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The prevalence of the technocratic model in obstetric care from the perspective of health professionals.

Rev Bras Enferm 2021 16;74(suppl 4):e20200689. Epub 2021 Aug 16.

Universidade Franciscana. Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Objectives: to identify the reasons for the prevalence of the technocratic model in obstetric care from the perspective of health professionals.

Methods: Grounded Theory. Study approved by two Research Ethics Committees and conducted by theoretical sampling, from July 2015 to June 2017. Read More

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Ordered multi-path propagation for vessel centerline extraction.

Phys Med Biol 2021 Jul 19;66(15). Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Laboratory of Beijing Engineering Research Center of Mixed Reality and Advanced Display, School of Optics and Photonics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, People's Republic of China.

Vessel centerline extraction from x-ray angiography images is essential for vessel structure analysis in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. However, complete and continuous centerline extraction remains a challenging task due to image noise, poor contrast, and complexity of vessel structure. Thus, an iterative multi-path search framework for automatic vessel centerline extraction is proposed. Read More

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To be alive when dying: moral catharsis and hope in patients with limited life prognosis.

Oscar Vergara

Med Health Care Philos 2021 Jun 3. Epub 2021 Jun 3.

Faculty of Law, Department of Private Law, Universidade da Coruña, 15071, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

The Stoics considered that in order to die well, one must previously have lived (well) and not merely existed, an assertion which will not be contested in this paper. The question raised here is whether an individual whose life expectancy is jeopardized by serious illness or whose life has not been lived to the 'full' for whatever reason should have to abandon all hope or, alternately, whether that life could still somehow be saved (in an ethical sense). One clear obstacle to achieving this stems from (bad) moral character, given that moral character is an element which conditions an individual's moral behaviour, as pointed out by Beauchamp and Childress and particularly Pellegrino and Thomasma. Read More

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SR-Net: A sequence offset fusion net and refine net for undersampled multislice MR image reconstruction.

Comput Methods Programs Biomed 2021 Apr 15;202:105997. Epub 2021 Feb 15.

Department of Automation, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai 200240, China. Electronic address:

Background And Objective: The study of deep learning-based fast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reconstruction methods has become popular in recent years. However, there is still a challenge when MRI results undersample large acceleration factors. The objective of this study was to improve the reconstruction quality of undersampled MR images by exploring data redundancy among slices. Read More

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Diagnostic categorization of erectile dysfunction using duplex color doppler ultrasonography and significance of phentolamine redosing in abolishing false diagnosis of venous leak impotence: A single center experience.

Reddy Ravikanth

Indian J Radiol Imaging 2020 Jul-Sep;30(3):344-353. Epub 2020 Oct 15.

Department of Radiology, Holy Family Hospital, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India.

Background And Aims: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an inability to achieve and maintain erectile rigidity sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. It is either organic or psychogenic in origin. This study was aimed at establishing vasculogenic causes among patients being evaluated for ED using Penile Doppler Ultrasound. Read More

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October 2020

A Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Continuous Infusion of Cloxacillin during Bone and Joint Infections.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2020 11 17;64(12). Epub 2020 Nov 17.

Hospices Civils de Lyon, Groupement Hospitalier Nord, Service de Pharmacie, Lyon, France.

Intravenous administration of antibiotics is recommended during the early phase of methicillin-susceptible (MSSA) bone and joint infection (BJI). We sought to compare the plasma concentrations of cloxacillin administered alternately by continuous and intermittent infusion (CI and ItI) in patients with MSSA BJI. In this prospective crossover trial, patients were randomly assigned to receive either 3 days of CI (two 75-mg/kg 12-h cloxacillin infusions per day) and then 3 days of ItI (four 37. Read More

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November 2020

[Dysthyroid optic neuropathy: surgical treatment potential].

Vestn Oftalmol 2020 ;136(4. Vyp. 2):193-200

Research Institute of Eye Diseases, Moscow, Russia.

Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of bony orbital decompression in patients with dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON).

Material And Methods: The study analyzed 255 patients with thyroid eye disease (TED) and bony orbital decompression. Those among them who had DON as an indication for surgery were investigated further. Read More

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September 2020

The Application of Intra-Articulr Injections for Management of the Consequences of Disc Displacement without Reduction.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 07 1;17(13). Epub 2020 Jul 1.

Prosthodontics Department, Consulting Room of Temporomandibular Disorders, Jagiellonian University, Medical College, 4 Montelupich Str., 31-155 Krakow, Poland.

The aim of the study was to make a comparative studies on the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and hyaluronic acid (HA) in intra-articular injections to the temporomandibular joints-in double blind studies application-based on the analysis of selected clinical parameters of functional efficiency and the mean value of joint's pain intensity before and after management. The study enrolled a group of 100 patients, aged 21 to 43 years, of both sexes, who came for the prosthodontic treatment. All patients had II b group of disorder according to the Research Diagnostic Criteria/Temporomandibular Disorder, and were consecutively, alternately assigned to the groups, 50 patients in each. Read More

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Evaluation of the Completeness of Interventions Reported in Published Randomized Controlled Trials in Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Review.

Aesthet Surg J 2021 05;41(6):707-719

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa, OK, USA.

Background: With the increasing number of randomized control trials being conducted and published in plastic surgery, complete reporting of trial information is critical for readers to properly evaluate a trial's methodology and arrive at appropriate conclusions about its merits and applicability to patients. The Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) checklist was introduced to address the limited guidance for reporting trial interventions.

Objectives: The authors applied the TIDieR checklist to evaluate the completeness of intervention reporting of randomized control trials in plastic surgery, compare the quality of intervention reporting before and after the guideline was published, and evaluate characteristics associated with TIDieR compliance. Read More

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Do visible semantic primes preactivate lexical representations?

J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cogn 2020 Aug 5;46(8):1533-1569. Epub 2020 Mar 5.

Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario.

Considerable research effort has been devoted to investigating semantic priming effects, particularly, the locus of those effects. Semantically related primes might activate their target's lexical representation (through automatic spreading activation at short stimulus onset asynchronies (SOAs), or through generation of words expected to follow the prime at longer SOAs). Alternately, semantically related primes might aid responding after target identification (i. Read More

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The Novel Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency and Yield of the Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis by the Double Conjugate Salts Stress.

Polymers (Basel) 2020 Feb 5;12(2). Epub 2020 Feb 5.

College of Environment and Safety Engineering, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266042, China.

To improve sulfuric acid recovery from sodium sulfate wastewater, a lab-scale bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED) process was used for the treatment of simulated sodium sulfate wastewater. In order to increase the concentration of sulfuric acid (HSO) generated during the process, a certain concentration of ammonium sulfate solution was added into the feed compartment. To study the influencing factors of sulfuric acid yield, we prepared different concentrations of ammonium sulfate solution, different feed solution volumes, and different membrane configurations in this experiment. Read More

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February 2020

Characteristics of Periodic Ultrasonic Assisted TIG Welding for 2219 Aluminum Alloys.

Materials (Basel) 2019 Dec 6;12(24). Epub 2019 Dec 6.

State Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Joining, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) arc welding of 2219 aluminum alloy was assisted with a trailing periodic ultrasonic vibration, which was output from a trailing roller behind the welding torch. It was found that the weld appearance was periodically convex due to the periodic input of ultrasonic vibration. With the addition of ultrasonic vibration, the columnar grains in the weld zone transformed to equiaxed grains, so along the longitudinal direction, the equiaxed grains and the columnar grains were alternately distributed due to the periodic ultrasonic vibration. Read More

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December 2019

Joint and Direct Optimization for Dictionary Learning in Convolutional Sparse Representation.

Guan-Ju Peng

IEEE Trans Neural Netw Learn Syst 2020 Feb 19;31(2):559-573. Epub 2019 Apr 19.

Convolutional sparse coding (CSC) is a useful tool in many image and audio applications. Maximizing the performance of CSC requires that the dictionary used to store the features of signals can be learned from real data. The so-called convolutional dictionary learning (CDL) problem is formulated within a nonconvex, nonsmooth optimization framework. Read More

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February 2020

Installation and commissioning of the European XFEL beam transport in the first two beamlines from a metrology point of view.

Rev Sci Instrum 2019 Feb;90(2):021701

European XFEL, Holzkoppel 4, 22869 Schenefeld, Germany.

The European XFEL is a large x-ray free-electron laser facility under construction in the Hamburg area of Germany. It is designed to provide a transversally fully coherent x-ray radiation with outstanding characteristics: high repetition rate (up to 2700 pulses with a 0.6 ms long pulse train at 10 Hz, for a total of 27 000 pulses/s), short wavelength (down to 0. Read More

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February 2019

McSART: an iterative model-based, motion-compensated SART algorithm for CBCT reconstruction.

Phys Med Biol 2019 04 26;64(9):095013. Epub 2019 Apr 26.

Department of Radiation Oncology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States of America.

4D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images of the thorax and abdomen can have reduced quality due to the limited number of projections per respiratory bin used in gated image reconstruction. In this work, we present a new algorithm to reconstruct high quality CBCT images by simultaneously reconstructing images and generating an associated respiratory motion model. This is done by updating model parameters to compensate for motion during the iterative image reconstruction process. Read More

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[Self-made pressure-resistant cap cotton cover in the evidence-based practice of sequential non-invasive ventilation therapy].

Zhonghua Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue 2019 Jan;31(1):118-121

Department of Critical Care Medicine, Harrison International Peace Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University, Hengshui 053000, Hebei, China. Corresponding author: Chen Xiaojie, Email:

Objective: To apply the concept of evidence-based nursing to the practice of non-invasive ventilation, and to introduce the method of using self-made pressure-resistant cap cotton cover and its application effect.

Methods: Fifty patients on non-invasive ventilation admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) of Harrison International Peace Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University from September 2017 to April 2018 were enrolled as observation group. By retrieved the relevant literature at home and abroad to look for clinical evidence, the concept of evidence-based nursing care program was formulated and implemented, and self-made pressure-resistant cap cotton cover was used to prevent facial pressure sores in patients on non-invasive ventilation. Read More

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January 2019

Comparison of Effects of Manual and Mechanical Airway Clearance Techniques on Intracranial Pressure in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury on a Ventilator: Randomized, Crossover Trial.

Phys Ther 2019 04;99(4):388-395

Department of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care, Neuroscience Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Background: Physical therapist intervention can play a significant role in the prevention of mechanical and infectious complications in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who are mechanically ventilated.

Objective: The objective of this study was to observe and compare the effects of manual and mechanical airway clearance techniques on intracranial pressure (ICP) and hemodynamics in patients with severe TBI.

Design: The design was a prospective, randomized, crossover trial. Read More

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Estimation of the Volume of the Left Ventricle From MRI Images Using Deep Neural Networks.

IEEE Trans Cybern 2019 Feb 20;49(2):495-504. Epub 2017 Dec 20.

Segmenting human left ventricle (LV) in magnetic resonance imaging images and calculating its volume are important for diagnosing cardiac diseases. The latter task became the topic of the Second Annual Data Science Bowl organized by Kaggle. The dataset consisted of a large number of cases with only systole and diastole volume labels. Read More

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February 2019

KIKI-net: cross-domain convolutional neural networks for reconstructing undersampled magnetic resonance images.

Magn Reson Med 2018 11 6;80(5):2188-2201. Epub 2018 Apr 6.

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.

Purpose: To demonstrate accurate MR image reconstruction from undersampled k-space data using cross-domain convolutional neural networks (CNNs) METHODS: Cross-domain CNNs consist of 3 components: (1) a deep CNN operating on the k-space (KCNN), (2) a deep CNN operating on an image domain (ICNN), and (3) an interleaved data consistency operations. These components are alternately applied, and each CNN is trained to minimize the loss between the reconstructed and corresponding fully sampled k-spaces. The final reconstructed image is obtained by forward-propagating the undersampled k-space data through the entire network. Read More

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November 2018

Wavelet-based joint CT-MRI reconstruction.

J Xray Sci Technol 2018 ;26(3):379-393

Departmentof Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA, USA.

Since their inceptions, the multimodal imaging techniques have received a great deal of attention for achieving enhanced imaging performance. In this work, a novel joint reconstruction framework using sparse computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data is developed and evaluated. CT and MRI images are synchronously acquired and registered from a hybrid CT-MRI platform. Read More

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November 2018

Randomized trial comparing the Franseen and Fork-tip needles for EUS-guided fine-needle biopsy sampling of solid pancreatic mass lesions.

Gastrointest Endosc 2018 Jun 3;87(6):1432-1438. Epub 2018 Jan 3.

Center for Interventional Endoscopy, Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Background And Aims: Recently, a 3-plane symmetric needle with Franseen geometry and a Fork-tip biopsy needle have been developed for histologic tissue procurement. We compared 22-gauge Franseen and 22-gauge Fork-tip needles in patients undergoing EUS-guided sampling of pancreatic masses.

Methods: Fifty patients underwent sampling using both 22-gauge Franseen and 22-gauge Fork-tip needles, with randomization of needle order. Read More

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Associations Between Travel Distance, Hospital Volume, and Outcomes Following Radical Cystectomy in Patients With Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer.

Urology 2018 Apr 2;114:87-94. Epub 2018 Jan 2.

Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Objective: To explore the associations between travel distance, hospital volume, and outcomes following radical cystectomy (RC) for muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC).

Method: The 2006 to 2013 National Cancer Database was queried to identify patients with MIBC who underwent RC. Multivariable regressions alternately including travel distance, hospital volume, and both in the models were used. Read More

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Lactococcus lactis Diversity in Undefined Mixed Dairy Starter Cultures as Revealed by Comparative Genome Analyses and Targeted Amplicon Sequencing of .

Appl Environ Microbiol 2018 02 17;84(3). Epub 2018 Jan 17.

Laboratory of Microbial Gene Technology and Food Microbiology, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway

Undefined mesophilic mixed (DL) starter cultures are used in the production of continental cheeses and contain unknown strain mixtures of and leuconostocs. The choice of starter culture affects the taste, aroma, and quality of the final product. To gain insight into the diversity of strains in starter cultures, we whole-genome sequenced 95 isolates from three different starter cultures. Read More

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February 2018

Image decomposition fusion method based on sparse representation and neural network.

Appl Opt 2017 Oct;56(28):7969-7977

For noisy images, in most existing sparse representation-based models, fusion and denoising proceed simultaneously using the coefficients of a universal dictionary. This paper proposes an image fusion method based on a cartoon + texture dictionary pair combined with a deep neural network combination (DNNC). In our model, denoising and fusion are carried out alternately. Read More

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October 2017

Oxidative Weathering and Microbial Diversity of an Inactive Seafloor Hydrothermal Sulfide Chimney.

Front Microbiol 2017 21;8:1378. Epub 2017 Jul 21.

State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji UniversityShanghai, China.

When its hydrothermal supply ceases, hydrothermal sulfide chimneys become inactive and commonly experience oxidative weathering on the seafloor. However, little is known about the oxidative weathering of inactive sulfide chimneys, nor about associated microbial community structures and their succession during this weathering process. In this work, an inactive sulfide chimney and a young chimney in the early sulfate stage of formation were collected from the Main Endeavor Field of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Read More

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Properties of POPC/POPE supported lipid bilayers modified with hydrophobic quantum dots on polyelectrolyte cushions.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 2017 Oct 23;158:667-674. Epub 2017 Jul 23.

Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Niezapominajek 8, PL-30239 Krakow, Poland.

The formation and properties of supported lipid bilayers (SLB) containing hydrophobic nanoparticles (NP) was studied in relation to underlying cushion obtained from selected polyelectrolyte multilayers. Lipid vesicles were formed from zwitterionic 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (POPC) and negatively charged 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine (POPE) in phosphate buffer (PBS). As hydrophobic nanoparticles - quantum dots (QD) with size of 3. Read More

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October 2017

Extending Unique 1D Borate Chains to 3D Frameworks by Introducing Metallic Nodes.

Chemistry 2017 Jun 15;23(31):7614-7620. Epub 2017 May 15.

MOE Key Laboratory of Cluster Science, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, 100081, P. R. China.

Two novel alkali/alkaline-earth borates, Ba [B O (OH) ] (H BO ) (1) and Li MAlB O (M=Ba, Sr, Ca) (2 a-c), with 1D and 3D structures have been made hydrothermally and characterized. 1 features a rare 1D anionic chain built by hexaborate clusters of B O (OH) ; each made of six BO /BO (OH) tetrahedra. The anionic chains are embedded in the channels of a Ba -based wheel-cluster open-framework. Read More

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A new CT reconstruction technique using adaptive deformation recovery and intensity correction (ADRIC).

Med Phys 2017 Jun 12;44(6):2223-2241. Epub 2017 May 12.

Department of Radiation Oncology, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, TX, 75390, USA.

Purpose: Sequential same-patient CT images may involve deformation-induced and non-deformation-induced voxel intensity changes. An adaptive deformation recovery and intensity correction (ADRIC) technique was developed to improve the CT reconstruction accuracy, and to separate deformation from non-deformation-induced voxel intensity changes between sequential CT images.

Materials And Methods: ADRIC views the new CT volume as a deformation of a prior high-quality CT volume, but with additional non-deformation-induced voxel intensity changes. Read More

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Preparation of K-Doped Core-Shell NaYF:Yb, Er Upconversion Nanoparticles and its Application for Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay of Human Procalcitonin.

J Fluoresc 2016 Nov 20;26(6):2237-2246. Epub 2016 Sep 20.

College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, No.30 Puzhu Road(S), Nanjing, 211816, China.

In the present study, we reported a convenient route to prepare well dispersed and functionalized K-doped core-shell upconversion nanoparticles (UCP) by layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly of polyelectrolytes. UCP was firstly transferred to aqueous phase using cationic surfactant cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) via hydrophobic interaction without removing the existing oleic acid (OA). Then the positively charged hydrophilic [email protected] was further alternately deposited with negatively charged [poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate)] (PSS), positively charged [poly (allylamine hydrochloride)] (PAH) and negatively charged [poly (acrylic acid)] (PAA). Read More

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November 2016

Teaching school children basic life support improves teaching and basic life support skills of medical students: A randomised, controlled trial.

Resuscitation 2016 11 27;108:1-7. Epub 2016 Aug 27.

Department of Anaesthesiology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Martini-Str. 52, 20246 Hamburg, Germany.

Background: The "kids save lives" joint-statement highlights the effectiveness of training all school children worldwide in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to improve survival after cardiac arrest. The personnel requirement to implement this statement is high. Until now, no randomised controlled trial investigated if medical students benefit from their engagement in the BLS-education of school children regarding their later roles as physicians. Read More

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November 2016