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Identification of putative key genes for thermal adaptation in the Japanese mantis shrimp (Oratosquilla oratoria) through population genomic analysis.

Comp Biochem Physiol Part D Genomics Proteomics 2021 Mar 28;39:100828. Epub 2021 Mar 28.

Fishery College, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan, Zhejiang 316022, China. Electronic address:

Little is known about the mechanisms underlying the relationship between genetic variation and the adaptation of Oratosquilla oratoria populations to different habitat temperature. Here, the genome-wide genetic information of three O. oratoria populations were obtained by IIB restriction site-associated DNA (2b-RAD) sequencing and 2403 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified. Read More

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Development and clinical validation of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay to diagnose high HBV DNA levels in resource-limited settings.

Clin Microbiol Infect 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Unité d'Epidémiologie des Maladies Émergentes, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. Electronic address:

Objectives: A massive scale-up of testing and treatment is indicated to globally eliminate hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. However, access to a polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a key test to quantify HBV DNA levels and determine treatment eligibility, is limited in resource-limited countries. We developed and evaluated loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay to diagnose clinically important HBV DNA thresholds defined by WHO (≥20,000 and ≥200,000 IU/mL). Read More

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Pharmacological inhibition of HSP90 radiosensitizes HNSCC xenograft by inhibition of DNA damage repair, nucleotide metabolism, and radiation-induced tumor vasculogenesis.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Radiation Biology Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. Electronic address:

Purpose: Recent pre-clinical studies suggest combining the HSP90 inhibitor AT13387 (Onalespib) with radiation (IR) against colon cancer and HNSCC. These studies emphasized that AT13387 down-regulates HSP90 client proteins involved in oncogenic signaling and DNA repair mechanisms as major drivers of enhanced radiosensitivity. Given the large array of client proteins HSP90 directs, we hypothesized that other key proteins or signaling pathways may be inhibited by AT13387 and contribute to enhanced radiosensitivity. Read More

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Traumatic injury is associated with reduced deoxyribonuclease activity and dysregulation of the actin scavenging system.

Burns Trauma 2021 Jan 1;9:tkab001. Epub 2021 Apr 1.

Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 2TT, United Kingdom.

Background: Traumatic injury is associated with increased concentrations of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in the circulation, which contribute to post-injury complications. The endonuclease deoxyribonuclease 1 (DNase-1) is responsible for removing 90% of circulating cfDNA. Recently, DNase activity was reported to be significantly reduced following major non-traumatic brain injury (TBI), but the processes responsible were not investigated. Read More

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January 2021

African Swine Fever Virus Protein E199L Promotes Cell Autophagy through the Interaction of PYCR2.

Virol Sin 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

College of Animal Science, South China Agricultural University & Lingnan Guangdong Laboratory of Modern Agriculture & Guangdong Provincial Key Lab of Agro-Animal Genomics and Molecular Breeding, Guangzhou, 510642, China.

African swine fever virus (ASFV), as a member of the large DNA viruses, may regulate autophagy and apoptosis by inhibiting programmed cell death. However, the function of ASFV proteins has not been fully elucidated, especially the role of autophagy in ASFV infection. One of three Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductases (PYCR), is primarily involved in conversion of glutamate to proline. Read More

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Pyrimidinetrione-imidazoles as a unique structural type of potential agents towards Candida albicans: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation.

Chem Asian J 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Southwest University, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, No.2 Tiansheng Road, BeiBei District, 400715, Chongqing, CHINA.

Substantial morbidity and mortality of fungal infections have aroused concerns all over the world, and common Candida spp. currently bring about severe systemic infections. A battery of pyrimidinetrione-imidazole conjugates as potentially antifungal agents was developed. Read More

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Gut Microbiota Composition and Epigenetic Molecular Changes Connected to the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease.

J Mol Neurosci 2021 Apr 8. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Department of Pharmacology, Govt. College of Pharmacy, Rohru, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder, and its pathogenesis is not fully known. Although there are several hypotheses, such as neuroinflammation, tau hyperphosphorylation, amyloid-β plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, and oxidative stress, none of them completely explain the origin and progression of AD. Emerging evidence suggests that gut microbiota and epigenetics can directly influence the pathogenesis of AD via their effects on multiple pathways, including neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, and amyloid protein. Read More

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The plastome of (Orchidaceae): an endangered species endemic to Hainan province, China.

Mitochondrial DNA B Resour 2021 Mar 26;6(3):1253-1255. Epub 2021 Mar 26.

College of Forestry, Shanxi Agricultural University, Jinzhong, PR China.

C. Z. Tang et S. Read More

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Complete mitochondrial genome and the phylogenetic position of the Burmese narrow-headed softshell turtle (Testudines: Trionychidae).

Mitochondrial DNA B Resour 2021 Mar 26;6(3):1216-1218. Epub 2021 Mar 26.

Key Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Fishery Resources Application and Cultivation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Guangzhou, China.

Narrow-headed softshell turtles constitute a group of critically endangered freshwater turtles that belong to the family Trionychidae. Here, we determine the complete mitogenome of the Burmese narrow-headed softshell turtle . The length of the mitochondrial genome was 16,614 bp, composed of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNA genes, two rRNA genes, and twelve noncoding regions. Read More

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Control of Genome through Variative Nature of Histone-Modifying Ubiquitin Ligases.

Biochemistry (Mosc) 2021 Jan;86(Suppl 1):S71-S95

Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 117997, Russia.

Covalent attachment of ubiquitin residue is not only the proteasomal degradation signal, but also a widespread posttranslational modification of cellular proteins in eukaryotes. One of the most important targets of the regulatory ubiquitination are histones. Localization of ubiquitin residue in different regions of the nucleosome attracts a strictly determined set of cellular factors with varied functionality. Read More

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January 2021

A novel missense mutation of CRYBA1 in a northern Chinese family with inherited coronary cataract with blue punctate opacities.

Eur J Ophthalmol 2021 Apr 7:11206721211008355. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Department of Ophthalmology, Linyi People's Hospital, Linyi, China.

Purpose: To demonstrate the underlying genetic defect that contribute to inherited cataract in a northern Chinese pedigree.

Methods: The study recruited a family pedigree with a diagnosis of bilateral coronary cataract with blue punctate opacities. Fourteen family members and 100 healthy volunteers were enrolled. Read More

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Altered Responsiveness to TGFβ and BMP and Increased CD45+ Cell Presence in Mitral Valves Are Unique Features of Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2021 Apr 8:ATVBAHA121316111. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Department of Surgery, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY (E.C., Y.X., C.C., I.G., G.F.).

Objective: Ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) often develops after an ischemic event, which results in distortion of the valvulo-ventricular complex and incomplete mitral valve (MV) leaflet coaptation. After left ventricular ischemic events, only some patients develop IMR. The susceptibility of the MV to remodel may influence whether IMR develops. Read More

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: the Epigenetics Behind the Disease.

Reprod Sci 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ribeirao Preto Medical School, University of Sao Paulo, Av Bandeirantes, 3900, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, 14049-900, SP, Brazil.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders, affecting approximately 5-20% of women of reproductive age. PCOS is a multifactorial, complex, and heterogeneous disease, characterized by hyperandrogenism, ovulatory dysfunction, and polycystic ovaries, which may lead to impaired fertility. Besides the reproductive outcomes, multiple comorbidities, such as metabolic disturbances, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, are associated with PCOS. Read More

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The Gut Microbiome in Autism: Study-Site Effects and Longitudinal Analysis of Behavior Change.

mSystems 2021 Apr 6;6(2). Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Medicine, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado, USA

Research relating gut microbiome composition to autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has produced inconsistent results, indicative of the disorder's complexity and the need for more sophisticated experimental designs. We address this need by (i) comparing gut microbiome composition between individuals with ASD and neurotypical controls in Arizona and Colorado using standardized DNA extraction and sequencing methods at both locations and (ii) longitudinally evaluating the gut microbiome's relationship to autism behavioral severity, diet, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Gut microbiome composition differed between individuals in Arizona and individuals in Colorado, and gastrointestinal symptoms were significantly higher in ASD individuals than in neurotypical individuals in Arizona but not in Colorado. Read More

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Epigenetics in blood-brain barrier disruption.

Fluids Barriers CNS 2021 Apr 6;18(1):17. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

The Vivian L. Smith Department of Neurosurgery, University of Texas Health Science Center, 6431 Fannin St. MSB 7.147, Houston, TX, 77030, USA.

The vessels of the central nervous system (CNS) have unique barrier properties. The endothelial cells (ECs) which comprise the CNS vessels contribute to the barrier via strong tight junctions, specific transporters, and limited endocytosis which combine to protect the brain from toxins and maintains brain homeostasis. Blood-brain barrier (BBB) leakage is a serious secondary injury in various CNS disorders like stroke, brain tumors, and neurodegenerative disorders. Read More

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Antimalarial drug resistance markers in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive and HIV-negative adults with asymptomatic malaria infections in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 2021 Apr 6. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Infection Biology, Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT, UK.

Background: In Nigeria, indiscriminate use of antimalarial drugs may contribute to the threat of drug resistance, but this has not been evaluated among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Methods: HIV-positive adults attending a university hospital HIV clinic and HIV-negative adult volunteers from the university hospital community with a positive blood film were treated with artemether-lumefantrine. Parasite DNA from before and after treatment was polymerase chain reaction amplified to identify molecular markers of drug susceptibility. Read More

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Screening a prognosis-related target gene in patients with HER-2 positive breast cancer by bioinformatics analysis.

Song Wang Yi Quan

Med Princ Pract 2021 Apr 6. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Objective: HER-2 positive breast cancer has a high risk of for relapse, metastasis and drug resistance, and is related to a poor prognosis. Thus, the study objective was to determine a target gene and explore the associated molecular mechanisms in HER-2 positive breast cancer.

Methods: Three RNA expression profiles were obtained from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and were used to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs) using R software. Read More

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Cooperation between NRF2-mediated transcription and MDIG-dependent epigenetic modifications in arsenic-induced carcinogenesis and cancer stem cells.

Semin Cancer Biol 2021 Apr 3. Epub 2021 Apr 3.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Wayne State University, 259 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201, USA. Electronic address:

Environmental exposure to arsenic, a well-established carcinogen linked to a number of human cancers, is a public health concern in many areas of the world. Despite extensive studies on the molecular mechanisms of arsenic-induced carcinogenesis, how initial cellular responses, such as activation of stress kinases and the generation of reactive oxygen species, converge to affect the transcriptional and/or epigenetic reprogramming required for the malignant transformation of normal cells or normal stem cells remains to be elucidated. In this review, we discuss some recent discoveries showing how the transcription factor NRF2 and an epigenetic regulator, MDIG, contribute to the arsenic-induced generation of cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) as determined by applying CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and chromosome immunoprecipitation followed by DNA sequencing (ChIP-seq). Read More

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CSF3R T618I, SETBP1 G870S, SRSF2 P95H, and ASXL1 Q780* tetramutation co-contribute to myeloblast transformation in a chronic neutrophilic leukemia.

Ann Hematol 2021 Apr 6. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Hematology, Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, 646000, Sichuan Province, China.

Chronic neutrophilic leukemia (CNL) is a rare but serious myeloid malignancy. In a review of reported cases for WHO-defined CNL, CSF3R mutation is found in about 90% cases and confirmed as the molecular basis of CNL. Concurrent mutations are observed in CSF3R-mutated CNL patients, including ASXL1, SETBP1, SRSF2, JAK2, CALR, TET2, NRAS, U2AF1, and CBL. Read More

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Genomics and epigenomics of addiction.

Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 2021 Apr 5. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Laboratory of Neuropharmacology-Neurophar, Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona, Spain.

Recent progress in the genomics and epigenomics of addiction has contributed to improving our understanding of this complex mental disorder's etiology, filling the gap between genes, environment, and behavior. We review the behavioral genetic studies reporting gene and environment interactions that explain the polygenetic contribution to the resilience and vulnerability to develop addiction. We discuss the evidence of polymorphic candidate genes that confer susceptibility to develop addiction as well as the studies of specific epigenetic marks that contribute to vulnerability and resilience to addictive-like behavior. Read More

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Evidence for a role of phenotypic mutations in virus adaptation.

iScience 2021 Apr 2;24(4):102257. Epub 2021 Mar 2.

Departamento de Quimica Fisica. Facultad de Ciencias, Unidad de Excelencia de Quimica Aplicada a Biomedicina y Medioambiente (UEQ), Universidad de Granada, Granada 18071, Spain.

Viruses interact extensively with the host molecular machinery, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Bacteriophage T7 recruits the small protein thioredoxin of the host as an essential processivity factor for the viral DNA polymerase. We challenged the phage to propagate in a host in which thioredoxin had been extensively modified to hamper its recruitment. Read More

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The Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Periodontitis.

Front Cell Infect Microbiol 2021 18;11:639144. Epub 2021 Mar 18.

State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, West China Hospital of Stomatology, National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.

Periodontitis is a chronic, destructive disease of periodontal tissues caused by multifaceted, dynamic interactions. Periodontal bacteria and host immunity jointly contribute to the pathological processes of the disease. The dysbiotic microbial communities elicit an excessive immune response, mainly by polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs). Read More

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membrane vesicles contain immunostimulatory DNA, RNA and peptidoglycan that activate innate immune receptors and induce autophagy.

J Extracell Vesicles 2021 Apr 1;10(6):e12080. Epub 2021 Apr 1.

Department of Physiology Anatomy and Microbiology La Trobe University Melbourne Victoria 3086 Australia.

Gram-positive bacteria ubiquitously produce membrane vesicles (MVs), and although they contribute to biological functions, our knowledge regarding their composition and immunogenicity remains limited. Here we examine the morphology, contents and immunostimulatory functions of MVs produced by three strains; a methicillin resistant clinical isolate, a methicillin sensitive clinical isolate and a laboratory-adapted strain. We observed differences in the number and morphology of MVs produced by each strain and showed that they contain microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs) including protein, nucleic acids and peptidoglycan. Read More

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[Genetic and Clinical Characteristics of A Family with Combined PROC and PROS1 Genetic Variants].

Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi 2021 Apr;29(2):591-595

Jiangsu Institute of Hematology, Key Laboratory of Thrombosis & Hemostasis of Ministry of Health, The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University;Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu Province, China,Collaborative Innovation Center of Hematology, Soochow University, Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu Province,

Objective: To test the anticoagulation functions, perform the genetic diagnosis and analyze the clinical characteristics in a family with combined heterozygous genetic variants of PROC and PROS1.

Methods: Peripheral blood was collected from all the family members. Hematological phenotypes and activity of anticoagulant factors were analyzed. Read More

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Oral delivery of staphylococcal nuclease ameliorates DSS induced ulcerative colitis in mice via degrading intestinal neutrophil extracellular traps.

Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 2021 Mar 31;215:112161. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

College of Life Science and Technology, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China. Electronic address:

Recent studies have revealed that neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) may contribute directly to the initiation of ulcerative colitis (UC), a typical inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) characterized by mucosal damage. Staphylococcal nuclease (SNase), a nonspecific phosphodiesterase, has a strong ability to degrade DNA. Here we investigate whether intestinal NET degradation with an oral preparation of SNase can ameliorate dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced UC in mice. Read More

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Involvement of small extracellular vesicle-derived TIE-1 in the chemoresistance of ovarian cancer cells.

Cancer Treat Res Commun 2021 Mar 28;27:100364. Epub 2021 Mar 28.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan.

Background: Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy due to the tumor's acquisition of chemoresistance to platinum-based chemotherapy. To solve this problem, we conducted RNAi-based large-scale screening and determined that tyrosine kinase with immunoglobulin-like and EGF-like domains 1 (TIE-1) is a key molecule involved in the platinum resistance of ovarian cancer cells. Recently, a variety of studies have investigated that small extracellular vesicles (sEVs) contribute to the communication between cancer cells, including the development of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. Read More

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+PGC1A driven enhanced mitochondrial DNA copy number predicts outcome in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia.

Mitochondrion 2021 Mar 31. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Department of Medical Oncology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Electronic address:

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number alterations occur in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). We evaluated regulation and biological significance of mtDNA copy number in pediatric AML patients (n=123) by qRT-PCR, and in-vitro studies. MtDNA copy number was significantly higher (p<0. Read More

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Paternal obesity impairs hepatic gluconeogenesis of offspring by altering Igf2/H19 DNA methylation.

Mol Cell Endocrinol 2021 Mar 31:111264. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

The Key Laboratory of Reproductive Genetics, Ministry of Education (Zhejiang University), Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China; The International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. Electronic address:

Over the past four decades, the global prevalence of obesity has increased rapidly in all age ranges. Emerging evidence suggests that paternal lifestyle and environmental exposure have a crucial role in the health of offspring. Therefore, the current study investigated the impact of paternal obesity on the metabolic profile of offspring in a male mouse model of obesity. Read More

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Identification of Breast Cancer Subtype-Specific Biomarkers by Integrating Copy Number Alterations and Gene Expression Profiles.

Medicina (Kaunas) 2021 Mar 12;57(3). Epub 2021 Mar 12.

Department of Physics "Giuseppe Occhialini", University of Milan-Bicocca Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 20126 Milan, Italy.

: Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease categorized into four subtypes. Previous studies have shown that copy number alterations of several genes are implicated with the development and progression of many cancers. This study evaluates the effects of DNA copy number alterations on gene expression levels in different breast cancer subtypes. Read More

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Comprehensive Genomic Characterization of Fifteen Early-Onset Lynch-Like Syndrome Colorectal Cancers.

Cancers (Basel) 2021 Mar 12;13(6). Epub 2021 Mar 12.

Oncology Section, Hospital of Gastroenterology "Dr. C. B. Udaondo", Buenos Aires C1264, Argentina.

Lynch-like syndrome (LLS) is an increasingly common clinical challenge with an underlying molecular basis mostly unknown. To shed light onto it, we focused on a very young LLS early-onset colorectal cancer (CRC) cohort (diagnosis ≤ 40 y.o. Read More

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