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Impact of molecular testing on detecting mimics of oncocytic neoplasms in thyroid fine-needle aspirates diagnosed as follicular neoplasm of Hürthle cell (oncocytic) type.

Cancer Cytopathol 2021 Apr 26. Epub 2021 Apr 26.

Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Background: Some thyroid nodules cytologically presenting as follicular neoplasm, Hürthle cell (Oncocytic) type (FNHCT), are not oncocytic tumors and represent autonomously functioning thyroid nodules (AFTNs) with TSHR, GNAS, and EZH1 mutations or oncocytic metaplasia. A to be defined subset of FNHCT harbors genome haploidisation-type DNA copy number alterations (GH-CNA). Molecular profiling of FNHCT may distinguish oncocytic neoplasms from its mimics. Read More

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Harefuah 2021 Apr;160(4):221-225

Nephrology and Hypertension Institute, "Samson" Assuta University Hospital, Ashdod, Israel.

Introduction: This is a case study of a thirty-five year old woman with a past medical history of anxiety disorder and hypertension which has been elevated up to 180/100 mmHg during the previous year. She had no cardiovascular risk factors or family history of hypertension. Her high blood pressure was initially attributed to emotional stress, however, she was later referred for additional evaluation for secondary causes of hypertension. Read More

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Radioactive Parathyroid Adenomas on Sestamibi Scans: Low Parathyroid Hormone Secretory Potential and Large Volume.

Endocrinol Metab (Seoul) 2021 Apr 6;36(2):351-358. Epub 2021 Apr 6.

Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Background: We investigated the clinical characteristics of parathyroid adenomas according to radioactivity on 99mTc-methoxyisobutylisonitrile (99mTc-MIBI) single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) in primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) patients.

Methods: The study included 217 patients diagnosed with PHPT from 2000 to 2019 at Seoul National University Hospital who underwent 99mTc-MIBI SPECT/CT scans. On SPECT/CT, the radioactivity of parathyroid adenomas was measured as the ratio of the mean radioactivity count of the parathyroid adenoma to that of the contralateral thyroid. Read More

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Characterization and clinical significance of the CADM1/HER2/STAT3 axis in serous ovarian tumors.

Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Feb;100(8):e23777

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Second Affiliated Hospital of University of South China, Hunan.

Abstract: The subtypes of serous ovarian tumors (SOTs), including benign serous cystadenoma, serous borderline tumor (SBT), low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (LGSC), and high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSC), remain poorly understood. Herein, we aimed to characterize the cell adhesion molecule 1 (CADM1)/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3)/human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) axis and identify its clinical significance in patients with serous cystadenoma, SBT, LGSC, and HGSC.The immunohistochemical expression of CADM1, HER2, and STAT3 was assessed in 180 SOT specimens, and its association with clinical data was determined. Read More

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February 2021

Association of body fat distribution and metabolic syndrome with the occurrence of colorectal adenoma: A case-control study.

J Dig Dis 2021 Apr 29;22(4):222-229. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

Department of Surgery, University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Objective: Visceral fat is thought to play different roles in the carcinogenesis of the colon with peripheral fat. Our aim was to evaluate the association of body fat distribution measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) with the incidence of colorectal adenoma (CRA).

Methods: A total of 410 asymptomatic participants who underwent a screening colonoscopy from July 2017 to December 2019 in our center were recruited, including 230 with adenomas and 180 without detected adenomas. Read More

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Robotic surgery techniques to approach benign prostatic hyperplasia disease: A comprehensive literature review and the state of art.

Asian J Urol 2021 Jan 23;8(1):81-88. Epub 2020 Oct 23.

Department of Robotic Surgery, AdventHealth Global Robotics Institute, FL, USA.

Abstract: : The robotic-assisted approach to simple prostatectomy (RASP) was conceived, essentially reproducing the fundaments of open simple prostatectomy. Since the first report, RASP underwent several technical modifications. The study aims to identify and describe the current robotic surgery techniques to approach benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Read More

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January 2021


Neuroendocrinology 2021 Jan 21. Epub 2021 Jan 21.

Introduction: Cabergoline is the treatment of choice for prolactinomas. However, 10-20% of prolactinomas are resistant to cabergoline. Metformin, a biguanide widely used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, has been shown to reduce prolactin secretion in various pituitary tumor cell lineages both in vitro and in vivo and in human pituitary adenomas in vitro. Read More

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January 2021

The feasibility of anterior 180° Tc-sestamibi parathyroid SPECT/CT.

Ann Nucl Med 2021 Feb 3;35(2):203-210. Epub 2021 Jan 3.

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University College of Medicine, No. 123, Dapi Rd., Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung, 833, Taiwan, ROC.

Objective: For Tc-sestamibi parathyroid single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT), the traditional full-arc 360° acquisition technique has been suggested but not the theoretically low tissue-attenuated anterior 180° method. We aimed to compare the diagnostic performances and target-to-background ratios of anterior 180° and 360° SPECT/CT imaging.

Methods: Ninety-nine patients who underwent Tc-sestamibi scintigraphy and received a surgical-pathological diagnosis of parathyroid adenoma or hyperplasia were enrolled. Read More

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February 2021

Thermal Processing has no Impact on Chemopreventive Effects of Oat and Barley Kernels in LT97 Colon Adenoma Cells.

Nutr Cancer 2020 Dec 11:1-12. Epub 2020 Dec 11.

Department of Nutritional Toxicology, Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany.

The unique dietary fiber composition with high contents of β-glucan contributes to the health-promoting properties of oat and barley and may mediate a reduction of colon cancer risk. In the present study, chemopreventive effects of oat and barley (betabarley) kernels were investigated. In order to address the impact of thermal processing on these effects, kernels were roasted (150-180 °C, approx. Read More

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December 2020

Outcomes Of Patients with Delayed Surveillance Colonoscopy.

Intern Med J 2020 Dec 6. Epub 2020 Dec 6.

Gastroenterology Department, Tauranga Hospital, Bay of Plenty, District Health Board, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Background: Surveillance colonoscopy has been shown to be an effective tool for prevention of CRC in high-risk populations, if adhered to. We aimed to discover the sequelae of late surveillance in a cohort of patient's overdue for colonoscopy, in particular the development of colorectal cancer (CRC) or advanced adenoma (AA) within surveillance subgroups.

Method: We conducted a retrospective cohort study on all patients from the Bay of Plenty District Health Board region, New Zealand, placed on the colonoscopy surveillance waitlist from 2006 onwards who had their procedure completed between 1 November 2016 and 31 January 2018, when the total surveillance list was declared up-to-date. Read More

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December 2020

Xanthogranulomatous Pituitary Adenoma in a Dog with Typical Hyperadrenocorticism.

J Comp Pathol 2020 Oct 11;180:115-121. Epub 2020 Oct 11.

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush, Midlothian, UK.

Xanthogranuloma of the sellar region has been reported in both humans and animals. The lesion is rare, and its aetiology and pathogenesis are not fully understood. The association of sellar xanthogranuloma with an adenoma, known as xanthogranulomatous pituitary adenoma (XPA), is an extremely rare condition in humans and is usually associated with anterior pituitary insufficiencies, headache, vomiting and visual deficits. Read More

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October 2020

Utility and Limitations of Albumin mRNA In Situ Hybridization Detection in the Diagnosis of Hepatobiliary Lesions and Metastatic Carcinoma to the Liver.

Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol 2021 03;29(3):180-187

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT.

Albumin messenger RNA (mRNA) in situ hybridization is a sensitive and specific biomarker for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) shows variable sensitivity, whereas extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ECC) and metastatic carcinoma are generally negative. We studied the clinical utility and limitations of albumin mRNA detection in a cohort of HCCs, ICCs, ECCs, bile duct adenomas, bile duct hamartomas, and metastatic carcinomas to the liver; and investigated the variability in sensitivity observed for this biomarker in ICCs. Read More

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Evaluation of coagulation parameters in patients with parathyroid adenoma.

Sci Rep 2020 11 5;10(1):19208. Epub 2020 Nov 5.

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Faculty of Medicine, Yuzuncu Yil University, 65040, Van, Turkey.

Parathyroid adenoma is responsible for 80-85% of cases of primary hyperparathyroidism. Increased fibrinogen levels in patients with adenoma may increase the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between coagulation parameters and parathyroid adenoma. Read More

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November 2020

Familial juvenile polyposis syndrome with a de novo germline missense variant in BMPR1A gene: a case report.

BMC Med Genet 2020 10 8;21(1):196. Epub 2020 Oct 8.

Department of Medical Oncology, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, 180 Fenglin Road, Shanghai, 200032, China.

Background: Juvenile polyposis syndrome (JPS) is a rare autosomal dominant hereditary disorder characterized by the development of multiple distinct juvenile polyps in the gastrointestinal tract with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. Germline mutations in two genes, SMAD4 and BMPR1A, have been identified to cause JPS.

Case Presentation: Here, we report a germline heterozygous missense variant (c. Read More

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October 2020

Targeting Corticotroph HDAC and PI3-Kinase in Cushing Disease.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2021 Jan;106(1):e232-e246

Department of Medicine, University of California, David Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California.

Context: Cushing disease (CD) is a life-threatening disorder. Therapeutic goals include symptom relief, biochemical control, and tumor growth inhibition. Current medical therapies for CD by and large exert no action on tumor growth. Read More

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January 2021

Management of functioning pediatric adrenal tumors.

J Pediatr Surg 2020 Sep 1. Epub 2020 Sep 1.

Pediatric Urology Unit, Division of Urology, Hospital das Clínicas, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

Aim: The aim of this study is to present our experience in the management of hormonally active adrenal tumors in children.

Material And Methods: We did a retrospective chart review of all children with hormonally active adrenal tumors evaluated at the endocrinology clinic and operated at our institution between 1983 and 2019.

Results: There were 75 patients included in the study, 58 with adrenocortical tumors (ACTs) and 17 with pheochromocytomas (PCCs). Read More

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September 2020

Progressive rise in the prevalence of asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism in India: Data from PHPT registry.

J Bone Miner Metab 2021 Mar 7;39(2):253-259. Epub 2020 Sep 7.

Bone and Mineral Research Laboratory, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA.

Introduction: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT), a third common endocrine disorder, varies from asymptomatic disease, mostly seen in the West where routine biochemical screening is practiced, to the classical symptomatic disease mostly seen in the Eastern countries. We aimed to compare the demographic, clinical, biochemical measurements in patients with asymptomatic and symptomatic PHPT from the Indian PHPT registry.

Material And Methods: Data of PHPT patients from the last 25 years (1995-2019) were analyzed for demographic, clinical presentation and biochemical measurements, and compared these characteristics between asymptomatic and symptomatic PHPT patients. Read More

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Robotic laparoscopic right colectomy - the burden of age and comorbidity in perioperative outcomes: An observational study.

World J Gastrointest Surg 2020 Jun;12(6):287-297

Department of Surgery, University of Milan, Milano 20122, Italy.

Background: Several studies have shown the safety, feasibility and oncologic adequacy of robotic right hemicolectomy (RRH). Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy (LRH) is considered technically challenging. Robotic surgery has been introduced to overcome this technical limitation, but it is related to high costs. Read More

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Ectopic pituitary adenomas: clinical features, diagnostic challenges and management.

Pituitary 2020 Dec;23(6):648-664

Key Laboratory of Endocrinology of National Health Commission, Department of Endocrinology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, 100730, China.

Purpose: Ectopic pituitary adenomas (EPAs) are extremely rare pituitary adenomas located outside the sella turcica without any connection with intrasellar components. This study aims to review all the reported cases to date and describe the clinical characteristics of EPAs.

Methods: In a retrospective chart review, 14 patients were identified with EPAs in our hospital. Read More

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December 2020

[Intermittent disturbances of perception during fasting in a 46-year-old female patient].

S Ravens L Scheit

Internist (Berl) 2020 Sep;61(9):964-968

Klinik I Innere Medizin, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Hamburg, Lesserstraße 180, 22049, Hamburg, Deutschland.

Background: We report the case of a 46-year-old female patient who presented in the emergency department with intermittent disturbances of perception when fasting.

Diagnostics: In the diagnostic fasting test, a hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia already occurred after 7h. A sonographic examination was inconspicuous, therefore, a Ga 68-HA-DOTATATE positron emission tomography computed tomography (PET-CT) was carried out. Read More

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September 2020

Clinicopathological and molecular features of colorectal cancer with synchronous adenoma.

Scand J Gastroenterol 2020 Sep 25;55(9):1063-1071. Epub 2020 Jul 25.

Department of Gastroenterology, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing, China.

Objective: To investigate the clinicopathological and molecular features of colorectal cancer (CRC) with synchronous adenoma and to describe features of synchronous adenomas in CRC patients.

Methods: Single-centre retrospective cohort of 180 patients were included. The clinicopathological and endoscopic data were collected. Read More

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September 2020

Posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy: recommendations to implement this approach.

Cir Esp 2021 Apr 10;99(4):289-295. Epub 2020 Jul 10.

Servicio de Cirugía General y del Aparato Digestivo, Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, España.

Introduction: The posterior retroperitoneoscopic approach (PRA) is seldom used in our country to perform adrenalectomies, although it offers possible advantages over laparoscopic anterior or lateral access, according to some authors. The aim of this study was to identify those features that determine the most suitable cases to start the implementation of this technique.

Methods: A prospective observational study was performed with a 50 patients cohort. Read More

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Analysis of modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors in patients undergoing pituitary surgery.

J Neurosurg 2020 Jun 12:1-8. Epub 2020 Jun 12.

Objective: Pituitary adenomas (PAs) are among the most common intracranial tumors. Understanding the clinical effects of various modifiable risk factors (MRFs) and nonmodifiable risk factors (NMRFs) is important in guiding proper treatment, yet there is limited evidence outlining the influence of MRFs and NMRFs on outcomes of PA resection. The aim of this study was to analyze MRFs and NMRFs in patients undergoing resection for PAs. Read More

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Microwave Ablation of Adrenal Tumors in Patients With Continuous Intra-Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring Without Prior Alpha-Adrenergic Blockade: Safety and Efficacy.

Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 2020 Sep 11;43(9):1384-1391. Epub 2020 Jun 11.

Department of Radiology, University of Wisconsin, 600 Highland Ave, Madison, WI, 53792, USA.

Purpose: Evaluate the safety and efficacy of adrenal microwave ablation performed with continuous intra-arterial blood pressure monitoring (IABPM) and without alpha-adrenergic blockade (AAB) as pretreatment.

Material And Methods: A single-center, retrospective review of all percutaneous adrenal microwave ablation performed between 2011 and 2018. Microwave ablation was completed on 11 patients, with a total of 15 adrenal tumors with a mean size of 3. Read More

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September 2020

Expression of TdT in Myoepithelial Cells: Investigation in Breasts, Sweat Glands, and Salivary Lesions Emphasizing the Never-Documented Immunohistochemical Findings.

Int J Surg Pathol 2020 Oct 4;28(7):711-720. Epub 2020 May 4.

Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.

. The expression of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) in myoepithelial cells (MECs) within the breast was recently incidentally observed in our routine practice. This study aimed to elucidate the expression of TdT in MECs. Read More

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October 2020

Colonoscopy later than 270 days in a fecal immunochemical test-based population screening program is associated with higher prevalence of colorectal cancer.

Endoscopy 2020 10 30;52(10):871-876. Epub 2020 Apr 30.

Veneto Tumour Registry, Azienda Zero, Padova, Italy.

BACKGROUND : Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening programs based on fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) generate substantial pressure on colonoscopy capacity in Europe. Thus, a relevant proportion of FIT-positive patients undergo colonoscopy after the recommended 30-day interval, which may be associated with an excess CRC risk. METHODS : In a cohort of 50-69-year-old patients undergoing biennial rounds of FIT (OC-Hemodia latex agglutination test; cutoff 20 µg hemoglobin/g feces) between 2004 and 2017, we assessed the outcome at colonoscopy (low/high risk adenoma/CRC/advanced stage CRC) among FIT-positive patients, according to different time intervals. Read More

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October 2020

Treatment of transfusion-dependent congenital dyserythropoietic anemia Type I patients with pegylated interferon alpha-2a.

Eur J Haematol 2020 Aug 19;105(2):216-222. Epub 2020 May 19.

Pediatric Hemato-oncology Department, Saban Pediatric Medical Center, Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Objective: Pegylated IFN-α2a has been reported in two case reports as being efficacious in treating CDA-I patients. This study aims to assess its efficacy on a series of CDA-I patients.

Methods: Study sample consisted of seven CDA type 1 transfusion-dependent patients. Read More

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Ectopic Lacrimal Gland Tissue: A Systematic Review.

Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg 2020 Nov/Dec;36(6):540-544

Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, United Kingdom.

Purpose: To review the clinical and histopathological findings associated with ectopic lacrimal gland tissue.

Methods: A systematic review of the literature on ectopic lacrimal gland tissue was performed. Studies which met clinical and histolopathological criteria for ectopic lacrimal gland tissue written in English and published in peer-reviewed journals were included. Read More

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Not All Hypertension Is a Lifelong Disease: A Teachable Moment.

JAMA Intern Med 2020 05;180(5):781-782

Department of Endocrinology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China.

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