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Menstrual distress in females of reproductive age: a literature review.

Int J Adolesc Med Health 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Menstrual-related issues have significant public-health ramifications. Women who are having menstruation troubles should get their mental health checked by healthcare specialists. In young women, a menstrual-related condition has serious health implications. Read More

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Disgust uniquely predicts coping and interpersonal processes beyond anxiety and dysphoria in the context of naturalistic stressors.

J Anxiety Disord 2021 Jul 9;82:102446. Epub 2021 Jul 9.

Seattle Pacific University, United States. Electronic address:

Background: Disgust is theorized to serve a unique function of motivating avoidance of noxious stimuli and setting interpersonal boundaries to prevent contamination. Research has established the relevance of disgust to OCD, posttraumatic stress, and phobias, suggesting transdiagnostic features. However, research has not always accounted for overlap of disgust with other negative emotions, obscuring unique contributions. Read More

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Child maltreatment and the development of psychopathology: The role of developmental timing and chronicity.

Child Abuse Negl 2021 Jul 20;120:105215. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

Mt. Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, United States of America; Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center, United States of America.

Background: The effects of child maltreatment (CM) on psychopathology are well-established, yet the complex effects of timing and chronicity of maltreatment exposure on the development of psychopathology are still unclear.

Objective: To elucidate developmental pathways from distinct dimensions of CM (chronicity and timing) to psychopathology during emerging adulthood using data from a longitudinal, multi-method study.

Participants And Setting: Children with and without maltreatment exposure were recruited at wave 1 (ages 10-12) to participate in a research summer camp. Read More

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The birth trauma psychological therapy service: An audit of outcomes.

Midwifery 2021 Jul 13;102:103099. Epub 2021 Jul 13.

Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, United Kingdom. Electronic address:

Objective: To evaluate routinely collected service data from a 'Birth Trauma' psychology clinic integrated into maternity services, in order to review effectiveness for women with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following childbirth.

Background: Prevalence of PTSD after child-birth has been estimated to be around 3% for women meeting full diagnostic criteria and up to 9% for sub-threshold symptoms. This can occur even in response to deliveries considered to be medically straightforward. Read More

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Acute gene expression changes in the mouse hippocampus following a combined Gulf War toxicant exposure.

Life Sci 2021 Jul 19:119845. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Laboratory of Molecular Biology, VA New Jersey Health Care System, Research & Development (Mailstop 15), Bldg. 16, Rm. 16-176, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018, United States of America; Rutgers School of Graduate Studies, Newark, NJ 07103, United States of America; Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Bay Pines VA Healthcare System, Research and Development, 151, Bldg. 22, Rm. 123, 10000 Bay Pines Blvd, Bay Pines, FL 33744, United States of America; Pharmacology, Physiology, and Neuroscience, Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ 07103, United States of America. Electronic address:

Aims: Approximately 30% of the nearly 700,000 Veterans who were deployed to the Gulf War from 1990 to 1991 have reported experiencing a variety of symptoms including difficulties with learning and memory, depression and anxiety, and increased incidence of neurodegenerative diseases. Combined toxicant exposure to acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors has been studied extensively as a likely risk factor. In this study, we modeled Gulf War exposure in male C57Bl/6J mice with simultaneous administration of three chemicals implicated as exposure hazards for Gulf War Veterans: pyridostigmine bromide, the anti-sarin prophylactic; chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide; and the repellant N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET). Read More

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Exploring participants' experiences of mental health and stigma in American colleges.

J Am Coll Health 2021 Jul 22:1-11. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Communication, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA.

Mental illness is a growing public concern, particularly for persons in higher education. This research aims to distinguish mental health and stigma experiences between three academic communities: undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members. The researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with nineteen individuals who self-identified as a member of one or more of these groups. Read More

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The effect of esketamine in patients with treatment-resistant depression with and without comorbid anxiety symptoms or disorder.

Depress Anxiety 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Neuroscience, Janssen Research & Development, LLC, San Diego, California, USA.

Background: Comorbid anxiety is generally associated with poorer response to antidepressant treatment. This post hoc analysis explored the efficacy of esketamine plus an antidepressant in patients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) with or without comorbid anxiety.

Methods: TRANSFORM-2, a double-blind, flexible-dose, 4-week study (NCT02418585), randomized adults with TRD to placebo or esketamine nasal spray, each with a newly-initiated oral antidepressant. Read More

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The interactions between childhood adversities and recent stress were associated with early-adulthood depression among Chinese undergraduate students.

Depress Anxiety 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Mental Health Center and Psychiatric Laboratory, the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Background: It is widely acknowledged that childhood adversities (CAs) and recent stress are potential risk factors for adult depression. However, the mechanism(s) by which interactions of CAs with recent stress affect adult depression remain unclear.

Aims: To investigate the predictive association of the interaction among CAs and recent stress with early-adult depression. Read More

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Efficacy of temporally intensified exposure for anxiety disorders: A multicenter randomized clinical trial.

Depress Anxiety 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Institute of Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany.

Background: The need to optimize exposure treatments for anxiety disorders may be addressed by temporally intensified exposure sessions. Effects on symptom reduction and public health benefits should be examined across different anxiety disorders with comorbid conditions.

Methods: This multicenter randomized controlled trial compared two variants of prediction error-based exposure therapy (PeEx) in various anxiety disorders (both 12 sessions + 2 booster sessions, 100 min/session): temporally intensified exposure (PeEx-I) with exposure sessions condensed to 2 weeks (n = 358) and standard nonintensified exposure (PeEx-S) with weekly exposure sessions (n = 368). Read More

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Emotional intelligence training as a protective factor for mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depress Anxiety 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a major challenge to mental health and emotional wellbeing. The present study examined whether training in emotional intelligence (EI) skills, provided before the pandemic, would serve as a protective factor for sustaining mental health during the COVID-19 crisis.

Methods: Data came from a longitudinal study (N = 89) that was initially designed to test the effectiveness of an EI training program versus a non-emotion-focused placebo program. Read More

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Diagnostic efficiency and validity of the DSM-oriented Child Behavior Checklist and Youth Self-Report scales in a clinical sample of Swedish youth.

PLoS One 2021 22;16(7):e0254953. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) and Youth Self-Report (YSR) are widely used measures of psychiatric symptoms and lately also adapted to the DSM. The incremental validity of adding the scales to each other has not been studied. We validated the DSM subscales for affective, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD), oppositional defiant (ODD), conduct problems (CD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in consecutively referred child and adolescent psychiatric outpatients (n = 267) against LEAD DSM-IV diagnoses based on the K-SADS-PL and subsequent clinical work-up. Read More

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Effects of riverbank erosion on mental health of the affected people in Bangladesh.

PLoS One 2021 22;16(7):e0254782. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Statistics, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.

Background: In Bangladesh, riverbank erosion is a major problem that regularly displaces millions of people and affects their mental health every year.

Objectives: The primary objective is to explore the effects of riverbank erosion on mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress in Bangladesh.

Methods: We conducted a household survey from August 2019 to November 2019 on randomly selected adult respondents from Rajbari District located along the Ganges River and Tangail District located along the Brahmaputra River. Read More

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Trauma-focused treatments for depression. A systematic review and meta-analysis.

PLoS One 2021 22;16(7):e0254778. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA, Australia.

Background: Trauma-focused treatments (TFTs) have demonstrated efficacy at decreasing depressive symptoms in individuals with PTSD. This systematic review and meta-analysis evaluated the effectiveness of TFTs for individuals with depression as their primary concern.

Methods: A systematic search was conducted for RCTs published before October 2019 in Cochrane CENTRAL, Pubmed, EMBASE, PsycInfo, and additional sources. Read More

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Validating the Experiences in Close Relationships-Relationship Structures Scale among Chinese Children and Adolescents.

J Pers Assess 2021 Jul 22:1-12. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

The Experiences in Close Relationships-Relationship Structures (ECR-RS) scale is designed to capture attachment among diverse relational contexts (e.g., parents, friends). Read More

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Effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Mental Health in Nurses: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.

Issues Ment Health Nurs 2021 Jul 22:1-9. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Cancer Biomedical Science, National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy, Goyang, Republic of Korea.

Mindfulness as a positive mental health intervention approach has been increasingly applied to nurses. This meta-analysis evaluated the psychological effects of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) on mental health in nurses. We searched PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane, and CINAHL up to February 2020. Read More

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End-of-life experience and its toll on quality of life and spirituality: a cross-sectional study.

Int J Palliat Nurs 2021 Jul;27(5):263-273

Associate Professor, Garcia, Federal University of Maranhao.

Background: Breast and cervical/uterine cancer affect body parts that have symbolic meaning for women. Women with this diagnosis at the end-of-life often experience anxiety and depression that severely impacts their quality of life (QoL).

Aims: This study aims to determine how the end-of-life experience impacts on the QoL and spirituality of women with advanced cancer. Read More

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Post-operative outcomes in anonymous living liver donors: What motivates individuals to donate to strangers.

Clin Transplant 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Surgery.

Anonymous living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) is a strategy to address the shortage of available transplantable livers; however, few studies have been conducted on this population. The objective of this study was to describe the motivations and medical, psychosocial, and financial outcomes of anonymous living liver donors. Between 2010-2019, 116 anonymous living liver donors were evaluated, 59 (51. Read More

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Alopecia Areata Treatment Patterns, Healthcare Resource Utilization, and Comorbidities in the US Population Using Insurance Claims.

Adv Ther 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA.

Introduction: Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune disorder causing sudden, non-scarring hair loss. There are currently no drugs approved for AA treatment. This study assessed prevalence of comorbidities, treatments, and healthcare costs and resource utilization among patients with AA in the USA. Read More

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Patient-reported outcomes, sociodemographic and clinical factors are associated with 1-year mortality in patients with ischemic heart disease-findings from the DenHeart cohort study.

Qual Life Res 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Purpose: In patients with ischemic heart disease, the objectives were (1) to explore associations between patient-reported outcomes, sociodemographic, and clinical factors at discharge and 1-year all-cause mortality and (2) to investigate the discriminant predictive performance of the applied patient-reported outcome instruments on 1-year all-cause mortality.

Methods: Data from the Danish national DenHeart cohort study were used. Eligible patients (n = 13,476) were invited to complete a questionnaire-package, of which 7167 (53%) responded. Read More

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Longitudinal Assessment of Quality of Life Following Molecular Testing for Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules.

Ann Surg Oncol 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Section of Endocrine Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine, 10833 Le Conte Ave. 72-227 CHS, Los Angeles, CA, 90095, USA.

Background: Molecular testing can refine the risk of malignancy in cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules and can reduce the need for diagnostic thyroidectomy. However, quality of life (QOL) in patients mananged with molecular testing is not well studied.

Objective: We aimed to assess the QOL of patients undergoing surveillance after a benign molecular test result, or thyroidectomy after a suspicious molecular test result. Read More

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Response to sertraline is associated with reduction in anxiety-potentiated startle in premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Psychopharmacology (Berl) 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO, 80045, USA.

Rationale: Women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) appear to have altered central nervous system sensitivity to neuroactive steroid hormones, manifesting as affective symptoms and heightened arousal in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. In particular, women with PMDD appear less sensitive to allopregnanolone, a positive allosteric GABA-A receptor (GABA-A-R) modulator.

Objectives: This study evaluated psychophysiologic reactivity in women with PMDD in the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle, utilizing anxiety-potentiated startle (APS), a potential translational marker of GABA-A-R sensitivity. Read More

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Patient-Reported Aesthetic and Psychosocial Outcomes After Microvascular Reconstruction for Head and Neck Cancer.

JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, University of California, San Francisco.

Importance: Aesthetic outcomes are key determinants of psychosocial functioning among surgically treated patients with head and neck cancer (HNC); however, long-term aesthetic outcomes after microvascular free tissue transfer (MFTT) are not well described.

Objective: To examine risk factors for impaired long-term aesthetic satisfaction and appearance-related psychosocial functioning after HNC ablation with MFTT.

Design, Setting, And Participants: A cross-sectional, web-based survey was conducted at an academic tertiary care center. Read More

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Experience of Peer Bloggers Using a Social Media Website for Adolescents With Depression or Anxiety: Proof-of-Concept Study.

JMIR Form Res 2021 Jul 22;5(7):e26183. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States.

Background: Supporting Our Valued Adolescents (SOVA) is a moderated and anonymous social media website intervention. SOVA ambassadors are adolescents and young adults (AYA) asked to write monthly blog posts and comments on others' posts on topics surrounding mental health.

Objective: This study aims to understand the feasibility and acceptability of peer blogging for a moderated mental health intervention website and explore whether bloggers-AYA who self-report symptoms of depression and anxiety-experience potential benefits. Read More

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Measurement and conceptualization of maternal PTSD following childbirth: Psychometric properties of the City Birth Trauma Scale-French Version (City BiTS-F).

Psychol Trauma 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Institute of Higher Education and Research in Healthcare.

Objective: The City Birth Trauma Scale (City BiTS) assesses posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms following childbirth (PTSD-FC). Recent studies investigating the latent factor structure of PTSD-FC in women reported mixed results. No validated French questionnaire exists to measure PTSD-FC symptoms. Read More

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Dyadic patterns of mental health and quality of life change in partners and patients during three months of cardiac rehabilitation.

J Fam Psychol 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation.

The effects of mental health on quality of life (QoL) over the course of a couple's recovery from a patient's cardiac event are unknown as partner outcomes are rarely considered within cardiac rehabilitation. To capture the transactional nature of recovery from a cardiac event, this research investigated the link between longitudinal changes in the mental health of couples in which at least one of the partners had cardiac disease and changes in their QoL during cardiac rehabilitation. Participants ( = 184 dyads) completed questionnaires measuring anxiety, depression, and QoL at baseline (enrollment) and 3 months (discharge). Read More

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How is everyone doing? Baseline psychological distress and adaptive functioning among transgender, nonbinary, and CIS youth presenting for intensive outpatient psychiatric services.

Psychol Serv 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Psychiatry.

Psychological and psychosocial functioning of binary transgender and nonbinary youth has been understudied in settings treating individuals at risk for psychiatric hospitalization. Further, little is currently known about potential differences in baseline levels of psychiatric distress and adaptive functioning across gender-diverse youth and their psychiatrically distressed cisgender counterparts. Key differences may elucidate avenues for adapted treatment and protocols among youth presenting for psychiatric care. Read More

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Factor structure and validity of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms-II (IDAS-II) in a chronic back pain treatment-seeking sample.

Psychol Assess 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Primary Care and Clinical Medicine, Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Many patients who seek treatment for chronic back pain are also at a higher risk of having comorbid anxiety- and depression-related disorders. Measures of mood and anxiety are routinely used in medical settings to screen for depression- and anxiety-related symptoms. However, factor analyses of other measures of mood and anxiety in medical settings often detect a somatization factor which, in turn, limits their discriminant validity for use across medical settings. Read More

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Connecting in-session corrective emotional experiences with postsession therapeutic changes: A systematic case study.

Psychotherapy (Chic) 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

This systematic case study investigated the nature of corrective emotional experiences (CEEs) that occurred over the course of psychotherapy in a single case and how those in-session CEEs were related to changes in the client's life. Client's e-mails on her experience of therapy sessions and postsession changes sent to the therapist, as well as outcome and postsession measures, were analyzed. The client was a Japanese woman who sought help for a variety of psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety, and emotional dysregulation. Read More

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Perinatal use of lurasidone for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Exp Clin Psychopharmacol 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Psychiatry, The Asher Center for the Study and Treatment of Depressive Disorders, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Atypical antipsychotics are commonly prescribed for the treatment of severe mental illnesses during pregnancy. Evidence regarding the impact of physiologic changes during pregnancy on the concentration of atypical antipsychotics is limited, specifically in the case of lurasidone. Data to guide dosing in pregnancy that maximizes efficacy and minimizes adverse effects are lacking. Read More

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In or out of the game? Counter-stereotype paradoxes and Asian-identified student-athlete mental health.

Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol 2021 Jul 22. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

Objective: This study examines stressors (i.e., discrimination and stereotypes) and buffers (i. Read More

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