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Cardiac Glycosides as Immune System Modulators.

Biomolecules 2021 Apr 29;11(5). Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Technická 3, 166 28 Prague 6, Czech Republic.

Cardiac glycosides (CGs) are natural steroid compounds occurring both in plants and animals. They are known for long as cardiotonic agents commonly used for various cardiac diseases due to inhibition of Na/K-ATPase (NKA) pumping activity and modulating heart muscle contractility. However, recent studies show that the portfolio of diseases potentially treatable with CGs is much broader. Read More

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Simultaneous Recognition of Dopamine and Uric Acid in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid via an Intercalated MXene/PPy Nanocomposite.

Sensors (Basel) 2021 Apr 28;21(9). Epub 2021 Apr 28.

Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou 215163, China.

Two-dimensional (2D) MXenes have shown a great potential for chemical sensing due to their electric properties. In this work, a TiCT/polypyrrole (MXene/PPy) nanocomposite has been synthesized and immobilized into a glassy carbon electrode to enable the simultaneous recognition of dopamine (DA) and uric acid (UA) under the interference of ascorbic acid (AA). The multilayer TiCT MXene was prepared via the aqueous acid etching method and delaminated to a single layer nanosheet, benefiting the in-situ growth of PPy nanowires. Read More

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Unveiling the Fundamental Mechanisms of Graphene Oxide Selectivity on the Ascorbic Acid, Dopamine, and Uric Acid by Density Functional Theory Calculations and Charge Population Analysis.

Sensors (Basel) 2021 Apr 14;21(8). Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Center of Excellence in Theoretical and Computational Science (TaCS-CoE), Faculty of Science, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), 126 Pracha Uthit Rd., Bang Mod, Thung Khru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand.

The selectivity of electrochemical sensors to ascorbic acid (AA), dopamine (DA), and uric acid (UA) remains an open challenge in the field of biosensing. In this study, the selective mechanisms for detecting AA, DA, and UA molecules on the graphene and graphene oxide substrates were illustrated through the charge population analysis from the density functional theory (DFT) calculation results. Our substrate models contained the 1:10 oxygen per carbon ratio of reduced graphene oxide, and the functionalized configurations were selected according to the formation energy. Read More

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Screening of FDA-Approved Drugs Using a MERS-CoV Clinical Isolate from South Korea Identifies Potential Therapeutic Options for COVID-19.

Viruses 2021 04 9;13(4). Epub 2021 Apr 9.

Applied Molecular Virology Laboratory, Unmet Medical Needs Group, Discovery Biology Department, Institut Pasteur Korea, Seongnam 13488, Gyeonggi, Korea.

Therapeutic options for coronaviruses remain limited. To address this unmet medical need, we screened 5406 compounds, including United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs and bioactives, for activity against a South Korean Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) clinical isolate. Among 221 identified hits, 54 had therapeutic indexes (TI) greater than 6, representing effective drugs. Read More

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Linn leaves ameliorates experimental induced heart failure in Wistar rats.

J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol 2021 Apr 29. Epub 2021 Apr 29.

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Objectives: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are highly prevalent in various countries, and heart failure accounts for the majority of deaths. The present study focuses on determining the protective effect of ethanol extract of leaves of (TIEE) by and methods.

Methods: cardiotonic activity was determined using Langendorff's heart perfusion assembly. Read More

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Digoxin vs Bisoprolol for Heart Rate Control in Atrial Fibrillation.

JAMA 2021 04;325(16):1680-1681

Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute and Research Foundation, Kansas City, Kansas.

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Digoxin vs Bisoprolol for Heart Rate Control in Atrial Fibrillation-Reply.

Dipak Kotecha

JAMA 2021 04;325(16):1681-1682

University of Birmingham Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, England.

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In vitro effects of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dobutamine on lipopolysaccharide-stimulated production of tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-6, and interleukin-10 in blood from healthy dogs.

Am J Vet Res 2021 May;82(5):374-380

Objective: To determine the in vitro effects of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dobutamine on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated production of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and interleukin-10 (IL-10) in blood from healthy dogs.

Samples: Blood samples from 9 healthy dogs.

Procedures: Blood samples were incubated with LPS from O127:B8 or PBSS (control) for 1 hour. Read More

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A spotlight on the elusive striatal cholinergic interneuron.

Science 2021 04;372(6540):345-346

Department of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.

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Concerted evolution reveals co-adapted amino acid substitutions in NaK-ATPase of frogs that prey on toxic toads.

Curr Biol 2021 Apr 20. Epub 2021 Apr 20.

Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA. Electronic address:

Although gene duplication is an important source of evolutionary innovation, the functional divergence of duplicates can be opposed by ongoing gene conversion between them. Here, we report on the evolution of a tandem duplication of Na,K-ATPase subunit α1 (ATP1A1) shared by frogs in the genus Leptodactylus, a group of species that feeds on toxic toads. One ATP1A1 paralog evolved resistance to toad toxins although the other retained ancestral susceptibility. Read More

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Toad venom: A comprehensive review of chemical constituents, anticancer activities, and mechanisms.

Arch Pharm (Weinheim) 2021 Apr 22:e2100060. Epub 2021 Apr 22.

College of Pharmacy, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinan, China.

Toad venom, a traditional natural medicine, has been used for hundreds of years in China for treating different diseases. Many studies have been performed to elucidate the cardiotonic and analgesic activities of toad venom. Until the last decade, an increasing number of studies have documented that toad venom is a source of lead compound(s) for the development of potential cancer treatment drugs. Read More

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Endogenous Cardiotonics: Search And Problems.

Cardiovasc Hematol Disord Drug Targets 2021 Apr 19. Epub 2021 Apr 19.

Institute of Biochemistry of Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine, Novosibirsk. Russian Federation.

Medicinal preparations currently used for the treatment of patients with chronic cardiac failure involve those that reduce the heart load (vasodilators, diuretics, beta-blockers, and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors). Cardiotonic drugs with the cAMP-dependent mechanism are unsuitable for long-term administration due to the intensification of metabolic processes and an increase in the oxygen demand of the myocardium and all tissues of the body. For many years, digoxin has remained the only preparation enhancing the efficiency of myocardial performance. Read More

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[Safety and efficacy of ultrafiltration on heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction and diuretic resistance: results from a single-center randomized controlled trial].

Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi 2021 Apr 24;49(4):340-344. Epub 2021 Apr 24.

Heart Center, Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi 830000, China.

To investigate the safety and efficacy of ultrafiltration on diuretic sensitivity in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction and diuretic resistance. This was a single-center randomized controlled trial. A total of 148 heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction admitted to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region from June 2010 to June 2020 were enrolled in this study, and these patients were randomly divided (ratio 1:1) into the ultrafiltration group (74) and the control group (=74). Read More

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Cartiotonic steroids affect monolayer permeability in lymphatic endothelial cells.

Mol Cell Biochem 2021 Apr 18. Epub 2021 Apr 18.

Orion Institute for Translational Medicine, Temple, TX, USA.

Edema is common in preeclampsia (preE), a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. Cardiotonic steroids (CTSs) such as marinobufagenin (MBG) are involved in the pathogenesis of preE. To assess whether CTSs are involved in the leakage of lymphatic endothelial cell (LEC), we evaluated their effect on monolayer permeability of LECs (MPLEC) in culture. Read More

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In vitro and in vivo antileishmanial activity of β-acetyl-digitoxin, a cardenolide of Digitalis lanata potentially useful to treat visceral leishmaniasis.

Parasite 2021 14;28:38. Epub 2021 Apr 14.

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Saúde: Infectologia e Medicina Tropical, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, 30130-100 Minas Gerais, Brazil - Departamento de Patologia Clínica, COLTEC, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, 31270-901 Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Current treatments of visceral leishmaniasis face limitations due to drug side effects and/or high cost, along with the emergence of parasite resistance. Novel and low-cost antileishmanial agents are therefore required. We report herein the antileishmanial activity of β-acetyl-digitoxin (b-AD), a cardenolide isolated from Digitalis lanata leaves, assayed in vitro and in vivo against Leishmania infantum. Read More

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Structural basis of norepinephrine recognition and transport inhibition in neurotransmitter transporters.

Nat Commun 2021 04 13;12(1):2199. Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Norepinephrine is a biogenic amine neurotransmitter that has widespread effects on alertness, arousal and pain sensation. Consequently, blockers of norepinephrine uptake have served as vital tools to treat depression and chronic pain. Here, we employ the Drosophila melanogaster dopamine transporter as a surrogate for the norepinephrine transporter and determine X-ray structures of the transporter in its substrate-free and norepinephrine-bound forms. Read More

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Psychological Continuum of Elderly Patients Suffering from Arterial Hypertension with Metabolic Syndrome, Against the Background of Chronotherapy with a Fixed Combination of Amlodipine, Lisinopril and Rosuvastatin.

Kardiologiia 2021 Mar 30;61(3):36-41. Epub 2021 Mar 30.

Information and Methodological Center for the Examination, Accounting and Analysis of Medical Products, Kursk.

Aim        To study the psychological continuum in elderly patients with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome during the chronotherapy with a fixed combination (FC) of amlodipine, lisinopril, and rosuvastatin.Material and methods        In the inpatient conditions, 63 patients aged 60-74 years with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome were treated with chronotherapy with a FC of amlodipine, lisinopril, and rosuvastatin (5 / 10 / 10 mg/day in the evening). These patients composed the main group. Read More

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Myocardial protective effect of intracoronary administration of nicorandil and alprostadil via targeted perfusion microcatheter in patients undergoing elective percutaneous coronary intervention: A randomized controlled trial.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Apr;100(15):e25551

Department of Cardiology, Shanghai Chest Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Background: The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of nicorandil and alprostadil on myocardial protection in patients undergoing elective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Methods: In this prospective, single-blinded, randomized controlled study, 90 consecutive patients scheduled for elective PCI for de novo coronary lesions were assigned to the nicorandil, alprostadil, and nitroglycerin groups in a 1:1:1 ratio. Drugs were administered intracoronary via a targeted perfusion microcatheter. Read More

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Periplocymarin protects against myocardial fibrosis induced by β-adrenergic activation in mice.

Biomed Pharmacother 2021 Apr 8;139:111562. Epub 2021 Apr 8.

Advanced Institute for Medical Sciences, Dalian Medical University, Dalian 116044, China. Electronic address:

Periplocymarin is an effective component of Periplocae Cortex, which was wildly used as an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our group previously reported that periplocymarin exerted cardiotonic role via promoting calcium influx. However, its exact role in the pathogenesis of myocardial fibrosis has not been elucidated yet. Read More

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Revisiting dopamine-acetylcholine imbalance in Parkinson's disease: Glutamate co-transmission as an exciting partner in crime.

Neuron 2021 04;109(7):1070-1071

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, and Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PT, UK. Electronic address:

Striatal dopamine and acetylcholine are thought to be imbalanced in Parkinson's disease. In this issue of Neuron, Cai et al. report that restoration of nigral glutamate co-transmission, acting on dorsolateral striatal cholinergic interneuron mGluR1s, can rescue motor dysfunction in a mouse model of Parkinson's. Read More

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BET inhibition blocks inflammation-induced cardiac dysfunction and SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Cell 2021 04 16;184(8):2167-2182.e22. Epub 2021 Mar 16.

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane 4006, QLD, Australia.

Cardiac injury and dysfunction occur in COVID-19 patients and increase the risk of mortality. Causes are ill defined but could be through direct cardiac infection and/or inflammation-induced dysfunction. To identify mechanisms and cardio-protective drugs, we use a state-of-the-art pipeline combining human cardiac organoids with phosphoproteomics and single nuclei RNA sequencing. Read More

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Ivabradine Induces Cardiac Protection against Myocardial Infarction by Preventing Cyclophilin-A Secretion in Pigs under Coronary Ischemia/Reperfusion.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 12;22(6). Epub 2021 Mar 12.

Hospital Ramón y Cajal Research Unit (IRYCIS), Cardiology Department, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, 28223 Madrid, Spain.

In response to cardiac ischemia/reperfusion, proteolysis mediated by extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (EMMPRIN) and its secreted ligand cyclophilin-A (CyPA) significantly contributes to cardiac injury and necrosis. Here, we aimed to investigate if, in addition to the effect on the funny current (I(f)), Ivabradine may also play a role against cardiac necrosis by reducing EMMPRIN/CyPA-mediated cardiac inflammation. In a porcine model of cardiac ischemia/reperfusion (IR), we found that administration of 0. Read More

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Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency: The Added Value of Biochemistry.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 19;22(6). Epub 2021 Mar 19.

Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences, Section of Biological Chemistry, University of Verona, Strada Le Grazie, 8, 37134 Verona, Italy.

Aromatic amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency is a rare, autosomal recessive neurometabolic disorder caused by mutations in the gene, leading to a deficit of AADC, a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate requiring enzyme that catalyzes the decarboxylation of L-Dopa and L-5-hydroxytryptophan in dopamine and serotonin, respectively. Although clinical and genetic studies have given the major contribution to the diagnosis and therapy of AADC deficiency, biochemical investigations have also helped the comprehension of this disorder at a molecular level. Here, we reported the steps leading to the elucidation of the functional and structural features of the enzyme that were useful to identify the different molecular defects caused by the mutations, either in homozygosis or in heterozygosis, associated with AADC deficiency. Read More

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Cardiac Protective Effect of Kirenol against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy in H9c2 Cells through Nrf2 Signaling via PI3K/AKT Pathways.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 23;22(6). Epub 2021 Mar 23.

Department of Medical Analysis, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma'an 71111, Jordan.

Kirenol (KRL) is a biologically active substance extracted from Herba Siegesbeckiae. This natural type of diterpenoid has been widely adopted for its important anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. Despite several studies claiming the benefits of KRL, its cardiac effects have not yet been clarified. Read More

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Exogenous Transforming Growth Factor-β in Brain-Induced Symptoms of Central Fatigue and Suppressed Dopamine Production in Mice.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 4;22(5). Epub 2021 Mar 4.

Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, College of Korean Medicine, Daejeon University, Daejeon 34520, Korea.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is one of the most refractory diseases in humans and is characterized by severe central fatigue accompanied with various symptoms that affect daily life, such as impaired memory, depression, and somatic pain. However, the etiology and pathophysiological mechanisms of CFS remain unknown. To investigate the pathophysiological role of transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1, we injected a cytokine into the lateral ventricle of a C57BL/6 mouse. Read More

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Intracerebral Administration of a Ligand-ASO Conjugate Selectively Reduces α-Synuclein Accumulation in Monoamine Neurons of Double Mutant Human A30P*A53T*α-Synuclein Transgenic Mice.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 13;22(6). Epub 2021 Mar 13.

Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques de Barcelona (IIBB), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), 08036 Barcelona, Spain.

α-Synuclein (α-Syn) protein is involved in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease (PD). Point mutations and multiplications of the α-Syn, which encodes the gene, are correlated with early-onset PD, therefore the reduction in a-Syn synthesis could be a potential therapy for PD if delivered to the key affected neurons. Several experimental strategies for PD have been developed in recent years using oligonucleotide therapeutics. Read More

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Plumbagin, a Biomolecule with (Anti)Osteoclastic Properties.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 9;22(5). Epub 2021 Mar 9.

Zentrum für Infektiologie, Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 324, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

Plumbagin is a plant-derived naphthoquinone that is widely used in traditional Asian medicine due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Additionally, plumbagin is cytotoxic for cancer cells due to its ability to trigger reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation and subsequent apoptosis. Since it was reported that plumbagin may inhibit the differentiation of bone resorbing osteoclasts in cancer-related models, we wanted to elucidate whether plumbagin interferes with cytokine-induced osteoclastogenesis. Read More

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Unexpected Pleiotropic Effects of SGLT2 Inhibitors: Pearls and Pitfalls of This Novel Antidiabetic Class.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 17;22(6). Epub 2021 Mar 17.

Department of General Internal Medicine 1, Kawasaki Medical School, 577 Matsushima, Kurashiki 701-0192, Japan.

Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors facilitate urine glucose excretion by reducing glucose reabsorption, leading to ameliorate glycemic control. While the main characteristics of type 2 diabetes mellitus are insufficient insulin secretion and insulin resistance, SGLT2 inhibitors have some favorable effects on pancreatic β-cell function and insulin sensitivity. SGLT2 inhibitors ameliorate fatty liver and reduce visceral fat mass. Read More

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Pharmacological Conditioning of the Heart: An Update on Experimental Developments and Clinical Implications.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 3;22(5). Epub 2021 Mar 3.

Department of Anesthesiology, Medical Faculty and University Hospital Duesseldorf, Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, Moorenstr. 5, 40225 Duesseldorf, Germany.

The aim of pharmacological conditioning is to protect the heart against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury and its consequences. There is extensive literature that reports a multitude of different cardioprotective signaling molecules and mechanisms in diverse experimental protocols. Several pharmacological agents have been evaluated in terms of myocardial I/R injury. Read More

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Cardiac Oxidative Signaling and Physiological Hypertrophy in the Na/K-ATPase α1α2 Mouse Model of High Affinity for Cardiotonic Steroids.

Int J Mol Sci 2021 Mar 27;22(7). Epub 2021 Mar 27.

Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Huntington, WV 25703, USA.

The Na/K-ATPase is the specific receptor for cardiotonic steroids (CTS) such as ouabain and digoxin. At pharmacological concentrations used in the treatment of cardiac conditions, CTS inhibit the ion-pumping function of Na/K-ATPase. At much lower concentrations, in the range of those reported for endogenous CTS in the blood, they stimulate hypertrophic growth of cultured cardiac myocytes through initiation of a Na/K-ATPase-mediated and reactive oxygen species (ROS)-dependent signaling. Read More

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