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Proteomic portraits reveal evolutionarily conserved and divergent responses to spinal cord injury.

Mol Cell Proteomics 2021 Jun 12:100096. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Division of Neurosurgery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Despite the emergence of promising therapeutic approaches in preclinical studies, the failure of large-scale clinical trials leaves clinicians without effective treatments for acute spinal cord injury (SCI). These trials are hindered by their reliance on detailed neurological examinations to establish outcomes, which inflate the time and resources required for completion. Moreover, therapeutic development takes place in animal models whose relevance to human injury remains unclear. Read More

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Precision cancer medicine: What has translated into clinical use in Belgium?

Semin Cancer Biol 2021 Jun 12. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Cancer Center, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Sciensano, Brussels, Belgium.

Rationale: In 2016, Belgium launched the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Roadbook, consisting in 10 Actions, across the health care system, to facilitate the uptake of NGS in routine clinical practice. We compiled feedback on deployment of the NGS Roadbook from governmental stakeholders and beneficiaries: health policy makers, insurance providers, pathologists, geneticists, and oncologists.

Main Findings: The Roadbook ensured the establishment of a Commission on Personalized Medicine and NGS testing guidelines. Read More

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Ethnomedicine and Neuropsychopharmacology in Mesoamerica.

J Ethnopharmacol 2021 Jun 12:114243. Epub 2021 Jun 12.

Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari, Cittadella Universitaria, 09042, Monserrato CA, Italy. Electronic address:

Ethnopharmacological Relevance: The burden of disease caused by mental and neurological disorders is increasing globally, to a disproportionate degree in Latin America. In contrast to the many psychoactive plants with a use history in Mesoamerican cultures, the translation to the wider population of knowledge around numerous botanicals used contemporarily by indigenous Mesoamerican societies to treat psychological and neurological disorders did not receive the same attention.

Material And Methods: We used the previously published Mesoamerican Medicinal Plant Database to extract species and associated botanical drugs used as treatments for illnesses associated with the nervous system by Mesoamerican cultures in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. Read More

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Probenecid increases renal retention and antitumor activity of DFMO in neuroblastoma.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, 400 Monroe Ave, NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503, USA.

Background: Neuroblastoma (NB) is the most common extracranial solid tumor in children. Interference with the polyamine biosynthesis pathway by inhibition of MYCN-activated ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) is a validated approach. The ODC inhibitor α-difluoromethylornithine (DFMO, or Eflornithine) has been FDA-approved for the treatment of trypanosomiasis and hirsutism and has advanced to clinical cancer trials including NB as well as cancer-unrelated human diseases. Read More

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Systematic review and meta-analysis of vitamin D deficiency in different pregnancy on preterm birth: Deficiency in middle pregnancy might be at risk.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Jun;100(24):e26303

Gansu Provincial Maternity and Child-Care Hospital.

Background: Current studies suggest that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can produce a certain effect for preterm birth (PTB), but there is no research showing whether vitamin D deficiency has a consistent effect in different pregnancies; thus, we conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 24 observational studies, grouping them according to the gestational age at the time of serum sampling, to investigate whether vitamin D deficiency in different periods of gestation has different effects on PTB and to provide an evidence-based basis for pregnant women to measure and supplement vitamin D.

Methods: The databases PubMed-Medline, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, Web of Science, EBSCO, CBM, and CNKI were searched until February 2020. Two researchers independently assessed the eligibility and quality of studies, and STATA 12. Read More

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Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric validation of the Korean version of rehabilitation complexity scale for the measurement of complex rehabilitation needs.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Jun;100(24):e26259

TBI Rehabilitation Center, National Traffic Injury Rehabilitation Hospital, Gyeonggi-do.

Abstract: The aim of this study was to translate and cross-culturally adapt the Rehabilitation Complexity Scale-Extended version 13 (RCS-E v13) to develop the Korean version of the Rehabilitation Complexity Scale (KRCS), and to explore its reliability, and concurrent and construct validity.This research was an observational study of a series of consecutive rehabilitation inpatients who were previously assessed with KRCS and grouped with the Korean rehabilitation patient group version 1.1 (KRPG v1. Read More

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Structure of Tau filaments in Prion protein amyloidoses.

Acta Neuropathol 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, 46202, USA.

In human neurodegenerative diseases associated with the intracellular aggregation of Tau protein, the ordered cores of Tau filaments adopt distinct folds. Here, we analyze Tau filaments isolated from the brain of individuals affected by Prion-Protein cerebral amyloid angiopathy (PrP-CAA) with a nonsense mutation in the PRNP gene that leads to early termination of translation of PrP (Q160Ter or Q160X), and Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker (GSS) disease, with a missense mutation in the PRNP gene that leads to an amino acid substitution at residue 198 (F198S) of PrP. The clinical and neuropathologic phenotypes associated with these two mutations in PRNP are different; however, the neuropathologic analyses of these two genetic variants have consistently shown the presence of numerous neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) made of filamentous Tau aggregates in neurons. Read More

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Innate immunity stimulation via CpG oligodeoxynucleotides ameliorates Alzheimer's disease pathology in aged squirrel monkeys.

Brain 2021 Jun 15. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Center for Cognitive Neurology and Department of Neurology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY 10016, USA.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and the only illness among the top 10 causes of death for which there is no disease-modifying therapy. The failure rate of clinical trials is very high, in part due to the premature translation of successful results in transgenic mouse models to patients. Extensive evidence suggests that dysregulation of innate immunity and microglia/macrophages plays a key role in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis. Read More

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PI3K inhibitors are finally coming of age.

Nat Rev Drug Discov 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Overactive phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) in cancer and immune dysregulation has spurred extensive efforts to develop therapeutic PI3K inhibitors. Although progress has been hampered by issues such as poor drug tolerance and drug resistance, several PI3K inhibitors have now received regulatory approval - the PI3Kα isoform-selective inhibitor alpelisib for the treatment of breast cancer and inhibitors mainly aimed at the leukocyte-enriched PI3Kδ in B cell malignancies. In addition to targeting cancer cell-intrinsic PI3K activity, emerging evidence highlights the potential of PI3K inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy. Read More

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Inhibition of translation initiation factor eIF4a inactivates heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) and exerts anti-leukemia activity in AML.

Leukemia 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Leukemia, Section of Molecular Hematology and Therapy, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA.

Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A), the enzymatic core of the eIF4F complex essential for translation initiation, plays a key role in the oncogenic reprogramming of protein synthesis, and thus is a putative therapeutic target in cancer. As important component of its anticancer activity, inhibition of translation initiation can alleviate oncogenic activation of HSF1, a stress-inducible transcription factor that enables cancer cell growth and survival. Here, we show that primary acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells exhibit the highest transcript levels of eIF4A1 compared to other cancer types. Read More

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The progression of disorder-specific brain pattern expression in schizophrenia over 9 years.

NPJ Schizophr 2021 Jun 14;7(1):32. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, Germany.

Age plays a crucial role in the performance of schizophrenia vs. controls (SZ-HC) neuroimaging-based machine learning (ML) models as the accuracy of identifying first-episode psychosis from controls is poor compared to chronic patients. Resolving whether this finding reflects longitudinal progression in a disorder-specific brain pattern or a systematic but non-disorder-specific deviation from a normal brain aging (BA) trajectory in schizophrenia would help the clinical translation of diagnostic ML models. Read More

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Differences in U.S. Rural-Urban Trends in Diabetes ABCS, 1999-2018.

Diabetes Care 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Division of Diabetes Translation, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA.

Objective: To examine changes in and the relationships between diabetes management and rural and urban residence.

Research Design And Methods: Using National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1999-2018) data from 6,372 adults aged ≥18 years with self-reported diagnosed diabetes, we examined poor ABCS: A1C >9% (>75 mmol/mol), Blood pressure (BP) ≥140/90 mmHg, Cholesterol (non-HDL) ≥160 mg/dL (≥4.1 mmol/L), and current Smoking. Read More

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REPORT-PFP: a consensus from the International Patellofemoral Research Network to improve REPORTing of quantitative PatelloFemoral Pain studies.

Br J Sports Med 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Sports and Exercise Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK.

Patellofemoral pain is a common and often debilitating musculoskeletal condition. Clinical translation and evidence synthesis of patellofemoral pain research are compromised by heterogenous and often inadequately reported study details. This consensus statement and associated checklist provides standards for REPORTing of quantitative PatelloFemoral Pain (REPORT-PFP) research to enhance clinical translation and evidence synthesis, and support clinician engagement with research and data collection. Read More

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Red blood cell transfusion in animal models of acute brain injuries: a systematic review protocol.

Syst Rev 2021 Jun 14;10(1):177. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

CHU de Québec - Université Laval Research Center, Population Health and Optimal Health Practices Research Unit (Trauma-Emergency-Critical Care Medicine), Université Laval, Québec, QC, Canada.

Background: Anemia is common in neurocritically ill patients. Considering the limited clinical evidence in this population, preclinical data may provide some understanding of the potential impact of anemia and of red blood cell transfusion in these patients. We aim to estimate the association between different transfusion strategies and neurobehavioral outcome in animal models. Read More

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Protocol for A randomised feasibility trial comparing fluoride interventions to prevent dental decay in older people in care homes (FInCH trial).

BMC Oral Health 2021 Jun 14;21(1):302. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences, Dental Public Health, Centre for Host Microbiome Interactions, King's College London, Denmark Hill Campus, Bessemer Road, London, SE59RS, UK.

Background: The number and proportion of older people globally is growing faster than that of any other age group. At the same time the number of people retaining some of their own teeth is rising. There significant differences between those living in care and their community dwelling peers, with evidence showing those in care having fewer teeth and significantly higher levels of dental decay. Read More

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MiR-92a-3p promotes the malignant progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by mediating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway.

Curr Pharm Des 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of hepatobiliary surgery, Tangshan Gongren Hospital, Tangshan, 063000, China.

Background: As one of the most common cancers in the world, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) usually has a poor prognosis. Many HCC patients are usually diagnosed at advanced stages. Therefore, new potential biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of HCC are urgently needed. Read More

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Psychometric properties for the Norwegian translations of two revised APHAB-subscales and an adapted IOI-HA (IOI-CI) in patients with cochlear implants.

Int J Audiol 2021 Jun 15:1-8. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway.

Objective: The objective was to examine the psychometric properties of two questionnaires in Norwegian for the self-assessment of satisfaction following cochlear implantation.

Design: The International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids adapted for cochlear implants (IOI-CI) and two revised subscales from the Norwegian translation of the Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB) were applied. Internal consistency was tested using Cronbach's . Read More

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Deacylated tRNA Accumulation Is a Trigger for Bacterial Antibiotic Persistence Independent of the Stringent Response.

mBio 2021 Jun 15:e0113221. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Bacterial antibiotic persistence occurs when bacteria are treated with an antibiotic and the majority of the population rapidly dies off, but a small subpopulation enters into a dormant, persistent state and evades death. Diverse pathways leading to nucleoside triphosphate (NTP) depletion and restricted translation have been implicated in persistence, suggesting alternative redundant routes may exist to initiate persister formation. To investigate the molecular mechanism of one such pathway, functional variants of an essential component of translation (phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase [PheRS]) were used to study the effects of quality control on antibiotic persistence. Read More

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Optical Coherence Tomography for Neurovascular Disorders.

Neuroscience 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Radiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 55 Lake Ave N, Worcester, Massachusetts 01655, United States.

Diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease includes vascular neuroimaging techniques such as CT angiography, MR angiography (with or without use of contrast agents) and catheter digital subtraction angiography. These techniques provide mostly information about the vessel lumen. Vessel wall imaging with MR seeks to characterize cerebrovascular pathology, but with resolution that is often insufficient for small lesions. Read More

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Methodological needs in the quality and safety characterisation of nanotechnology-based health products: Priorities for method development and standardisation.

J Control Release 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, SINTEF Industry, Trondheim, Norway.

Nanotechnology-based health products are providing innovative solutions in health technologies and the pharmaceutical field, responding to unmet clinical needs. However, suitable standardised methods need to be available for the assessment of quality and safety of these innovative products prior to their translation into the clinic and for monitoring it when manufacturing processes are changed. The question arises which technological solutions are currently available within the scientific community to support the requested characterisation of nanotechnology-based products, and which methodological developments should be prioritized to support product developers in their regulatory assessment. Read More

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Bovine extracellular vesicles contaminate human extracellular vesicles produced in cell culture conditioned medium when 'exosome-depleted serum' is utilised.

Arch Biochem Biophys 2021 Jun 11;708:108963. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Deakin University, School of Medicine, IMPACT, Institute for Innovation in Physical and Mental Health and Clinical Translation, Geelong, Victoria, 3216, Australia; Shanghai OneTar-Deakin Joint Laboratory of Personalized Precision Medicine, Shanghai, 201203, China. Electronic address:

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are important intercellular communication messengers. Half of the published studies in the field are in vitro cell culture based in which bovine serum in various concentrations and forms is used to facilitate the production of extracellular vesicles. 'Exosome depleted serum' is the type of bovine serum most widely used in the production of human EVs. Read More

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Vitamin C deficiency inhibits non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression through impaired de novo lipogenesis.

Am J Pathol 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Republic of Korea; Stem Cell Therapeutic Research Institute, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:

Despite the increasing clinical importance of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), little is known about its underlying pathogenesis or specific treatment. The senescence marker protein 30 (SMP30), which regulates the biosynthesis of vitamin C in many mammals except primates and humans, was recently recognized as a gluconolactonase. However, the precise relation between vitamin C and lipid metabolism in NAFLD is not completely understood. Read More

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Remyelination therapies for multiple sclerosis: Optimizing translation from animal models into clinical trials.

Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Departments of Neurology and Neurologic Surgery Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota 55905 USA.

Introduction: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Demyelination, the main pathology in MS, contributes to clinical symptoms and long-term neurological deficits if left untreated. Remyelination, the natural repair of damaged myelin by cells of the oligodendrocyte lineage occurs in MS, but eventually fails in most patients as they age. Read More

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Challenges in surgical video annotation.

Comput Assist Surg (Abingdon) 2021 Dec;26(1):58-68

Surgical AI & Innovation Laboratory, Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA.

Annotation of surgical video is important for establishing ground truth in surgical data science endeavors that involve computer vision. With the growth of the field over the last decade, several challenges have been identified in annotating spatial, temporal, and clinical elements of surgical video as well as challenges in selecting annotators. In reviewing current challenges, we provide suggestions on opportunities for improvement and possible next steps to enable translation of surgical data science efforts in surgical video analysis to clinical research and practice. Read More

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December 2021

Translation and adaptation of adult self report: A tool for assessment of adult psychopathology.

J Pak Med Assoc 2021 Apr;71(4):1133-1138

National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Objective: To translate, adapt and validate the Adult Self-Report tool in Urdu language, and to establish internal consistency of its subscales.

Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted from September 2017 to August 2018 at the National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, and comprised adult stable psychiatric outpatients and non-clinical subjects from the community. After forward and backward translation of Adult Self-Report, the tool was tested on the subjects who responded on a three-point Likert scale from 'never' to 'very often'. Read More

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Genomic evolution and virulence association of sequence type 37 (ribotype 017) in China.

Emerg Microbes Infect 2021 Jun 14:1-0. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

School of Laboratory Medicine, Hangzhou Medical College, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310053, China.

sequence type (ST) 37 (ribotype 017) is one of the most prevalent genotypes circulating in China. However, its genomic evolution and virulence determinants were rarely explored. Whole-genome sequencing, phylogeographic and phylogenetic analyses were conducted for ST37 isolates. Read More

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Tuneable Hybrid Hydrogels via Complementary Self-Assembly of a Bioactive Peptide with a Robust Polysaccharide.

ACS Biomater Sci Eng 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Biofab3D, Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia.

Synthetic materials designed for improved biomimicry of the extracellular matrix must contain fibrous, bioactive, and mechanical cues. Self-assembly of low molecular weight gelator (LMWG) peptides Fmoc-DIKVAV (Fmoc-aspartic acid-isoleucine-lysine-valine-alanine-valine) and Fmoc-FRGDF (Fmoc-phenylalanine-arginine-glycine-aspartic acid-phenylalanine) creates fibrous and bioactive hydrogels. Polysaccharides such as agarose are biocompatible, degradable, and non-toxic. Read More

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Myocardial remote ischemic preconditioning: from cell biology to clinical application.

Mol Cell Biochem 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology (INFICA), University of Buenos Aires, 950 J. E. Uriburu, 2nd floor, C1114AAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Remote ischemic preconditioning (rIPC) is a cardioprotective phenomenon where brief periods of ischemia followed by reperfusion of one organ/tissue can confer subsequent protection against ischemia/reperfusion injury in other organs, such as the heart. It involves activation of humoral, neural or systemic communication pathways inducing different intracellular signals in the heart. The main purpose of this review is to summarize the possible mechanisms involved in the rIPC cardioprotection, and to describe recent clinical trials to establish the efficacy of these strategies in cardioprotection from lethal ischemia/reperfusion injury. Read More

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3D-Printed Drug Capture Materials Based on Genomic DNA Coatings.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2021 Jun 14. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, United States.

The toxic side effects of chemotherapy have long limited its efficacy, prompting expensive and long-drawn efforts to develop more targeted cancer therapeutics. An alternative approach to mitigate off-target toxicity is to develop a device that can sequester chemotherapeutic agents from the veins that drain the target organ before they enter systemic circulation. This effectively localizes the chemotherapy to the target organ, minimizing any hazardous side effects. Read More

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Portuguese version of Parent-reported Drug Hypersensitivity Quality of Life Questionnaire (P-DrHy-Q): assessment of reliability and validity.

Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol 2021 Jun 11. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, EPE, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Summary: Drug hypersensitivity in children impacts the quality of life of the patients and their caregivers. The parent-reported drug hypersensitivity quality of life questionnaire (P-DrHy-Q), the first disease-specific quality-of-life questionnaire for caregivers who have children with drug hypersensitivity, was recently developed. The aim of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of the portuguese version of the P-DrHy-Q. Read More

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