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John Porter Book Prize Lecture: Bringing the Social Back In-On the Integration of Muslim Immigrants and the Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities.

Can Rev Sociol 2016 11;53(4):437-456

University of Lethbridge.

In much of the academic debate on the integration of Muslims into Western liberal democracies, Islam is often treated as one or the sole independent variable in the lives of Muslims. Offering to view Islam-or the understanding of Islam among Muslims-as the dependent variable, The Muslim Question in Canada discusses the influence of socioeconomic forces in shaping the Muslim immigrants' opinions, modes of thinking, and even interpretations of their faith. Drawing on this general approach, which is introduced and developed in the book using a variety of both quantitative and qualitative data, this article focuses on a school of thought within the Islamic jurisprudence known as fiqh al-aqalliyyat al-Muslema (the jurisprudence of Muslim minorities). Read More

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November 2016
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[Proposals to adapt the protection of children to the realities of today].

Arch Pediatr 2014 Dec 2;21(12):1381-5. Epub 2014 Oct 2.

Institut des mineurs, Observatoire départemental de la protection de l'enfance de la Gironde, centre européen d'études et de recherches en droit de la famille et des personnes (CERFAP, EA 4600), faculté de droit et science politique de l'université de Bordeaux, avenue Léon-Duguit, 33608 Pessac cedex, France.

The report titled "40 propositions pour adapter la protection de l'enfance et l'adoption aux réalités d'aujourd'hui" ("Forty proposals to adapt protection of children to the realities of today") was presented in February 2014 by the "Protection de l'enfance et adoption" working group to the Minister for Family Affairs within the framework of the preparation of the French family law. The medical field is an important link in the chain of child protection. Of the 40 proposals, particular attention was paid to the identification of children at risk and to improving the protection of newborns (shaken baby syndrome, unexpected infant death) and to adoption issues. Read More

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December 2014
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Ketamine - reves et realites.

Acta Clin Belg 2002 ;57 Suppl 1:31-3

Tel : 04 91 74 50 19, Adresse : Hôpital Salvator. Laboratoire de Toxicologie - Centre antipoison - 249 boulevard de Sainte Marguerite - 13009 Marseille.

Ketamine is an anaesthetic used in human medicine and veterinary practice, synthesised on 1962 and marketed on 1970 in France. Recreational uses were described during 1992 in the medical communauty and in 1996 in the dance settings. The chemical name of ketamine is 2 - (2chlorophenyl) 2-(methylamine)-cyclohexanone, an aryl cyclohexylamine, structurally related to phencyclidine. Read More

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June 2014
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[Not Available].

P Hillemand

Realites 1970 Feb;no. 289:23-32

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February 1970
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