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"Collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney: diagnosis and implications for management".

Urol Oncol 2021 Jun 8. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Pathology, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA. Electronic address:

Collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney is a rare and aggressive subtype of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) arising from the distal convoluted tubules. At the time of diagnosis, patients are more frequently symptomatic, with advanced locoregional stage, and have metastatic disease. The 2016 WHO Classification of Tumours of the Urinary System defined diagnostic criteria for this entity. Read More

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Diffeomorphic Respiratory Motion Estimation of Thoracoabdominal Organs for Image-Guided Interventions.

Med Phys 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, 518055, China.

Purpose: Percutaneous image-guided interventions are commonly used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In practice, physiological breathing-induced motion increases the difficulty of accurately inserting needles into tumors without impairing the surrounding vital structures. In this work, we propose a data-driven patient-specific hierarchical respiratory motion estimation framework to accurately estimate the position of a tumor and surrounding vital tissues in real time. Read More

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Ovarian dysgerminoma with pseudo-Meigs syndrome: A case report.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Jun;100(23):e26319

Forensic and Pathology Laboratory, Jiaxing University Medical College, Jiaxing, ZJ, China.

Rationale: Dysgerminoma is a rare malignant tumor of the ovary, more frequently occurring in young women. The main signs of pseudo-Meigs syndrome (PMS) are ascites and hydrothorax accompanying benign or malignant ovarian tumors (no fibroma or fibroma-like tumor).

Patient Concerns: A 19-year-old woman with fever and chest tightness for 2 days. Read More

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Disease burden, management patterns and multidisciplinary clinical approaches for patients with MPS IVA and VI in selected Latin American Countries.

Mol Genet Metab Rep 2021 Sep 25;28:100769. Epub 2021 May 25.

Hospital Dr. Verdi Cevallos Balda, Portoviejo, Ecuador.

Background: There is a paucity of real-world epidemiological data on patients with mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) in Latin America. This real-world study assessed the disease burden, management patterns and multidisciplinary clinical approaches for MPS-IVA and MPS-VI patients in Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru).

Methods: Data were collected from physicians/specialists experienced in treating MPS patients between April-June 2020, via an online patient-diary survey. Read More

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September 2021

Cardiac Tamponade Unmasking Recurrent Ovarian Cancer.

Cureus 2021 Jun 5;13(6):e15464. Epub 2021 Jun 5.

Gynecologic Oncology, State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, USA.

Pericardial disease is a common manifestation of malignancy. Gynecologic malignancies such as ovarian cancer rarely present with cardiac involvement. Cardiac tamponade may be the initial presentation of malignancy in as many as half of pericardial disease cases. Read More

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Evaluation of the Degree of Agreement of Four Methods for Diagnosing Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy.

Front Neurol 2021 25;12:637099. Epub 2021 May 25.

Department of Endocrinology, Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China.

There are many methods to diagnose diabetic autonomic neuropathy (DAN); however, often, the various methods do not provide consistent results. Even the two methods recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines, Ewing's test and heart rate variability (HRV), sometimes give conflicting results. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the degree of agreement of the results of the Composite Autonomic Symptom Score 31 (COMPASS-31), skin sympathetic reaction (SSR) test, Ewing's test, and HRV in diagnosing DAN. Read More

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The use of near-infrared spectroscopy in the diagnosis of peripheral artery disease: A systematic review.

Vascular 2021 Jun 10:17085381211025174. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

70309Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Background: Peripheral arterial disease is a stenosis or occlusion of peripheral arteries that results in compromised blood flow and muscle ischemia. The available diagnostic methods are mostly used to measure and visualize blood flow and are not useful in the evaluation of perfusion, especially in diabetic patients, which is now considered to be a research priority by most of the vascular societies around the world as this is still a relatively poorly studied phenomenon.

Objective: The aim of this review is to explore the clinical significance of muscle tissue oxygenation monitoring in lower-extremity peripheral artery disease diagnosis using the near-infrared spectroscopy method. Read More

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Further Delineation of the Clinical and Pathologic Features of HIKESHI-Related Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophy.

Pediatr Neurol 2021 May 14;121:11-19. Epub 2021 May 14.

Division of Neurology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Electronic address:

Background: A recurrent homozygous missense variant, c.160G>C;p.(Val54Leu) in HIKESHI, was found to cause a hypomyelinating leukodystrophy with high frequency in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Read More

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Neonatal Parotitis: A case report.

J Pak Med Assoc 2021 Jun;71(6):1682-1685

Department of Pediatrics, Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

The following is a case report of a 17-day-old female baby, born at 35 weeks' gestation, weighing 2.6 kg. She was brought to us with reluctance to feed, swelling over the left side of her face and a fever documented at 102oF, along with an erythematous, tender, localised swelling over the left pre-auricular region that measured 2 x 1. Read More

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Hospitalization of Adolescents Aged 12-17 Years with Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 - COVID-NET, 14 States, March 1, 2020-April 24, 2021.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021 Jun 11;70(23):851-857. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Most COVID-19-associated hospitalizations occur in older adults, but severe disease that requires hospitalization occurs in all age groups, including adolescents aged 12-17 years (1). On May 10, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration expanded the Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to include persons aged 12-15 years, and CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended it for this age group on May 12, 2021.* Before that time, COVID-19 vaccines had been available only to persons aged ≥16 years. Read More

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Trapped by a first hypothesis: How rudeness leads to anchoring.

J Appl Psychol 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Anesthesiology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

In this article we explore the effect of encounters with rudeness on the tendency to engage in anchoring, one of the most robust and widespread cognitive biases. Integrating the self-immersion framework with the selective accessibility model (SAM), we propose that rudeness-induced negative arousal will narrow individuals' perspectives in a way that will make anchoring more likely. Additionally, we posit that perspective taking and information elaboration will attenuate the effect of rudeness on both negative arousal and subsequent anchoring. Read More

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Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Common Variable Immunodeficiency.

J Clin Immunol 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), Department of Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine, Pulmonary Hypertension National Referral Center, Hôpital Bicêtre, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France.

Purpose: Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is known to cause infectious, inflammatory, and autoimmune manifestations. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is an unusual complication of CVID with largely unknown characteristics and mechanisms.

Methods: We report the clinical, functional, hemodynamics, radiologic and histologic characteristics, and outcomes of CVID-associated PH patients from the French PH Network. Read More

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Inter-Batch Reliability of Blood-Based Cytokine and Chemokine Measurements in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Memory and Aging Center, Department of Neurology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Blood-based inflammatory markers hold considerable promise for diagnosis and prognostication of age-related neurodegenerative disease, though a paucity of research has empirically tested how reliably they can be measured across different experimental runs ("batches"). We quantified the inter-batch reliability of 13 cytokines and chemokines in a cross-sectional study of 92 community-dwelling older adults (mean age = 74; 48% female). Plasma aliquots from the same blood draw were parallelly processed in two separate batches using the same analytic platform and procedures (high performance electrochemiluminescence by Meso Scale Discovery). Read More

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Carbon Based Nanodots in Early Diagnosis of Cancer.

Front Chem 2021 24;9:669169. Epub 2021 May 24.

Department of Biophysics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India.

Detection of cancer at an early stage is one of the principal factors associated with successful treatment outcome. However, current diagnostic methods are not capable of making sensitive and robust cancer diagnosis. Nanotechnology based products exhibit unique physical, optical and electrical properties that can be useful in diagnosis. Read More

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Diabetes Risk Reduction Diet and Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

Cancer Res 2021 Jun 9. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Channing Division of Network Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Type 2 diabetes is associated with poor breast cancer prognosis. To study the association between a diabetes risk reduction diet (DRRD) and survival following breast cancer, we followed 8,482 women with breast cancer from two large cohort studies. Information on diet and other factors was repeatedly measured in validated questionnaires every two to four years. Read More

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Comparative Evaluation of Two Automated Multiplex RT-PCR Tests for Rapid Detection of Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Viruses.

Clin Lab 2021 Jun;67(6)

Background: Rapid and accurate diagnosis of influenza virus (Flu) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is important for managing both the patient and laboratory. We compared the cobas Influenza A/B & RSV assay (cobas Liat) with the Simplexa Flu A/B & RSV assay (Simplexa) to evaluate which test method is more advantageous considering the resources of the laboratory and results of test performance.

Methods: A total of 236 respiratory specimens from patients referred for respiratory virus testing were retrospectively evaluated; 53 specimens tested positive for each of Flu A, Flu B, and RSV, and 77 specimens tested negative based on the results of the reference method, i. Read More

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Criteria for Emergency Brain MRI During Stroke-Alert.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis 2021 Jun 6;30(8):105890. Epub 2021 Jun 6.

Department of Neurology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 920 S.L.Young Blvd #2040, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA; Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 1100 N Lindsay Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA.

Objectives: Intravenous (IV) tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) should be given to patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and avoided in stroke mimics (SM). Select use of emergency brain magnetic resonance imaging (eMRI-brain) in stroke-alerts aids diagnosis, but accepted utilization criteria for eMRI-brain do not currently exist. We developed criteria for eMRI-brain and report the yield of eMRI-brain in stroke-alert patients. Read More

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The use of telemedicine to assess a paediatric patient with arrhythmia presenting to a remote community coronavirus assessment centre.

Rural Remote Health 2021 06 10;21(2):6166. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Institute of Applied Health Sciences, Centre for Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Inverness, Scotland IV2 3JH, UK

In 2020, a girl aged 5 years presented to the coronavirus assessment centre on a remote Scottish island with symptoms consistent with novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Her mother was concerned as she had noted the patient to have an irregular pulse. COVID-19 has been shown to cause cardiac arrhythmia, and so after discussion with tertiary paediatric cardiology services an ECG was recommended. Read More

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[Amyloid angiopathy brain hemorrhage].

Jorge Tapia

Rev Med Chil 2021 Jan;149(1):76-87

Departamento de Neurología, Facultad de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Amyloid angiopathy (AA) is a selective deposition of amyloid in the walls of the brain vessels. It is a form of sporadic and localized amyloidosis, constituted by the Aβ4 protein, the same of Alzheimer's disease senile plaques. The most consistent clinical effect of AA is spontaneous brain hemorrhage (BH). Read More

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January 2021

BAPoma presenting as an incidental scalp papule: case report, literature review, and screening recommendations for BAP1 Tumor Predisposition Syndrome.

J Dermatolog Treat 2021 Jun 9:1-18. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

College of Medicine, Texas A&M University, Dallas, Texas, USA.

BRCA1-Associated-Protein (BAP1) tumor predisposition syndrome (BAP1-TPDS) is associated with an increased risk for aggressive cancers. BAP1-inactivated melanocytic tumors (BIMTs) are observed in 75% of BAP1-TPDS, often presenting as early as the second decade of life. These lesions may serve as a predictive marker to identify patients who carry germline BAP1 mutations and thus are at higher risk of developing associated cancers. Read More

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Analytical platforms Vitros ECi 3600 and Cobas 6000: comparative analysis of prolactin measurement.

Klin Lab Diagn 2021 Jun;66(6):333-339

Endocrinology Research Centre.

Prolactin is a polypeptide hormone secreted by the lactotrophic cells of the anterior pituitary gland and has a wide range of biological effects in the human body. Accurate measurements of prolactin concentration are essential in obtaining biochemical data to support clinical decisions in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the pituitary gland, reproductive, immune and other body systems. The aim of our study is to carry out a comparative analysis of the serum prolactin measurement determined by the two analytical platforms Vitros ECi 3600 (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics) and Cobas 6000 (Roche). Read More

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Cockayne syndrome, MEN1, and genomic variants: Exome sequencing is changing our view of the genetic landscape.

Pediatr Dermatol 2021 Jun 8. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA.

The availability of genomic sequencing for inherited diseases provides a more complete molecular basis for how an individual's genetic landscape influences clinical outcome. We describe a family where exome sequencing of a 3-year-old boy with clinical features of Cockayne syndrome (CS) confirmed the diagnosis of CS. He also had a mutation consistent with a pre-symptomatic second disease, multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), each potentially affecting multiple organ systems, in addition to a poorly defined variant in fumarate hydratase (FH). Read More

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Rectus Sheath Hematoma Due to Low Molecular Weight Heparin in a COVID-19 Patient in Turkey.

Tolga Kalayci

Cureus 2021 May 6;13(5):e14870. Epub 2021 May 6.

General Surgery, Erzurum Regional Education and Research Hospital, Erzurum, TUR.

This case report presents a large left rectus sheath hematoma (RSH) case developed in a COVID-19 patient who had received no anticoagulant therapy before hospital admission. It discusses the patient's diagnosis and treatment process. A 78-year-old woman was admitted to the ED with acute cough and shortness of breath. Read More

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A Case Report of Recurrent Hypokalemia During Pregnancies Associated With Nonaldosterone-Mediated Renal Potassium Loss.

Can J Kidney Health Dis 2021 28;8:20543581211017424. Epub 2021 May 28.

Medical University of South Carolina, College of Medicine, Charleston, SC, USA.

Rationale: Geller et al reported a rare mutation in the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) resulting in constitutive MR activity. Progesterone, normally an MR antagonist, acts as a potent agonist with this mutation. Progesterone levels can increase 100-fold during pregnancy and thus lead to increased MR activity in this setting, resulting in hypertension (HTN) and hypokalemia during pregnancy and resolution of hypokalemia after delivery. Read More

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Georgian Med News 2021 Apr(313):51-56

1Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow, Russia.

The Aim Of The Study: Development of a technique for transferring the parameters of a temporary removable prosthesis to a permanent prosthesis based on dental implants. Examination and complex treatment of 55 people with complete loss of teeth were carried out. In the I-study group of patients (n = 30), the treatment was carried out according to the developed prototyping method, in the control group II (n = 25), the patients were treated using the standard method: after the implants were opened, the central ratio of the jaws and the setting of the teeth were re-determined. Read More

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Nitric oxide in occurrence, progress and therapy of lung Cancer: a systemic review and meta-analysis.

BMC Cancer 2021 Jun 8;21(1):678. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Nutrition, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Affiliated People's Hospital, Hangzhou Medical College, 158 Shangtang Road, Hangzhou, 310014, China.

Background: Nitric oxide (NO) plays an important role in lung cancer. However, the results of previous studies about NO in the occurrence, progress and therapy were not consistent. Therefore, we conducted a meta-analysis to evaluate the relationship between NO and lung cancer. Read More

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Diagnostic and Prognostic Circulating MicroRNA in Acute Stroke: A Systematic and Bioinformatic Analysis of Current Evidence.

J Stroke 2021 May 31;23(2):162-182. Epub 2021 May 31.

Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

Background And Purpose: Stroke is the second leading cause of death and disability worldwide and its diagnosis, and assessment of prognosis, remains challenging. There is a need for improved diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression and their secretion and remarkable stability in biofluids highlights their potential as sensitive biomarkers in the diagnosis and prognosis of acute stroke. Read More

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[Early clinical efficacy analysis of personalized three-dimensional printing talus prosthesis in the treatment of collapse talus necrosis].

Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Jun;59(6):470-476

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center, the First Affiliated Hospital to Army Medical University, Chongqing 400038, China.

To examine the preliminary clinical efficacy of custom-made three-dimensional(3D) printed talus prosthesis in the treatment of collapse talus necrosis. The clinical data of 8 patients who received 3D printed custom-made talus prostheses replacement for severe collapsed necrosis of the talus at the Orthopaedic Sports Medical Center, the First Affiliated Hospital to Army Medical University were analyzed retrospectively.All patients were male,with an average age of 38. Read More

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Reframing how we care for people with persistent non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain. Suggestions for the rehabilitation community.

Physiotherapy 2021 Apr 20;112:143-149. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Health Sciences Division, Curtin University, Western Australia, Australia; Bodylogic Physiotherapy, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

There have been repeated calls to re-evaluate how clinicians provide care for people presenting with persistent non-traumatic musculoskeletal conditions. One suggestion is to move away from the 'we can fix and cure you' model to adopting an approach that is more consistent with approaches used when managing other persistent non-communicable diseases; education, advice, a major focus on self-management including lifestyle behavioural change, physical activity and medications as required. Currently the global delivery of musculoskeletal care has many of the elements of a 'super wicked problem', namely conflict of interest from stake-holders due to the consequences of change, prevailing expectation of a structural diagnosis and concomitant fix for musculoskeletal pain, persistent funding of high risk, more expensive care when low risk more economic viable options that don't impact on the quality of outcome exist, and an unquestionable need to find a solution now with the failure resulting in a growing social and economic burden for future generations. Read More

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The Use of Physostigmine in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Anticholinergic Toxicity After Olanzapine Overdose: Literature Review and Case Report.

J Acad Consult Liaison Psychiatry 2021 May-Jun;62(3):285-297. Epub 2021 Jan 14.

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University 401 Quarry Road, Stanford, CA. Electronic address:

Background: Second-generation antipsychotic agents are commonly used by clinicians for the treatment of various psychiatric and medical conditions. Despite their presumed safety, an overdose with olanzapine may lead to the development of anticholinergic toxicity. The anticholinergic toxidrome is characterized by both central and peripheral physical findings. Read More

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January 2021