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Isolated Lung Perfusion System in the Rabbit Model.

J Vis Exp 2021 Jul 15(173). Epub 2021 Jul 15.

Departamento de Investigación en Hiperreactividad Bronquial, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias.

The isolated lung perfusion system has been widely used in pulmonary research, contributing to elucidate the lungs' inner workings, both micro and macroscopically. This technique is useful in the characterization of pulmonary physiology and pathology by measuring metabolic activities and respiratory functions, including interactions between circulatory substances and the effects of inhaled or perfused substances, as in drug testing. While in vitro methods involve the slicing and culturing of tissues, the isolated ex vivo lung perfusion system allows to work with a complete functional organ making possible the study of a continuous physiological function while recreating ventilation and perfusion. Read More

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Enabling Wearable Pulse Transit Time-Based Blood Pressure Estimation for Medically Underserved Areas and Health Equity: Comprehensive Evaluation Study.

JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2021 Aug 2;9(8):e27466. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States.

Background: Noninvasive and cuffless approaches to monitor blood pressure (BP), in light of their convenience and accuracy, have paved the way toward remote screening and management of hypertension. However, existing noninvasive methodologies, which operate on mechanical, electrical, and optical sensing modalities, have not been thoroughly evaluated in demographically and racially diverse populations. Thus, the potential accuracy of these technologies in populations where they could have the greatest impact has not been sufficiently addressed. Read More

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Similar fat and carbohydrate oxidation in response to arm cycling exercise in persons with spinal cord injury versus able-bodied.

J Spinal Cord Med 2021 Aug 2:1-8. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA.

Context: Persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) present with low fat oxidation that is associated with poor cardiometabolic health. This study compared changes in fat and carbohydrate (CHO) oxidation during moderate intensity continuous exercise in persons with SCI and able-bodied adults (AB).

Design: Repeated measures, within-subjects study. Read More

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Data Analytics for Environmental Science and Engineering Research.

Environ Sci Technol 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, United States.

The advent of new data acquisition and handling techniques has opened the door to alternative and more comprehensive approaches to environmental monitoring that will improve our capacity to understand and manage environmental systems. Researchers have recently begun using machine learning (ML) techniques to analyze complex environmental systems and their associated data. Herein, we provide an overview of data analytics frameworks suitable for various Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) research applications. Read More

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Gated Dissipative Dynamic Artificial Photosynthetic Model Systems.

J Am Chem Soc 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Institute of Chemistry, The Minerva Center for Bio-hybrid Complex Systems, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91904, Israel.

Gated dissipative artificial photosynthetic systems modeling dynamically modulated environmental effects on the photosynthetic apparatus are presented. Two photochemical systems composed of a supramolecular duplex scaffold, a photosensitizer-functionalized strand (photosensitizer is Zn(II)protoporphyrin IX, Zn(II)PPIX, or pyrene), an electron acceptor bipyridinium (V)-modified strand, and a nicking enzyme (Nt.BbvCI) act as functional assemblies driving transient photosynthetic-like processes. Read More

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Smoking tobacco, use of marijuana and other psychoactive substances by students of Silesian universities.

Przegl Epidemiol 2021 ;75(1):128-141

Medical University of Silesia, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science Department of Toxicology and Bioanalysis, Sosnowiec, Poland.

Introduction: These days, it is observed worldwide that the number of smokers drops, however, use of e-cigarettes and other psychoactive substances becomes more popular. This survey was conducted in the years 2019 to 2020 using a group of 193 people, 124 females and 69 males, at two Silesian universities.

Aim: The purpose of this survey was to estimate patterns concerning use of tobacco and psychoactive substances by students. Read More

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January 2021

Current practice of thyroid surgery in Germany: a nationwide survey.

Minerva Surg 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

University of Münster, Münster, Germany.

Background: Due to the lack of perioperative standards in thyroid surgery, this study aimed to evaluate the perioperative management and wound closure techniques used in a nationwide survey.

Material And Methods: A questionnaire evaluating preferred technique in thyroid resection, postoperative management, and the occurrence of complications was sent to all hospitals in Germany performing more than 50 thyroid operations p.a. Read More

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Effect of short-term use of dapagliflozin on impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia in people with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Obes Metab 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Department of Internal Medicine, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Aims: Impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia (IAH) affects about 25% of patients with type 1 diabetes (T1DM). IAH can be reversed by strict avoidance of hypoglycaemia for at least 3 weeks. Adjunctive treatment with sodium glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors may reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia through reduction of glucose variability. Read More

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Microfluidic integrated capacitive biosensor for C-reactive protein label-free and real-time detection.

Analyst 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Center of Materials Science and Optoelectronics Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China. and State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050, China.

A microfluidic chip has been integrated with a capacitive biosensor based on mass-producible three-dimensional (3D) interdigital electrode arrays. To achieve the monitoring of biosensor preparation and cardiac- and periodontitis-related biomarkers, all the processes were detected in a continuously on-site way. Fabrication steps for the microfluidic chip-bonded 3D interdigital capacitor biosensor include gold thiol modification, the activation of EDC/sulfo-NHS, and the bioconjugation of antibodies. Read More

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Results of an International Survey on Feeding Management in Infants with Short Bowel Syndrome-Associated Intestinal Failure (SBS-IF).

J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

Paediatric Nutrition Service-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Department of Women's and Children's Health, University Hospital of Padova, Padova, Italy Department of Gastroenterology, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, WC1N 3JH UK Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Emma Children's Hospital, Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition Unit, University Hospital of Lille, Lille, France Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit, Robert Debré Hospital, Paris, France Paediatric Surgery Unit, Department of Women's and Children's Health, University Hospital of Padova, Padova, Italy Division of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition, Necker-Enfants Malades University of Paris, Paris, France.

Objectives: Short bowel syndrome (SBS) is a complex and rare condition (incidence 1200/ 100,000 live births) that requires a multidisciplinary team approach to management. In January 2019 the first European Reference Network on Rare and Inherited Congenital Anomalies (ERNICA) Intestinal Failure (IF) workshop was held. Several questions about the strategies used in managing IF associated with short bowel syndrome (SBS) were devised. Read More

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An evaluation and comparison of commercial driver sleepiness detection technology: a rapid review.

Physiol Meas 2021 Jul 28;42(7). Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

. Sleepiness-related motor vehicle crashes, caused by lack of sleep or driving during night-time hours, often result in serious injury or fatality. Sleepiness detection technology is rapidly emerging as a sleepiness risk mitigation strategy for drivers. Read More

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Students' satisfaction and continued intention toward e-learning: a theory-based study.

Med Educ Online 2021 Dec;26(1):1961348

Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Taibah University, Almadinah Almunawwarah, Saudi Arabia.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has forced the urgent lockdown of schools and colleges worldwide. To ensure the continuity of education a shift from traditional teaching to e-learning was required. This study aims to identify factors that affect students' satisfaction and continued intention towards e-learning. Read More

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December 2021

Compensating for missing data in the OHRKAN cohort study examining total leisure noise exposure among adolescents.

Int J Audiol 2021 Aug 1:1-9. Epub 2021 Aug 1.

Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority, Munich, Germany.

Objective: Investigating determinants of total leisure noise (TLN) exposure among adolescents over 7.5 years and compensating for missing data due to loss to follow-up.

Design: In the OHRKAN cohort study, data were collected by questionnaires at four waves. Read More

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Complications associated with the use of radial arterial catheters in relation to their length: Does size matter?

J Vasc Access 2021 Aug 2:11297298211034955. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Hospital Universitario Fundación Valle del Lili, Unidad de Urgencias, Unidad de Cuidado Crítico, Cali, Colombia.

Background: Radial arterial catheters (RAC) are commonly used in emergency services and intensive care units (ICU) for continuous invasive monitoring of blood pressure and arterial blood gas sampling. Complications associated with RAC are rare. Regarding length of RAC catheters and complications, few studies were found in the literature. Read More

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Peritoneal dialysis in Indonesia: Current status, challenges and prospects.

Perit Dial Int 2021 Aug 2:8968608211034985. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology Division, Gatot Soebroto Indonesia Army Central Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Despite an increase in incident peritoneal dialysis (PD) use of 20% per year, the overall PD prevalence in Indonesia is only 1-2%, with the goal of 30% yet to be reached by 2019. In the absence of contraindications, increasing continuous ambulatory PD (CAPD) use may be an attractive option for Indonesia to reduce the high costs of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) treatment. The implementation of CAPD in Indonesia faces several challenges, including the cost of PD, the unique archipelagic geography, limited facilities and trained medical personnel in rural areas, inadequate reimbursement rates and incentive fees, high rates of PD discontinuation, as well as insufficient knowledge regarding CAPD by the general public and health professionals. Read More

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Patient characteristics associated with use of TNF vs interleukin inhibitors as first-line biologic treatment for psoriatic arthritis.

J Manag Care Spec Pharm 2021 Aug;27(8):1106-1117

MSCE, Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics and Division of Rheumatology, Inflammation, and Immunity, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Previous studies have examined treatment patterns among patients who use tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors for psoriatic arthritis (PsA). However, little data exist for a comparison between the TNF inhibitor treatment pattern and that of newly available biologics such as interleukin (IL)-12/23 or 17 inhibitors in the United States. To (a) examine patient characteristics and their association with initiation of TNF inhibitors vs IL-12/23 or 17 inhibitors among PsA patients and (2) compare treatment persistence of PsA patients who initiated TNF inhibitors vs IL-12/23 or 17 inhibitors as first-line biologic treatment in a real-world setting in the United States. Read More

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Factors associated with medication nonadherence among Medicare low-income subsidy beneficiaries with diabetes, hypertension, and/or heart failure.

J Manag Care Spec Pharm 2021 Aug;27(8):971-981

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science, University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy, Memphis.

Previous studies have documented factors influencing medication nonadherence among the Medicare population, but few studies have examined medication nonadherence among the Medicare low-income subsidy (LIS) population. Furthermore, little is known about the factors associated with nonadherence among this population, especially those with prevalent chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, or heart failure. To examine factors associated with the likelihood of medication nonadherence among Medicare LIS recipients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, or heart failure. Read More

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Perioperative sedation requirements of infants aged 0 to 3 months subjected to lower-body surgery under caudal blockade: a randomized controlled trial.

Minerva Anestesiol 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Hospital Hietzing, Vienna Hospital Association, Vienna, Austria.

Background: It remains unclear how much sedation is required for subumbilical surgery under caudal blockade, and sedatives may carry a poorly understood risk of late sequelae in infants. We designed a randomized controlled study to evaluate total propofol consumption and perioperative sedation quality with the avoidance of continuous perioperative sedation in infants undergoing surgery under caudal anesthesia.

Methods: Thirty-two infants (age: 0-3 months) were randomized to one of two groups in which perioperative administration of propofol was provided either "as needed" or by continuous infusion (5 mg kg-1 h-1). Read More

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Comparison of renal replacement therapy and renal recovery before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. A single centre observational study.

Minerva Anestesiol 2021 Aug 2. Epub 2021 Aug 2.

Intensive care unit, University College London Hospital, London, UK -

Background: Our objective was to the describe indications, management, complications and outcomes of renal replacement therapy (RRT) in COVID-19 critically ill patients. To contextualise these findings, comparisons were made against 36 non-COVID-19 consecutive patients requiring RRT on ICU.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective single centre observational cohort study of patients requiring acute RRT between 1st March and 30th June 2020. Read More

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An investigation into the effect of nasogastric intubation on markers of autonomic nervous function.

Neurogastroenterol Motil 2021 Aug 1:e14214. Epub 2021 Aug 1.

Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Poole, UK.

Background: Nasogastric (NG) intubation for esophageal manometry can be traumatic and may be associated with a temporary reduction/absence in esophageal peristalsis. This study explored the prevalence and effect on esophageal motor function. We also hypothesized that baseline anxiety as well as markers of autonomic nerve function were correlated to attenuated esophageal peristalsis. Read More

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Red and blue light treatments of ripening bilberry fruits reveal differences in signaling through ABA regulated anthocyanin biosynthesis.

Plant Cell Environ 2021 Aug 1. Epub 2021 Aug 1.

Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway.

The biosynthesis of anthocyanins has been shown to be influenced by light quality. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the light-mediated regulation of fruit anthocyanin biosynthesis are not well understood. In this study, we analyzed the effects of supplemental red and blue light on the anthocyanin biosynthesis in non-climacteric bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L. Read More

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iDeepSubMito: identification of protein submitochondrial localization with deep learning.

Brief Bioinform 2021 Jul 30. Epub 2021 Jul 30.

School of Artificial Intelligence, Jilin University, Jilin, China.

Mitochondria are membrane-bound organelles containing over 1000 different proteins involved in mitochondrial function, gene expression and metabolic processes. Accurate localization of those proteins in the mitochondrial compartments is critical to their operation. A few computational methods have been developed for predicting submitochondrial localization from the protein sequences. Read More

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Implantable loop recorder for augmenting detection of new-onset atrial fibrillation after typical atrial flutter ablation.

Heart Rhythm O2 2021 Jun 28;2(3):255-261. Epub 2021 Apr 28.

Electrophysiology Section, Division of Cardiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Background: Patients with typical atrial flutter (AFL) undergoing successful cavotricuspid isthmus ablation remain at risk for future development of new-onset atrial fibrillation (AF). Conventional monitoring (CM) techniques have shown AF incidence rates of 18%-50% in these patients.

Objectives: To evaluate whether continuous monitoring using implantable loop recorders (ILRs) would enhance AF detection in this patient population. Read More

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The contribution of intermittent handheld electrocardiogram and continuous electrocardiogram monitoring with an implantable loop recorder to detect incident and recurrent atrial fibrillation during 1 year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A prospective cohort study.

Heart Rhythm O2 2021 Jun 11;2(3):247-254. Epub 2021 May 11.

Department of Clinical Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Danderyd University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

Background: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is common after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.

Objective: To evaluate the incidence and recurrence rate of AF during 1 year after CABG surgery. We also aimed at calculating the AF burden and compare long-term intermittent vs continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. Read More

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Utilization of Renal Mass Biopsy for T1 Renal Lesions across Michigan: Results from MUSIC-KIDNEY, A Statewide Quality Improvement Collaborative.

Eur Urol Open Sci 2021 Aug 24;30:37-43. Epub 2021 Jun 24.

Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, USA.

Background: Renal mass biopsy (RMB) has had limited and varied utilization to guide management of renal masses (RM).

Objective: To evaluate utilization of RMB for newly diagnosed cT1 RMs across diverse practice types and assess associations of outcomes with RMB.

Design Setting And Participants: MUSIC-KIDNEY commenced data collection in September 2017 for all newly presenting patients with a cT1 RM at 14 diverse practices. Read More

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WATER versus WATER II 2-Year Update: Comparing Aquablation Therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in 30-80-cm and 80-150-cm Prostates.

Eur Urol Open Sci 2021 Mar 31;25:21-28. Epub 2021 Jan 31.

Division of Urology, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada.

Background: Surgical options are limited when treating large (>80 cm) prostates for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Open simple prostatectomy remains the most common procedure performed for large prostates. There is a need for novel surgical approaches with shorter learning curves and effective treatment. Read More

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Robotic Management of Pelvic Lipomatosis-Experience with Difficulties Encountered and the Techniques to Successful Outcomes.

Eur Urol Open Sci 2020 Oct 21;21:33-40. Epub 2020 Sep 21.

Apollo Main Hospitals, Chennai, India.

Background: Pelvic lipomatosis (PL) is a rare condition characterized by diffuse pelvic overgrowth of nonmalignant but infiltrative adipose tissue in perivesical and perirectal space.

Objective: To share our robotic experience and difficulties encountered and suggested techniques to overcome them successfully. It is the first series from India. Read More

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October 2020

TrajectoryNet: A Dynamic Optimal Transport Network for Modeling Cellular Dynamics.

Proc Mach Learn Res 2020 07;119:9526-9536

Department of Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA.

It is increasingly common to encounter data from dynamic processes captured by static cross-sectional measurements over time, particularly in biomedical settings. Recent attempts to model individual trajectories from this data use optimal transport to create pairwise matchings between time points. However, these methods cannot model continuous dynamics and non-linear paths that entities can take in these systems. Read More

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On the Contact Optimization of ALD-Based MoS FETs: Correlation of Processing Conditions and Interface Chemistry with Device Electrical Performance.

ACS Appl Electron Mater 2021 Jul 28;3(7):3185-3199. Epub 2021 Jun 28.

Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, P.O. Box 513, Eindhoven 5600 MB, The Netherlands.

Despite the extensive ongoing research on MoS field effect transistors (FETs), the key role of device processing conditions in the chemistry involved at the metal-to-MoS interface and their influence on the electrical performance are often overlooked. In addition, the majority of reports on MoS contacts are based on exfoliated MoS, whereas synthetic films are even more susceptible to the changes made in device processing conditions. In this paper, working FETs with atomic layer deposition (ALD)-based MoS films and Ti/Au contacts are demonstrated, using current-voltage (-) characterization. Read More

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24-Hydroxylase Deficiency Due to Sequence Variants: Comparison With Other Vitamin D-mediated Hypercalcemia Disorders.

J Endocr Soc 2021 Sep 2;5(9):bvab119. Epub 2021 Jul 2.

Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA.

Context: CYP24A1 encodes 24-hydroxylase, which converts 25(OH)D3 and 1,25(OH)D to inactive metabolites. Loss-of-function variants in CYP24A1 are associated with 24-hydroxylase deficiency (24HD), characterized by hypercalcemia, nephrolithiasis, and nephrocalcinosis. We retrospectively reviewed laboratory, imaging, and clinical characteristics of patients with suspected or confirmed 24HD and patients with other vitamin D-mediated hypercalcemia disorders: sarcoidosis, lymphoma, and exogenous vitamin D toxicity (EVT). Read More

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September 2021