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    Thyroid carcinoma producing β-human chorionic gonadotropin shows different clinical behavior.
    Pathol Int 2018 Feb 15. Epub 2018 Feb 15.
    Department of Pathology, Shandong University School of Basic Medical Sciences, 44#, Wenhua Xi Road, Jinan, Shandong, 250012, PR China.
    Columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma (CCV-PTC) is an unusual neoplasm, the clinical behavior of which mainly depends on the encapsulation or infiltration. Patients with extensive extrathyroidal extension usually have an aggressive biological behavior. This study confirmed that beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG) secreting invasive CCV-PTC has good prognosis comparing with a cohort of follicular cell differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Read More

    Cytokeratin-8 in Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma: More Than a Simple Structural Cytoskeletal Protein.
    Int J Mol Sci 2018 Feb 14;19(2). Epub 2018 Feb 14.
    Departments of Otolaryngology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, LSU Health Shreveport, 1501 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71103, USA
    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is almost universally fatal. Elevated keratin-8 (KRT8) protein expression is an established diagnostic cancer biomarker in several epithelial cancers (but not ATC). Several keratins, including KRT8, have been suggested to have a role in cell biology beyond that of structural cytoskeletal proteins. Read More

    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in Denmark 1996-2012: A national prospective study of 219 patients.
    Cancer Epidemiol 2018 Jan 31;53:65-71. Epub 2018 Jan 31.
    Odense University Hospital, Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, Sdr Boulevard 29, 5000 Odense C, Denmark. Electronic address:
    Background: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is the least common but most malignant thyroid cancer. We aimed to examine the characteristics as well as evaluate the incidence, prognostic factors, and if introduction of a fast track cancer program might influence survival in a cohort of ATC patients.

    Methods: A cohort study based on prospective data from the national Danish thyroid cancer database DATHYRCA and the national Danish Pathology Register including 219 patients diagnosed from 1996 to 2012, whom were followed until death or through September 2014. Read More

    Treatment and survival vary by race/ethnicity in patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer.
    Cancer 2018 Feb 6. Epub 2018 Feb 6.
    Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.
    Background: Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is the rarest type of thyroid cancer and has the lowest overall survival. To the authors' knowledge, the impact of socioeconomic status and race/ethnicity has not yet been described.

    Methods: Data regarding 719 patients diagnosed with their first primary malignant ATC from January 1, 1998 to December 31, 2011 in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program registries were examined. Read More

    Ionizing Radiation deregulates the microRNA expression profile in differentiated thyroid cells.
    Thyroid 2018 Feb 3. Epub 2018 Feb 3.
    Universita degli studi di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di biologia e patologia cellulare e moleculare Istituto di endocrinologia ed oncologia sperimentale del CNR , VIA PANSINI 5 , Naples, Italy , 80131 ;
    Background: Ionizing Radiation (IR) is a well-known risk factor for papillary thyroid cancer, and it has been reported to deregulate microRNA expression, which is important to thyroid carcinogenesis. Therefore, we have investigated the impact of IR on microRNA expression profile of the normal thyroid cell line (FRTL-5 CL2) and as well as its effect on radiosensitivity of thyroid cancer cell lines, especially the human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell line (8505c).

    Methods: The global microRNA expression profile of irradiated FRTL-5 CL2 cells (5 Gy X-ray) was characterized and data were confirmed by qRT-PCR evaluating the expression of rno-miR-10b-5p, rno-miR-33-5p, rno-miR-128-1-5p, rno-miR-199a-3p, rno-miR-296-5p, rno-miR-328a-3p and rno-miR-541-5p in irradiated cells. Read More

    Circulating BRAFV600E levels correlate with treatment in patients with thyroid carcinoma.
    Thyroid 2018 Jan 29. Epub 2018 Jan 29.
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Surgery , 15 Parkman st Wang 460 , BOSTON, Massachusetts, United States , 02114 ;
    Background: BRAFV600E is the most common mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) and can be associated with aggressive disease. We previously reported a highly sensitive blood RNA-based BRAFV600E assay. Our objective was to assess the correlation of BRAFV600E circulating tumor RNA levels with surgical and medical treatment. Read More

    Simultaneous detection of single-nucleotide variant, deletion/insertion, and fusion in lung and thyroid carcinoma using cytology specimen and an RNA-based next-generation sequencing assay.
    Cancer Cytopathol 2018 Jan 24. Epub 2018 Jan 24.
    Department of Pathology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa.
    Background: Molecular testing for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation and anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) and ROS proto-oncogene 1, receptor tyrosine kinase (ROS1) fusion is routinely performed in patients with stage IV lung adenocarcinoma to assess their eligibility for targeted therapy. Fine-needle aspiration (FNA)-derived material frequently is the only pathologic material available. The identification of genomic aberrations in thyroid nodules from FNA smears may help stratify cancer risk and spare patients from a second surgery. Read More

    Demographic and Clinical Features of Thyroid Carcinomas in Republic of Macedonia (1999-2010).
    Open Access Maced J Med Sci 2017 Dec 17;5(7):1005-1010. Epub 2017 Oct 17.
    Institute of Pathology, Medical Faculty, Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
    Background: Thyroid carcinomas (TC) are the most common endocrine malignancies. In some parts of the world, the incidence of TCs has increased over the past few decades, especially in females according to some studies.

    Aim: We have set as the objective for our study to analyse the demographic, ultrasound features, thyroid hormonal status and frequency of thyroid carcinomas in the Republic of Macedonia according to histopathological type. Read More

    Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer With Extensive Skeletal Muscle Metastases on 18F-FDG PET/CT.
    Clin Nucl Med 2018 Jan 19. Epub 2018 Jan 19.
    From the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
    A 61-year-old woman with newly diagnosed anaplastic thyroid cancer and known metastases to the brain, lungs, and adrenal glands complained of groin muscle pain. F-FDG PET/CT was performed to assess for extent of disease and showed extensive hypermetabolic lesions throughout the skeletal musculature concerning for metastatic disease. As this would be a very rare presentation for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, a biopsy of the left gluteal muscle was conducted. Read More

    Long-term effects of crizotinib in ALK-positive tumors (excluding NSCLC): A phase 1b open-label study.
    Am J Hematol 2018 Jan 20. Epub 2018 Jan 20.
    Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea.
    Crizotinib, an inhibitor of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), MET, and ROS1, is approved for treatment of patients with ALK-positive or ROS1-positive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, ALK rearrangements are also implicated in other malignancies, including anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors (IMTs). In this ongoing, multicenter, single-arm, open-label phase 1b study (PROFILE 1013; NCT01121588), patients with ALK-positive advanced malignancies other than NSCLC were to receive a starting dose of crizotinib 250 mg twice daily. Read More

    ATRA increases iodine uptake and inhibits the proliferation and invasiveness of human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma SW1736 cells: Involvement of β-catenin phosphorylation inhibition.
    Oncol Lett 2017 Dec 19;14(6):7733-7738. Epub 2017 Oct 19.
    Department of Genitourinary, Cancer Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, TX 77030, USA.
    All-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) can enhance iodine uptake capability of thyroid tumors, but the mechanisms remain poorly understood. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of ATRA on isotope susceptibility, proliferation and invasion of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) and potential mechanisms. SW1736 cells were treated with 1 µmol/l ATRA or 1% ethanol for 5 days. Read More

    Immunohistochemical Biomarkers of Mesenchymal Neoplasms in Endocrine Organs: Diagnostic Pitfalls and Recent Discoveries.
    Endocr Pathol 2018 Jan 16. Epub 2018 Jan 16.
    Department of Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, 75 Francis Street, Boston, MA, 02115, USA.
    Mesenchymal neoplasms rarely present in or adjacent to endocrine organs. In this context, the recognition of these rare tumor types can be challenging, with significant potential for misdiagnosis as sarcomatoid carcinomas (i.e. Read More

    Sulforaphene Enhances The Efficacy of Photodynamic Therapy In Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Through Ras/RAF/MEK/ERK Pathway Suppression.
    J Photochem Photobiol B 2018 Feb 11;179:46-53. Epub 2017 Dec 11.
    Beckman Laser Institute Korea, Dankook University, Cheonan 31116, Republic of Korea; Department of Pre-medical Science, Dankook University, Cheonan 31116, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:
    Sulforaphene (SFE), a natural isothiocyanate from cruciferous vegetables has shown a potential anticancer effect against cervical and lung cancer. Palliative treatments like photodynamic therapy (PDT) are being implemented for a long time however, the results are still not promising in case of aggressive cancers like anaplastic thyroid cancer. The objective of this work is to establish an alternative method with the combination of photofrin-PDT and sulforaphene, a natural isothiocyanate from cruciferous vegetables, against human anaplastic thyroid cancer to enhance the efficacy of PDT. Read More

    Radiofrequency ablation of primary thyroid carcinoma: efficacy according to the types of thyroid carcinoma.
    Int J Hyperthermia 2018 Jan 24:1-6. Epub 2018 Jan 24.
    a Department of Radiology and Research Institute of Radiology , Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine , Seoul , Korea.
    Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of ultrasound (US)-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) according to the types of thyroid carcinoma, particularly in patients with a high-surgical risk.

    Materials And Methods: Eight patients with nine tumours of pathologically proven papillary and anaplastic carcinoma were treated by US-guided RFA. Patients with primary thyroid carcinoma were divided into three groups; group (1) Anaplastic carcinoma, group (2) papillary macrocarcinoma, and group (3) papillary microcarcinoma. Read More

    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma with rapid thyrotoxicosis - a case report and the literature review.
    Endokrynol Pol 2018 10;69(1):28-31. Epub 2018 Jan 10.
    Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Isotope Therapy, Wroclaw Medical University.
    Introduction: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most aggressive human malignancies and constitutes approximately 1.6-5% of the malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland. ATC usually manifests itself with the local symptoms due to a rapidly enlarging thyroid mass, and as other thyroid cancers, has only seldom been reported to cause thyrotoxicosis. Read More

    targets angiogenesis and EMT concurrently in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.
    Endocr Relat Cancer 2018 Mar 9;25(3):323-337. Epub 2018 Jan 9.
    Cancer Molecular PathologySchool of Medicine, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    The current study aims to evaluate for the first time the inhibitory roles ofin the pathogenesis of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. In addition, we investigated the mechanisms by which miR-205 regulates angiogenesis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cancer. Two anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines were transfected with the expression vector pCMV-Selected markers of angiogenesis and EMT including vascular endothelial growth factor A () and zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 () were investigated by Western blot. Read More

    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: review of treatment protocols.
    Endocr Relat Cancer 2018 Mar 2;25(3):R153-R161. Epub 2018 Jan 2.
    Department of EndocrinologyDiabetology and Metabolism, Endocrine Tumour Center at West German Cancer Center, University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany.
    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is an orphan disease and in most patients fatal. So far no established treatment is available that prolongs survival. Several large retrospective studies have identified negative prognostic markers, analyzed efficacy of multimodal approaches such as radiotherapy with and without concurrent chemotherapy and chemotherapy protocols. Read More

    Effects of HuR downregulation on anaplastic thyroid cancer cells.
    Oncol Lett 2018 Jan 30;15(1):575-579. Epub 2017 Oct 30.
    Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties, 'Sapienza' University of Rome, I-00161 Rome, Italy.
    Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) constitutes one of the most aggressive types of human solid cancer, and is characterized by the absence of thyroid differentiation features and a marked degree of invasiveness. We have previously demonstrated that the RNA-binding protein Hu antigen R (HuR) is overexpressed in thyroid carcinoma; thus, the biological role of this RNA-binding protein was investigated in the present study using the ATC cell lines SW1736 and 8505C. In both cell lines, HuR protein levels were higher compared with in the non-tumorigenic thyroid cell line Nthy-ori-3. Read More

    Gene Fusions in Thyroid Cancer.
    Thyroid 2018 Feb;28(2):158-167
    1 Research Centre for Medical Genetics , Moscow, Russian Federation.
    Background: Gene fusions are known in many cancers as driver or passenger mutations. They play an important role in both the etiology and pathogenesis of cancer and are considered as potential diagnostic and prognostic markers and possible therapeutic targets. The spectrum and prevalence of gene fusions in thyroid cancer ranges from single cases up to 80%, depending on the specific type of cancer. Read More

    A Case of Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma: Remarkable Decrease in Multiple Lung Metastases within 40 Years after a Single Administration of Radioiodine without Thyroidectomy and with Later Anaplastic Transformation.
    Case Rep Oncol 2017 Sep-Dec;10(3):928-937. Epub 2017 Oct 17.
    Department of Radiology, Graduate School of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan.
    Differentiated thyroid carcinoma is an uncommon malignancy of childhood and adolescence that is unique because it has an overall favorable prognosis despite its relatively high rate of nodal and distant metastases. Total thyroidectomy and positiveI therapy are recommended for cases with pulmonary metastases. In contrast, anaplastic thyroid cancer is one of the most aggressive malignancies that have an unfavorable and miserable prognosis. Read More

    EZH2 Overexpression as a Useful Prognostic Marker for Aggressive Behaviour in Thyroid Cancer.
    In Vivo 2018 Jan-Feb;32(1):25-31
    Molecular Pathology and Genetics Division, Kanagawa Cancer Center Research Institute, Yokohama, Japan.
    Background/aim: Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a member of the polycomb group of genes, which are key factors in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation. EZH2 is overexpressed in many malignancies. We analyzed EZH2 protein expression levels in different histological subtypes of thyroid cancer to examine its utility as a prognostic factor. Read More

    Comparison of sonographic characteristics of primary thyroid lymphoma and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.
    J Thorac Dis 2017 Nov;9(11):4774-4784
    Department of Ultrasound, Fatou Community Health Center, Beijing 100023, China.
    Background: Although primary thyroid lymphoma (PTL) and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) both account for a rare portion of the morbidity of all thyroid malignancies, the therapeutic methods and prognosis for these two diseases are different. The purpose of this study was to investigate the sonographic characteristics of PTL and ATC and to compare the sonographic findings of PTL and ATC.

    Methods: The study included 42 patients with histopathologically proven PTL (n=27) and ATC (n=15). Read More

    Mediastinal Lymph Node Metastases in Thyroid Cancer: Characteristics, Predictive Factors, and Prognosis.
    Int J Endocrinol 2017 12;2017:1868165. Epub 2017 Nov 12.
    Department of Head & Neck Surgery, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai 200032, China.
    Background: Mediastinal lymph node metastases (MLNM) have not been extensively studied. The aim of this study is to investigate the characteristics, predictive factors, and prognosis of MLNM in thyroid cancer.

    Methods: This is a retrospective study based on the thyroid cancer patients with MLNM at our institution from 2008 to 2015. Read More

    BET bromodomain inhibitor JQ1 modulates microRNA expression in thyroid cancer cells.
    Oncol Rep 2018 Feb 12;39(2):582-588. Epub 2017 Dec 12.
    Department of Medical Area, University of Udine, I-33100 Udine, Italy.
    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) represents the most lethal thyroid cancer sub-type, currently unresponsive to standard treatments. Recently, bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) proteins have emerged as attractive therapeutic targets in several diseases, including cancer. In different cancer models, the anti-neoplastic activity of BET inhibitors such as JQ1, I-BET762 and I-BET151 have already been established, due to both direct and indirect effects. Read More

    Imaging of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma.
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2017 Dec 14. Epub 2017 Dec 14.
    From the Departments of Diagnostic Radiology (S.A., T.V., D.F.S., J.M.D.).
    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is fatal if unresectable. However, improved survival has been reported after gross total resection and multimodality therapy. In this report, we describe the contrast-enhanced high-resolution CT characteristics of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in 57 patients. Read More

    Special types of thyroid carcinoma.
    Histopathology 2018 Jan;72(1):40-52
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    This article reviews the small percentage of thyroid tumours that are not classified as classic papillary thyroid carcinoma, follicular thyroid carcinoma, and medullary thyroid carcinoma. It includes subtypes of papillary thyroid carcinoma, including, tall-cell, hobnail/micropapillary, columnar cell, diffuse sclerosing and solid variants. Poorly differentiated carcinoma, high-grade carcinoma and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma are reviewed. Read More

    Molecular pathology of thyroid tumours of follicular cells: a review of genetic alterations and their clinicopathological relevance.
    Histopathology 2018 Jan;72(1):6-31
    Anatomical Pathology, Molecular Diagnostic Unit, University of Bologna School of Medicine, Azienda USL di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
    Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancy. Knowledge of the molecular pathology of thyroid tumours originating from follicular cells has greatly advanced in the past several years. Common molecular alterations, such as BRAF p. Read More

    Insight into Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Gross Pathological Specimen Shrinkage and Its Influence on TNM Staging.
    Eur Thyroid J 2017 Nov 26;6(6):315-320. Epub 2017 Jul 26.
    Polyclinique Les Fleurs, Service Imagerie Médicale, Ollioules, France.
    Introduction: This study aimed at comparing thyroid cancer staging when taking into account the differences between the "T" assessment" using ultrasound (US) and histopathological measurements.

    Material And Methods: This retrospective study included all consecutive differentiated follicular thyroid cancer (DTC) and medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) patients who underwent postoperative histopathological staging assessment at a single institution. Anaplastic thyroid carcinomas were excluded from the present study. Read More

    Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome after Lenvatinib Therapy in a Patient with Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma.
    Intern Med 2017 Dec 8. Epub 2017 Dec 8.
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Fukui Red Cross Hospital, Japan.
    Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare reversible neurological syndrome that causes subcortical vasogenic brain edema and which is associated with the use of target-specific agents. Lenvatinib is a target-specific agent that was recently approved for inoperable thyroid cancer. We herein describe the case of a 66-year-old woman with anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) who was treated with lenvatinib and who subsequently developed PRES. Read More

    Inhibition of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein suppresses tumorigenesis and enhances chemosensitivity in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.
    Oncotarget 2017 Nov 28;8(56):95764-95772. Epub 2017 Sep 28.
    The Fourth Department of General Surgery, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China.
    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most lethal carcinoma with a poor prognosis; however, molecular mechanisms underlying the aggressiveness of ATC remain unclear. Our goal was to examine the expression of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) in ATC, as well as its role in ATC tumorigenesis. This is a retrospective study of ATC patients from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University during June 2003 to October 2013. Read More

    Effects of nutraceuticals on anaplastic thyroid cancer cells.
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2018 Feb 2;144(2):285-294. Epub 2017 Dec 2.
    Department of Medical Area, University of Udine, 33100, Udine, Italy.
    Purpose: The anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is the most aggressive thyroid cancer with a high mortality rate. Since nutraceuticals may exert beneficial effects on tumor biology, here, effects of four of these compounds [resveratrol, genistein, curcumin and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)] on ATC cell lines were investigated.

    Methods: Two ATC-derived cell lines were used: SW1736 and 8505C. Read More

    Apatinib Inhibits Angiogenesis Via Suppressing Akt/GSK3β/ANG Signaling Pathway in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer.
    Cell Physiol Biochem 2017 1;44(4):1471-1484. Epub 2017 Dec 1.
    Department of General Surgery, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.
    Background/aims: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most lethal human malignancies, and there is no efficient method to slow its process. Apatinib, a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), has been confirmed for its efficacy and safety in the treatment of advanced gastric carcinoma patients. However, the effects of Apatinib in ATC are still unknown. Read More

    AKT activity is elevated in aggressive thyroid neoplasms where it promotes proliferation and invasion.
    Exp Mol Pathol 2017 12 21;103(3):288-293. Epub 2017 Nov 21.
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health, 600 Highland Ave, Madison, WI 53792, USA. Electronic address:
    The PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway controls major cellular processes such as cell growth, proliferation and survival. Stimulation of this pathway leads to AKT phosphorylation and activation, resulting in phosphorylation of mTOR and myriad other targets. AKT upregulation has been implicated in thyroid cancer pathogenesis and is a candidate treatment target for patients with advanced disease that has not responded to traditional therapies. Read More

    Expression of cancer/testis antigens MAGE-A, MAGE-C1, GAGE and CTAG1B in benign and malignant thyroid diseases.
    Oncol Lett 2017 Dec 26;14(6):6485-6496. Epub 2017 Sep 26.
    Division of Pathology Diagnostic Services, Cytology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY 10021, USA.
    Despite considerable advances in the understanding of thyroid gland biology, correctly diagnosing thyroid nodules and treating high-grade thyroid carcinoma remains challenging. Cancer/testis (CT) antigens have emerged as potential diagnostic tools as well as targets of potential cancer vaccinations. In the present study, a total of 117 patients who underwent surgical therapy for thyroid disease were available for analysis. Read More

    Real-World Experience with Targeted Therapy for the Treatment of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma.
    Thyroid 2018 Jan 21;28(1):79-87. Epub 2017 Dec 21.
    1 Department of Endocrine Neoplasia and Hormonal Disorders, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center , Houston, Texas.
    Background: Patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) have a dismal prognosis, despite systemic cytotoxic chemotherapy. The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of targeted therapy in ATC patients when used outside of a clinical trial.

    Methods: This is a retrospective review from April 2015 to May 2016 at a single academic institution where 16 ATC patients receiving targeted therapy outside of a clinical trial were studied. Read More

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Thyroid as a Result of Anaplastic Transformation from BRAF-Positive Papillary Thyroid Cancer.
    Case Rep Oncol Med 2017 12;2017:4276435. Epub 2017 Oct 12.
    Department of Hematology Oncology, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY 13205, USA.
    Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most common malignant neoplasm of the thyroid. Majority of the PTC carries an excellent prognosis. However, patients with tall cell variant (TCV) of papillary thyroid carcinoma have a worse prognosis than those with the classic variant. Read More

    Vemurafenib-resistance via de novo RBM genes mutations and chromosome 5 aberrations is overcome by combined therapy with palbociclib in thyroid carcinoma with BRAF.
    Oncotarget 2017 Oct 24;8(49):84743-84760. Epub 2017 Sep 24.
    Laboratory of human thyroid cancers preclinical and translational research, Division of Experimental Pathology, Cancer Research Institute, Cancer Center, Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
    Purpose: Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most frequent endocrine tumor. BRAFrepresents the PTC hallmark and is targeted with selective inhibitors (e.g. Read More

    Partially cystic thyroid nodules in ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration: Prevalence of thyroid carcinoma and ultrasound features.
    Medicine (Baltimore) 2017 Nov;96(46):e8689
    aDepartment of Ultrasound bDepartment of Pathology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China.
    Partially cystic thyroid nodules (PCTNs) are common on ultrasound (US). However, there are insufficient data on the prevalence of thyroid carcinoma among such nodules. The purpose of this study was thus to evaluate the prevalence and differentiation of partially cystic thyroid cancers in US-guided fine needle aspiration (FNA). Read More

    Cyclin D1, Ret and P27 Expression in Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma
    Acta Clin Croat 2017 03;56(1):15-20
    Clinical Department of Nuclear Medicine, Split University Hospital Center, Split
    Th e aim of the study was to determine the influence of RET, p27 and cyclin D1 on regional lymph node metastases in papillary microcarcinoma. The analysis included 70 patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma that underwent surgery at Split University Hospital Center between 1999 and 2001. Immunohistochemistry was performed on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue by the RET, p27 and cyclin D1 antibodies. Read More

    FNA diagnosis of poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma. A review of the recent literature.
    Cytopathology 2017 Dec 2;28(6):467-474. Epub 2017 Nov 2.
    Service of Clinical Pathology, Institute of Pathology, Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma (PDTC) is a follicular cell-derived tumour that was recognised as a distinct entity by the World Health Organisation in 2004. The natural history and pathological features of PDTC are reported to be intermediate between those of well-differentiated and undifferentiated (anaplastic) thyroid carcinomas. Preoperative identification of PDTC could facilitate better initial patient management in many cases, namely more extensive surgery, without any delay. Read More

    Differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: Major changes in the American Joint Committee on Cancer eighth edition cancer staging manual.
    CA Cancer J Clin 2018 Jan 1;68(1):55-63. Epub 2017 Nov 1.
    Endochrinologist, Endocrinology Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY.
    Answer questions and earn CME/CNE This is a review of the major changes in the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging manual, eighth edition, for differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. All patients younger than 55 years have stage I disease unless they have distant metastases, in which case, their disease is stage II. In patients aged 55 years or older, the presence of distant metastases confers stage IVB, while cases without distant metastases are further categorized based on the presence/absence of gross extrathyroidal extension, tumor size, and lymph node status. Read More

    High-resolution proteomics and metabolomics in thyroid cancer: Deciphering novel biomarkers.
    Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci 2017 Nov - Dec;54(7-8):446-457. Epub 2017 Oct 30.
    d Proteomic Unit , Instituto Murciano de Investigación Biosanitaria Virgen de la Arrixaca (IMIB-Arrixaca), Universidad de Murcia , Murcia , Spain.
    The incidence of thyroid cancer (TC) - the most common endocrine malignancy - has been increasing sharply since the mid-1990s. The rate of TC incidence in both men and women has been faster than any other cancer. Both improved diagnoses (i. Read More

    Genomic Hallmarks of Thyroid Neoplasia.
    Annu Rev Pathol 2018 Jan 30;13:141-162. Epub 2017 Oct 30.
    Departments of Pathology and Internal Medicine, Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, USA; email:
    The genomic landscape of thyroid cancers that are derived from follicular cells has been substantially elucidated through the coordinated application of high-throughput genomic technologies. Here, I review the common genetic alterations across the spectrum of thyroid neoplasia and present the resulting model of thyroid cancer initiation and progression. This model illustrates the striking correlation between tumor differentiation and overall somatic mutational burden, which also likely explains the highly variable clinical behavior and outcome of patients with thyroid cancers. Read More

    Aberrant expression of CD20 in thyroid cancer and its clinicopathologic significance.
    Hum Pathol 2018 Jan 24;71:74-83. Epub 2017 Oct 24.
    Department of Hospital Pathology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul 06591, Republic of Korea; Cancer Research Institute, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul 06591, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:
    CD20 is the first-line diagnostic marker of B-cells, which serves as the target of the therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in B-cell lymphomas and leukemias. Recently, aberrant CD20 expression has been described in a small series of papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTCs). We aimed to evaluate CD20 immunoexpression and to perform clinicopathologic correlation in a large set of thyroid tumors, including a cohort of high-grade thyroid cancer. Read More

    Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma Treated with Lenvatinib.
    Kurume Med J 2017 Oct 20. Epub 2017 Oct 20.
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health.
    Objective: We report a case of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) with local recurrence and distant metastasis that responded very well to treatment with lenvatinib, a new molecular-targeted anticancer drug.

    Case Report: A 91-year-old Japanese woman presented with a 5-month history of a painless mass in her left anterior neck. She had a past history of total thyroidectomy and neck dissection for papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. Read More

    andkinase fusions are recurrent events in papillary thyroid cancer of adult population.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2018 Jan 18;178(1):85-93. Epub 2017 Oct 18.
    Departamento de Morfologia e GenéticaGenetic Bases of Thyroid Tumors Laboratory, Disciplina de Genética, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
    Objective: PTC-specific analysis identified novel fusions involving,,,,andgenes in adults and pediatric PTCs. Although many novel fusions are PTC-specific events and, therefore, are ideal for diagnosis purposes, validation across additional and larger patient cohorts is essential for introducing these potential diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers into the clinical practice. As most of the,andfusions were initially found in pediatric PTC or in more aggressive thyroid carcinomas, and there is a great disparity across population, in this study, we screened a large set of adult-sporadic PTC cases for the most prevalent kinase fusion lately described in the TCGA. Read More

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