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Flavonoid-rich fraction of leaves alleviates hepatotoxicity induced by carbon tetrachloride in Wistar rats.

Drug Chem Toxicol 2021 Apr 7:1-17. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

P. Beauv. (Icacinaceae) is a good source of natural antioxidants, having the potential to protect against oxidative stress-related diseases and complications. Read More

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Pea Protein Extraction Assisted by Lactic Fermentation: Impact on Protein Profile and Thermal Properties.

Foods 2021 Mar 6;10(3). Epub 2021 Mar 6.

Physico-Chimie des Aliments et du Vin, PAM UMR A 02.102, AgroSup Dijon, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-21000 Dijon, France.

Although pea protein has been widely explored, its consumption is still limited by undesirable sensory characteristics and low solubility. All these properties can be modified during protein extraction process. Besides, previous studies showed that lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have a positive effect on legume protein ingredients in terms of flavor and functional properties. Read More

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Denosumab reduces lesional Fluoride skeletal burden on Na[18F]F PET-CT in patients with Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2021 Mar 31. Epub 2021 Mar 31.

Center for Bone Quality, dept. of Internal Medicine, division of Endocrinology, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden, the Netherlands.

Context: The correlation between Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS) skeletal disease burden on Na[18F]F-PET-CT and serum bone turnover markers (BTMs) was recently described. The effect of treatment on lesional fluoride burden in FD/MAS is unknown.

Objective: To investigate treatment response measurements in FD/MAS patients who underwent Na[18F]F-PET-CT and treatment with antiresorptives. Read More

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[Processing technology for reducing toxicity of fried Tripterygium wilfordii in Lysimachia christinae decoction].

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi 2021 Mar;46(5):1128-1133

College of Pharmacy,Henan University of Chinese Medicine Zhengzhou 450046,China.

On the basis of the previous work of the research group, the orthogonal design method was further used to optimize the processing technology for reducing toxicity of fried Tripterygium wilfordii in Lysimachia christinae Decoction. A total of 9 processed products of T.wilfordii in L. Read More

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Assessment of Right-Sided Heart Failure in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy using Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry of the Liver.

Am J Cardiol 2021 Mar 21. Epub 2021 Mar 21.

School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, King's College London, St Thomas Hospital, London, United Kingdom.

In non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy (DC) patients at risk of developing right heart failure (RHF), early depiction of congestive heart failure (CHF) is pivotal to inform about the hemodynamic status and tailor medical therapy. We hypothesized increased liver relaxation times measured at routine cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR), reflecting passive hepatic congestion, may be a valuable imaging biomarker to depict CHF. The study cohort consisted of DC patients with LV dysfunction (i. Read More

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Antiosteoporosis effect of geraniin on ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in experimental rats.

J Biochem Mol Toxicol 2021 Mar 23:e22774. Epub 2021 Mar 23.

Department of Orthopaedics, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Osteoporosis is a skeletal condition that is characterized by decreasing bone density and deteriorating bone mass. The plant-based phytoconstituent such as geraniin possesses better therapeutic potentials in biomedical field. In the current experimental study, we planned to scrutinize the therapeutic potential of geraniin against ovariectomy (OVX)-induced osteoporosis in rats and find the possible mechanism. Read More

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Rapid identification of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate utilizing phosphatase through a chromogenic change-coupled activity assay.

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2021 Apr 22;105(7):2901-2909. Epub 2021 Mar 22.

State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, Joint International Research Laboratory of Metabolic & Developmental Sciences, School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, 200240, People's Republic of China.

In this study, we report a chromogenic reaction between magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP) and ferric chloride to generate a Brown-Red clathrate, while the Treated MAP by phosphatases forms Colorless (BRTC) product with ferric chloride. The BRTC was indicative of phosphatase activity-mediated excision of phosphorous group from MAP and utilized to screen phosphatases from bacterial cell lysates. From ten tested strains, BRTC was observed in the cell lysate of Salmonella enterica subsp. Read More

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[Effect of concentrated growth factor combined with mineralized collagen material on the adhesion, proliferation, and osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and the osteogenic effect ].

Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Mar;35(3):295-302

Comprehensive Department, School and Hospital of Stomatology, China Medical University, Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Shenyang Liaoning, 110002, P.R.China.

Objective: To explore the effects of concentrated growth factor (CGF) combined with mineralized collagen (MC) materials on the adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) and their osteogenic effects , and to provide a theoretical basis for the combined application of CGF and MC materials in bone defect regeneration and repair.

Methods: CGF was prepared from venous blood of healthy volunteers, and then CGF extracts (CGFe) were prepared. experiment: human BMSCs (hBMSCs) were divided into 4 groups. Read More

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Pancreatic Metastasis from Malignant Melanoma: Not All That Glitters Is Gold.

Case Rep Gastroenterol 2021 Jan-Apr;15(1):131-136. Epub 2021 Feb 3.

Department of Radiology, Hospital San Juan de Dios, San José, Costa Rica.

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is the most common malignancy of the pancreas; on rare occasions, metastatic tumors are present. Differentiating a primary neoplasm from a metastatic one is important for ensuring adequate treatment for the patient. We present a case of metastatic melanoma to the pancreas. Read More

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February 2021

Clinical characteristics of Graves disease associated cholestasis.

Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban 2021 Jan;46(1):47-52

Department of Infectious Diseases, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha 410008, China.

Objectives: A variety of causes can lead to cholestasis, however, cholestasis caused by Graves' disease is usually overlooked clinically. Here we analyze the clinical characteristics of Graves' disease associated cholestasis so as to have a better understanding for the disease.

Methods: We retrospectively collected 13 inpatients' data who suffered from the Graves' disease associated cholestasis in the Department of Infectious Disease of Xiangya Hospital from January 2000 to December 2018. Read More

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January 2021

Full-scale accelerated carbonation of waste incinerator bottom ash under continuous-feed conditions.

Waste Manag 2021 Apr 4;125:40-48. Epub 2021 Mar 4.

THM University of Applied Sciences, Competence Centre for Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Systems (ZEuUS), Wiesenstr. 14, D-35390 Gießen, Germany.

Bottom ash (BA) is the dominant residue derived from the incineration of municipal solid waste or refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Costs for the disposal of the material chiefly depend on the leachability of salts and trace metals which may be cut by ageing the BA for several months to promote carbonation via uptake of carbon dioxide (CO). Enhanced exposure to CO sources has been referred to as accelerated carbonation. Read More

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In Vivo Hepatoprotective and Nephroprotective Activity of Acylated Iridoid Glycosides from .

Biology (Basel) 2021 Feb 12;10(2). Epub 2021 Feb 12.

Department of Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia.

Phytochemical investigation of the chloroform fraction obtained from aerial parts led to the isolation of nine acylated iridoid glycosides. The new compounds were identified as 6-O-α-L(2″-acetyl, 3″,4″-di-O--cinnamoyl) rhamnopyranosyl-6'-acetyl catalpol (6'-acetyl hypericifolin A) (), 6-O-α-L(2″, 4″-diacetyl, 3″-O--cinnamoyl) rhamnopyranosyl-6'-acetyl catalpol (6'-acetyl hypericifolin B) (), 6-O-α-L(2″-acetyl, 3″,4″-di-O--cinnamoyl) rhamnopyranosyl catalpol (hypericifolin A) () and 6-O-α-L(2″, 4″-diacetyl, 3″-O--cinnamoyl) rhamnopyranosyl catalpol (hypericifolin B) (). Previously reported compounds were identified as laterioside (), 8-O-acetylharpagide (), 6-O-α-L(4'-O--cinnamoyl) rhamnopyranosyl catalpol (), lagotisoside D () and harpagoside (). Read More

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February 2021

Effect of cryopreservation on DNA damage and DNA repair activity in human blood samples in the comet assay.

Arch Toxicol 2021 Mar 5. Epub 2021 Mar 5.

Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Wuerzburg, Versbacher Straße 9, 97078, Wuerzburg, Germany.

The comet assay is a commonly used method to determine DNA damage and repair activity in many types of samples. In recent years, the use of the comet assay in human biomonitoring became highly attractive due to its various modified versions, which may be useful to determine individual susceptibility in blood samples. However, in human biomonitoring studies, working with large sample numbers that are acquired over an extended time period requires some additional considerations. Read More

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Bone-derived biochar improved soil quality and reduced Cd and Zn phytoavailability in a multi-metal contaminated mining soil.

Environ Pollut 2021 May 22;277:116800. Epub 2021 Feb 22.

College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China. Electronic address:

Reusing by-products such as cow bones in agriculture can be achieved thorough pyrolysis. The potential of bone-derived biochar as a promising material for metals immobilization in contaminated mining soils has not yet been sufficiently explored. Therefore, cow bones were used as biochar feedstock were pyrolyzed at 500 °C (CBL) and 800 °C (CBH) and. Read More

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Evaluation of plasma cleaning as an approach for the preparation of soil minerals for forensic comparison by photon and electron microscopy.

J Forensic Sci 2021 Mar 1. Epub 2021 Mar 1.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - Sciences, CUNY, New York, NY, USA.

Although organic material is often used for forensic analysis, a substantial portion of the data gathered for determination of common origin of forensic soil samples is the inorganic, mineralogical composition of the sample, which may be obscured by the presence of soil organic material (SOM). Traditionally, SOM is removed by acidic, alkaline, or peroxide digest, or by combustion, but these techniques risk the damage to or destruction of target minerals of interest. Low-temperature plasma ashing, on the other hand, removes organic materials by exposing them to plasma ions with high-kinetic energy, converting organics to easily removed volatile products (CO, CO , H O, or methane) while avoiding the thermal alterations caused by heat combustion. Read More

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A New Glycosidic Acid, Muricatic Acid D, and Resin Glycosides, Muricatins X and XI, from the Crude Resin Glycoside Fraction of the Seeds of Ipomoea muricata.

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 2021 ;69(3):291-297

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sojo University.

Alkaline hydrolysis of crude resin glycoside fraction of the seeds of Ipomoea muricata (L.) Jacq. (Convolvulaceae) yielded a new glycosidic acid, muricatic acid D; three known glycosidic acids, namely, muricatic acids A, B, and C; and three known organic acids, namely, isobutyric, 2S-methylbutyric, and 2S-methyl-3S-hydroxybutyric acid. Read More

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January 2021

Green remediation of toxic metals contaminated mining soil using bacterial consortium and Brassica juncea.

Environ Pollut 2021 May 19;277:116789. Epub 2021 Feb 19.

College of Natural Resources & Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China. Electronic address:

Microorganism-assisted phytoremediation is being developed as an efficient green approach for management of toxic metals contaminated soils and mitigating the potential human health risk. The capability of plant growth promoting Actinobacteria (Streptomyces pactum Act12 - ACT) and Firmicutes (Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis - BC) in mono- and co-applications (consortium) to improve soil properties and enhance phytoextraction of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn by Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. Read More

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The Dual Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species on the Mandibular Alveolar Bone Formation in SOD1 Knockout Mice: Promotion or Inhibition.

Oxid Med Cell Longev 2021 3;2021:8847140. Epub 2021 Feb 3.

Engineering Research Center of Oral Translational Medicine, Ministry of Education, West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.

The status of reactive oxygen species (ROS) correlates closely with the normal development of the oral and maxillofacial tissues. Oxidative stress caused by ROS accumulation not only affects the development of enamel and dentin but also causes pathological changes in periodontal tissues (periodontal ligament and alveolar bone) that surround the root of the tooth. Although previous studies have shown that ROS accumulation plays a pathologic role in some oral and maxillofacial tissues, the effects of ROS on alveolar bone development remain unclear. Read More

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February 2021

How different are the arsenic fractions inhibit alkaline phosphatases on aggregates scale?

Sci Total Environ 2021 Feb 9;774:145728. Epub 2021 Feb 9.

College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Agro-environment in Northwest China, Ministry of Agriculture, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China. Electronic address:

Arsenate [As(V)], in general, is associated with various aggregates and exists as different species in soil, which in turn influences its toxicity and potential contamination. Previous studies have demonstrated the usefulness of alkaline phosphatases (ALP) to evaluate As(V) pollution. However, the effect of different arsenic fractions on ALP among soil aggregates is still unclear. Read More

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February 2021

Usefulness of cardiac biomarkers for prognosis of better outcomes in chronic heart failure: Retrospective 18-year follow-up study.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Feb;100(5):e23464

Department of Internal Medicine B, Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba, affiliated with Tel Aviv University and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Abstract: Brain natriuretic peptide is an established, surrogate follow-up marker, strongly correlated with heart failure severity. Several other biomarkers and tests are useful for assessing the prognosis of patients with HF, such as oxidized low-density lipoprotein antibodies and C-reactive protein. Some inflammatory cells, including monocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils, are involved in coronary heart disease and may be useful for prognosis also. Read More

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February 2021

Alkali Activation of Metallurgical Slags: Reactivity, Chemical Behavior, and Environmental Assessment.

Materials (Basel) 2021 Jan 30;14(3). Epub 2021 Jan 30.

Department of Engineering 'Enzo Ferrari', University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Via Vivarelli 10, 41125 Modena, Italy.

Alkali-activated materials (AAMs) represent a promising alternative to conventional building materials and ceramics. Being produced in large amounts as aluminosilicate-rich secondary products, such as slags, they can be utilized for the formulation of AAMs. Slags are partially crystalline metallurgical residues produced during the high temperature separation of metallic and non-metallic materials in the steelmaking processes. Read More

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January 2021

Red mud based passivator reduced Cd accumulation in edible amaranth by influencing root organic matter metabolism and soil aggregate distribution.

Environ Pollut 2021 Apr 2;275:116543. Epub 2021 Feb 2.

Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution and Health of Guangdong Province, School of Environment, Jinan University, Guangzhou, 510632, China. Electronic address:

Red mud was a highly alkaline hazardous waste, and their resource utilization was a research hotspot. In this study, influencing mechanisms of red mud based passivator on the transformation of Cd fraction in acidic Cd-polluted soil, photosynthetic property, and Cd accumulation in edible amaranth were investigated based on the evaluation of Cd adsorption capacity, root metabolic response, and soil aggregate distribution. Results showed that red mud exhibited good Cd adsorption capacities at about 35 °C and pH 9 in an aqueous solution, and the adsorption behavior of red mud on Cd in rhizosphere soil solution was considered to have some similarity. Read More

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Govaniadine Ameliorates Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Kupffer Cell Activation in Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats.

ACS Omega 2021 Feb 21;6(4):2462-2472. Epub 2021 Jan 21.

Department of Biosciences, COMSATS University, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.

Liver diseases such as hepatic carcinoma are one of the main health problems worldwide. Herbal drugs are largely used to treat liver injury in the indigenous system of medicine and may provide lead compounds for hepatoprotective drug discovery. The present study is investigated to test the Wall. Read More

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February 2021

Longitudinal and Vertical Variations of Dissolved Labile Phosphoric Monoesters and Diesters in the Subtropical North Pacific.

Front Microbiol 2020 20;11:570081. Epub 2021 Jan 20.

Department of Aquatic Bioscience, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

The labile fraction of dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) - predominantly consisting of phosphoric esters - is an important microbial P source in the subtropical oligotrophic ocean. However, unlike phosphate, knowledge for labile DOP is still limited due to the scarcity of broad and intensive observations. In this study, we examined the concentrations and size-fractionated hydrolysis rates of labile phosphoric monoesters and diesters along a >10,000 km longitudinal transect in the North Pacific (23°N; upper 200-m layer). Read More

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January 2021

Osteogenic effects of the peptide fraction derived from pepsin-hydrolyzed bovine lactoferrin.

J Dairy Sci 2021 Apr 5;104(4):3853-3862. Epub 2021 Feb 5.

College of Food Science and Engineering, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070, China; Beijing Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety, Key Laboratory of Functional Dairy, College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China. Electronic address:

Osteoporosis is a common disease that frequently occurs in the older population, particularly in postmenopausal women. It severely compromises the health of the older population, and the drugs commonly used to treat osteoporosis have a variety of adverse effects. Lactoferrin (LF) is a protein present in milk that has recently been found to exhibit osteogenic activity. Read More

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Insoluble dietary fibre scavenges reactive carbonyl species under simulated physiological conditions: The key role of fibre-bound polyphenols.

Food Chem 2021 Jul 16;349:129018. Epub 2021 Jan 16.

Food Quality & Design Group, Wageningen University & Research, NL-6708 WG, The Netherlands.

Polyphenols bound to insoluble fibre may scavenge reactive carbonyl species by surface chemical reactions. In the present study, this hypothesis was tested by investigating the ability of bound-polyphenol rich insoluble dietary fibre (BP-IDF) isolated from blackberry pomace, red cabbage, and wheat bran in scavenging carbonyl compounds. Three BP-IDF showed high scavenging efficacy for glyoxal, methylglyoxal, acrolein and malondialdehyde. Read More

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A Phase I/II Clinical Trial to evaluate the efficacy of baricitinib to prevent respiratory insufficiency progression in onco-hematological patients affected with COVID19: A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Trials 2021 Feb 5;22(1):116. Epub 2021 Feb 5.

Intensive Care Department, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, L'Hospitalet de LL., Barcelona, Spain.

Objectives: Baricitinib is supposed to have a double effect on SARS-CoV2 infection. Firstly, it reduces the inflammatory response through the inhibition of the Januse-Kinase signalling transducer and activator of transcription (JAK-STAT) pathway. Moreover, it reduces the receptor mediated viral endocytosis by AP2-associated protein kinase 1 (AAK1) inhibition. Read More

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February 2021

Cerium-doped bimetal organic framework as a superhigh capacity cathode for rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Nanoscale 2021 Feb 5;13(6):3581-3587. Epub 2021 Feb 5.

Tianjin Key Lab for Rare Earth Materials and Applications, Center for Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering & National Institute for Advanced Materials, Nankai University, Tianjin 300350, China.

In this work, cerium (Ce)-doped NiCo-MOF (metal organic framework) was investigated for its application as a cathode material of alkaline batteries. Inert substitution of Ni/Co by Ce in MOF can make Ce to become part of the backbone of the framework and then ensure structure stability during redox reaction, which greatly improved charge and discharge cycle stability. With dopant mole fraction up to 5%, the redox potential of NiCo-MOF increased by 85%. Read More

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February 2021

Functional and Rheological Properties of L. Protein Isolates.

Biomolecules 2021 Jan 28;11(2). Epub 2021 Jan 28.

Faculty of Food Technology, Department of Carbohydrates Technology, Agriculture University in Krakow, ul. Balicka 122, 30-149 Kraków, Poland.

A protein isolate (85.5%) was obtained from the L. seeds. Read More

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January 2021

The Ginsenoside Exhibits Antiosteoporosis Effects in Ketogenic-Diet-Induced Osteoporosis via Rebalancing Bone Turnover.

Front Pharmacol 2020 14;11:593820. Epub 2021 Jan 14.

School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China.

Ginsenoside is widely used in China for therapeutic and healthcare practice. Ginsenoside-Rb2 shows the antiosteoporosis effects in ovariectomized rodents. However, the protective effects on osteoporosis induced by ketogenic diet (KD) remain unknown. Read More

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January 2021