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Occupational stress among teachers of learners with special needs.

J Community Psychol 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education, Faculty of Education, University of Zululand, Richards Bay, South Africa.

This study assessed the prediction of occupational stress through personality traits, gender and occupational stress among teachers of learners with special needs (TLSN) from the southwest, Nigeria. The transactional stress theory provided a framework for the study. Data were collected through a paper-pencil self-completed questionnaire. Read More

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September 2021

The correlation between neonatal parameters and late-onset inner ear disorders in congenital cytomegalovirus infection: an 10-year population-based cohort study.

Clin Otolaryngol 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Tri-Service General Hospital, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

Objective: To evaluate the correlation of neonatal parameters with late-onset sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and vestibular dysfunction in individuals with congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) infection using the National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) in Taiwan.

Design: Retrospective cohort study.

Setting: The whole Taiwanese population. Read More

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September 2021

Cemented versus screw-retained posterior implant-supported single crowns: a 24- month randomized controlled clinical trial.

Clin Oral Implants Res 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Department of Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, RWTH University Hospital, Pauwelsstrasse 30, D-52074, Aachen, Germany.

Objectives: To compare the incidence of biological and technical complications of cemented and screw-retained monolithic lithium disilicate implant-supported posterior single crowns.

Material And Methods: Forty-one subjects with a total of 56 implants received randomly allocated 28 cemented and 28 screw-retained crowns. In the screw-retained group monolithic lithium disilicate restorations were luted to titanium bases extraorally. Read More

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September 2021

Impact of Plasmatic Progesterone on the Day of Frozen Embryo Transfer in Hormone-induced Cycles.

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet 2021 Aug 21;43(8):608-615. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, Lisboa, Portugal.

Objective:  To establish a relationship between serum progesterone values on the day of frozen blastocyst transfer in hormone-replaced cycles with the probability of pregnancy, miscarriage or delivery.

Methods:  This was an ambispective observational study including all frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles performed at our department following in vitro fecundation from May 2018 to June 2019. The outcomes evaluated were β human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG)-positive pregnancy and delivery. Read More

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Concordance Between Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge in Chilean Women.

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet 2021 Aug 21;43(8):600-607. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Preclinical Sciences Department.

Objective:  To determine the concordance between the clinical diagnosis of women with abnormal vaginal discharge (AVD) and laboratory results using molecular detection and observation of the vaginal microbiota.

Methods:  Cross-sectional study conducted in 2018 in Temuco, Chile. A total of 25 midwives from 12 health centers participated. Read More

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Effect of Stem Positioning on Biomechanical Performance of a Novel Cementless Short-Stem Canine Total Hip Implant.

Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, United States.

Objective:  The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of stem positioning on the biomechanical performance of a novel, collared, short-stem total hip implant under compression and torsion .

Study Design:  Six canine cadaveric femurs were implanted with a collared short-stem femoral implant. Canal flare index (CFI), stem angle, absolute and relative cut heights and relative size were measured radiographically and used as independent variables. Read More

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September 2021

Short-Term Clinical Assessment of Hip Hemi-Arthroplasty in 11 Dogs.

Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Veterinary Specialist Services, Carrara, Queensland, Australia.

Objective:  The aim of this study was to assess the short-term clinical outcome in dogs following a hip hemi-arthroplasty for the treatment of primary pathological disorders of the hip and as a salvage procedure following failure of the cup component of a total hip replacement.

Materials And Methods:  Medical records of dogs that had a unilateral hip hemi-arthroplasty performed between 2015 and 2020 were reviewed. Data collected included follow-up orthopaedic examinations performed at 0, 2, 8 and 52 weeks postoperatively, pelvic radiography at 0, 8 and 52 weeks postoperatively and an owner questionnaire (Helsinki chronic pain index [HCPI]). Read More

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September 2021

Injuries in underwater rugby: a retrospective cross-sectional epidemiological study.

Diving Hyperb Med 2021 Sep;51(3):282-287

Department of Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital Essen.

Introduction: Underwater rugby (UWR) is a team sport which combines swimming sprints, apnoea diving, a good overview of the three-dimensional underwater space and wrestling for the ball.This was the first epidemiological study of UWR injuries in a large international collective.

Methods: A questionnaire containing 124 questions was distributed to 198 active UWR players and completed under the supervision of medical staff. Read More

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September 2021

Efficacy and safety of hyperbaric oxygen treatment in SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) pneumonia: a systematic review.

Diving Hyperb Med 2021 Sep;51(3):271-281

Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada.

Introduction: The need for intubation and mechanical ventilation among COVID-19 patients is associated with high mortality rates and places a substantial burden on the healthcare system. There is a strong pathophysiological rationale suggesting that hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT), a low-risk and non-invasive treatment, may be beneficial for COVID-19 patients. This systematic review aimed to explore the potential effectiveness and safety of HBOT for treating patients with COVID-19. Read More

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September 2021

Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on patients with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction.

Diving Hyperb Med 2021 Sep;51(3):256-263

Service de Médecine Hyperbare, Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis, Québec, Canada.

Introduction: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is available to a wide spectrum of patients, many with significant co-morbidities. Considering its effects on cardiac physiology and reports of pulmonary oedema following exposure, concerns exist about the safety of patients with compromised cardiac function. Few studies have described adverse events occurring during HBOT and even fewer reports address events arising in the hours following HBOT. Read More

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September 2021

Analysis of Cross-Reactivity and Allergic Symptoms of 19 Allergens: Results from NHANES 2005-2006.

Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2021 Sep 21:1-10. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

Introduction: We explored the cross-reactivity among 19 common allergen sources and evaluated the influence of serum IgE concentrations and the number of sensitized allergens on the incidence of allergic symptoms.

Methods: We conducted this cross-sectional analysis using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005-2006 which is a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the USA. After excluding participants with missing data from the allergen IgE test, allergy questionnaire, and respiratory health questionnaire, a total of 7,224 participants aged 6 years and older were included, as children younger than 6 years old did not complete all 19 allergen-specific IgE tests. Read More

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September 2021

Soy Foods and the Risk of Fracture: A Systematic Review of Prospective Cohort Studies.

Complement Med Res 2021 Sep 21:1-10. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Research Center, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.

Objectives: The primary objective of our study was to systematically review all available prospective cohort studies which investigated the association of soy food intake and incident fracture risk.

Methods: We searched PubMed, Scopus, and Embase databases for relevant studies up to June 2021.

Synthesis: Of 695 records, a total of 5 cohort studies were included in the current systematic review. Read More

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September 2021

Depth of thermal dispersion of monopolar radiofrequency heating in the vaginal wall.

Biomed Phys Eng Express 2021 Sep 21. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Division of Applied Mechanics, US Food and Drug Administration, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20993, UNITED STATES.

The use of energy-based devices to treat genitourinary syndrome of menopause, termed vaginal thermotherapy (VTT), has gained significant interest in recent years. Among the primary safety concerns of this relatively new procedure is the possibility of unintentionally heating tissues adjacent to the vaginal wall, i.e. Read More

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September 2021

COVID associated mucormycosis: A preliminary study from a dedicated COVID Hospital in Delhi.

Am J Otolaryngol 2021 Sep 11;43(1):103220. Epub 2021 Sep 11.

Maulana Azad Medical College and Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Background: It is an incontrovertible fact that the Rhino Orbital Cerebral Mucormycosis (ROCM) upsurge is being seen in the context of COVID-19 in India. Briefly presented is evidence that in patients with uncontrolled diabetes, a dysfunctional immune system due to SARS-COV-2 and injudicious use of corticosteroids may be largely responsible for this malady.

Objective: To find the possible impact of COVID 19 infection and various co-morbidities on occurrence of ROCM and demonstrate the outcome based on medical and surgical interventions. Read More

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September 2021

Modeling small remotely piloted aircraft system to head impact for investigating craniocerebral response.

J Biomech 2021 Sep 10;128:110748. Epub 2021 Sep 10.

Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada; School of Biomedical Engineering, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. Electronic address:

Understanding small remotely piloted aircraft system (sRPAS) to human head impacts is needed to better protect human head during sRPAS ground collision accidents. Recent literature reported cadaveric data on sRPAS to human head impacts, which provided a unique opportunity for developing validated computational models. However, there lacks an understanding of skull stress and brain strain during these impacts. Read More

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September 2021

Periodic bilayer organization in the complexes of Beta-2 Glycoprotein I with anionic lipid membranes.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 2021 Sep 16;208:112118. Epub 2021 Sep 16.

Departamento de Química Biológica Ranwel Caputto, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Haya de la Torre y Medina Allende, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina; Centro de Investigaciones en Química Biológica de Córdoba (CIQUIBIC), CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina. Electronic address:

β2 glycoprotein I (β2GPI) is a soluble protein that participates in blood coagulation, clearance of apoptotic bodies and generation of antigens in antiphospholipid syndrome among many other functions. We studied the aggregates formed by β2GPI with the anionic phospholipids palmitoyloleoylphosphatidyl glycerol, dimyristoylphosphatidyl glycerol, dipalmitoylphosphatidyl glycerol and cardiolipin using small angle X-ray scattering. The complexes obtained in a medium containing 0. Read More

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September 2021

Impact of seminal and serum zinc on semen quality and hormonal status: A population-based cohort study of Russian young men.

J Trace Elem Med Biol 2021 Sep 7;68:126855. Epub 2021 Sep 7.

Department of Human Molecular Genetics, Federal Research Center 'Institute of Cytology and Genetics', the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prospekt Academician Lavrentyeva 10, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russian Federation. Electronic address:

Background: Trace elements are important factors in human reproductive health. Among them, special attention is paid to zinc, which is an essential trace element and is necessary for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system and the process of spermatogenesis. The aim of the study was to investigate the association between seminal and serum zinc concentrations and semen quality and reproductive hormone levels in population of Russian young men. Read More

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September 2021

Filling the knowledge gap: A suspect screening study for 1310 potentially persistent and mobile chemicals with SFC- and HILIC-HRMS in two German river systems.

Water Res 2021 Sep 10;204:117645. Epub 2021 Sep 10.

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Permoserstrasse 15, Leipzig 04318, Germany; University of Leipzig, Institute for Analytical Chemistry, Linnéstrasse 3, Leipzig 04103, Germany. Electronic address:

Persistent and mobile chemicals (PM chemicals) were searched for in surface waters by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), both coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). A suspect screening was performed using a newly compiled list of 1310 potential PM chemicals to the data of 11 surface water samples from two river systems. In total, 64 compounds were identified by this approach. Read More

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September 2021

Implication of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide signalling in alleviating arsenate stress in rice seedlings.

Environ Pollut 2021 Aug 13;291:117958. Epub 2021 Aug 13.

Plant Physiology Laboratory, Department of Botany, C.M.P. Degree College, A Constituent Post Graduate College of University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, 211002, India. Electronic address:

Nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (HS) since their discovery have proven to be game changing molecules in alleviating abiotic stress. They individually play role in plant stress management while the pathways of stress regulation through their crosstalk remain elusive. The current study focuses on investigating the interplay of NO and HS signalling in the amelioration of arsenate As(V) toxicity in rice seedlings and managing its growth, photosynthesis, sucrose and proline metabolism. Read More

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Effect of exercise training on body composition in patients with obstructive sleep apnea: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Sleep Med 2021 Sep 3;87:105-113. Epub 2021 Sep 3.

Sleep and Heart Laboratory, Pronto Socorro Cardiológico de Pernambuco (PROCAPE), University of Pernambuco, (UPE), Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil; Department of Health Sciences, University of Pernambuco, (UPE), Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Reduction in adiposity is considered a cornerstone in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Exercise training is one of the interventions used in the treatment of OSA. However, it remains unclear whether exercise training alleviates OSA by improving body composition. Read More

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September 2021

Colloid cysts: Neuropsychological outcome, quality of life and long-term control after endoscopic gross total resection.

Clin Neurol Neurosurg 2021 Sep 16;209:106951. Epub 2021 Sep 16.

Department of Neurosurgery, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India.

Background: Endoscopy is increasingly being adopted for removing colloid cysts. However, the neuropsychological outcome and quality of life (QOL) have not been studied in detail. This study is to evaluate the efficacy of endoscopic excision on cognitive measures and QOL. Read More

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September 2021

A meta-analysis of the relationship between eating restraint, impaired cognitive control and cognitive bias to food in non-clinical samples.

Clin Psychol Rev 2021 Sep 8;89:102082. Epub 2021 Sep 8.

School of Psychology, UNSW Sydney, Australia.

Aim: Food restriction is argued to be a precursor for unhealthy preoccupation with food, possibly leading to the development of an eating disorder. We updated previous meta-analyses that examined the relationship between eating restraint and deficits in either general or food-related attentional and inhibitory control. We hypothesized that inconsistencies in the literature around eating restraint, impaired cognitive control, impulsivity and cognitive biases for food could be attributed to the scale used to measure eating restraint. Read More

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September 2021

Machine learning based early mortality prediction in the emergency department.

Int J Med Inform 2021 Sep 8;155:104570. Epub 2021 Sep 8.

School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China; Big Data Research Center, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. Electronic address:

Background: It is a great challenge for emergency physicians to early detect the patient's deterioration and prevent unexpected death through a large amount of clinical data, which requires sufficient experience and keen insight.

Objective: To evaluate the performance of machine learning models in quantifying the severity of emergency department (ED) patients and identifying high-risk patients.

Methods: Using routinely-available demographics, vital signs and laboratory tests extracted from electronic health records (EHRs), a framework based on machine learning and feature engineering was proposed for mortality prediction. Read More

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September 2021

Protective effects of lycopene on mitochondrial oxidative injury and dysfunction in the liver of aflatoxin B-exposed broilers.

Poult Sci 2021 Aug 19;100(11):101441. Epub 2021 Aug 19.

College of Animal Science and Technology, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, 225009, P. R. China; Joint International Research Laboratory of Agriculture and Agri-Product Safety of Ministry of Education of China, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, 225009, P. R. China. Electronic address:

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of lycopene (LYC) on mitochondrial oxidative injury and dysfunction in the liver of aflatoxin B (AFB)-exposed broilers. A total of 192 healthy 1-day-old male broilers were randomly divided into 3 groups with 8 replicates of 8 birds each. Birds in the 3 groups were fed basal diet (control), basal diet with 100 µg/kg AFB, and basal diet with 100 µg/kg AFB and 200 mg/kg LYC, respectively. Read More

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Evaluating endogenous loss and standard ileal digestibility of amino acids in response to the graded severity levels of E. maxima infection.

Poult Sci 2021 Aug 13;100(11):101426. Epub 2021 Aug 13.

Department of Poultry Science, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA. Electronic address:

The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of graded levels of Eimeria maxima challenge on endogenous loss, apparent ileal digestibility (AID), and standard ileal digestibility (SID) of amino acids. A total of 768 fourteen-day-old male Cobb 500 broiler chickens were randomly allocated into 64 battery cages. Apart from the regular corn-soybean based diet, the nitrogen-free diet (NFD) was formulated to determine the endogenous loss of amino acids. Read More

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Effect of methionine chelated Zn and Mn and corn particle size on Large White male turkey live performance and carcass yields.

Poult Sci 2021 Aug 20;100(11):101444. Epub 2021 Aug 20.

Prestage Department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7608, USA. Electronic address:

Most turkey research has been conducted with a regular corn particle size set through phase-feeding programs. This study's first objective was to determine the effect of increasing corn particle size through the feed phases on performance, processing yield, and feed milling energy usage in Large White commercial male turkey production. Zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn) are essential microminerals for animals' healthy growth. Read More

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Welfare and performance of slower growing broiler breeders during rearing.

Poult Sci 2021 Aug 19;100(11):101434. Epub 2021 Aug 19.

Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1 Canada. Electronic address:

Current commercial strains of broiler breeders can only achieve an optimal reproductive performance under feed restriction. However, chronic feed restriction in broiler breeders is a welfare concern because of physiological and behavioral signs of hunger, lack of satiety, and frustrated feeding motivation. The objective of this research was to assess the welfare and performance of slower growing broiler breeders during rearing. Read More

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Color-coded multiphase computed tomography angiography may predict outcome in anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke.

J Neurol Sci 2021 Sep 16;430:119989. Epub 2021 Sep 16.

Unit of Neurology, Neurophysiology, Neurobiology, Department of Medicine, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, via Álvaro del Portillo, 21, 00128 Rome, Italy.

Purpose: To evaluate whether arterial and venous color-coded mCTA score may predict clinical outcome in anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke.

Methods: Consecutive patients referred to the emergency department with anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke (AIS) were retrospectively reviewed at our center. All patients underwent multimodal brain computed tomography (CT) imaging, including non-contrast CT (NCCT) and multiphase computed tomography angiography (mCTA). Read More

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September 2021

A scoping review: Investigating the extent and legal process of cauda equina syndrome claims for UK physiotherapists.

Musculoskelet Sci Pract 2021 Sep 15;56:102458. Epub 2021 Sep 15.

Department of Health Professions, Faculty Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.

Introduction: Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) is a condition where early identification and treatment is crucial to avoid potentially life changing devastating effects. This paper reviews the extent and process of CES litigation amongst UK physiotherapists.

Methods: A well-established framework by Arksey and O'Malley was followed when completing the current scoping review. Read More

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September 2021

Association between perioperative intravenous lidocaine and subjective quality of recovery: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

J Clin Anesth 2021 Sep 18;75:110521. Epub 2021 Sep 18.

Department of Emergency Medicine, E-Da Hospital, Kaohsiung city, Taiwan; College of Medicine, I-Shou University, Kaohsiun cityg, Taiwan. Electronic address:

Study Objective: To evaluate the impact of perioperative intravenous lidocaine on the quality of recovery (QoR) following surgery.

Design: Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Setting: Postoperative care. Read More

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September 2021