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Emerging Treatments for Retinitis Pigmentosa: Genes and stem cells, as well as new electronic and medical therapies, are gaining ground.

Retin Physician 2015 Mar 1;12:52-70. Epub 2015 Mar 1.

Michael K. Lin, ScB, is a research fellow in the Bernard and Shirlee Brown Glaucoma Laboratory and Barbara & Donald Jonas Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in the Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute and a medical student in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York. Yi-Ting Tsai, MS, is a doctoral student in the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University in New York Stephen H. Tsang, MD, PhD, is an ophthalmic geneticist and electroretinography (ERG) attending at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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March 2015
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