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Transient neural network dynamics in cognitive ageing.

Neurobiol Aging 2021 May 14;105:217-228. Epub 2021 May 14.

MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK; Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

It is important to maintain cognitive function in old age, yet the neural substrates that support successful cognitive ageing remain unclear. One factor that might be crucial, but has been overlooked due to limitations of previous data and methods, is the ability of brain networks to flexibly reorganize and coordinate over a millisecond time-scale. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) provides such temporal resolution, and can be combined with Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to characterise transient neural states. Read More

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Enhanced immune reconstitution of γδ T cells after allograft overcomes negative impact of pre-transplant MRD positive status in AML patients.: γδ T cells and MRD+ AML.

Transplant Cell Ther 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Stem Cell Transplantation, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany. Electronic address:

Background: Minimal residual disease (MRD) prior to allogeneic stem cell transplantation (allo-SCT) in AML is a poor risk factor for outcome. The γδ T cells represents a unique minority lymphocyte population which is preferentially located in peripheral tissues, can recognize antigens in non-MHC restricted manner and plays a "bridging" role between innate and adaptive immune system.

Objectives: In this study, we investigated a potential graft-vs-leukaemia effect of γδ T cells reconstitution post-transplant in AML patients with pre-transplant positive minimal/measurable disease status (MRD+). Read More

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Level of Maternal Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) F Antibodies in Hospitalized Children and Correlates of Protection.

Int J Infect Dis 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Biomedical Research Center, Qatar University, Qatar; College of Health Sciences, Qatar University, Qatar. Electronic address:

Background: RSV is a major cause of lower respiratory infections among children, where no vaccine is available. The stabilized form of the fusion (F) protein, pre-F, is a leading vaccine candidate targeting different populations, including pregnant women. This study aimed to determine the magnitude and nature of RSV-directed maternal antibodies (matAbs) in hospitalized children with RSV infection. Read More

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Kinematics after cervical laminoplasty: risk factors for cervical kyphotic deformity after laminoplasty.

Spine J 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Neurosurgery, Ansan Hospital, Korea University College of Medicine, Ansan, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Background Context: Laminoplasty of the cervical spine is widely used as an effective surgical method to treat compressive myelopathy of the cervical spine; however, there is an adverse effect of kyphosis after surgery. The risk factors or predictors of kyphosis have not been sufficiently evaluated.

Purpose: To assess the risk factors for kyphosis following laminoplasty. Read More

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Age-related differences in corneal nerve regeneration after SMILE and the mechanism revealed by metabolomics.

Exp Eye Res 2021 Jun 9:108665. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Ophthalmology, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. Electronic address:

Purpose: To investigate the effect of age on wound healing after small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) and the underlying metabolomic mechanisms.

Methods: This prospective study was conducted on 216 patients in four groups: the 18-20 (n = 38, Group I), 21-30 (n = 84, Group Ⅱ), 31-40 (n = 58, Group Ⅲ), and 41-50 (n = 36, Group IV) age groups. The density of corneal epithelial wing cells, basal cells, corneal stromal cells, endothelial cells and corneal nerves were examined with a laser confocal microscope (HRT III-RCM) before and 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year after SMILE. Read More

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Left atrial strain by speckle tracking predicts atrial fibrosis in patients undergoing heart transplantation.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University and Heart Centre, Umeå, Sweden.

Aims: In patients with heart failure (HF), chronically raised left ventricular (LV) filling pressures lead to progressive left atrial (LA) dysfunction and fibrosis. We aimed to assess the correlation of LA reservoir strain (peak atrial longitudinal strain, PALS) by speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) and LA fibrosis assessed by myocardial biopsy in patients undergoing heart transplantation (HTx).

Methods And Results: Forty-eight patients with advanced HF [mean age 51. Read More

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Utility of preoperative CT-based body metrics in relation to postoperative complications in pediatric liver transplant recipients.

Liver Transpl 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Radiology, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Background: Computed tomography (CT) derived body metrics such as skeletal muscle index (SMI), psoas muscle index (PMI), and subcutaneous fat index (ScFI) are measurable components of sarcopenia, frailty, and nutrition. While these body metrics are advocated in adults for predicting postoperative outcomes after liver transplantation (LT), little is known about the value in pediatric populations. This study assessed the relation between preoperative CT-based body metrics and postoperative short-term outcomes in pediatric LT recipients. Read More

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Appendicular skeletal muscle mass and quality estimated by bioelectrical impedance analysis in the assessment of frailty syndrome risk in older individuals.

Aging Clin Exp Res 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Biostructure, University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Al. I. J. Paderewskiego 35, 51-612, Wroclaw, Poland.

Background And Aim: The rising aging index of many populations necessitates the continuous evolution of geriatric assessment methods, especially the ones used to identify frailty and the risk of frailty. An appropriately early diagnosis of adverse changes in skeletal muscles can reduce the risk of functional limitations in elderly persons. The aim of this study was to assess the correlation between the appendicular skeletal muscle mass and quality, estimated by the bioelectrical impedance analysis method, and the risk of prevalence of the pre-frailty state in elderly persons. Read More

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Serum cartilage oligomeric matrix protein is correlated with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopic cartilage findings in anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees without osteoarthritic changes.

Clin Rheumatol 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, 1-4-3 Asahi-machi, Abeno-ku, Osaka, 545-8585, Japan.

Introduction/objectives: To investigate the association between serum biomarker [cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) and matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3)] levels and clinical, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and arthroscopic findings in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-deficient knees without osteoarthritic changes on radiographs.

Method: Patients with ACL injury of Kellgren-Lawrence grade 0 or 1 were enrolled. Serum COMP and MMP-3 levels were measured preoperatively. Read More

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Objective and quantitative measurement of skin micro-relief by image analysis and application in age-dependent changes.

Skin Res Technol 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan.

Background: Skin micro-relief has been researched by a variety of devices and methods, which usually are expensive or complicated. On the other hand, skin micro-relief relates to quite a few parameters, and it is hard to evaluate all of them at the same time. In the study, all parameters related to skin micro-relief are extracted and evaluated by image analysis. Read More

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Sweet or Bland Dreams? Taste Loss in Isolated REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder and Parkinson's Disease.

Mov Disord 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Sleep Disorders Unit, University Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, APHP-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Background: Hyposmia and isolated REM sleep behavior disorder are well-established features of prodromal Parkinson's disease (PD).

Objectives: The objective of the present study was to evaluate whether taste loss (reported in PD and possibly suggesting brain stem involvement) is present at the isolated REM sleep behavior disorder stage.

Methods: We assessed taste function using the Taste Strip Test (evaluating 4 concentrations of bitter, sweet, sour, and salty) in 44 participants with isolated REM sleep behavior disorder, 19 with PD, and 29 controls. Read More

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Ecological factors and post-transplant outcomes: Causation or correlation?

Am J Transplant 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Division of Surgery, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA.

Social determinants of health (SDOH), defined by the World Health Organization as "the conditions in which people are born, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life", are widely acknowledged to contribute to variation in health outcomes. The Healthy People 2030 framework identifies an individual's neighborhood as one of the five key areas of SDOH. The neighborhoods where people live can influence health outcomes through a variety of pathways, including access to transportation, availability of healthy foods and physical activity spaces, rates of crime and violence, and prevalence of poor air and water quality. Read More

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Association of Symptoms of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders with Asthma Control in Indian Children.

Indian J Pediatr 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342005, India.

Objective: To explore the association of symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD) with asthma control in Indian children.

Methods: This study was carried out in the pediatric chest clinic of a tertiary care center in western India. Children from 6 to 18 y of age with a physician-diagnosed case of asthma were included in the study. Read More

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Geosocial Networking Apps Use Among Sexual Minority Men in Ecuador: An Exploratory Study.

Arch Sex Behav 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

School of Psychology, Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA), Redondel del Ciclista, Antigua Vía a Nayón, Campus UDLAPark, 170124, Quito, Ecuador.

Geosocial networking applications (GSN apps) have become important socialization contexts for sexual minority men (SMM). Despite their popularity, there is limited research carried out in Latin American countries and no single previous study done in Ecuador. To fill this gap, this exploratory study described and analyzed the relationships between the sociodemographic characteristics of SMM using GSN apps, their sought and fulfilled expectations, profile shared and sought characteristics, and the evaluation of their experiences as users including their perceptions of support, and discrimination. Read More

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Maximum slope using ultrafast breast DCE-MRI at 1.5 Tesla: a potential tool for predicting breast lesion aggressiveness.

Eur Radiol 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Radiology, Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine, 6 avenue de Bourgogne, 54 519, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France.

Objectives: We evaluated the relationship between the maximum slope (MS) based on ultrafast breast DCE-MRI sequences, and the clinical parameters and routine prognostic factors of breast cancer.

Methods: 210 lesions were retrospectively evaluated: 150 malignant (30 each of luminal A invasive carcinoma, luminal B invasive carcinoma, HER2 overexpression (HER2), triple negative (TN), invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC)), and 60 benign. For each lesion, the MS was obtained with an ultrafast sequence and semi-quantitative curves were classified into three types with a conventional DCE sequence. Read More

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Patterns and Effects of Admission Hyperglycemia and Inflammatory Response in Trauma Patients: A Prospective Clinical Study.

World J Surg 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar.

Background: The constellation of the initial hyperglycemia, proinflammatory cytokines and severity of injury among trauma patients is understudied. We aimed to evaluate the patterns and effects of on-admission hyperglycemia and inflammatory response in a level 1 trauma center. We hypothesized that higher initial readings of blood glucose and cytokines are associated with severe injuries and worse in-hospital outcomes in trauma patients. Read More

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A preliminary examination of expressive writing in boys with isolated orofacial clefts.

Pediatr Res 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

The Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, University of Iowa Roy J and Lucille A Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA, USA.

Background: Children with isolated cleft of the lip and/or palate (iCL/P) are at a higher risk for language and reading issues. The current pilot study evaluated concurrent writing skills of children with iCL/P compared to unaffected participants with average (uAR) and impaired (uIR) reading. It was hypothesized that children with iCL/P would perform lower than age-expectations. Read More

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The relationship between brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity and peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in hypertensives: a cross-sectional study.

J Hum Hypertens 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Geriatrics, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Arteriosclerosis is the common pathological basis of hypertension-related target organ damage, and pulse wave velocity (PWV) is commonly used to assess the degree of arterial stiffness. Previous studies have reported the correlation between peripheral blood inflammatory indicators and PWV in hypertensives, but few studies examined the role of immune cells in arteriosclerosis in the context of human hypertension. In order to enrich the understanding of this topic, we conducted a cross-sectional study on hospitalized hypertensives in Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology from January 2015 to February 2017 to investigate the relationship between brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) and peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets. Read More

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Detection of significantly high vitreous concentrations of fatty acid-binding protein 4 in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Sci Rep 2021 Jun 11;11(1):12382. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Ophthalmology, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan.

The fatty acid-binding protein4 (FABP4) and vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA) play key roles in the metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR), respectively. To identify FABP4 in vitreous fluid in PDR, vitreous concentrations of FABP4 (V-FABP4) and VEGFA (V-VEGFA) from PDR (n = 20) and non-PDR (n = 20) patients were determined by Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assays. The data, which included height and weight, systemic blood pressures, several blood biochemical parameters and blood flow at the optic nerve head (ONH) by laser speckle flowgraphy (LSFG) were collected. Read More

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Delayed elimination communication on the prevalence of children's bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Sci Rep 2021 Jun 11;11(1):12366. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Pediatric Urodynamic Center and Department of Urology, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, 450052, China.

To determine the prevalence of bladder and bowel dysfunction (BBD) and its relationship with delayed elimination communication (EC) in children. A cross-sectional study was carried out in kindergartens and primary schools in mainland China. A total of 10,166 children ranging from 4 to 10 years old were included. Read More

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Psychometric Testing of the Self-care of Hypertension Inventory Version 3.0.

J Cardiovasc Nurs 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Victoria Vaughan Dickson, PhD, RN, CRNP, FAHA, FHFSA, FAAN Associate Professor, New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Jason Fletcher, PhD Senior Biostatistician, New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Barbara Riegel, PhD, RN, FAHA, FHFSA, FAAN Edith Clemmer Steinbright Professor of Gerontology, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia and Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University.

In this updated Self-care of Hypertension Inventory Version 3.0 (SC-HI v3.0), items were added to better reflect the Theory of Self-care of Chronic Illness and revised based on recent research. Read More

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Reliability and Validity of the Patient Activation Measure in Kidney Disease: Results of Rasch Analysis.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2021 Jun 11;16(6):880-888. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom.

Background And Objectives: Despite the increasing prioritization of the promotion of patient activation in nephrology, its applicability to people with CKD is not well established. Before the Patient Activation Measure is universally adopted for use in CKD, it is important to critically evaluate this measure. The aim of this study was to describe the psychometric properties of the Patient Activation Measure in CKD. Read More

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Clinical and radiological findings for small renal masses under active surveillance.

Urol Oncol 2021 Jun 8. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Urology, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Barcelona, ES. Electronic address:

Objective: To analyze the experience performing active surveillance (AS) of small renal masses (SRMs) in our center and to correlate the evolution of SRMs under AS with clinical and radiological findings.

Methods: Patients on AS between January 2012 until May 2020 for SRMs in our center have been included. Growth rate (GR) per year was analyzed and correlated with radiographic features. Read More

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Smudge cells percentage on blood smear is a reliable prognostic marker in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Hematol Transfus Cell Ther 2021 May 27. Epub 2021 May 27.

University Paris Sarclay, Paris, France.

Objective: We evaluated the relevance of using the smudge cell percentage in the blood smear as a prognostic marker in CLL.

Methods: In this prospective study, 42 untreated Senegalese patients with CLL were enrolled. The diagnosis was established, based on the peripheral blood count and flow cytometry using the Matutes score. Read More

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Differences and Reliability of Linear and Nonlinear Acoustic Measures as a Function of Vocal Intensity in Individuals With Voice Disorders.

J Voice 2021 Jun 8. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB), Graduate Program in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, UFPB, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. Electronic address:

Purpose: Linear acoustic indices are significantly influenced by speaking voice intensity. The main aim of this work was to compare acoustic measures based on linear and nonlinear models in different speaking voice intensity levels and to analyze the reliability of those measures in different intensity levels in subjects with voice disorders.

Methods: 435 samples from subjects (314 women, 121 men with a mean age of 41. Read More

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Screening for more with less: Validation of the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs Quick v3 (GAIN-Q3) screeners.

J Subst Abuse Treat 2021 Jul 15;126:108414. Epub 2021 Apr 15.

Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, USC Center for Mindfulness Science, USC Institute for Addiction Science, University of Southern California, United States of America.

Multi-morbidity is the norm among adolescents and adults with substance use and other mental disorders and warrants a multi-pronged screening approach. However, the time constraints on assessment inherent in clinical practice often temper the desire for a full understanding of multi-morbidity problems. The 15- to 25-minute Global Appraisal of Individual Needs Quick version 3 (GAIN-Q3) includes screeners for 9 common clinical problems that are short (4 to 10 items) and provide dimensional measures of problem severity in each area that are also categorized to guide clinical decision making. Read More

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Relationships between motor scores and cognitive functioning in FMR1 female premutation X carriers indicate early involvement of cerebello-cerebral pathways.

Cerebellum Ataxias 2021 Jun 11;8(1):15. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia.

Background: Smaller expansions of CGG trinucleotide repeats in the FMR1 X-linked gene termed 'premutation' lead to a neurodegenerative disorder: Fragile X Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS) in nearly half of aged carrier males, and 8-16% females. Core features include intention tremor, ataxia, and cognitive decline, and white matter lesions especially in cerebellar and periventricular locations. A 'toxic' role of elevated and expanded FMR1 mRNA has been linked to the pathogenesis of this disorder. Read More

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Logistic regression analysis on risk factors of augmented vertebra recompression after percutaneous vertebral augmentation.

J Orthop Surg Res 2021 Jun 11;16(1):374. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Spinal Surgery, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, 310005, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China.

Objective: To explore the high-risk factors of augmented vertebra recompression after percutaneous vertebral augmentation (PVA) in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (OVCF) and analyze the correlation between these factors and augmented vertebra recompression after PVA.

Methods: A retrospective analysis was conducted on 353 patients who received PVA for a single-segment osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture from January 2017 to December 2018 in our department according to the inclusion criteria. All cases meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were divided into two groups: 82 patients in the recompression group and 175 patients in the non-compression group. Read More

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Frequency detection of BRAF V600E mutation in a cohort of pediatric langerhans cell histiocytosis patients by next-generation sequencing.

Orphanet J Rare Dis 2021 Jun 11;16(1):272. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Hematology, Children's Hospital of Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing, 100020, China.

Background: Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare neoplastic disease that occurs in both children and adults, and BRAF V600E is detected in up to 64% of the patients. Several studies have discussed the associations between BRAF V600E mutation and clinicopathological manifestations, but no clear conclusions have been drawn regarding the clinical significance of the mutation in pediatric patients.

Results: We retrieved the clinical information for 148 pediatric LCH patients and investigated the BRAF V600E mutation using next-generation sequencing alone or with droplet digital PCR. Read More

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COVID-19 and gastrointestinal symptoms in Mexico, a systematic review: does location matter?

BMC Infect Dis 2021 Jun 11;21(1):555. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Medicine, Department of Pathology and Cancer Center, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Howard University College of Medicine, 2041 Georgia Avenue, N.W, Washington, D.C, 20060, USA.

Background: Covid-19 in Mexico is on the rise in different parts of the country. We aimed to study the symptoms and comorbidities that associate with this pandemic in 3 different regions of Mexico.

Methods: We analyzed data from SARS-CoV-2 positive patients evaluated at healthcare centers and hospitals of Mexico (n = 1607) including Northwest Mexico (Sinaloa state), Southeast Mexico (Veracruz state) and West Mexico (Jalisco state) between March 1 and July 30, 2020. Read More

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