proteins (pWH) in a multiple-parameter cow's milk allergy murine model and to compare to the classically used guinea pig model. Previous work showed differences in the magnitude of the allergic response to whey between centers. Read More

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October 2020

The Effects of Low-Risk Drinking on Neurocognition Among Older Persons Living With HIV as Compared to Those Without HIV.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2020 07 18;44(7):1389-1399. Epub 2020 Jun 18.

HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program, (MK, EWP, RS, AU, RE, DJM), Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, San Diego, California.

Background: Heavy alcohol use negatively impacts neurocognition, but some studies report neurocognitive benefits associated with light drinking among HIV-seronegative (HIV-) older persons, suggesting a nonlinear or an inverted "J-shaped" association of alcohol consumption on neurocognition. Alcohol use is common among people with HIV (PWH); however, the association between recent "low-risk" alcohol consumption and neurocognition among PWH is poorly understood.

Methods: Participants included 310 PWH and 89 HIV- older (≥50 years) adults who reported alcohol abstinence or "low-risk" drinking, defined per the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism criteria (i. Read More

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Presence of asymptomatic cytomegalovirus and Epstein--Barr virus DNA in blood of persons with HIV starting antiretroviral therapy is associated with non-AIDS clinical events.

AIDS 2020 05;34(6):849-857

University of California San Diego, San Diego, California.

Background: Even with antiretroviral therapy (ART), persons with HIV (PWH) experience increased morbidity and mortality. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epstein--Barr virus (EBV) co-infections likely exacerbate inflammatory-related diseases.

Objective: To determine if presence of detectable CMV or EBV DNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) is associated with non-AIDS events among PWH receiving modern ART. Read More

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Comparison of Multiplex Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel and Conventional Stool Testing for Evaluation of Patients With HIV Infection.

Open Forum Infect Dis 2020 Jan 6;7(1):ofz547. Epub 2020 Jan 6.

Department of Pathology, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA.

Background: Gastrointestinal pathogen panels (GPPs) are increasingly used to identify stool pathogens, but their impact in people with HIV (PWH) is unknown. We performed a retrospective cohort study comparing GPP and conventional stool evaluation in PWH.

Methods: We included all PWH who underwent GPP (Biofire Diagnostics; implemented September 15, 2015) or conventional testing, including stool culture, polymerase chain reaction testing, fluorescent smears for or and ova and parasite exams (O&P) from 2013 to 2017. Read More

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January 2020

Thymus Imaging Detection and Size Is Inversely Associated With Metabolic Syndrome and Frailty in People With HIV.

Open Forum Infect Dis 2019 Oct 4;6(10):ofz435. Epub 2019 Oct 4.

Modena HIV Metabolic Clinic, Infectious Diseases Unit, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Background: People with HIV (PWH) may experience accentuating aging in relation to immuno-activation. Little is known regarding thymus (THY) involution in this process. We sought to investigate the relationship between THY imaging detection/size and clinically relevant aging outcomes such as metabolic syndrome (MetS), multimorbidity (MM), and frailty in PWH. Read More

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October 2019

Macular thickness measurements of healthy, naïve cynomolgus monkeys assessed with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT).

PLoS One 2019 7;14(10):e0222850. Epub 2019 Oct 7.

OCTlab Research Laboratory, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

The purpose of this study was to measure central macular thickness in an unprecedented number of cynomolgus monkeys. Macular thickness was measured with Heidelberg spectral-domain OCT in 320 eyes of healthy and treatment-naïve cynomolgus monkeys (80 males and 80 females). The macula was successfully measured in all 320 eyes. Read More

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Colorectal Cancer Screening in People With and Without HIV in an Integrated Health Care Setting.

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2019 07;81(3):284-291

Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Oakland, CA.

Background: As people with HIV (PWH) live longer, age-appropriate colorectal cancer (CRC) screening is increasingly important. Limited data exist on CRC screening and outcomes comparing PWH and persons without HIV.

Setting: Large integrated health care system. Read More

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RCT - subjective physical performance and quality of life after a 6-month programmed sports therapy (PST) in patients with haemophilia.

Haemophilia 2017 Jan 11;23(1):144-151. Epub 2016 Oct 11.

Department of Sports Medicine, University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany.

Introduction: Musculoskeletal bleedings lead to limitations in the locomotor system and consequently, in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with haemophilia (PwH). Sports therapy is increasingly recommended to improve their physical performance. Until today, randomised controlled studies investigating changes in physical performance in PwH are rare. Read More

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January 2017

How to compare cardiovascular disease and risk factors in elderly patients with haemophilia with the general population.

Haemophilia 2016 Sep;22(5):e406-16

Vivantes Klinikum Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Introduction: Studies on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and risk factors in patients with haemophilia (PWH) in comparison to the general population have generated inconsistent results. The ADVANCE Working Group collected data on CV comorbidities in PWH aged ≥40 years (H(3) Study).

Aim: Identification of German epidemiological data on CVD for the general population, evaluation for appropriateness, and execution of comparisons with PWH. Read More

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September 2016

Complex strength performance in patients with haemophilia A. Method development and testing.

Hamostaseologie 2015 ;35 Suppl 1:S12-7

Britta Runkel, Department of Sports Medicine, University of Wuppertal, Pauluskirchstraße 7, 42285 Wuppertal, Tel. 02 02/439 59 13, Fax 02 02/439 59 10, E-Mail:

Unlabelled: The aim of this study was to develop a complex strength measurement method and to apply this new method for the first time in patients with haemophilia (PwH). 20 PwH with severe haemophilia A and 20 controls were included into the study. All subjects completed ten measurements of maximum isometric strength. Read More

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December 2016

A novel compound 6D-offset simulating phantom and quality assurance program for stereotactic image-guided radiation therapy system.

J Appl Clin Med Phys 2014 Nov 4;14(6):4297. Epub 2014 Nov 4.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A comprehensive quality assurance (QA) device cum program was developed for the commissioning and routine testing of the 6D IGRT systems. In this article, both the new QA system and the BrainLAB IGRT system which was added onto a Varian Clinac were evaluated. A novel compound 6D-offset simulating phantom was designed and fabricated in the Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH), Hong Kong. Read More

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November 2014

The metalloprotease ADAMTS8 displays antitumor properties through antagonizing EGFR-MEK-ERK signaling and is silenced in carcinomas by CpG methylation.

Mol Cancer Res 2014 Feb 1;12(2):228-38. Epub 2013 Nov 1.

Room 315, Cancer Center, PWH, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong.

Unlabelled: A disintegrins and metalloproteinases with thrombospondin motifs (ADAMTS) family members have been reported dysregulated in various cancers. Through refining a loss of heterozygosity locus at 11q25 by array-CGH, we identified ADAMTS8 as a novel candidate tumor suppressor gene. Although ADAMTS8 downregulation has been reported in several tumors, its biologic function and underlying mechanism remain largely unknown. Read More

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February 2014

Musculoskeletal problems in persons with inhibitors: how do we treat?

Haemophilia 2012 Jul;18 Suppl 4:54-60

Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, Juan A. Fernandez Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inhibitors are a serious complication, considerably increasing the morbidity, mortality and cost of treatment in this patient group. The challenge of treating people with haemophilia (PWH) with inhibitors can be met by a well-coordinated multidisciplinary team specialized in haemophilia. Each treatment centre must run a screening programme to detect inhibitors within their population and develop protocols to treat these patients. Read More

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Rotavirus infection in Hong Kong: epidemiology and estimates of disease burden.

Epidemiol Infect 1998 Jun;120(3):321-5

Department of Microbiology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, NT.

Rotavirus gastroenteritis should soon be a vaccine-preventable disease. In a 10-year survey of rotavirus gastroenteritis conducted at the Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH), 2281 cases were detected of which 2213 (97%) occurred in children < 5 years old. A consistent epidemic occurred each winter during the months of December and January. Read More

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Establishment and characterization of a human cell line from a squamous carcinoma of the tongue.

Clin Otolaryngol Allied Sci 1995 Feb;20(1):15-20

Department of Surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A human squamous carcinoma cell line, PWH-S1, has been established from the metastatic lymph node of a Chinese patient with a squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. The fibroblast-free culture has been propagated in DMEM supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum for more than 100 passages. PWH-S1 cells showed anchorage-independent growth in 0. Read More

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February 1995
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