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    [Acute small bowel diverticulitis in a patient with crohn’s disease].
    Rev Med Chil 2017 Mar;145(3):397-401
    Unidad de Coloproctología, Clínica Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
    Diverticular disease of the small intestine is rare, especially when it is located in the jejunum. It is generally asymptomatic, but in some patients it may have complications such as acute diverticulitis with peritonitis, gastrointestinal bleeding or obstruction. In such cases, the recommended treatment is surgery. Read More

    Intussusception: a Rare Complication After Feeding Jejunostomy; a Case Report.
    Indian J Surg Oncol 2017 Jun 10;8(2):188-190. Epub 2016 Dec 10.
    Department of Surgical Oncology, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan India.
    Feeding jejunostomy (FJ) is a commonly done surgical procedure for enteral nutrition. Intussusception is one of the rare complications of FJ. Clinical presentation may be similar to other causes of small bowel obstruction. Read More

    Does the timing of loop ileostomy closure affect outcome: A case-matched study.
    Int J Surg 2017 May 22. Epub 2017 May 22.
    Department of Colorectal Surgery, Digestive Disease Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, United States. Electronic address:
    Introduction: The optimal timing for the closure of loop ileostomies remains controversial. The aim of this study is to determine whether ileostomy closure (<3 months post formation) affects stoma-related morbidity compared to late closure (≥3 months post formation).

    Methods: All patients who had loop ileostomy and ileostomy closure between 2012 and 2015 were identified from an IRB-approved, prospectively maintained institutional database. Read More

    A unique case of massive gastrointestinal bleeding.
    SAGE Open Med Case Rep 2017 17;5:2050313X17700345. Epub 2017 Mar 17.
    Department of Internal Medicine, Toyama Prefectural Central Hospital, Toyama City, Japan.
    Objectives: Lipomas are the second most common benign tumors of the small bowel, and most lipomas are asymptomatic. However, lipomas with diameters of >20 mm tend to be symptomatic, for example, to cause bleeding, obstructive jaundice, abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, intussusception, and/or perforation.

    Methods/results: We report a case of massive gastrointestinal bleeding from a jejunal lipoma combined with intussusception. Read More

    Small Bowel Obstruction Caused by Aloe vera Bezoars: A Case Report.
    Korean J Gastroenterol 2017 May;69(5):312-315
    Department of Surgery, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gang Dong, Kyung Hee University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
    Small bowel obstruction is a clinical condition commonly caused by postoperative adhesion, volvulus, intussusceptions, and hernia. Small bowel obstruction due to bezoars is clinically uncommon, accounting for approximately 2-4% of all obstructions. Computed tomography (CT) is a useful method in diagnosing the cause of small bowel obstruction. Read More

    A Case of Tuberculous Peritonitis Presenting as Small Bowel Obstruction.
    Korean J Gastroenterol 2017 May;69(5):308-311
    Department of Internal Medicine, Kosin University College of Medicine, Busan, Korea.
    The peritoneum is one of the common extrapulmonary sites of tuberculosis infection. Patients with underlying end-stage renal or liver disease are frequently complicated by tuberculous peritonitis; however, the diagnosis of the tuberculous peritonitis is difficult due to its insidious nature, well as its variability in presentation and limitation of available diagnostic tests. Once diagnosed, the preferred treatment is usually antituberculous therapy in uncomplicated cases. Read More

    [Consistency analysis between preoperative CT enterography and intraoperative findings in patients undergoing surgery for Crohn's disease].
    Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi 2017 May;20(5):555-559
    Department of General Surgery, Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command, PLA; Jinling Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University, Nanjing 210000, China.
    Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic value of preoperative CT enterography (CTE) on obstruction, fistula and abscess formation compared to intraoperative findings in patients undergoing surgery for Crohn's disease(CD), aiming to provide reference to clinical practice.

    Methods: Preoperative CTE data of 176 CD patients confirmed by clinic, endoscopy, imaging, operation and pathology at the Department of General Surgery in Nanjing Jinling Hospital from January 2013 to December 2015 were enrolled in retrospective cohort study. All the patients underwent enhanced full abdominal CT scan using SIMENS SOMATOM Definition Flash 64 row dual-source CT machine. Read More

    Total abdominal colectomy vs. restorative total proctocolectomy as the initial approach to medically refractory ulcerative colitis.
    Int J Colorectal Dis 2017 May 22. Epub 2017 May 22.
    Department of Colorectal Surgery, Digestive Disease Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA.
    Purpose: There is scant data assessing the consequences of staging restorative proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis. The aim of the study is to compare outcomes of initial vs. staged restorative proctocolectomy. Read More

    [Rare etiology of subocclusive syndrome: inflammatory fibroid polyp of the ileum, about a clinical case].
    Pan Afr Med J 2017 14;26:146. Epub 2017 Mar 14.
    Service d'Anesthésiologie, Hôpital Militaire Med V, Université Souissi Med V, Rabat, Maroc.
    Inflammatory fibroid polyp (IFP) is a rare benign lesion, originating from the submucosa in the gastrointestinal tract. It generally appears as an isolated benign lesion, rarely located at the level of the ileum. Its origin is controversial. Read More

    Gastrointestinal system involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus.
    Lupus 2017 Jan 1:961203317707825. Epub 2017 Jan 1.
    1 Department of Rheumatology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Key Laboratory of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Ministry of Education, Beijing China.
    Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a multisystem disorder which can affect the gastrointestinal (GI) system. Although GI symptoms can manifest in 50% of patients with SLE, these have barely been reviewed due to difficulty in identifying different causes. This study aims to clarify clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment of the four major SLE-related GI system complications: protein-losing enteropathy (PLE), intestinal pseudo-obstruction (IPO), hepatic involvement and pancreatitis. Read More

    [A 67-year old man with epigastric pain].
    Internist (Berl) 2017 May 18. Epub 2017 May 18.
    Medizinische Klinik, Marienkrankenhaus Kassel, Marburger Str. 85, 34127, Kassel, Deutschland.
    A 67-year-old man suffering from epigastric pain showed a phytobezoar in the endoscopy. Therapy with Coca Cola® and enzymes was initiated. The (partial) lysis led to a migration of the bezoar into the ileum, resulting in a small bowel obstruction. Read More

    Small bowel obstruction due to ingestion of rubber balls.
    Pediatr Radiol 2017 May 17. Epub 2017 May 17.
    Diagnostic Imaging Department, IWK Health Centre Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada.
    We report a case of a 10-month-old girl who presented with a 10-day history of emesis that became bilious on the last day. The initial evaluation suggested small bowel obstruction. An upper gastrointestinal study confirmed the normal location of the duodenojejunal junction with normal rotation and no evidence of midgut volvulus. Read More

    [Conservative and surgical ileus treatment].
    Chirurg 2017 May 16. Epub 2017 May 16.
    Klinik für Allgemein‑, Viszeral‑, Gefäss- und Thoraxchirurgie, Klinikum Memmingen, Bismarckstr. 23, 87700, Memmingen, Deutschland.
    The diagnosis ileus is one of the most common indications for an emergency laparotomy. In 70% of the cases, the small intestine is affected, and in 30% it is the colorectum. While stuck hernias are a major cause in developing countries, the most common causes in western countries are postoperative adhesions that lead to an acute bowl obstruction. Read More

    Robotic repair of a right-sided Bochdalek hernia: a case report and literature review.
    J Robot Surg 2017 May 12. Epub 2017 May 12.
    Department of Surgery, New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, 506 Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215, USA.
    Background: Bochdalek hernias (BHs) are usually diagnosed in the neonatal period, occurring in 1/2200-1/12,500 live births. There are few reported cases of BHs in adults. Robotic repair has not been described in current literature as opposed to the laparoscopic approach. Read More

    Migration of eroded laparoscopic adjustable gastric band causing small bowel obstruction and perforation.
    BMJ Case Rep 2017 May 12;2017. Epub 2017 May 12.
    Department of General Surgery, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Herston, Queensland, Australia.
    We present an unusual and rare complication caused by gastric band erosion into the stomach after band placement 15 years ago. The complication was only picked up after the band had subsequently migrated from the stomach at the site of erosion, to the distal ileum causing acute small bowel obstruction and focal perforation requiring emergency laparotomy.Abdominal pain in patients with gastric band should always be treated as serious until proven otherwise. Read More

    [Small fugal enteritis manifestation with intestinal obstruction and hematochezia: a case report].
    Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban 2017 Apr;42(4):481-484
    Department of Gastroenterology, Third Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha 410013, China.
    Fungal enteritis was rarely reported. A case of fungal enteritis manifestation with jejunum multiple ulcers and obstruction was treated by Department of Gastroenterology, Third Xiangya Hospital, Central South University. After antifungal treatment, the clinical symptoms were relieved, and the ulcers in jejunal and upper gastrointestinal tract were healed completely. Read More

    Risk Factors for Early Postoperative Small Bowel Obstruction after Elective Colon Cancer Surgery: An Observational Study of 1,244 Consecutive Patients.
    Dig Surg 2017 May 10. Epub 2017 May 10.
    Department of Colorectal Surgery, Union Hospital, Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou, PR China.
    Background: Early postoperative small bowel obstruction (EPSBO) is a common complication following colon cancer surgery. EPSBO is associated with increased hospital stays, mortality rates, and healthcare costs. The purpose of this study was to identify risk factors for EPSBO following elective colon cancer surgery. Read More

    Selective Approach for Patients with Advanced Malignancy and Gastrointestinal Obstruction.
    J Am Coll Surg 2017 May 5. Epub 2017 May 5.
    Department of Surgical Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX. Electronic address:
    Background: The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of tumor-related gastrointestinal obstruction and identify variables associated with functional outcomes and survival in patients with advanced malignancy and gastrointestinal obstruction.

    Study Design: We reviewed the medical records of 490 patients with advanced cancer, who underwent surgical consultation for gastrointestinal obstruction between January 2000 and May 2014. We used chi-square and logistic regression analyses to identify variables associated with survival and eating at discharge. Read More

    Postoperative mechanical small bowel obstruction induced by V-Loc barbed absorbable suture after laparoscopic distal gastrectomy.
    Ann Surg Treat Res 2017 May 27;92(5):380-382. Epub 2017 Apr 27.
    Department of Surgery, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
    When performing laparoscopic gastrectomy, suturing the intestinal anastomosis presents one of the greatest challenges. The V-Loc unidirectional barbed suture has been introduced to eliminate the need to tie knots during closure. This device offers a fast, secure, and effective alternative to conventional suture repair during laparoscopic surgery. Read More

    Large Bowel Obstruction in the Emergency Department: Imaging Spectrum of Common and Uncommon Causes.
    J Clin Imaging Sci 2017 5;7:15. Epub 2017 Apr 5.
    Department of Radiology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA.
    Although large bowel obstruction (LBO) is less common than small bowel obstruction, it is associated with high morbidity and mortality due to delayed diagnosis and/or treatment. Plain radiographs are sufficient to diagnose LBO in a majority of patients. However, further evaluation with multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) has become the standard of care to identify the site, severity, and etiology of obstruction. Read More

    Large Hemobezoar Causing Acute Small Bowel Obstruction After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Laparoscopic Management.
    Obes Surg 2017 May 4. Epub 2017 May 4.
    General, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, Piazza Santa Maria Nuova, 1, 50122, Florence, Italy.
    The present video shows the laparoscopic management of an acute small bowel obstruction (ASBO) after a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGBP), due to the development of an intraluminal hemobezoar involving the jejuno-jejunostomy (j-j). On the first postoperative day (POD), the patient presented persistent abdominal pain, sense of fullness, nausea, and vomiting with traces of blood. The abdominal tube drained a small amount of serous fluid, while blood tests revealed a mild leukocytosis and a slight decrease of the hemoglobin. Read More

    Fistula Isolation and the Use of Negative Pressure to Promote Wound Healing: A Case Study.
    J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 2017 May/Jun;44(3):293-298
    Kersten E. Reider, RN, BSN, CWOCN, WOC Nurse, Reading Health System, West Reading, Pennsylvania.
    Background: A 54-year-old morbidly obese woman with a small bowel obstruction and large ventral hernia was admitted to hospital. She underwent an exploratory laparotomy, lysis of adhesions, and ventral hernia repair with mesh placement. She subsequently developed an enteroatmospheric fistula; several months of hospital care was required to effectively manage the wound and contain effluent from the fistula. Read More

    Abdominal symptoms in cystic fibrosis and their relation to genotype, history, clinical and laboratory findings.
    PLoS One 2017 4;12(5):e0174463. Epub 2017 May 4.
    Jena University Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Center, Jena, Germany.
    Background & Aims: Abdominal symptoms (AS) are a hallmark of the multiorgan-disease cystic fibrosis (CF). However, the abdominal involvement in CF is insufficiently understood and, compared to the pulmonary manifestation, still receives little scientific attention. Aims were to assess and quantify AS and to relate them to laboratory parameters, clinical findings, and medical history. Read More

    Gastric outlet obstruction secondary to caecal herniation into the lesser sac.
    J Surg Case Rep 2017 Apr 27;2017(4):rjx076. Epub 2017 Apr 27.
    The Countess of Chester Health Park, Liverpool Road, Chester, Cheshire CH2 1UL, UK.
    Internal hernias comprise 1% of hernias, 8% of which are through the foramen of Winslow into the lesser sac. These hernias can mimic gastric outlet obstruction and cause associated morbidity. In this case, we describe a caecal herniation into the lesser sac presenting as true gastric outlet obstruction in a 69-year-old female. Read More

    Primary small intestinal non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed after emergency surgery.
    Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg 2017 Mar;23(2):128-133
    Department of General Surgery, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara-Turkey.
    Background: The aim of this study was to investigate clinical manifestation, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of patients with primary gastrointestinal non-Hodgkin lymphoma (PGI NHL), whose initial presentation was bowel obstruction or perforation.

    Methods: Data of patients who underwent surgical intervention due to radiological evidence of perforation or intestinal obstruction and were subsequently diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma at Baskent University hospitals between January 2007 and November 2014 were examined retrospectively. Medical records, clinical history, symptoms, pathological reports, and treatment modalities were analyzed. Read More

    Transmesenteric Internal Herniation Leading to Small Bowel Obstruction Postlaparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy.
    Case Rep Surg 2017 30;2017:5128246. Epub 2017 Mar 30.
    Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433.
    Internal herniation following laparoscopic surgery is rare. We present a case of small bowel obstruction secondary to internal herniation in a 76-year-old male patient. Presentation was on postoperative day 28 following transperitoneal laparoscopic radical left nephrectomy for suspected renal carcinoma. Read More

    Reversible Inferolateral ST-Segment Elevation Associated with Small Bowel Obstruction.
    Case Rep Med 2017 30;2017:5982910. Epub 2017 Mar 30.
    Department of Medicine, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Jamaica, NY 11418, USA.
    ST-segment elevation is an important and alarming electrocardiographic sign that necessitates immediate attention but does not always indicate that the primary pathology is cardiac in origin. It needs to be interpreted in the clinical context as several pathological conditions involving especially gastrointestinal tract may lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment as well as complications from invasive unnecessary interventions. We present two patients, a 64-year-old male and a 71-year-old female, who were admitted to the emergency room of a community-based hospital with similar complaints of worsening epigastric abdominal pain and were diagnosed later with small bowel obstruction. Read More

    Clinical potential of retrospective on-demand spectral analysis using dual-layer spectral detector-computed tomography in ischemia complicating small-bowel obstruction.
    Emerg Radiol 2017 May 1. Epub 2017 May 1.
    Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, 1-1-1 Honjyo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-8556, Japan.
    We describe a case of ischemia complicating acute small-bowel obstruction in which retrospective on-demand spectral analysis using dual-layer spectral detector computed tomography (CT) provided a higher degree of confidence pertaining to the diagnosis. Dual-layer spectral detector CT enables retrospective on-demand spectral analysis, including virtual monochromatic imaging, iodine mapping, and determining the effective atomic number Z, without the need of a pre-scan setting requiring a special protocol, particularly facilitating emergency situations. Retrospective on-demand spectral analysis could improve the accuracy and diagnostic confidence in cases with ischemia complicating small-bowel obstruction. Read More

    Midgut Volvulus after Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy.
    ACG Case Rep J 2017 12;4:e59. Epub 2017 Apr 12.
    Gastroenterology Department, Tondela-Viseu Hospital Center, Viseu, Portugal.
    We report a 47-year-old man who underwent endoscopic gastrostomy placement due to feeding refusal and regurgitation. Procedure was unremarkable. Two days later, the patient presented signs of intestinal obstruction. Read More

    Intestinal Obstruction in a Patient with Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis.
    Case Rep Surg 2017 26;2017:8316147. Epub 2017 Mar 26.
    Adan Hospital, Ahmadi, Kuwait.
    Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (SEP) is a rare disorder that is characterized by encapsulation of bowel loops by thick fibrinogenous case. Most patients present with vague abdominal symptoms. It is challenging to diagnose the condition preoperatively. Read More

    Extensive small bowel intramural haematoma secondary to warfarin.
    J Surg Case Rep 2017 Mar 3;2017(3):rjx044. Epub 2017 Mar 3.
    Department of Surgery, Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool, NSW, Australia.
    Intramural haematoma is a rare complication of oral anticoagulant therapy, occurring in  1 in 2500 patients treated with warfarin. This report describes a 71-year-old gentleman who presented with tachycardia, vomiting and abdominal distension on a background of anticoagulation for a metallic aortic valve. He was found to have a supratherapeutic international normalized ratio (INR) of 9. Read More

    Long-tract ileocolic intussusception due to mucinous adenocarcinoma of the ileocecal valve: a case report and literature review.
    J Surg Case Rep 2017 Mar 3;2017(3):rjx030. Epub 2017 Mar 3.
    Department of Surgery, SUNY Upstate Medical University,750 East Adams St, Syracuse, NY 13210, USA.
    Intussusception in adults lacks specific symptoms and is often diagnosed emergently when they present with obstruction. Though intussusception certainly varies in size and location, the increased likelihood of ischemia or obstruction make large intussusceptions very rare in the literature. A patient admitted to our facility for small bowel obstruction was found to have extensive intussusception from the right lower quadrant to the splenic flexure, where a lead point was identified. Read More

    Acute intestinal obstruction due to metastatic lung cancer-case report.
    J Surg Case Rep 2017 Feb 17;2017(2):rjx031. Epub 2017 Feb 17.
    Department of Abdominal Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana,Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.
    We present a case of male patient, who was referred to our department because of acute intestinal obstruction, which was the initial clinical symptom of primary lung cancer. The abdominal computed tomography (CT) prior to the emergency operation showed small intestinal obstruction and metastases to both adrenal glands. The patient underwent an emergency abdominal exploratory laparotomy, that confirmed small bowel obstruction and diffuse metastatic lesions along the entire small bowel length. Read More

    Gastrointestinal Involvement of Recurrent Renal Cell Carcinoma: CT Findings and Clinicopathologic Features.
    Korean J Radiol 2017 May-Jun;18(3):452-460. Epub 2017 Apr 3.
    Department of Radiology, Gangneung Asan Hospital, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Gangneung 25440, Korea.
    Objective: To retrospectively evaluate the CT findings and clinicopathologic features in patients with gastrointestinal (GI) involvement of recurrent renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

    Materials And Methods: The medical records were reviewed for 15 patients with 19 pathologically proven GI tract metastases of RCC. The CT findings were analyzed to determine the involved sites and type of involvement; lesion size, morphology, and contrast enhancement pattern; and occurrence of lymphadenopathy, ascites and other complications. Read More

    An Unusual Cause of Small Bowel Obstruction: A Case Report.
    Cureus 2017 Mar 26;9(3):e1116. Epub 2017 Mar 26.
    Surgery, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry, India.
    Small bowel obstruction is a common surgical emergency. The common causes are adhesions, malignancies, and hernias. We present a rare case of small intestinal obstruction caused by an enterolith in the distal ileum in a patient with an apparently normal gut. Read More

    Evidence-Based Guide on Capsule Endoscopy for Small Bowel Bleeding.
    Gastroenterol Hepatol (N Y) 2017 Feb;13(2):88-93
    Dr Pasha is an associate professor of medicine and Dr Leighton is a professor of medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.
    Capsule endoscopy is the diagnostic test of choice for the evaluation of overt and occult small bowel bleeding. Its yield is higher in patients presenting with overt bleeding. The yield is also improved if the capsule is performed soon after the presentation of bleeding. Read More

    Peutz-Jeghers syndrome with intermittent upper intestinal obstruction: A case report and review of the literature.
    Medicine (Baltimore) 2017 Apr;96(17):e6538
    aDepartment of Pediatric Surgery, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, Shantou, Guangdong, China bDepartment of Radiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, Shantou, Guangdong, China.
    Rationale: Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) is an autosomal dominant genetic syndrome characterized by a unique type of gastrointestinal hamartomatous polyp associated with oral and anal mucocutaneous pigmentations. Peutz-Jeghers polyps occur most numerously in the small intestine but frequently in the colon and stomach, only a few cases have been reported in the duodenum.

    Patient Concern: A further family history survey discovered 10 out of 14 members of the family (in 4 generations) had mucocutaneous pigmentations, but many of them were living in rural areas where they had no access to specialized medical services, so none were checked with endoscopy for polyps of hamartoma. Read More

    A Systematic Review of the Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Small Bowel Obstruction.
    Curr Gastroenterol Rep 2017 Jun;19(6):28
    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medicine, William Beaumont Hospital, 3535 West Thirteen Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI, 48073, USA.
    Purpose Of Review: This study aimed to systematically review small bowel obstruction (SBO), focusing on recent changes in diagnosis/therapy.

    Recent Findings: SBO incidence is about 350,000/annum in the USA. Etiologies include adhesions (65%), hernias (10%), neoplasms (5%), Crohn's disease (5%), and other (15%). Read More

    [Laparoscopic diverting ileostomy in rectal cancer surgery].
    Rozhl Chir 2017 ;96(3):120-124
    Introduction: Low anterior resection (LAR) with total mesorectal excision (TME) represents the gold standard for patients with low rectal carcinoma. Protective ileostomy (PI) is commonly performed during LAR in an effort to protect low rectal anastomosis. The aim of this study is to analyse outcomes in our own patient population, focusing on morbidity associated with PI. Read More

    Trichobezoar presenting as a gastric outlet obstruction: A case report.
    Int J Surg Case Rep 2017 16;34:123-125. Epub 2017 Mar 16.
    Department of Surgery, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, 3601 4th Street MS 8312, Lubbock, TX 79430, United States.
    Introduction: Rapunzel syndrome is a rare intestinal condition that starts with the ingestion of a trichobezoar. The condition is predominately found in females and can be associated with trichotillomania, or the compulsive urge to pull one's own hair out. There are less than 40 cases described in the literature with the prevention of recurrence aimed at psychological treatment. Read More

    Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of small bowel volvulus in adults: A monocentric summary of a rare small intestinal obstruction.
    PLoS One 2017 20;12(4):e0175866. Epub 2017 Apr 20.
    Department of General Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.
    Objectives: Small bowel volvulus is a rare disease, which is also challenging to diagnose. The aims of this study were to characterize the clinical and radiological features associated with small bowel volvulus and treatment and to identify risk factors for associated small bowel necrosis.

    Methods: Patients with small bowel volvulus who underwent operations from January 2001 to December 2015 at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University (Shenyang, China) were reviewed. Read More

    A Case of Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis Associated with Renoduodenal Fistula.
    Case Rep Med 2017 23;2017:8069205. Epub 2017 Mar 23.
    Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, BCM620, Houston, TX 77030, USA.
    Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (XGP) is a rare form of pyelonephritis associated with repeated infection, chronic inflammation, and obstruction. Various fistulas, including those to the intestine, are a known association with XGP. Here, a 55-year-old woman with a history of multiple previous renal calculi presented with dysuria and back pain. Read More

    Multi-institutional, prospective, observational study comparing the gastrografin challenge versus standard treatment in adhesive small bowel obstruction.
    J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2017 Apr 18. Epub 2017 Apr 18.
    Mayo Clinic1, Marshfield Clinic,2 University of Southern California,3 Massachusetts General Hospital,4 Cooper University,5 Loma Linda University,6 Kern Medical Center,7 John Peter Smith Hospital,8 Inova Fairfax Hospital,9 Geisinger Medical Center,10 Greenville Memorial Hospital,11 Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,12 East Carolina University,13 San Antonio Military Medical Center14.
    Introduction: Existing trials studying the use of Gastrografin for management of adhesive small bowel obstruction (SBO) are limited by methodological flaws and small sample sizes. We compared institutional protocols with and without Gastrografin (GG), hypothesizing that a SBO management protocol utilizing GG is associated with lesser rates of exploration, shorter length of stay, and fewer complications.

    Methods: A multi-institutional, prospective, observational study was performed on patients appropriate for GG with adhesive SBO. Read More

    Acute small bowel obstruction caused by barbed suture on the second day after laparoscopic hysterosacropexy: A case report and literature review.
    Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol 2017 Apr;56(2):247-249
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan; Department of Pathology, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan; Institute of Medical Sciences, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan. Electronic address:
    Objective: To report a case of small bowel obstruction caused by barbed suture applied in hysterosacropexy, and possible solutions.

    Case Report: A 57-year-old woman underwent laparoscopic hysterosacropexy for a Stage 2 uterine prolapse, presenting with acute abdominal pain and a bowel obstruction syndrome 2 days following the surgery. Conservative treatment was given, but the symptoms did not improve and gradually became worse. Read More

    Acute gastric outlet obstruction secondary to exclusive paraoesophageal small bowel herniation: a case report.
    Acta Chir Belg 2017 Apr 19:1-3. Epub 2017 Apr 19.
    a Department of Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery , Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital , Exeter , UK.
    Introduction: Herniation of abdominal viscera into the thorax may occur as a consequence of abnormal defects in the diaphragm. In adults, the most common condition relates to herniations through a weakened crural orifice via which the oesophagus normally traverses. These hiatus hernias are classified as types I-IV depending on the extent of visceral involvement. Read More

    Organo-axial volvulus of the small intestine: radiological case report and consideration for its mechanism.
    Abdom Radiol (NY) 2017 Apr 17. Epub 2017 Apr 17.
    Department of Radiology, University of Tsukuba Hospital, 2-1-1Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8576, Japan.
    Gastrointestinal volvulus is mainly classified into two subtypes, mesentero-axial volvulus and organo-axial volvulus. The detailed imaging findings of organo-axial volvulus of the small intestine have never been reported as far as we know. In this article, we report a case of organo-axial volvulus of the small intestine, focusing on the computed tomography (CT) findings. Read More

    Defining the Need for Surgery in Small-Bowel Obstruction.
    J Gastrointest Surg 2017 Apr 13. Epub 2017 Apr 13.
    Department of General, Thoracic, Vascular and Transplantation Surgery, University of Rostock, Schillingallee 35, 18057, Rostock, Germany.
    Background: Small-bowel obstruction is a frequent disorder in emergency medicine and represents a major burden for patients and health care systems worldwide. Within the past years, progress has been made regarding the management of small-bowel obstructions, including the use of contrast agent swallow as a tool in the decision-making process.

    Objectives: This is a prospective controlled study investigating the central role of contrast agent swallow in the diagnostic and treatment algorithm for small-bowel obstruction at a university department of surgery. Read More

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