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Perceived Stress by Students of the Medical Sciences in Cuba Toward the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of an Online Survey.

Rev Colomb Psiquiatr 2021 Apr 30. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río, Cuba.

Introduction: The aims of this study were to determine the usefulness of the Modified (10-item) Scale of Perceived Stress related to COVID-19 (EEP-10-C, for its acronym in Spanish) and to identify the levels of stress perceived by students of medical sciences in Cuba due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted, with self-reported data of students from 14 Cuban universities of medical sciences (n=200), through an online survey. The EEP-10-C was used as an instrument to identify stress. Read More

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Elevated C-Reactive Protein in Patients With Depression, Independent of Genetic, Health, and Psychosocial Factors: Results From the UK Biobank.

Am J Psychiatry 2021 May 14:appiajp202020060947. Epub 2021 May 14.

Department of Psychological Medicine, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (Pitharouli, Hotopf, Pariante), and Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre (Pitharouli, Hagenaars, Glanville, Coleman, Lewis), King's College London, London; National Institute for Health Research, Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre, South London and Maudsley National Health Service Foundation Trust, London (Hotopf, Lewis, Pariante).

Objective: The authors investigated the pathways (genetic, environmental, lifestyle, medical) leading to inflammation in major depressive disorder using C-reactive protein (CRP), genetic, and phenotypic data from the UK Biobank.

Methods: This was a case-control study of 26,894 participants with a lifetime diagnosis of major depressive disorder from the Composite International Diagnostic Interview and 59,001 control subjects who reported no mental disorder and had not reported taking any antidepressant medication. Linear regression models of log CRP level were fitted to regress out the effects of age, sex, body mass index (BMI), and smoking and to test whether the polygenic risk score (PRS) for major depression was associated with log CRP level and whether the association between log CRP level and major depression remained after adjusting for early-life trauma, socioeconomic status, and self-reported health status. Read More

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Oral Motor and Gesture Abilities Independently Associated With Preschool Language Skill: Longitudinal and Concurrent Relationships at 21 Months and 3-4 Years.

J Speech Lang Hear Res 2021 May 12:1-20. Epub 2021 May 12.

Department of Psychology, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

Purpose Early motor abilities (gesture, oral motor, and gross/fine skills) are related to language abilities, and this is not due to an association with cognitive or symbolic abilities: Oral motor skills are uniquely associated with language abilities at 21 months of age. It is important to determine whether this motor-language relationship continues beyond the earliest stage of language development to understand language acquisition better and better predict which children may have lasting language difficulties. Method In this longitudinal study, we assessed language comprehension and production, oral motor skill, gross/fine motor skill, and meaningless manual gesture at ages 3 years ( = 89) and 4 years ( = 71), comparing the contribution of motor skill and earlier (at 21 months of age) language ability. Read More

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An evaluation of the correlation between the severity and frequency of migraine and the Buss-Perry Aggression Scale.

Acta Neurol Belg 2021 May 11. Epub 2021 May 11.

Department of Neurology, University of Health Sciences, Prof.Dr.Cemil Taşçıoğlu City Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

It is important to identify concomitant psychological factors such as depression and aggression in patients with migraine. In this study, our objective was to demonstrate the difference of aggression scores in patients with migraine compared with normal scores, and whether the severity of the disease and the frequency of pain had an impact. Ninety-nine patients with migraine and 67 healthy controls who presented to the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital were included in the study. Read More

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Illness perceptions predict distress in patients with chronic kidney disease.

BMC Psychol 2021 May 7;9(1):75. Epub 2021 May 7.

Health Psychology Section, Psychology Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London, 5th floor Bermondsey Wing, Guy's Campus, London, SE1 9RT, UK.

Background: Patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) report increased distress associated with their clinical diagnosis. Distress in patients with predialysis CKD, has been linked to several adverse events; including increased risk of hospitalisation, early dialysis initiation and even death, suggesting that distress is a matter of great concern during routine care in predialysis CKD.

Aims: The present study aimed to assess the nature of illness perceptions and the level of distress in a CKD cohort diagnosed with different stages of kidney disease. Read More

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Persistent dependent behaviour is accompanied by dynamic switching between the ventral and dorsal striatal connections in internet gaming disorder.

Addict Biol 2021 May 6:e13046. Epub 2021 May 6.

Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders, The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China.

Cross-sectional studies have suggested that functional heterogeneity within the striatum in individuals with addictive behaviours may involve the transition from ventral to dorsal partitions; however, due to limitations of the cross-sectional design, whether the contribution of this transition to addiction was confused by individual differences remains unclear, especially for internet gaming disorder (IGD). Longitudinal functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data from 22 IGD subjects and 18 healthy controls were collected at baseline and more than 6 months later. We examined the connectivity features of subregions within the striatum between these two scans. Read More

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Unmet Needs Among Breast Cancer Patients in a Developing Country and Supportive Care Needs Survey Validation.

Rev Invest Clin 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

oven & Fuerte: Programa para la Atención e Investigación de Mujeres Jóvenes con Cáncer de Mama, Mexico City; Breast Cancer Center, Hospital Zambrano Hellion TecSalud, Tecnologico de Monterrey, NL; Mexico.

Background: Identifying and addressing breast cancer (BC) patients' unmet needs (UN) are crucial due to their possible contribution to higher levels of morbidity, particularly in vulnerable underserved populations, such as Latinas with BC.

Objective: This study aimed to (1) identify and describe the most frequently reported items of moderate-high UN among Mexican women with BC covered by public healthcare insurance; (2) analyze the differences in UN domains according to participants' sociodemographic and clinical characteristics; and (3) validate the Supportive Care Needs Survey-Short Form-34 (SCNS-SF34).

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 396 consecutive BC patients. Read More

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The maternal health study: Study design update for a prospective cohort of first-time mothers and their firstborn children from birth to age ten.

Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Intergenerational Health, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne, Vic., Australia.

Background: Maternal health is critical to the health and well-being of children and families, but is rarely the primary focus of pregnancy and birth cohort studies. Globally, poor maternal health and the exposure of women and children to family violence contribute to the perpetuation and persistence of intergenerational health inequalities.

Objectives: The Maternal Health Study was designed to investigate the contribution of social and obstetric risk factors to common maternal physical and psychological morbidities. Read More

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Exploring Direct and Indirect Associations of Exercise and Sport Participation with Employment among Individuals with Disabilities: A Scoping Review.

J Occup Rehabil 2021 May 6. Epub 2021 May 6.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Purpose Exercise and sports have many positive benefits for persons with or without a disability. Despite this, the contribution of exercise and sport participation to employment is less documented. The purpose of this scoping review was to provide insight into the direct and indirect associations of exercise and sport participation with employment among persons with disabilities. Read More

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Cognitive test scores vary with choice of personal digital device.

Behav Res Methods 2021 May 5. Epub 2021 May 5.

Institute for Technology in Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Oaks Building, 115 Mill Street, Belmont, MA, 02478, USA.

Mobile- and web-based psychological research are a valuable addition to the set of tools available for scientific study, reducing logistical barriers for research participation and allowing the recruitment of larger and more diverse participant groups. However, this comes at the cost of reduced control over the technology used by participants, which can introduce new sources of variability into study results. In this study, we examined differences in measured performance on timed and untimed cognitive tests between users of common digital devices in 59,587 (Study 1) and 3818 (Study 2) visitors to TestMyBrain. Read More

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Food Neophobia and Food Disgust: The Mediating Role of Perceived Vulnerability to Disease.

Behav Sci (Basel) 2021 Apr 29;11(5). Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Department of Educational Sciences, University of Catania, Via Biblioteca 4, 95124 Catania, Italy.

Negative attitudes towards food are influenced by two factors, neophobia and often related disgust. Neophobia is the tendency to avoid new foods, while food disgust is the refusal of food that is considered potentially harmful to health. The study presented here aims to analyze the correlation between these two attitudes and the possible mediation operated by the perception of vulnerability to diseases, in order to understand if and how this contributes to the disgust towards certain unfamiliar foods. Read More

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Impact of Air Pollution on Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma: Consensus Statement by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

Indian Pediatr 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

President 2020, Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

Justification: Rising air pollution is an ever-growing threat to many human diseases. Poor air quality has been directly correlated with respiratory allergies with a disproportionate affection among the pediatric age group. A clear understanding of common air pollutants and their potential contribution in allergic rhinitis and asthma is lacking. Read More

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Italia Ti Ascolto [Italy, I am listening]: an app-based group psychological intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Res Psychother 2021 Mar 29;24(1):517. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan.

The onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic impacted individuals' psychological wellbeing resulting in heightened perceived stress, anxiety, and depression. However, a significant issue in accessing psychological care during a lockdown is the lack of access to in-person interventions. In this regard, research has shown the efficacy and utility of psychological app-based interventions. Read More

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Creative recovery: Narrative creativity mitigates identity distress among young adults with cancer.

J Psychosoc Oncol 2021 Apr 30:1-15. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Psychological Sciences Research Institute, UCLouvain (University of Louvain), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Young adults with cancer are at a heightened risk for experiencing identity distress, with adverse consequence on their satisfaction with life (SwL). This study examines the contributions of two resources thought to mitigate identity distress: parental warmth and narrative creativity. 164 young adults divided into three groups: (a) group (no history of life-threatening medical illness); (b) group, and (c) group (currently in treatment) completed measures of SwL, identity distress, parental warmth, and narrative creativity. Read More

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Psychological Treatments for Depression in Adolescents: More Than Three Decades Later.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Apr 26;18(9). Epub 2021 Apr 26.

Department of Health Psychology, Miguel Hernández University, 03202 Elche, Spain.

Depression is a common and impairing disorder which is a serious public health problem. For some individuals, depression has a chronic course and is recurrent, particularly when its onset is during adolescence. The purpose of the current paper was to review the clinical trials conducted between 1980 and 2020 in adolescents with a primary diagnosis of a depressive disorder, excluding indicated prevention trials for depressive symptomatology. Read More

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How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Taller? Impact of Money on Perception of Body Height.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Apr 24;18(9). Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Department of Psychological, Health & Territorial Sciences, University of Chieti-Pescara, 66100 Chieti, Italy.

Body height is considered to be one of the most important reproductive signals. However, there are only a few publications on what influences the sense of whether we assess ourselves as tall or short. In the present contribution, the psychological impact of money on the evaluation of a person's own height was tested. Read More

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Association of a Mediterranean Diet and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption with Subjective Well-Being among Adults with Overweight and Obesity.

Nutrients 2021 Apr 17;13(4). Epub 2021 Apr 17.

Departamento de Psicología Clínica y Experimental, Facultad de Educación, Psicología y Ciencias del Deporte, Universidad de Huelva, Campus Universitario El Carmen, 21071 Huelva, Spain.

Recent evidence suggests that among behavioral-lifestyle factors, adherence to a healthy dietary pattern such as the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet) is linked not only to better psychological health and mental positive status but also to increased subjective well-being (SWB). Nevertheless, this association has been unexplored among individuals with excessive weight. This study explored whether adherence to the MedDiet and the intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables (FV) are associated with increased happiness and life satisfaction among Spanish adults with overweight or obesity when weight, body image, and body satisfaction are also considered. Read More

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Application of Microextraction-Based Techniques for Screening-Controlled Drugs in Forensic Context-A Review.

Molecules 2021 Apr 9;26(8). Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Centro de Química Estrutural, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal.

The analysis of controlled drugs in forensic matrices, i.e., urine, blood, plasma, saliva, and hair, is one of the current hot topics in the clinical and toxicological context. Read More

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Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives on Romantic Love.

Front Psychol 2021 12;12:573123. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Human Behavioural Ecology Research Group, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Romantic love is a phenomenon of immense interest to the general public as well as to scholars in several disciplines. It is known to be present in almost all human societies and has been studied from a number of perspectives. In this integrative review, we bring together what is known about romantic love using Tinbergen's "four questions" framework originating from evolutionary biology. Read More

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Distress-driven impulsivity interacts with cognitive inflexibility to determine addiction-like eating.

J Behav Addict 2021 Apr 27. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

1BrainPark, Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University, Australia.

Background: Researchers are only just beginning to understand the neurocognitive drivers of addiction-like eating behaviours, a highly distressing and relatively common condition. Two constructs have been consistently linked to addiction-like eating: distress-driven impulsivity and cognitive inflexibility. Despite a large body of addiction research showing that impulsivity-related traits can interact with other risk markers to result in an especially heightened risk for addictive behaviours, no study to date has examined how distress-driven impulsivity interacts with cognitive inflexibility in relation to addiction-like eating behaviours. Read More

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Comorbid anxiety and depression: Opposing effects on the electrocortical processing of negative imagery in a focal fear sample.

Depress Anxiety 2021 Apr 28. Epub 2021 Apr 28.

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.

Background: Anxiety and depression are highly comorbid and share clinical characteristics, such as high levels of negative emotion. Attention toward negative stimuli in anxiety and depression has been studied primarily using negative pictures. Yet, negative mental imagery-that is, mental representations of imagined negative events or stimuli-might more closely mirror patient experience. Read More

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Trait mindfulness is negatively associated with distress related to COVID-19.

Pers Individ Dif 2021 Sep 23;179:110955. Epub 2021 Apr 23.

Department of Psychology, Gettysburg College, United States of America.

Research suggests that mindfulness is associated with psychological health including a healthier response to stressors.

Objective: This research tested associations between trait mindfulness and mental health factors related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Methods: Two studies (Study 1  = 248 college students; Study 2  = 300 U. Read More

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September 2021

Bedtime repetitive negative thinking moderates the relationship between psychological stress and insomnia.

Grant Benham

Stress Health 2021 Apr 26. Epub 2021 Apr 26.

Department of Psychological Science, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, Texas, USA.

Research suggests that psychological stress is associated with insomnia, but there is limited research on vulnerabilities that might amplify this association, particularly in college students. Based on a sample of 507 undergraduates, the current study demonstrates that the observed positive correlation between self-perceived stress and insomnia severity is moderated by the tendency to engage in repetitive negative thinking (RNT) at bedtime. Additionally, separate analyses of those who scored below/above the threshold for insomnia (non-insomniacs vs. Read More

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The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on socioeconomic inequality in psychological distress in the UK.

Health Econ 2021 Apr 26. Epub 2021 Apr 26.

Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York, Centre for Health Economics, Monash University, York, UK.

We use data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) to compare measures of socioeconomic inequality in psychological distress, measured by the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ), before (Waves 9 and the Interim 2019 Wave) and during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (April to July 2020). Based on a caseness measure, the prevalence of psychological distress increased from 18.5% to 27. Read More

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Establishing content validity for a composite activities-specific risk of falls scale:linkage between fear of falling and physical activity.

BMC Geriatr 2021 Apr 26;21(1):275. Epub 2021 Apr 26.

Shanghai YangZhi Rehabilitation Hospital (Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center), Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, 201619, China.

Background: Fear of falling (FoF) and physical activity (PA) are important psychological and behavioral factors associated with falls. No instrument quantifies the link between these two factors to evaluate the risk of falls. We aimed to design a scale linking FoF with PA (Composite Activities-specific Risk of Falls Scale, CARFS) for people with various disability levels. Read More

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Psychological burden of covid-19 health crisis on health professionals and interventions to minimize the effect: what has history already taught us?

Riv Psichiatr 2021 Jan-Feb;56(2):57-63

Department of Speech and Language Therapy, School of Health Sciences, University of Ioannina, Greece.

Health professionals have been at the frontline of the health service since the outbreak of covid-19, responding promptly to diagnose, support and treat infected patients. World Health Organization (WHO) has already praised their contribution and their essential role in controlling this disease. Some of the main concerns of covid-19's impact to health service staff include work overload, exhaustion, and high risk of self-infection or transmission to family members. Read More

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Role of the nucleus accumbens in functional recovery from spinal cord injury.

Neurosci Res 2021 Apr 22. Epub 2021 Apr 22.

Neural Prosthetics Project, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan.

Post brain damage depression impedes functional recovery. On the other hand, higher motivation facilitates functional recovery after damage to the central nervous system, but the neural mechanism of psychological effects on functional recovery is unclear. The nucleus accumbens (NAcc), a motivation center, has not been considered directly involved in motor function. Read More

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Sense of coherence and burnout in nursing home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain.

Health Soc Care Community 2021 Apr 24. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Departamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spain.

Care staff in nursing homes work in a challenging environment, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated those challenges in an unprecedented way. On the other hand, the sense of coherence (SOC) is a competence that could help these professionals perceive the situation as understandable, manageable and meaningful. This study aims to analyse the extent to which potential risk and protective factors against burnout have affected nursing home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and to assess the contribution of these factors to their burnout. Read More

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Organized breast cancer screening not only reduces mortality from breast cancer but also significantly decreases disability-adjusted life years: analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study and screening programme availability in 130 countries.

ESMO Open 2021 Apr 20;6(3):100111. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Clinical Oncology and Palliative Care, Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde and Næstved, Denmark; University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Background: Multiple studies over the past 4 decades have shown the significant benefit of breast cancer screening (BCS) in reducing mortality rates from breast cancer (BC). However, significant debate exists about the role of BCS in this regard, with some studies also showing no benefit in terms of mortality along with issues such as overdiagnosis, health care utilisation costs, psychological distress or overtreatment. To date, no BCS study has focused on disability. Read More

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The situation and well-being of custodial grandparents in Myanmar: Impacts of adult children's cross-border and internal migration.

Soc Sci Med 2021 May 20;277:113914. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Custodial care for grandchildren left behind by migrant parents is an important contribution made by grandparents for their families and societies, given rising migration flows and increasing prominence of skipped-generation households in low- and middle-income countries. Yet, little is known about the scope and consequences of custodial grandparenting in developing settings. Analyzing unique data from the 2017 Myanmar Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren Survey, this study examines the extent to which the middle generation's cross-border and internal migration are associated with caregiving intensity, perception towards grandchild care, and psychological well-being among grandparents. Read More

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