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COVID-19 and Male Sexual Functioning: A report of 3 Recovered Cases and Literature Review.

Clin Med Insights Case Rep 2021 28;14:11795476211020593. Epub 2021 May 28.

Department of Urology, Hadramout Faculty of Medicine, Mukalla, Yemen.

COVID-19 is a new global pandemic. It can affect multiple body systems and functions. However, the relationship between COVID-19 and male sexual activity did not yet get much consideration. Read More

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Pharmacokinetics, Tolerability and Pharmacogenetics of DA-8031 After Multiple Ascending Doses in Healthy Male Subjects.

Drug Des Devel Ther 2021 1;15:2375-2384. Epub 2021 Jun 1.

Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Purpose: DA-8031 is a novel selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This study investigated the pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of multiple oral doses of DA-8031. In addition, a genetic analysis was explored to evaluate the effect of genetic polymorphisms on the pharmacokinetics of DA-8031. Read More

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Expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rapid ejaculator rats: A further study.

Andrologia 2021 Jun 8:e14134. Epub 2021 Jun 8.

Department of Urology, First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Hefei, China.

Limited evidence has indicated that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) may be involved in the neurobiology of premature ejaculation (PE). This study aimed to investigate BDNF levels in the central and peripheral nervous systems of a rapid ejaculation model. Eighteen male rats were selected and classified as 'sluggish', 'normal' and 'rapid' ejaculators on the basis of ejaculation frequency during copulatory behavioural tests. Read More

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Male Sexual Dysfunctions in the Infertile Couple-Recommendations From the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM).

Sex Med 2021 Jun 2;9(3):100377. Epub 2021 Jun 2.

Endocrinology Unit, Medical Department, Azienda USL, Maggiore-Bellaria Hospital, Bologna, Italy.

Introduction: Sexual dysfunctions (SDs) have been frequently reported among male partners of infertile couples due to psychogenic, relational and/or organic issues related with the inability to conceive. Likewise, male infertility (MI) could be a consequence of sexual dysfunctions.

Aim: To review the evidence on the prevalence and treatment of male SDs in men of infertile couples and provide clinical recommendations on behalf of the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM). Read More

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Endocrine contribution to the sexual dysfunction in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease and the role of hyperprolactinemia.

Andrologia 2021 Jun 5:e14135. Epub 2021 Jun 5.

Department of Urology, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar.

In this study, we investigated the prevalence of sexual dysfunction among males with advanced chronic kidney disease and the effect of treating hyperprolactinemia among these patients. In this prospective study, patients were assessed with history, physical examination, hormonal assessment, and two questionnaires, IIEF and AIPE. Patients with hyperprolactinemia received treatment with cabergoline 0. Read More

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New behavior therapy in the treatment of acquired premature ejaculation: A comparative study of listening to music.

Arch Esp Urol 2021 Jun;74(5):519-525

Department of Urology. Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University. School of Medicine affiliated with Ministry of Health Ankara City Hospital. Ankara. Turkey.

Objectives: Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most frequently seen causes of sexual dysfunction in males. The aim of this study is to investigate whether the music therapy is effective in the treatment of acquired PE and compare the intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), premature ejaculation diagnostic tool (PEDT), and anxiety scores of patients with acquired PE symptoms that underwent music therapy to patients that were treated with 30 mg dapoxetine.

Materials And Methods: The study's inclusion criteria was as following: age range from 20-35, married, has regular sexual intercourse, non-smokers, and has no known comorbidities. Read More

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Systematic review and meta-analysis for the value of thyroid disorder screening in men with ejaculatory dysfunction.

Int J Clin Pract 2021 May 28:e14419. Epub 2021 May 28.

Dokuz Eylül University School of Medicine Department of Urology.

Objective: To demonstrate evidence from available clinical studies to clarify the scientific points that have been achieved in relation to thyroid disorders and ejaculatory dysfunction.

Data Sources: Clinical trial articles published in English on Medline.

Eligibility Criteria: Clinical studies that investigated the association of thyroid disorders with the ejaculatory function of subjects and the trials evaluating the effect of thyroid dysfunction treatment on the ejaculatory function of the subjects were eligible. Read More

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Sucrose exposure during gestation lactation and postweaning periods increases the pubococcygeus muscle reflex activity in adult male rats.

Int J Impot Res 2021 May 25. Epub 2021 May 25.

Centro Tlaxcala de Biología de la Conducta, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, México.

Erectile dysfunction is related to metabolic alterations produced by a high carbohydrate diet, which may affect muscle activity during penile reflex in adulthood. We determined whether sucrose water consumption during gestation lactation and postweaning affects pubococcygeus muscle (Pcm) activity during urethrogenital reflex in adult male rat offspring. Twelve female rats were mated and grouped in control mothers consumed tap water and sucrose mothers consumed sucrose water during gestation lactation. Read More

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Erectile dysfunction and prostate diseases are the predominant Google search terms amongst men's health topics.

Int J Impot Res 2021 May 20. Epub 2021 May 20.

Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, USA.

Patients are becoming increasingly active consumers of health information on the internet with urologic concerns being no exception. Our objective was to explore online search trends for topics related to men's health and identify information-seeking patterns related to news and media coverage of these topics. We used Google Trends ( http://google. Read More

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Off-label uses of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Curr Neuropharmacol 2021 May 17. Epub 2021 May 17.

Department of Systems Medicine, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome. Italy.

Psychiatric drugs have primacy for off-label prescribing. Among those, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are extremely versatile and, therefore, widely prescribed. Moreover, they are commonly considered as having a better safety profile compared to other antidepressants. Read More

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Comparative study of on-demand and daily use of sertraline in treatment of premature ejaculation: A randomized clinical trial.

Asian J Urol 2021 Apr 18;8(2):209-214. Epub 2019 Oct 18.

Department of Urology, Imam Reza Hospital, Aja University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Objective: The intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) may increase less in on-demand compared to daily intake, but may fulfill a suitable treatment for specific patients. We decided to compare the efficacy and safety of on-demand and daily use of sertraline in order to find the most effective and least complicated method in treatment of premature ejaculation (PE).

Methods: This study was parallel or concurrent control randomized clinical trial. Read More

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Efficacy and Safety of Penile Girth Enhancement Using Hyaluronic Acid Filler and the Clinical Impact on Ejaculation: A Multi-Center, Patient/Evaluator-Blinded, Randomized Active-Controlled Trial.

World J Mens Health 2021 May 7. Epub 2021 May 7.

Department of Urology, Korea University Guro Hospital, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Purpose: We aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of penile girth enhancement (PGE) using hyaluronic acid (HA) filler with different physical properties from previous studies. Additionally, we evaluated the clinical impact on ejaculation after PGE.

Materials And Methods: This was a prospective, patient/evaluator-blinded, randomized, active-controlled, multicenter trial. Read More

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Premature Ejaculation, True or False? Clinical evaluation of PE patients with multiple intercourse in one day.

Andrologia 2021 May 8:e14097. Epub 2021 May 8.

Department of Urology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Peking Union Medical College, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China.

Clinical characteristics of 216 adult males previously diagnosed with premature ejaculation (PE) were studied. Using a survey questionnaire, characteristics included intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), penile hardness scores and the refractory period (RP). Ninety-four PE patients reported they had experienced vaginal intercourse more than once (2 to 4 times) in one day (~44%). Read More

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Premature ejaculation and stress.

Andrologia 2021 May 1:e14093. Epub 2021 May 1.

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Sexology, Psychiatric Clinic, Charles University, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Recent findings indicate that men with premature ejaculation report more frequent sexual problems associated with increased anxiety and interpersonal difficulties. Bearing this in mind, the neuroendocrine changes were examined in men with premature ejaculation and compared to other indicators of stressful experiences to see whether there can be any correlation which could indicate how these factors may contribute to the aetiology of premature ejaculation. Our study comprised 60 male outpatients diagnosed as having secondary premature ejaculation. Read More

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The Effect of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation on Males with Sexual Dysfunction: A Narrative Review.

Sex Med Rev 2021 Apr 27. Epub 2021 Apr 27.

Department of Physical Therapy, Recanati School for Community Health Professions, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel. Electronic address:

Introduction: Increasing evidence has suggested that pelvic floor exercises and manual physical therapy may improve premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) in males.

Objectives: To examine the effects of pelvic floor physical therapy treatment in men suffering from PE and ED.

Methods: We searched Google Scholar, PubMed, Medline, PEDro databases from inception till January 2020 applying the following keywords: pelvic floor, erectile dysfunction, impotence, physiotherapy, exercises, rehabilitation, and pelvic floor muscle exercises. Read More

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Hyaluronic acid injection in the glans penis for the treatment of refractory premature ejaculation: A prospective, controlled study.

Andrologia 2021 Apr 30:e14084. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Andrology Department, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

We aimed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of hyaluronic acid (HA) injection in the glans penis for the treatment of persistent premature ejaculation (PE). Eighty patients with persistent PE were divided equally into two groups. In group A, patients underwent HA injection by four-inlet injection technique, while in group B, patients were subjected to saline injection in glans penis by the same method as a control group. Read More

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Sexual dysfunctions and short-term glucose variability in young men with type 1 diabetes.

Hormones (Athens) 2021 Apr 30. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Department of Advanced Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli", Piazza L. Miraglia 2, 80138, Naples, Italy.

Purpose: Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are common sexual disorders in people with diabetes. Glucose variability (GV) has been recognized as a predictor of microvascular complications. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between glucose variability and sexual dysfunctions in young men with type 1 diabetes. Read More

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Smaller volume and altered functional connectivity of the amygdala in patients with lifelong premature ejaculation.

Eur Radiol 2021 Apr 30. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Life Science Research Center, School of Life Science and Technology, Xidian University, Xi'an, 710071, Shaanxi, China.

Objectives: To analyze the abnormal amygdala structure and function in lifelong premature ejaculation (PE) patients compared with healthy controls (HCs).

Methods: Forty-four lifelong PE patients and thirty-one HCs were enrolled in this study. Each subject was diagnosed with PE using a Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT) and intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) score. Read More

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Elevated free testosterone levels and reduced very low-density lipoprotein levels in men with lifelong premature ejaculation: a preliminary study.

J Int Med Res 2021 Apr;49(4):3000605211002681

Department of Urology, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shananxi, Xi'an, P.R. China.

Objective: To investigate sex hormone and blood lipid levels in patients with lifelong premature ejaculation (LPE) in China.

Methods: Sex hormone and blood lipid levels were measured in 156 patients with LPE and 76 healthy controls. The Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT) and Chinese Index of Sexual Function for Premature Ejaculation-5 Questionnaires (CIPE-5) were applied to diagnose and grade LPE. Read More

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Non-venereal genital dermatoses and their impact on quality of life-A cross-sectional study.

Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2021 Apr 12:1-6. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Background: Lesions on the external genitalia could be venereal or non-venereal. Non-venereal genital dermatoses are common and may cause considerable anxiety to patients, particularly if noticed after sexual intercourse. However, this aspect has not been studied much till now. Read More

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Men's Health: Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Karl T Rew

FP Essent 2021 Apr;503:28-33

University of Michigan Medical School Department of Family Medicine, 300 North Ingalls St NI4C06, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5435.

Human sexual function is complex and multidimensional, with physiologic and psychological components. The common sexual dysfunctions in men have significant overlap. Low sexual desire in men includes a lack of interest in thinking about sex or in being sexual, alone or with a partner. Read More

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Premature Ejaculation and Endocrine Disorders: A Literature Review.

World J Mens Health 2021 Mar 22. Epub 2021 Mar 22.

Department of Urology, Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male sexual dysfunction, with 30% of men experiencing PE worldwide. According to the generally accepted classification, there are two types of PE: lifetime PE and acquired PE. Various biological and psychological causes are known to be involved in the etiology of PE. Read More

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Real-life use of the eutectic mixture lidocaine/prilocaine spray in men with premature ejaculation.

Int J Impot Res 2021 Apr 7. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Division of Experimental Oncology/Unit of Urology, URI, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy.

Topical anaesthetics are considered a first-line therapy option in men with premature ejaculation (PE). A cross-sectional retrospective analysis was performed to evaluate the real-life use of the eutectic mixture of prilocaine/lidocaine spray (FORTACIN™) in a cohort of 198 white-European men who had been consecutively and prospectively seen at a single tertiary-referral andrology centre for self-reported PE and naive for previous PE treatments. Descriptive statistics was used to describe the whole cohort and the paired t-test was applied to investigate potential differences throughout a 12-month follow-up (baseline, 1, 3, 6 and 12 months). Read More

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Self-Reported Shorter Than Desired Ejaculation Latency and Related Distress-Prevalence and Clinical Correlates: Results From the European Male Ageing Study.

J Sex Med 2021 05 2;18(5):908-919. Epub 2021 Apr 2.

Endocrinology Unit, Mario Serio" Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, University of Florence, Florence, Italy. Electronic address:

Background: Few data have looked at the occurrence and clinical correlates of self-reported shorter than desired ejaculation latency (rapid ejaculation, RE) and its related distress in the general population.

Aim: To determine the prevalence and clinical correlates of self-reported RE and RE- related distress in middle age and older European men.

Methods: Subjects were recruited from population samples of men aged 40-79 years across 8 European centers. Read More

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Spectral analysis of severely overlapping spectra based on newly developed mathematical filtration techniques and ratio spectra manipulations: An application to the concurrent determination of dapoxetine and sildenafil in combined dosage form.

Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc 2021 Jul 19;255:119715. Epub 2021 Mar 19.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Egyptian Russian University, Badr City, Cairo 11829, Egypt. Electronic address:

Background: Dapoxetine hydrochloride (DAP) and sildenafil citrate (SIL) have proven clinically effective in the treatment of comorbid conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The analysis of DAP and SIL combinations represents a challenge because of the severe overlap of these compounds' spectra. Six newly developed methods were proven effective for resolving such a challenging overlap. Read More

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Premature Ejaculation patients and their partners: arriving at a clinical profile for a real optimization of the treatment.

Arch Ital Urol Androl 2021 Mar 18;93(1):42-47. Epub 2021 Mar 18.

Department of Neurosciences, Reproductive Sciences and Odontostomatology, Urology Section, University of Naples Federico II, Naples.

The aim of the study is to extrapolate clinical features of Premature Ejaculation (PE) patients and female partners of men affected with PE, in order to get a profile that can be of assistance for physicians within the dynamics of a couple, one of which is a PE patient. An observational, non-interventional, cross-sectional epidemiological study entitled IPER (Italian Premature Ejaculation Research) was conducted and included two different cohorts of subjects that were randomly sampled from a patient dataset of selected General Practitioners: 1. IPER-M sub-cohort (1. Read More

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Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors for premature ejaculation in adult men.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2021 03 21;3:CD012799. Epub 2021 Mar 21.

Urology Section, Minneapolis VA Health Care System, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Background: Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common problem among men that occurs when ejaculation happens sooner than a man or his partner would like during sex; it may cause unhappiness and relationship problems. Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are most commonly used as antidepressants are being used to treat this condition.

Objectives: To assess the effects of SSRIs in the treatment of PE in adult men. Read More

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A Study of Differences in Penile Dorsal Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potential Testing Among Healthy Controls and Patients With Primary and Secondary Premature Ejaculation.

J Sex Med 2021 04 18;18(4):732-736. Epub 2021 Mar 18.

Department of Urology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, China; Andrology Laboratory on Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine, Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou, China. Electronic address:

Background: Penile dorsal nerve somatosensory evoked potential (DNSEP) is a scientific and objective technique that provides effective and objective data to establish the diagnosis of premature ejaculation (PE).

Aim: To explore differences in DNSEP between patients with primary premature ejaculation (PPE) and those with secondary premature ejaculation (SPE), in order to investigate the clinical value of DNSEP in the diagnosis of PE.

Methods: The participants were divided into a PPE group (34 cases), an SPE group (25 cases) and a healthy control group (18 cases). Read More

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