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The importance of Böhler's angle in calcaneus geometry: A finite element model study.

Jt Dis Relat Surg 2021 11;32(2):420-427. Epub 2021 Jun 11.

Ankara Şehir Hastanesi Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Kliniği, El ve Üst Ekstremite Cerrahisi Bölümü, 06800 Çankaya, Ankara, Türkiye.

Objectives: Calcaneal fractures are the most common tarsal fractures following a foot-ankle trauma. The Böhler's angle is an important measurable angle before, during, and after surgery. In this study, we aimed to investigate correlation between Böhler's angle, calcaneal strength, and subtalar joint stress using a finite element analysis (FEA). Read More

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Imaging modalities for endoleak surveillance.

J Med Radiat Sci 2021 Jun 18. Epub 2021 Jun 18.

Department of Vascular Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Southport, Queensland, Australia.

As the global population ages, the issue of abdominal aortic aneurysm continues to grow. With the evolution of new devices and refined operative technique, aneurysm treatment via endovascular aortic repair is becoming increasingly favourable. This, however, is not without drawbacks, where regular surveillance is paramount to long-term success and detection of post-procedure complications. Read More

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Tension-Sided Femoral Neck Stress Fracture in an Adolescent with Vitamin D Deficiency and Osteomalacia: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2021 06 15;11(2). Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Department of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona.

Case: An adolescent girl presented with groin pain without any history of trauma. Imaging showed a tension-sided stress fracture of the femoral neck. Vitamin D deficiency (VDD), and raised alkaline phosphatase and parathyroid hormone levels were found. Read More

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[The clinical effect and imaging features of accordion maneuver in promoting bone healing at the docking site after tibial transport under ultrasonic monitoring].

Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 2021 Jun;59(6):477-483

Department of Orthopaedics,the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University,Taiyuan 030001,China.

To explore the imaging features and clinical effect of accordion maneuver in promoting the bone healing at the docking site after tibial transport under ultrasonic monitoring. Retrospective analysis was conducted on the clinical data of 16 patients with tibial bone transport who were admitted to the Department of Orthopedics, the second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University from May 2018 to October 2019. All the patients were treated with accordion maneuver to promote bone healing at the docking site under ultrasound monitoring. Read More

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The effect of aqueous extract of Prunus dulcis on tibial bone healing in the rabbit.

J Orthop Surg Res 2021 Jun 7;16(1):362. Epub 2021 Jun 7.

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

Background: Bone fractures are medical emergencies that require prompt intervention to help return bone to its normal function. Various methods and treatments have been utilized to increase the speed and efficiency of bone repair. This study aimed to investigate the treatment effects of Prunus dulcis aqueous extract on tibial bone healing in rabbits. Read More

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Distal Radius Physeal Bar and Ulnar Overgrowth: Indications for Treatment.

J Pediatr Orthop 2021 Jul;41(Suppl 1):S6-S13

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Background: Distal radius physeal bar with associated growth arrest can occur because of fractures, ischemia, infection, radiation, tumor, blood dyscrasias, and repetitive stress injuries. The age of the patient as well as the size, shape, and location of the bony bridge determines the deformity and associated pathology that will develop.

Methods: A search of the English literature was performed using PubMed and multiple search terms to identify manuscripts dealing with the evaluation and treatment of distal radius physeal bars and ulnar overgrowth. Read More

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Imaging features of spinal fractures in ankylosing spondylitis and the diagnostic value of different imaging methods.

Quant Imaging Med Surg 2021 Jun;11(6):2499-2508

Department of Radiology, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing, China.

Background: Our study aimed to characterize the imaging appearance of spinal fractures in ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and identify situations in which the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is necessary.

Methods: A total of 70 cases of spinal fractures associated with AS were retrospectively enrolled. Two radiologists independently reviewed the preoperative images. Read More

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Lumbosacral Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis.

Clin Sports Med 2021 Jul;40(3):471-490

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Virginia, PO Box 800159, Charlottesville, VA 22908, USA. Electronic address:

Repetitive stress on the lumbosacral spine during sporting activity places the athletic patient at risk of developing symptomatic pars defect. Clinical history, physical examination, and diagnostic imaging are important to distinguish spondylolysis from other causes of lower back pain. Early pars stress reaction can be identified with advanced imaging, before the development of cortical fracture or vertebral slip progression to spondylolisthesis. Read More

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Maisonneuve injury with no fibula fracture: A case report.

World J Clin Cases 2021 May;9(15):3733-3740

Department of Orthopedics, Qilu Hospital, Cheeloo College of Medicine, Shandong University, Jinan 250012, Shandong Province, China.

Background: Ankle syndesmosis injury is difficult to diagnose accurately at the initial visit. Missed diagnosis or improper treatment can lead to chronic complications. Complete syndesmosis injury with a concomitant rupture of the interosseous membrane (IOM) is more unstable and severe. Read More

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Calcaneal insufficiency fractures following ipsilateral total knee arthroplasty.

Injury 2021 Jul 15;52(7):1978-1984. Epub 2021 May 15.

Department of Rehabilitation, Nagoya Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Clinic, 7 Iponbashi, Takadaji, Kita-Nagoya, Aichi 481-0011, Japan.

Introduction: Only a few reports have described calcaneal insufficiency fractures (IFs) following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Herein, we describe nine cases of calcaneal IFs following ipsilateral TKA. The purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence of calcaneal fractures following TKA and determine the characteristics of patients with IFs. Read More

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Thoracic Bone Mineral Density measured by Quantitative Computed Tomography in Patients undergoing Spine Surgery.

Spine J 2021 May 19. Epub 2021 May 19.

Spine Care Institute, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine, 535 East 70th St, New York, NY 10021, USA. Electronic address:

Background Context: The thoracic spine is a common location for vertebral fractures as well as instrumentation failure after long spinal fusion procedures. The association between those complications and bone mineral density (BMD) are well recognized. Due to the overlying sternum and ribs in the thoracic spine, projectional BMD assessment tools such as dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) are limited to the lumbar spine. Read More

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Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty for Severe Osteoarthritis and Pseudarthrosis in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis.

Orthop Res Rev 2021 14;13:63-71. Epub 2021 May 14.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Edogawa Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

We describe the case of a 76-year-old Asian female patient who presented with severe pain and a valgus deformity of the right knee. Her past medical history included neurofibromatosis, which resulted in a severe anterior slope of the right knee, limb shortening, and congenital pseudarthrosis. She was diagnosed with severe anterolateral osteoarthritis and eburnation of the right knee that was treated surgically with a lateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA). Read More

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Ordered Fibril Arrays in Osteons Promote the Multidirectional Nanodeflection of Cracks: AFM Imaging.

ACS Biomater Sci Eng 2021 06 20;7(6):2372-2382. Epub 2021 May 20.

School of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510641, Guangdong, P. R. China.

The high fracture resistance of cortical bone is not completely understood across its complex hierarchical structure, especially on micro- and nanolevels. Here, a novel bending test combined with atomic force microscopy (AFM) is utilized to assess the micro-/nanoscale failure behavior of cortical bone under the external load. Unlike the smoother crack path in the transverse direction, the multilevel composite material model endows the longitudinal direction to show multilevel Y-shaped cracks with more failure interfaces for enhancing the fracture resistance. Read More

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Strategies for managing the destruction of calcar femorale.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord 2021 May 19;22(1):460. Epub 2021 May 19.

Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu, 610072, Sichuan Province, China.

Background: The calcar femorale was identified long ago. However, our current understanding of the calcar is insufficient, and its related concepts are sometimes confused. The calcar femoral is an important anatomical structure of the proximal femur, and its function can be overlooked. Read More

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Radial Head Replacement for Acute Radial Head Fractures: Outcome and Survival of Three Implant Designs With and Without Cement Fixation.

J Orthop Trauma 2021 06;35(6):e202-e208

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Objectives: To determine outcomes of radial head replacement (RHR) for acute fractures using 3 different implant designs with or without cement fixation.

Design: Retrospective.

Setting: Tertiary referral hospital. Read More

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Extraosseous Signal Changes on Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pediatric Patients with Early-Stage Lumbar Spondylolysis.

J Med Invest 2021 ;68(1.2):136-139

Department of Orthopedics, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University Graduate School, Tokushima, Japan.

Purpose : To analyze extraosseous signal changes (ESCs) on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in pediatric patients with stress fractures occurring in the lamina. Methods : This study was a retrospective review of 69 consecutive pediatric patients with stress fractures occurring in the lamina. We analyzed MRI scans obtained at the first presentation. Read More

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January 2021

Design and application of a comprehensive experimental system for real imaging-virtual imaging of dynamic caustics.

Appl Opt 2021 May;60(13):3549-3558

On the basis of the principle of caustics, a comprehensive experimental system for real imaging-virtual imaging was designed and established and then applied to dynamic fracture mechanics experiments. An explosion load experimental system was used to investigate the interaction between blast stress waves and prefabricated cracks. The virtual image information of the caustic spot of the crack tip under the radial compressive stress of the explosive load was captured and quantified. Read More

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An Isolated Iliac Wing Stress Fracture in a Male Marathon Runner: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2021 04 19;11(2). Epub 2021 Apr 19.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan.

Case: A 49-year-old man, who had started jogging 3 months before his first participation in a marathon race, presented with acute pain and difficulty walking that began during the marathon race. Tumors and bone metabolism factors were ruled out by blood examination and various imaging findings. Isolated iliac wing fatigue fracture was diagnosed and treated with conservative therapy. Read More

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Evaluation of vertebral bone strength with a finite element method using low dose computed tomography imaging.

J Orthop Sci 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Center for Medical Sciences, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Ami, Ibaraki 300-0394, Japan; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Hospital, Ami, Ibaraki 300-0394, Japan.

Background: Focusing on compression fractures of bone by finite elements, we evaluated bone strength based on the computed tomography-based finite element method. However, the exposure dose is an issue. We aimed to investigate the quantity of reduction of the radiation dose with respect to the reference dose by comparing the calculation results of compression fractures of the vertebral body using experimental data obtained from the spine of a pig. Read More

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[Features of surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in women with urethral destruction].

Urologiia 2021 May(2):86-89

Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics n.a. Ya.L. Tsivyan, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Urethral destruction in women is a rare pathology which is result of traumatic damage of the urethra during pelvic fractures, sexual trauma, iatrogenic effects (operative vaginal delivery, prolonged catheterization of the bladder, complicated surgical interventions on the urethra, etc.). The main symptom of urethral destruction is involuntary urinary incontinence. Read More

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Acetabular Stress Fracture in a Healthy Male Amateur Endurance Runner. A Case Report.

J Orthop Case Rep 2020 May-Jun;10(3):85-87

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, San Fernando General Hospital, Independence Ave, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies.

Introduction: Stress fractures are overuse injuries resulting from repetitive submaximal loading of a bone. Acetabular stress fractures while highly uncommon can occur in those undergoing intense endurance training as is the case with military recruits. Diagnosis of this injury can be dubious at times, with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) being the most sensitive diagnostic tool considering the lower sensitivity of plain film radiography. Read More

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Podosome-Driven Defect Development in Lamellar Bone under the Conditions of Senile Osteoporosis Observed at the Nanometer Scale.

ACS Biomater Sci Eng 2021 06 3;7(6):2255-2267. Epub 2021 May 3.

Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe, Nöthnitzer Str. 40, 01187 Dresden, Germany.

The degradation mechanism of human trabecular bone harvested from the central part of the femoral head of a patient with a fragility fracture of the femoral neck under conditions of senile osteoporosis was investigated by high-resolution electron microscopy. As evidenced by light microscopy, there is a disturbance of bone metabolism leading to severe and irreparable damages to the bone structure. These defects are evoked by osteoclasts and thus podosome activity. Read More

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A Finite Element Study on the Treatment of Thoracolumbar Fracture with a New Spinal Fixation System.

Biomed Res Int 2021 10;2021:8872514. Epub 2021 Apr 10.

Department of Orthopaedics, Chinese PLA General Hospital, No. 28 Fuxing Road, Beijing 100853, China.

Objective: In this study, the mechanical properties of the new spinal fixation system (NSFS) in the treatment of thoracolumbar fractures were evaluated by the finite element analysis method, so as to provide a mechanical theoretical basis for the later biomechanical experiments and clinical experiments.

Methods: T12-L2 bone model was constructed to simulate L1 vertebral fracture, and three models of internal fixation systems were established on the basis of universal spinal system (USS): Model A: posterior short-segment fixation including the fractured vertebra (PSFFV); Model B: short-segment pedicle screw fixation (SSPF); Model C: new spinal fixation system (NSFS). After assembling the internal fixation system and fracture model, the finite element analysis was carried out in the ANSYS Workbench 18. Read More

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Acute Plastic Deformation of a Pediatric Radius.

J Hand Surg Asian Pac Vol 2021 Jun;26(2):280-283

Division of Hand Surgery, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Nara Medical University, Nara, Japan.

Acute plastic deformation of long bones is more common in young children. We report a case of an acute plastic deformation of a pediatric radius via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) evaluation. A 15-year-old boy fell on landing after a jump while practicing soccer, which injured his right forearm. Read More

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Analysis of Fracture Patterns and Characteristics in Sacral Insufficiency Fracture: Do Sacral Fractures Occur in Patients Who Had Previous Lumbosacral Fusion Insufficiency Fractures or Stress Fractures?

Asian Spine J 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

Study Design: This study is a retrospective analysis of a case.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the fracture patterns and risk factors of sacral insufficiency fractures (SIFs) to improve their diagnosis in clinical practice.

Overview Of Literature: SIFs occur when normal stresses are applied to a bone with decreased density, most often due to osteoporosis. Read More

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