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Hyponatremia and Fever in a Patient on Ipilimumab and Nivolumab (Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors): A Case Report.

J Investig Med High Impact Case Rep 2021 Jan-Dec;9:23247096211045249

Adventist Health, Hanford, CA, USA.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) are novel anticancer therapy approved in multiple tumors and their use is rapidly increasing. They are associated with various systemic side effects that are immune-mediated and clinically coined as "immune-related adverse effects" (irAE). Hyponatremia is a possible side effect in patients receiving ICIs. Read More

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September 2021

Intestinal congestion and reperfusion injury: damage caused to the intestinal tract and distal organs.

Biosci Rep 2021 Sep;41(9)

Department of Tumor Surgery, Lanzhou University Second Hospital, Lanzhou, China.

In clinical practice, intestinal autologous diseases, ailments and organ transplants can cause severe congestive damage to the intestinal tract. However, after the etiological factor is gotten rid of and blood flow is free without any hinderance, further damage to the intestinal wall often occurs, causing other related organ dysfunctions. This ultimately results in intestinal congestion reperfusion injury (ICRI). Read More

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September 2021

Incidence and risk factors for near-fatal and fatal outcomes after perioperative and periprocedural anaphylaxis in the USA, 2005-2014.

Br J Anaesth 2021 Jul 27. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Deparment of Allergic Diseases, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA.

Background: The incidence of fatal and near-fatal outcomes after perioperative anaphylaxis is unknown in the USA. Previously identified risk factors of neuromuscular-blocker-induced fatal perioperative anaphylaxis include male sex, obesity, and use of beta blockers. We examined the incidence of fatal and near-fatal outcomes after perioperative anaphylaxis in the USA and the underlying risk factors using a large national database. Read More

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A case report of hepatocellular carcinoma derived from Rastelli procedure-related congestive liver disease.

Clin J Gastroenterol 2021 Oct 28;14(5):1525-1529. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, 2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, 565-0871, Japan.

The prognosis of congenital heart disease in children has improved, but late complications in adulthood are becoming an important problem. One late complication after congenital heart surgery is congestive liver disease, leading to liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The Rastelli procedure is one of the surgical methods for transposition of the great arteries. Read More

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October 2021

Characteristics, management, and outcomes among admissions for primary cardiac tumors: Results from the National Inpatient Sample.

J Card Surg 2021 Oct 27;36(10):3586-3592. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Division of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Research Unit, RWJ Barnabas Health, NBIMC, Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Introduction: Primary cardiac tumors (PCT) are rare, and their contemporary outcomes are not well characterized in the literature. We assessed temporal trends in patient characteristics and management of admissions for PCT in US hospitals.

Methods: Admissions with the principal diagnoses of a PCT (benign neoplasm of heart: ICD-9 212. Read More

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October 2021

Variable effects of underlying diseases on the prognosis of patients with COVID-19.

PLoS One 2021 19;16(7):e0254258. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Department of Internal Medicine, Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea.

Underlying diseases might be risk factors for poor prognosis in patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19); however, we still do not know whether these diseases are independent factors affecting prognosis, which type of underlying diseases are risk factors, and which type of clinical outcomes are affected. We retrospectively reviewed cohort data from 7,590 de-identified patients with COVID-19 who were diagnosed using severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 RNA polymerase chain reaction test up to May 15, 2020. We used linked-medical claims data provided by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in South Korea. Read More

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Juxtaglomerular cell tumor diagnosed preoperatively by renal tumor biopsy.

IJU Case Rep 2021 Jul 7;4(4):207-209. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Department of Urology Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Kyoto-City Kyoto Japan.

Introduction: Diagnosis of small renal tumor from imaging analysis is limited. We report a case of juxtaglomerular cell tumor diagnosed preoperatively by renal tumor biopsy.

Case Presentation: A 17-year-old male was urgently hospitalized for acute-onset congestive heart failure. Read More

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Structural Insights into the Interactions of Digoxin and Na/K-ATPase and Other Targets for the Inhibition of Cancer Cell Proliferation.

Molecules 2021 Jun 16;26(12). Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA.

Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside long used to treat congestive heart failure and found recently to show antitumor potential. The hydroxy groups connected at the C-12, C-14, and C-3'a positions; the C-17 unsaturated lactone unit; the conformation of the steroid core; and the C-3 saccharide moiety have been demonstrated as being important for digoxin's cytotoxicity and interactions with Na/K-ATPase. The docking profiles for digoxin and several derivatives and Na/K-ATPase were investigated; an additional small Asn130 side pocket was revealed, which could be useful in the design of novel digoxin-like antitumor agents. Read More

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Evaluation of Light's criteria in cytologically proved malignant pleural effusions.

Minerva Med 2021 Jun 28. Epub 2021 Jun 28.

Thorax Clinic Institute, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Autonomous University of Barcelona College of Medicine, Badalona, Spain.

Background: Malignant pleural effusions are usually described as exudates. However, several studies have determined a high incidence of cytologically proved malignant effusions in transudates. The study aims to determine the compliance of cytologically proved malignant pleural effusions with Light's Criteria and to assess when it is necessary to perform more studies in transudates. Read More

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Interventricular septum mass presenting as a late acute coronary syndrome with ST-segment elevation: a case report.

Eur Heart J Case Rep 2021 May 12;5(5):ytab164. Epub 2021 May 12.

Radiology Department, Hopital Saint-Joseph, 185 Rue Raymond Losserand, 75014 Paris, France.

Background: Intracardiac masses are relatively rare but the diagnosis can be challenging for the cardiologist and the clinical presentation can be misleading. While most of the cardiac masses are benign, malignant masses are mostly metastatic tumours.

Case Summary: An 81-year-old man was admitted to the cardiology department for congestive heart failure with the complaint of recent dyspnoea. Read More

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Trastuzumab-induced cardiotoxicity: a review of clinical risk factors, pharmacologic prevention, and cardiotoxicity of other HER2-directed therapies.

Breast Cancer Res Treat 2021 Jul 11;188(1):21-36. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University, 3970 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC, 20007, USA.

Purpose: Despite great success as a targeted breast cancer therapy, trastuzumab use may be complicated by heart failure and loss of left ventricular contractile function. This review summarizes the risk factors, imaging, and prevention of cardiotoxicity associated with trastuzumab and other HER2-targeted therapies.

Findings: Cardiovascular disease risk factors, advanced age, and previous anthracycline treatment predispose to trastuzumab-induced cardiotoxicity (TIC), with anthracycline exposure being the most significant risk factor. Read More

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Mediterranean, DASH, and Alternate Healthy Eating Index Dietary Patterns and Risk of Death in the Physicians' Health Study.

Nutrients 2021 May 31;13(6). Epub 2021 May 31.

Department of Medicine, Division of Aging, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02120, USA.

Objective: Our primary objective was to examine the associations of the Mediterranean (MED), the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), and the Alternate Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) diet with total mortality. Our secondary objective was to examine the association of these three dietary patterns with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer mortality.

Research: Design and Methods: We prospectively studied 15,768 men from the Physicians' Health Study who completed a semi-quantitative food-frequency questionnaire. Read More

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A Case of Primary Mediastinal Seminoma Associated With Testicular Microlithiasis and Liver Injury.

Cureus 2021 Apr 16;13(4):e14527. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Oncology, Albert Einstein Medical Center, St. Barnabas Healthcare System, Bronx, USA.

Mediastinal seminomas are rare neoplasms that can be found incidentally in asymptomatic patients. However, a few cases may present in the emergency room with mild to severe respiratory and/or cardiovascular symptoms. This can occur when the tumor grows large enough to cause compression and obstruction of the various structures present in the thorax. Read More

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Right atrial synovial sarcoma with thrombocytopenia: A deceptive presentation.

J Card Surg 2021 Aug 12;36(8):2992-2995. Epub 2021 May 12.

Department of Cardiac Surgery, CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Introduction: Primary cardiac synovial sarcoma is an exceedingly rare soft tissue malignant tumor, involving either the pericardium or chambers, with a striking male predominance, prevalently seen in the fourth decade. These tumours most commonly present as breathlessness on exertion. These patients readily exhibit gastrointestinal and systemic symptoms but sometimes the presentation can be fallacious. Read More

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Anthracycline treatment, cardiovascular risk factors and the cumulative incidence of cardiovascular disease in a cohort of newly diagnosed lymphoma patients from the modern treatment era.

Am J Hematol 2021 08 27;96(8):979-988. Epub 2021 May 27.

Division of Hematology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

The development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in long-term survivors of lymphoma is of increasing importance. Here, we characterize the cumulative incidence and risk factors for CVD in lymphoma patients diagnosed in the current treatment era. From 2002-2015, newly diagnosed lymphoma patients (>18 years) were enrollment into a prospective cohort study that captured incident CVD, consisting of congestive heart failure (CHF), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), valvular heart disease (VHD), and arrhythmia. Read More

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A case report of COVID-19 in refractory myasthenia: Outcome with remdesivir and dexamethasone.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 May;100(18):e25701

Department of Neurology, University of Missouri Health Care, Missouri.

Rationale: Myasthenia gravis (MG) patients are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection and its complications due to chronic immunosuppression. COVID-19 infection can also increase the risk of myasthenia exacerbation.

Patient Concerns: The patient presented with respiratory distress, fever and chills and was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia. Read More

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Trends, predictors, and outcomes of major bleeding after transcatheter aortic valve implantation, from national inpatient sample (2011-2018).

Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 2021 Jun 20;19(6):557-563. Epub 2021 May 20.

Department of Medicine, West Virginia University, Medicine, Morgantown, WV, USA.

Introduction: Major bleeding remains one of the most frequent complications seen in transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). The purpose of this study was to evaluate outcomes, trends, and predictors of major bleeding in patients undergoing TAVI.

Methods: We utilized the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) data from the year 2011 to 2018. Read More

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Biologic Treatment Algorithms for Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis with Comorbid Conditions and Special Populations: A Review.

Am J Clin Dermatol 2021 Jul 16;22(4):425-442. Epub 2021 Apr 16.

Dermatology Research and Education Foundation, Irvine, CA, USA.

The emergence of data from clinical trials of biologics, the approval of new biologics, and our improved understanding of psoriasis pathogenesis have increased the therapeutic possibilities for the treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Biologics currently approved for the treatment of psoriasis include tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, interleukin (IL)-17 inhibitors, ustekinumab (an IL-12/23 inhibitor), and IL-23 inhibitors. Data from clinical trials and studies of the safety and efficacy of biologics provide essential information for the personalization of patient care. Read More

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Bisegmentectomy and venous reconstruction after portal vein embolization for the remnant hemiliver in a patient with recurrent colorectal liver metastases.

Ann Gastroenterol Surg 2021 Mar 29;5(2):259-264. Epub 2020 Aug 29.

Department of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery Kyorin University Hospital Mitaka Japan.

Repeat hepatectomy for recurrent colorectal liver metastases (CRLM) for the remnant hemiliver is sometimes challenging due to the insufficient future liver remnant (FLR) volume. We present an aggressive strategy for resection of the recurrent CRLM involving bisegmentectomy of the remnant right hemiliver with the aid of portal vein embolization (PVE) and venous reconstruction. The patient was a 50-year-old woman who had undergone left hemihepatectomy for a CRLM 10 months ago. Read More

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Incidence of cardiotoxicity and validation of the Heart Failure Association-International Cardio-Oncology Society risk stratification tool in patients treated with trastuzumab for HER2-positive early breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Res Treat 2021 Jul 5;188(1):149-163. Epub 2021 Apr 5.

Breast Unit, Department of Medicine, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Downs Road, Sutton, SM2 5PT, Surrey, UK.

Purpose: Trastuzumab improves survival in patients with HER2+ early breast cancer. However, cardiotoxicity remains a concern, particularly in the curative setting, and there are limited data on its incidence outside of clinical trials. We retrospectively evaluated the cardiotoxicity rates [left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) decline, congestive heart failure (CHF), cardiac death or trastuzumab discontinuation] and assessed the performance of a proposed model to predict cardiotoxicity in routine clinical practice. Read More

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An improved predictive model for postoperative pulmonary complications after free flap reconstructions in the head and neck.

Head Neck 2021 07 30;43(7):2178-2184. Epub 2021 Mar 30.

Department of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Background: Commonly used predictive models for postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) do not perform when applied to head and neck cases. A head and neck-specific risk prediction tool is needed.

Methods: Data on 794 free flap head and neck surgery cases at a single center were abstracted from the electronic medical record. Read More

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Electrical Storm in a Case of Bilateral Pheochromocytomas.

Am J Case Rep 2021 Mar 25;22:e929507. Epub 2021 Mar 25.

Department of Cardiology, Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, NY, USA.

BACKGROUND Pheochromocytomas are catecholamine-secreting tumors that develop within the chromaffin cells of the adrenal glands. They most commonly present with hypertension, and the classic triad of symptoms is headaches, palpitations, and diaphoresis. Electrical storm (ES) is defined as at least 3 sustained episodes of ventricular tachycardia (VT), ventricular fibrillation (VF), or appropriate shocks from an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) within 24 h. Read More

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Giant Intrapericardial bronchogenic cyst associated with congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation: a case report.

J Cardiothorac Surg 2021 Mar 19;16(1):29. Epub 2021 Mar 19.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Clínica Universitaria Colombia, Carrera 23 #66-46, Bogota, DC, Colombia.

Background: Large intracardiac bronchogenic cysts are rare mediastinal masses. However, they must always be considered in the differential diagnosis of heart failure with abnormal chest X-ray.

Case Presentation: We present a 60-year-old female patient with de novo atrial fibrillation, heart failure and a very large intrapericardial mass. Read More

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Association of congestive heart failure with hospital outcomes among renal cancer patients in the United States: analysis of nationwide inpatient sample.

Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res 2021 Jun 15;21(3):395-402. Epub 2021 Mar 15.

School of Pharmacy, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA.

: Patients with renal cancer are at increased risk of comorbid congestive heart failure (CHF) due to several shared risk factors and the cardiotoxicity of some medications used for renal cancer treatment. We aimed to examine the relationship between CHF and hospital outcomes among renal cancer patients in the U.S. Read More

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Aquaporin water channels as regulators of cell-cell adhesion proteins.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 2021 05 24;320(5):C771-C777. Epub 2021 Feb 24.

Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

Aquaporin (AQP) water channels facilitate passive transport of water across cellular membranes following an osmotic gradient. AQPs are expressed in a multitude of epithelia, endothelia, and other cell types where they play important roles in physiology, especially in the regulation of body water homeostasis, skin hydration, and fat metabolism. AQP dysregulation is associated with many pathophysiological conditions, including nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, chronic kidney disease, and congestive heart failure. Read More

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Epidemiology of systemic sclerosis: a multi-database population-based study in Tuscany (Italy).

Orphanet J Rare Dis 2021 02 17;16(1):90. Epub 2021 Feb 17.

Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council, Via Moruzzi 1, Pisa, Italy.

Background: Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) is a chronic autoimmune disease with a complex pathogenesis that includes vascular injury, abnormal immune activation, and tissue fibrosis. We provided a complete epidemiological characterization of SSc in the Tuscany region (Italy), considering prevalence and incidence, survival, comorbidities and drug prescriptions, by using a multi-database population-based approach. Cases of SSc diagnosed between 1st January 2003 and 31st December 2017 among residents in Tuscany were collected from the population-based Rare Diseases Registry of Tuscany. Read More

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February 2021

A dose escalation study of RO6870810/TEN-10 in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Leuk Lymphoma 2021 07 13;62(7):1740-1748. Epub 2021 Feb 13.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA.

Bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) proteins can drive carcinogenesis and therapy resistance. RO6870810 (RO) is a novel, small-molecule BET inhibitor. We conducted a study in 32 patients with relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia and hypomethylating agent-refractory myelodysplastic syndrome (NCT02308761). Read More

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Dead-end stomach: a giant and pedunculated gastric pyloric gland adenoma conditioning gastric outlet obstruction and anemia.

Rev Esp Enferm Dig 2021 Sep;113(9):678-679

Gastrenterology, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Portugal.

We present the case of a 69-year-old female undergoing esophagogastroduodenoscopy for iron-deficiency anemia investigation. She reported intermittent bloating, nausea and vomiting. A pedunculated polyp was identified arising from the greater curvature of the middle gastric body, with a long fibroelastic stalk (30mm) and a 60mm congestive head that prolapsed towards the pyloric ring, causing a complete gastric outlet obstruction (GOO). Read More

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September 2021

Exophytic cavernous hemangioma arising from the right ventricle: Report of a rare case.

Pathol Int 2021 Apr 9;71(4):267-271. Epub 2021 Feb 9.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Nihon University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.

Cardiac hemangioma is relatively rare, accounting for approximately 1-3% of all primary heart tumors. This benign tumor may be an incidental lesion, but can also cause arrhythmias, pericardial effusion, congestive heart failure or outflow obstruction. We report a rare case with exophytic cardiac hemangioma arising from the right ventricle. Read More

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A Phase I/II Clinical Trial to evaluate the efficacy of baricitinib to prevent respiratory insufficiency progression in onco-hematological patients affected with COVID19: A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Trials 2021 Feb 5;22(1):116. Epub 2021 Feb 5.

Intensive Care Department, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, L'Hospitalet de LL., Barcelona, Spain.

Objectives: Baricitinib is supposed to have a double effect on SARS-CoV2 infection. Firstly, it reduces the inflammatory response through the inhibition of the Januse-Kinase signalling transducer and activator of transcription (JAK-STAT) pathway. Moreover, it reduces the receptor mediated viral endocytosis by AP2-associated protein kinase 1 (AAK1) inhibition. Read More

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February 2021